Gabriel Solomon
Official Name:
Gabriel Solomon
"When the chips are down it's too late to pull out buddy!"
Imperial visionary
Force Alignment:
Imperial Remnant
Gabriel Solomon can nowadays be foun dressed in the crimson armor of the Imperial Knight. Despit his other positions and rank he continues to wear the armor, proving and projecting his loyalty to the force, condemntion of the dark side and pledge to defend the empire.

He wers his long, silver white hair in a tight bun. His empty eye sockets are covered by strips of black leather. His age has caused his once youthful, handosme look to morph into the face of stern grandfather. His face is now creased with wrinkles that have accumulated from age and stress. On his chin he sports a neatly kept goatee.

See avatar for better example of what Gabe looks like.

=Gabriel is born

=Family compound on Katarr is destroyed. The children of the family manage to escape.

=Is adopted by the Grey Paladins and continus his training in the force.

=His ambition and thirst for power force the paladins to evict him from their halls and order him on a pilgrimage.

=On Gamorr Gabriel is met by NOE prisoner Sheckleton Iron-side who convinces him to join his crew and establish Black Sun.

=Appointed Vigo

=He and Iron-side stage succesful raids on NOE docks stealing several ships

=Black Sun grows under their leadership

=Sheckleton and several other Vigos are killed during the criminal alliance attack on sith control Nal Hutta.

=Gabriel attempts to swindle his allies and their Pheonix Imperium supporters and loot the planet.

=looting is succesful and Black Sun forces flee from Nal Hutta to their base on Contruum, followed by the vengeful Crisis Raiders.

=Black Sun pirate vessels manage to defeat and scatter the Crisis Raiders.

=Attack on P.I. base on Juvex

=Black Sun expands with Gabriel as defacto leader.

=Mandalor Kaine Australis ambushes Gabriel and his bodyguards on Cloud City.

=Gabriel is assassinated.

=His cousins Benvolio, Tybalt and Mercutio recover his body with loyal Black Sun agents and take his body to Felucia.

=Gabriel's allies convince the Felucian jedi to clone Gabriel's body.

=Clone body allows Gabriel's spirit to return and inhabit his new body.

=In exchange for a new life, he swears to put his ambitions, criminal empire and dabblings in the dark side behind.

=Black Sun dissolves. Gabriel takes his loyal forces to the Deep Core where he endeavors to bring the disparate and isolated worlds under one banner.

=Former Black Sun agents and operatives work to unite the Deep Core under Gabriel's Deep Core Alliance.

=Khomm, Ojom, Aargau and Aaghra join the Deep Core alliance. Gabriel leads it from Aargau.

=Overtures from the Fel Empire coerce the Deep Core Alliance to join the Empire under the Fel Emperors. Gabriel is named Grand Moff of the Deep Core.

=After the death of the first Fel and the civil war that forced them to abandon their capital at Falleen, Gabriel takes command of the Empire, as Rex Imperator, a steward until another Fel could be found.

=Cade Fel is found and appointed Emperor. After a succesful few years the Fel Empire joins with the Horica and Tarisian Empires to form the 4th Galactic Empire.

=4th Galactic Empire was chipped away through war and internal intrigue, finally breaking apart.

=Cade Fel is killed in the Unknown Regions fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, taking a massive Fel Empire force with him, including Gabriel.

=Gabriel returns with a handful of damaged warships and limp back to find a broken and burning empire, devolved into warlordism.

=With other loyal and visionary Imperial leaders such as Xeonon Solomon they pull all loyl imperial forces back to the Deep Core fortress worlds and declare themselves the Imperial Remnant.

=Appointed Central Commander of the Imperial Security Bureau and Director of COMPNOR

=Lays a trap in which would-be-sith-emperor Lord Exitius is lured to Aargau and slain by Imperial Knights.

=Travelled to Adumar to hlp resurrect old friend/enemy Matar Lyndruss.

2: Slugthrower Sleeveguns

1 Cortosis laced broadsword

2: 48 caliber Enforcer pistol

6: Repulsor throwing razor

1: Silver Bladed Imperial Knight Saber

Armor: Imperial Knight Armor
Force Powers:
Force Sight
Force Precognition
Force cloak
Force Blind
Force Bellow
Mind Trick
Force lightning
Force Speed

9: Victory II Class Sat Destroyers
-Arthur, Captain Mark, Human
-Gawain, Captain Stavely, Human
-Galahad, Captain Az-Akan, Cerean
-Lancelot, Captain Duun, Kel-Dor
-Owain, Captain Olfric,Twi-lek
-Agravaine, Captain Julius, Human
-Percival, Captain Fronz, Khommite
-Lionell, Captain Veers, Human
-Bedivere, Captain Grant, Human

6: Victory I Class Star Destroyers
-Heracles, Captain Anderson, Human
-Ajax, Captain Shepard, Human
-Achilles, Captain Jettster, Besalisk
-Odysseus, Captain Needa, Human
-Theseus, Captain Morish, Duro
-Perseus, Captain Octavian, Human
Ground Forces:
Info on Ground forces can be found here: ... 8#p1944448

Founded Black Sun
Founded the Deep Core Alliance
Rex Imperator of the Fel Empire
Imperial Knight
Leader of ISB and COMPNOR in the Imperial Remnant
Goal: Create a thread titled "Poop Balls" and have it get more views than Aedon's smuggler thread

Goal Accomplished: (23:54:31) Aedon Gavin Montrose: wow...the "Poop Balls" thread has over three times more views than what my crew thread THAT will make a guy feel special...


Known Masters:
Sheckleton Iron-side, Cade Fel
Can be found at my NPC list in the Jounral of the Whills

Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
(00:08:20) Aerandir Calmcacil: When it comes down to it, some writers just don't like writing battles that much

(00:08:50) Vidalu Na'an: Then send them to a twilight board. Star Wars should have WARS

(19:15:35) Gabriel Solomon: Oh come on boys, more fighting is being done across the council boards then the RP boards...

(19:15:54) KR-04: Good God, Gabe, truer words have not been spoken.

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