Mace Atlas Theia
Official Name:
Mace Atlas Theia
My shadow will be as the darkness. My blade will be the death of your soul
43 (born 970 BBY)
Abyssissan (human)
Force Alignment:
a long gray rob platted with Platinum, brown skin, blue eyes.
(normal clothing)

impervium breastplate, arm braces, leg braces and shoulder braces. Impervium footwear, hard leather gloves with impervium metal covering.
(battle wear)
(THIS IS PHOTO OF) Mace Atlas Theia [img][/img]

*Mace Atlas Theia was born on the icy planet of Abyssissa.
Mace had only his Father as his only family. His Mother (that gave Mace her necklace before his mother left) and 2 sisters died in a Plane crash not far from their home. Mace grew up having every thought of his mother and his 2 sisters dying in that crash and had a massive effect on his personal life.*

*Maces father (captain taluk Theia) was of the 1st fleet built during attacks on their home world, mostly by the federation. Mace always wanted to be like his father and was eager to be like him. Through the years his father trained Mace in basic strategy and command fleets to enter in and out of battle formation and drills.*

His father’s friend Vargu was a well-trained melee combat instructor and got mace to learn melee combat, as his father went on missions.

Once Mace had turned 18 his father trained him to be a commander and through the years Mace got more and more skilled in strategy and commanding fleets.

*At the age of 25 Mace was given his own fleet to command and was given the rank of 1st commander. Mace was very pleased to be able to command his own fleet. His father was also pleased.Mace was presented his first mission, mace was looking over the mission he noticed that he was heading to an unknown area? Mace wasn't familiar with? Mace went to go get ready knowing his father knew what he was doing. has mace was ready he left for his fleet on his ship that was already in orbit.*

*"All hands to battle stations all hands to battle stations" all of the alarms were going off! Mace ran to the front of the ship and saw a massive ship heading there way. Mace wasn't sure what had happened but he knew he had to get out! As Mace was preparing to leave for hyperspace his father left a message saying "son we are under attack! There is a massive ship heading your way go to the mission we need your sshshshshshshs" he saw his father’s ship explode before his eyes and the shock wave moving throw his body…. mace feel to his knees and all but tears come from his eyes.*

His second hand commander (FENDRA) saw mace on his knees,

Fendra said "sir we have to go….im sorry he was a good man"

mace replied "yes we shall leave for our mission"

Fendra replied "YES SIR"

*as mace felt the ship go into hyperspace. All Mace had to think of was. Dead.
as maces fleet exited hyperspace they saw the planet and as mace was looking at the planet he still couldn’t understand why his father sent him here? Of all the stores his father told him, this was not a place he mentioned. Mace ask Fendra to take control of the fleet.*

Fendra replied “YES SIR” Mace then headed to the hanger bay.
5 throwing knives (made of lead) on each side of his breastplate, 2 heavy blast pistols, a short sword (on his back) a long sword (on his left side) made of Platinum,5 poison granades, 5 sonic granades and 5 frag grenades.
(Rex's fleet)
1 Heavy Class Ship-(Providence-class destroyer)
1 Moderate Class Ship-(Venator-class Star Destroyer)
50 Star fighters-(Sharp Spiral)

(Fendra's fleet)
2 Medium Class Ships-(Acclamator I-class assault ship)
4 Light Class Ships-(CR90 corvette)
9 Support Class Ships-(J-type star skiff)
22 Star fighters-(Sharp Spiral)

Mace's personal ship-(Rogue Shadow)
becoming a Jedi
Father-Captain Taluk Theia-ship name-The Dragon(died 1020 BBY)Image
Mother-Seria Theia(died 990 BBY)
Sister-jista Theia(died 990 BBY)
Sister-retria Thiea(died 990 BBY)
Second command-FendraImage
Combat instructor-VarguImage
fleet combat instructor-Father(died 1020 BBY)Image
strategical fleet instructor-Father(died 1020 BBY)[img][/
Omega fleet commander-Hex
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Matthew is my name or Mace Atlas Theia :D

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