Soren Kai
Official Name:
Soren Arthos Kai
"Do I look like a cop?"
Jedi Apprentice
Force Alignment:
Light Side
Soren has a narrow face, with short brown hair, dark eyes and a mouth more given to smiling than scowling. His ears are large and protrude at an angle from his head, giving him a haphazard, comical appearance.
Once considered one of the finest up-and-coming officers in CorSec's prestigious SpecOps branch, Soren Arthos Kai had a bright future ahead of him until one night on Corellia, when an operation under his command went horrifically wrong. With seventeen civilians dead and recorded evidence of Soren refusing a direct order to fire on a known terrorist, Kai was dishonorably discharged from CorSec, his name dragged through the mud and a bounty put on his head.

With nowhere else to go, Soren fled to the Outer Rim in search of work for an honorable man with a soiled reputation. He expected to find work policing shipping lanes and arresting drunks on an agriworld. Instead he found the Jedi Order, L'Ange Noir and a master who promised to teach him abilities he didn't know he had.

But in a galaxy full of spies and conspiracies, secrets rarely stay hidden for long, and Soren's past may yet come back to haunt him.
1 vibroblade, sheathed across the back
E9 Blaster Pistol, holstered on his right hip
Force Powers:
Force Sense [Novice]

3 X70 Main Battle Cruisers
6 X60 Light Battle Cruisers
12 X40 Corvettes
15Upsilon-class V-wing Light Assault Fighters
45 Alpha-class A-wing Medium Assault Fighters
45 Tau-class T-wing Heavy Assault Fighters


X70 Main Battle Cruiser "Avos"
- Avos-1 Squadron (5 V-wing Interceptors)
- Avos-2 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Avos-3 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Avos-4 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Avos-5 Escort Squadron (3 A-Wing Fighters)
X70 Main Battle Cruiser "Berin"
- Berin-1 Squadron (5 V-wing Interceptors)
- Berin-2 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Berin-3 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Berin-4 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Berin-5 Escort Squadron (3 A-Wing Fighters)
X70 Main Battle Cruiser "Cascardi"
- Cascardi-1 Squadron (5 V-wing Interceptors)
- Cascardi-2 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Cascardi-3 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Cascardi-4 Squadron (5 T-Wing Bombers)
- Cascardi-5 Escort Squadron (3 A-Wing Fighters)

X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Alderaan"
- Red Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)
X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Bespin"
- Blue Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)
X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Coruscant"
- Green Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)
X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Duro"
- Gold Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)
X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Endor"
- White Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)
X60 Light Battle Cruiser "Eriadu"
- Black Squadron (7 A-Wing Fighters)

X40 Corvette "I'm Feeling Lucky"
X40 Corvette "Acceptable Losses"
X40 Corvette "She's One Of Ours, Sir"
X40 Corvette "Old Janx Spirit"
X40 Corvette "In Praise of Folly"
X40 Corvette "Soren, You Fool, You Name The Damn Thing"
X40 Corvette "Frank Exchange of Ideas"
X40 Corvette "It Builds Character"
X40 Corvette "What Did You Say?"
X40 Corvette "Tempting Fate"
X40 Corvette "It's A Good Size"
X40 Corvette "There's Sithstorm A-Brewing"
Ground Forces:
10 Space Marine Commanders
500 Space Marine Veterans
10,000 Space Marines

5 A-6 Juggernaughts
5 Light Corvettes (armed with 2 EMP cannons, 4 defensive photon cannons, 2 concussion missile racks)
200 T4-B Heavy Tanks
100 Self-Propelled Artillery
100 V-Wing Airspeeders

600 Ultra-Light Assault Vehicles
300 AAC-2 Hovertanks
300 22-B Nightfalcon Speeder Bikes

Known Masters:
Ice Matango
Admiral Lia Harper, commander of the Ninth Fleet

Julius Cade, Force Commander of the First Ralltiiri Regiment
Major Friedrich Krieger of the Storm Crows
Major Hannah Carther of the Red Talons
Major Jaden Shryke of the War Hawks
Major Samantha Torrin of the Shadow Guard
Major Dorick Shan of the Fallen Angels
Major Hoffryn Dex of the Iron Claws
Major Belinda Stern of the Blood Magpies
Major Ronan Olo of the Avengers
Major Alpharia Lang of the Skull Takers
Major Ollanius Isard of the Ice Hearts
Traffic Light:
I've written for a lot of characters since 2007, fighting for every side and every philosophy. I took a break from the site in 2010 or so to do some major thinking. I like to think I came back a better person.

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