Ornik Vilka
Official Name:
Ornik Vilka
Force Alignment:
Faction Type:
Mandalorian Empire

6'3", 224lbs. Dark hair, dark eyes. Wears black beskar'gam and nondescript fatigues when out of armor. Not a happy fellow.
- A battle axe, beskar-bladed, with a beskar core surrounded by a nigh-indestructible black composite haft.
- Two combat knives (1) & (2)
- A Ripper (Wookiee link)
- Ripper rifle
- A SE-14r blaster pistol

Carries a flamethrower on his left arm, and a mini-missile launcher on his right. Carries four grenades: one frag, one thermal, and two fire.
Flies a Bes'uliik that he calls the "Knell."
Gunn Vau

- Verpine shatter rifle, cosmetically customized and reinforced to make it more durable, slung across his back in a long holster.
- DC-15s carbine w/ grapple attachment, slung across his chest.
- Ripper pistol w/ a single shot shatter-shot underbarrel, right thigh holster.
- DC-15s blaster pistol, left thigh holster.
- Combat knife : Beskar, right hip sheath.

Wears blue beskar'gam with white trim and a stealth field generator. Left wrist has a grapple line launcher, right wrist has a dart launcher. Wears a bandolier of grenades as well: frags, stickies, concussions, plasma, and three thermals.

Corvo Ordo

- Two-handed beskad, slung across his back.
- Knuckle plate vibroblade

Wears white Neo-Crusader beskar'gam, a white surcoat with a mythosaur skull painted on the chest in red, and equips a special personal energy shield. Carries a flamethrower on either arm and both hands are crushgaunts. Carries four fire grenades and two thermals.
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