Cathaoir Ordo
Official Name:
Cathaoir Jari Ordo (Kah-heer Yahr-ee Or-doh)
All for Clan Ordo!
Aliit'alor Clan Ordo
Force Alignment:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 246 lbs
Build: Athletic/Toned
Supercommando Armor Constructed of Beskar, Phrik, and Duraplast
>> Advanced HUD in helmet (Buy'ce)
>>Environment Filter in Buy'ce
Tactical Vest
Tactical Sling
J-12 Jetpack on back
Significance of Colors:

Gray=Mourning a Lost Love
Red=Honoring a Father
Orange=A Lust for Life

Cathaoir was born to Millicent and Gavin Ordo at their home on Ordo. Neither of his parents had ever shown through as a flashy figure, or one of historical significance. They raised him in the same matter that they lived their lives, staying close to the teachings from the texts of Manda and Akaanati'kar'oya.

In early childhood and adolescence, Cathaoir was just like any other Mandalorian. He trained everyday in combat forms and went to be instructed about the Mando'a language. This was where he was not like the others. Cathaoir has the greatest trouble just learning to speak true Mando's; he could speak a few phrases, but beyond that, he was not like the others. Even today, Cathaoir struggles when speaking the language of his people and does not even consider himself a Mandalorian, but rather one in the making.

Throughout his life staying under the same roof that his parents lived in, his focus was to be a warrior as his name dictated him to be. He felt that since both his parents were warriors is another reason that he should follow that same path. He did this, excelling in the in the melee combat (combat without the use of projectile weponry) arts.

For a time, Cathaoir, delved deeply into his melee training which is the skillset he seemed to be gifted with. When he went head on into this, he refused to wear any kind of armor and commonly refused to wear a shirt. He felt that exposing himself to the extreme pain of being hit would inevitably make him numb to pain. For the most part, this didn't work as effectively as he had hoped, but it did make his reflexes and pain threshold much higher. The reason it didn't do as he had hoped was that it didn't make him "numb" to the pain, just more tolerant.

When he was of age to leave the haven of his parents, he went. Not leaving Ordo nor his clan. He just went to start his adulthood.

Within weeks of moving out from his parents, Cathaoir married the Mandalorian girl that he had been in a relationship with through his later adolescence.


They lived happily together for some time, but when it was time for their baby to be born, she died along with the baby during child birth. Though Cathaoir knew that some things happened for certain reasons, he could not help but to be heartbroken though he masked it well when outside the comfort of his own home.

Three years passed where Cathaoir lived his normal life within the Ordo clan, coming running whenever Madalor would call, being faithful and true to his clan, Mandalorian society and his own name.

This is where his story will now begin, three years after the death of his wife and child.


Bank Account

Cathaoir Ordo's Theme
Grappling Hook right wrist gauntlet
Dur-24 Wrist Laser right wrist gauntlet
ZX Miniature Flame Projector right wrist gauntlet
Velocity-7 Dart Shooter Incorporated into left wrist gauntlet. Darts are poisoned by either of the chemicals below
MM9-Rocket System left wrist gauntlet
PAC-20 Visual Wrist Comlink left wrist gauntlet
Untility Belt Worn around waste
Force Powers:
Cathaoir in his Beskar'gam

Blaster Buster (2)
DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
Karpaki Fifty Sniper Rifle
Cryoban Grenade (6)
Flash-Bang Grenade (4)
Smoke Grenade (4)
Thermal Detonator (6)
LX-4 Proton Mine (3)
LX-1 Laser Flechette Mine (3)
- Kandosii-type Dreadnaught [1]

- Kyramud-type Battleship [2]

- Firespray-31-class Patrol and Attack Craft [1]
Ground Forces:
-Heavy Vehicles-
(100) AT-AT
(100) MT-AT
(100) MAAT
(50) LAAT/c

-Medium Vehicles-
(350) AT-TE

-Light Vehicles-
(750) Basilisk War Droids

-NPC Generals-
(35) Alor'ade

-Commando Troops-
(500) Ori'ramikade

-Elite Troops-
(5000) Ruus'alore

-Standard Troops-
(50000) Verde
+Become a clan chieftain
+Member of clan Ordo
+"Murdered Mando'a language so bad it shut up Cassus"
+Guardian Angel
Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
Just PM me if you want to get involved in a SL with me. Also, I would prefer if Cathaoir did not die as he is my main account

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