Old Man Eralam
Official Name:
I'm not in charge. Don't ask me a goddamn thing.
Iron Knight
Cranky Old Man
Force Alignment:
None Whatsoever.
HRD Chassis- Human male, roughly 20 years old. Skinny or muscular looking, depending on the angle. Black pants, grey shirt, and an old, faded trenchcoat loaded with bloodstains and bullet holes. Yes, synthflesh can bleed.

Classic Eralam- Customized assassin droid, roughly 2 meters tall. The body is made mostly of durasteel, though the joints are made of tougher stuff. All the critical components are hardened against EMP. The exterior is criss-crossed with numerous pock marks, weld lines, and other various deformities, a testament both to Eralam's combat experience as well as his finances (or lack thereof.)

While the appearance is young, the Force impression is incredibly old. As one person said:

Lapay no Tal wrote:
*Age...ancientness...impossibly old. Beings that lived a thousand years were a mere speck, a blink in the eye of the universe...and I lay before it, exposed and terrified.*
Eralam spent his first few million years attached to a stationary chunk of crystal on Orax, one of the oldest and largest. After becoming a Shard, and later on an Iron Knight, Eralam spent centuries roaming the galaxy. He learned what he could learn, loved who he could love, and generally lead a pleasant life. And then the Whills came.

After responding to a help wanted ad for an assistant, Eralam found himself working for a Whill Shaman known as Kulu. After the Whill realized Eralam's potential, he began training him in the ways of his order.

Many years passed, and Eralam found himself promoted to Whill Shaman. Alas, it was not meant to be. As time went on, he became increasingly disappointed with the Whill's policy of passive observance. Determined to rejoin the galaxy, Eralam left the order to once again pursue a life among the stars.
HRD- Slugthrower revolver (Colt 1851 Navy)
Phrik dagger (7 inch blade, 12 inch overall)

Classic Eralam- Slugthrower revolver (LeMat)

Silver bladed lightsaber with eralam crystal. The blade is much finer, and much more precise than a normal blade. The hilt is styled after a rapier, complete with an elaborate phrik crossguard. Instead of hanging from the belt in the popular style, the hilt rests in a customized scabbard. When stored in the scabbard, the lightsaber looks more like a ridiculously short rapier than a perfectly serious laser-chainsaw sword.

For visual reference
Force Powers:


Any combination thereof.
Pride of Dressel (Bulwark Battlecruiser) (36 Points)
22 Skipray 24r Blastboats (22 Points)
100 XJ7 X-wings (100 Points)
Total- 158 points*
Ground Forces:
No one.
Known Masters:
Known Apprentices:
No one was dumb enough to listen.
Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
I'm up for just about anything, just PM me if you want to kill me.

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