Xeonon Solomon
Official Name:
Lord Xeonon Solomon
Same Difference
Advent (ship)
Master of the Order
Force Alignment:
Imperial Knights/Imperial Remnant
The right side of his face has a huge scar on it from burning off his branding, the left eye is missing with an eye patch over the synthetic eye. 6 feet tall weights 235 pounds Xeonon has a few extra pounds on him but has muscled.

Wears Imperial Knight Armour in combat situations, with the Solomon Insignia on the right shoulder. Recently he had grown out his black hair, and kept it up.

Eyepatch right eye

Facial scar

Burns across the body
Xeonons Voice
I was born to a middle class family who soon lost all their money and were forced to sell me into slavery after my father died, and my mother developed a drug habit. His owner was good to him and treated him like family for a while, until i was caught in bed with his eldest daughter. From there he branded my face, so I learned my place. Eventually I escaped with Kayla the daughter and we went to her uncles where I recieved my first lightsabers. In the middle of the night I tried to leave but she caught me, I stabbed her and ran. I found myself on a wooded planet were I burned off my scar.

From here I managed to find my way to Bakura where I met Gabriel Solomon, who brought me in and gave me a reason. He made me an Imperial Knight and set me off to cature an agent of the Black Sun. Before I could rest there was a terrorist attack on Aaragu where I was blown through a window and lost my right eye. Following a kidnapping by the liberty union they were completly destroyed and I managed to escape. After being trained by the grandmaster of the order I was summoned to see Valastoral Horica who made me an Inguisitor, thus making me the first Inquisitorial Knight. During an expidition to the unknown reasons I lost my arm to a disgruntled father looking for his children, it was replaced onboard the ship by the one thing we had a repulse hand.

After the death of Ronan Fel there was a lack of people to take control of the empire so I stepped up until a more suitable person stepped up. In my time as steward of the empire I fixed some of the scaring on my face and ceased to wear my eye patch.

During my time as head of state I also took control of Solomon Mines a local mining company where I was once again kidnapped and had most of my force power stripped of me. My only solace was that they augmented me with cybernetics to keep me on par with my original power. Returning to the Fel Empire Xeonon worked tirelessly to improve the infrastructure of the empire. At the same time he was also working to secure the Republic against the enviable Sith Empire attack.

As he spent his days doing this he was attacked by an old friend who had turned to the Sith although he easily defeated Jayden he still managed to get away with the cloning pods. After this attack he actively pursued infiltrating the SE via his Imperial Knights.

After the failed infiltration and the death of his second in command Xeonon has since stopped pursing them and instead has looked inwards to strengthen the Fel Empire once more. Tracking down Adulph Tarkin he found more planets to mine and worked for the knights to be on kind terms with the GR

While still on Aargua Gabe returned from the failed crusade in the Unknown regions after two years. Together they helped rebuild the Empire into the Imperial Remnant with forces from many fallen empires from across the galaxy.
Silver bladed lightsaber
Neuro-Shock Hand Right Arm
Imperial Heavy Repeater
Blaster Buster
Enforcer Pistol

Other Implants
Cardio-Muscular Package
Hi sense Enhanced Eyes Dyed blue
Force Powers:
Force Whirlwind
Force Blinding
Force Lightning
Force Rent
Force Scream
Force Crush

Preatoria Ishu (Mastered)
Praetoria Vonil (Mastered)
Djem So (Adept)
2Pellaeon Class Star Destroyers Cade Fel Ronan Fel
90 Predator Class Fighters
Ground Forces:
14th Legion
5 Imperial Knights
5000 Clone Commandos
30,000 Imperial Army Troopers
Judged and Presented at the 2012 Sithies
Become GBA Judge
Ruled the Fel Empire
Known Masters:
Old Man Eralam Grand Master Kryn, Gabe Solomon
Finnik Overton
Master Armourer

Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight
Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
The thirteenth clone of Xeonon Solomon, he was quickened to the age of 45 before being sent to Kessel as a slave. While there he found out that he was both a clone thus fell into a great depression about life, no longer caring if he lived or died. In addition to that he also found out that he had a genetic trait that allowed him to see weak points in things he would hit and peoples alliances.
I tried my best to get a link to Facebook but I could not figure out how, so if you wish to contact me on it I am Colton Shayne Patrick Kyle. If you wish to add me just let me know who you are on here.

Not much to say 18 year old Canadian, hates people in large numbers, loves the leafs and whiskey.

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