Dante the Deceiver
Official Name:
Dante the Deceiver
"The difference between genius and insanity, is only measured by success."
Force Alignment:
Chicanery, Deceitfulness, and the Fel Crew.

Dante is a six foot tall Firrerreo of athletic build, with gold tinged skin, aristocratic facial features, topaz eyes, pronounced canines, and nictating membranes in addition to his more human eyelids. Due to a rare genetic disorder, my skin doesn't flush or change color with emotion - although, I do still retain my ultraviolet sight.

Dante can be seen wearing polished suregrip climbing boots, a pair of black pants with a gunmetal gray utility belt, a black long sleeved shirt, over which a long sleeved and high collared preter jacket is worn.

Dante's past remains largely a mystery to most sentients - with only his closest (and very few) friends knowing the full details of his past. More general knowledge is that he is among the last of his race after the destruction of his species on Firrerre by the Firrerreo Hethrir; he is known to have severe anti-imperial sentiments, and has prejudiced and often outright xenophobic attitudes towards baseline humans.

It should be noted that Dante will do ANYTHING to win a fight; whether its outright trickery or brute force. If there's a window of opportunity, he'll take it. However, this mentality, in addition to an eidetic memory, makes him prone to paranoia and over estimation of individuals abilities - if anything, Dante will err on the side of caution and deception in order to achieve his goals.

Dante's attire is modeled after his mentality of deception and misdirection; his clothing is entirely created out of flex-armor with reflec weave, with an underlay of shell spider silk - creating a full coverage medium armor that is light and flexible, yet at the same time, functional. In addition to this, Dante wears a full body (black, of course) biogel body suit under his clothing, further protecting him from damage.

Dante's utility belt itself is made out of armorplast and coated in powdered reflec. The entirety of the belt is composed of a personal cloaking device, a disruption bubble generator, and two power packs; the entirety of the assembly can run for one hour of continuous use, and is insulated with inert power insulator. It is sensitive to EMP and ionic energy - even being in the vicinity of an Ion engine will disrupt the belt.

Dante's preter jacket contains several magnetic brackets in the ends of the sleeves, containing smoke bombs, bangcaps, chepatite, andmicromines depending on the situation (five per sleeve). In addition to this, Dante is always seen wearing a pair of imperial knight style cortosis gauntlets (legitly acquired from an imperial PC). The left gauntlet contains an integrated heavy charric pistol (legitly acquired from a PC aristocra), with the right containing a wrist mounted repulsor grappling gun; the hook itself is insulated with inert power insulator, with its housing made out of ultrachrome - a gription clip is mounted on the end of the hook for adhering to surfaces. The gun fires a spool of duracord, which can be electrified like many electrified grappling hooks, although the winch function and electrical function cannot be used simultaneously. Both gauntlets contain a flashstick focussing crystal set into the top wrist of the gauntlet - these crystals use power from the hard-sound gun and repulsor gun respectively in order to incapacitate an opponent with a flash. It takes ten seconds in order to charge enough energy into the assemblies capacitors to emit a flash, during this period, the sound gun and repulsor gun cannot be used. Lastly, Dante wears a pair of power gloves; both gloves are insulated, and are plated with armorplast.

Dante's primary weapon is a phrik based force-imbued blade, shaped into the form of a dueling rapier, with cross-guard and ring guards on the blades Ricasso. The blade is well balanced, and extraordinarily light due to the phrik in its construction. The blade is an heirloom passed down from my master, Arcturus Utan Sorrows, to myself (can be proven through RP), with the blade itself having intricate filligree and decoration across the hilt and it's blade.

Dante has also been known to use the following weapons depending on his mood; a 9118 heavy carbine, an adostic arms 8-gauge shotgun (pump action, 8 shot capacity), dresellian projectile rifle (bipod, vibrobayonet, targeter ranging scope), two pair of SH-9 slugthrowers, heavy charric rifle with viper-2 grenade launcher, LD-1 sporting blaster, Jer'N "Hammer" slugthrowers, and more.
Force Powers:

Trained in the Matukai way, I am highly trained in using the force to augment my physical abilities, am extremely proficient in the martial arts of Stava and Teras kasi, and am capable of incredible feats of sustained agility, balance, speed, dexterity, endurance, and strength. Challengers beware, that my body is capable of being pushed far beyond its own physical limits, to a level of performance that regular force users would find incapable of maintaining for any amount of time.
HOWEVER, In exchange for this impeccable physical performance, be aware that I have NO ability to use the force outside of augmenting my own body. I cannot - literally, am not physically capable - of accessing sense and alter abilities; uses of TK, absorb, lightning, etcetera, are all cut off from me in exchange for physical ability.

With the exception of force jump, speed, and buried presence. All other powers - including "given" powers such as the core powers and force sense, are sacrificed. This is for fairness sake, and an avoidance of GMing.

Defeated Tirus in the GBA
Defeated Ice Mantago in the GBA
Defeated Illuscio Blackhawk in the GBA
Deafeated Vale Kinsasha in the GBA
Defeated Alkor Centaris in the GBA
^Made it to the final four in tournament five.
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