Varro Calistarious
Official Name:
Darth Ahriman
~ The Architect of Fate.
Force Alignment:
The Sith Empire
Faction Type:
Sith Empire
Appearance wrote:Though his outward appearance is marred by mechanical augmentation, Varro was considered to be a devilishly handsome man. His skin was kissed by the sun, his eyes a dreamy jade, and his hair was raven black. When his master had suppressed his soul Varro had been imprinted with several sith runes, in order for his soul to remain trapped within whilst his master wore him like a suit of armour. Most commonly, he wears a set of sapphire dyed robes trimmed in gold. The elegance was a deception, masking the heart of a killer behind azure finery.
"Daemonic fury, bound into the shells of metal beasts and set loose upon the galaxy. Tell me, mortal; have you ever seen such a glorious sight?."
~ Darth Ahriman, standing before the ruins of the Guardian Jedi Temple upon Arkania.

Armour wrote:Segmented plates of armour covered Varro's body from head to toe, offering the maximum coverage whilst keeping his mobility unimpeded. The plates were enameled in a deep sapphire, glimmering in even the faintest of lights. Adorning the warrior's head, was a golden helm with four horns protruding from it's crown. Hanging lifelessly from his armour, was a robe of bright azure. Trimmed in white and marked by sith text, Varro embodied the very strands of fate.

History wrote:Before Varro Calistarious had been possessed by the spirit of his master, he had been on an incrdible journey. His travels started when his family was incinerated by the actions of a Jedi named Arcanus Sunstrider. The Jedi had obliterated a section of Safaeyet in order to stem the tide of darkness from swarming the innocent. When the warrior had seen this occur, he flew into a rage that brought the conflict to a swift and bloody end. Afflicted by the loss of his family, he had set out to take revenge against the Jedi. Appearing sometime later in the Jedi Temple upon Coruscant, Varro had slaughtered several Jedi in the infamous archives. Bested by one of their number, he was taken to an orbiting prison ship bound for the outer rim. Once there he had made friends with other prisoners that had been incarcerated by the Jedi. Staging a riot and sleeping with the Warden, he escaped. Though at a cost of the warden's life.

Aboard his pilfered shuttlecraft, Varro had fought with the pilot and caused the ship to crash into the dune sea. Taking the trophy head of the warden with him, he had wandered the dune sea until he was garnered by a roving band of Jawas. From there he was sold into slavery and thrusted into the arena's. There he fought several gladiators, killing many of them. Until he was bested by a Mandalorian warrior named Amit Varad. Angered, Varro trained his body and honed it into the perfect weapon. With Amit's help the two, now comrades in arms, had slaughtered their handlers and unleashed their rage upon the unsuspecting crowd. From then on, he was known as the Butcher of the Sands.

Having freed himself, Varro continued on with his quest for revenge. Finding the sorrow filled Jedi above their species homeworld, the duel entered into a climatic duel that had ended with Arcanus being defeated. Wanting to watch the man whom made him into what he was, burn, Varro doused Arcanus' still breathing body in a flammable fluid and set him alight. Taking the Jedi's weapon as a trophy, he had set to the stars once more. In the darkness of space he had heard a siren call that forced him to go to Korriban. Once there he had been bound to the Emperor's will and thrusted into Ahriman's service. Under his master's tutelage, he had unlearned everything he had learned. Ahriman retained the skills and knowledge of how to fight, but changed his oath to the Emperor and opened the scholar within. Then with promises of power, they had set forth upon a path to become gods.

Sadly, Varro did not know that his master had lied. That when he muddled about in his head, that he had made a pathway to his bodies possession. Making him a willing candidate for Ahriman's soul once his mortal form had crumbled to dust.Together, as one, they sought to carve a path of carnage across the galaxy in order to fulfill their seemingly unattainable goal of becoming divine.
Weapons wrote:One standard Lightsaber variant
  • - Dual phase
  • - Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse
  • - Synthetic colour crystal (red)
  • - Phond crystal
  • - Upari crystal

One Alchemy forged Sword.
One Force imbued Stave.
Force Powers:
Proficient Force Powers wrote:
  • - Sith Sorcery - Generalization
  • - Sith Alchemy - Generalization
  • - Core Telekine Powers
  • - Force Corruption
  • - Force Insanity
  • - Force Crush
  • - Force Lightning
  • - Force Drain
  • - Force Sense - Precognition
  • - Farsight
  • - Force Rage
Personal Starship wrote:Svelte - Class Imperial Shuttle
  • - Double Blaster Cannons [2]
  • - Double Laser Cannons [2]

Second Core Battlegroup wrote: Having fallen from their service to the Republic, these brave souls have recently pledged their faith in Ahriman and the Sith Empire there after. Though branded by the Republic as Excommunicate Traitoris, they seek nothing more to bring down the 'evil' they perceive eating away at the heart of the Republic.
Ground Forces:
The Cult of Ahriman wrote:The Cult of Ahriman's numbers swelled after his visit to Coruscant. Several thousand disgruntled and forgotten had taken up arms against the Republic, having been corrupted to see the light of the Sith. The Fateweaver has several thousand cultists at his beckon call, their armaments vary, but their appearance remains unified. Sapphire tunics with a golden trim. They all wore ceramic masks to cover their faces and were always shrouded by a cowl. Alongside his cultists, Ahriman has access to traitorous Republic assets that submit to his command, and his only.
"If a man dedicates his life to good deeds, he will die unremembered. If he exercises his genius bringing misery and death to billions, his name will echo down the millennia. "
~ Lord Ahriman, The Dark Apostle.

Goals wrote:Ahriman has but a single goal. To become a God, amongst men. He will risk everything to ensure his goal is reached, even if it requires killing his allies or those that stand in his way.

Accomplishments wrote:As Varro Calistarious, he had become the Butcher of Anobis. Killing thousands of Republic and Sith soldiers alike. He had slain several gladiators after being sold into slavery. And he had enacted his revenge against the one whom brought his homeworld to it's knees. He had killed Arcanus Sunstrider.

As Ahriman, he had corrupted an entire battlegroup of the Republic best and brightest to serve him. He had sunk cities and torn down the Jedi temple upon Arkania. He had converted Arhiia Concordia back to the darkside of the force. He had obtained the title of Darth after he participated in a coup against the weak Emperor of the Sith Empire.
Known Masters:
The Darkside of the Force
Known Apprentices:
Varro Calistarious
The Cult of Ahriman wrote:
  • - Lelith - The Princess of Excess.
  • - Thanatos - The Silent Guardian.
  • - Erebus - The Preacher of Fate.
  • - Several unnamed Sorcerer's - The Prodigal Sons.
Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
I love being the Villain of any story, so if you wish me to be your nemesis for an on going story or just a guest appearance feel free to message me. On the other hand, if you try and kill my character should the situation we're in finds us at that impasse, do realize I will try and do the same. However I will do it after a PM respectfully beforehand should I believe my move to beat yours.

Character Statistic's wrote:Strength: ███████████████████ 22 (+5 Modifier due to Bionics)
Dexterity: █████████ 11
Constitution: ███████████ 15
Intelligence: ██████████████ 18
Wisdom: ███████████ 12
Charisma: █████████████████ 19

I'm Mark from the frozen wastelands of Canada. I'm a Fan-fiction writer for the Warhammer 40,000 universe as well as the Star Wars universe. I've been Roleplaying pretty much all my life, both upon the stage and here upon the computer. I'm a JvS Guild Councilor, so if you have any questions what so ever feel free to send a PM my way.

Other than that, happy Rp'ing!


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