Official Name:
Natalie Lagaris
~ Warrior Princess
The Thyferra Amazon Tribe
"There are those, who can call upon the force and do amazing things... making simple and hard tasks easy to do. Things have never been that easy for me, but I will rely on my strength and the unity of this tirbe to face all things."
~ Natalie

  • Natalie has tanned, flawless skin with long, silky and dark brown hair that falls gracefully to her waist in soft waves. Her body build is slender, yet very toned. Her wieght averages out at 140 LBS and she tops her height out at 5'7".

  • Natalie's attire typically consists of a set of leathers, made from animal pelts which cover the most intimate parts of her body, which allows free movement for the rest of the body.

  • Other items that adorn Natalies body are a Leather Headband. Natalie also has a tribal tattoo that starts on her right thigh that stops just before the chest.

  • Natalie was born to a politician woman on Alderaan known as Eva, but this was no happy or welcomed childbirth and so to hide the woman's shame of the unwanted child she sold Natalie into Savlery but told others that she had died after the birthing. Years would pass and it would finally be time for Natalie to turn six years old, and by this point she had been brutally beaten by the salve owners she had been sold to, who resided on Tatooine. It would be due to these harsh beatings that Natalie would cease to feel any emotions as she would never be shown simple human affection in anyway or form... however, fate would be on her side on a particularly harsh day in the sun on Tatooine. Queen Mira Lagaris, leader of the Thyferra Amazon Warrior Tribe was out replenshing certain supplies after a mission and came across the girl. She admired the fire within Natalie and took pity on the girl and purchased her from her bondage and freed her, taking her into the tribe as her own 'blood' daugther.

    During her years since her freedom, Natalie showed a talent that seemed to surpass that of any average human in the ways of combat and in her abilities to learn... and by the age of eighteen Tribal Leader Mira gave Natalie a set of tests that showed whether one was ready or not to lead their own tribe... but in this instance it was not so. The Queen, Mira was dying and needed to choose a successor to her, as she had no daughters of her own... and because of the hardships Natalie went through and her perserverance in the tribe to constantly prove herself she was dubbed as the 'Princess', next in line to lead the tribe. This would be one of the few moments that Natalie actually felt what the emotion joy was... and the pride of it.

"You shall carry my line, this tribe down the path I have set them to take. I know that you bring me and this tribe honour, my daughter."
~ Queen Mira to Natalie

  • By the age of twenty-one Natalie would have had buried the adoptive mother that took her in, cared for her, gave her instructions and literally saved her life and assumed the position as 'Queen' of the tribe. Shortly after her... coronation as leader of the tribe there were disputes as to how she came into the position, a warrior named Alecius questioned Mira's will, and it divided her mothers tribe ( her tribe now ) and only the closest friends remained to carry on their Queen's legacy. Unfortunately, Alexius did not stay away. Weeks later, an assualt would be launched, pitting both tribes against one another. There would be casualities on both sides, Alexius having had died by Natalie's own hands. To this day, Natalie continues to lead the handful of warriors at her call and strives to build the tribe back to its former glory.

  • Set of Escrima Sticks
  • Twin Daggers
  • Apothecary Satchel
  • Fiber Wire
  • Poision Laced Throwing Needles

Force Powers:
  • Apathy - Due to severe trauma expierence during her adolescent years, Natalie has an extremely hard time feeling any emotions. Due to this trauma, Natalie has worked towards 'mimicking' emotions to appear normal.

  • Hardened Body - Because of the severe training that Natalie recieved from the Tribe Queen, she has a higher tolerance to pain than the average human would.

  • Iron Resolve - Natalie has resolved never to back down, and never to give up. This strength gives her a heightened ability to resist certain forms of invasive mind techniques or mind control.

  • The Skilled Huntress - Due to constantly living in the jungle surroundings, Natalie has learned to blend in with her surroundings and can tune in with them, gaining an 'enhanced' awareness.
Ground Forces:

  • Escaped Salvery
  • Passed the trails within the Thyferra Amazon Tribe.
  • Became next in line for succession in the tribe.
  • Became the Queen of her tribe.

  • Tribal Queen Mira - ( Deceased ) The former Queen of the Thyferra Amazon Tribe. Mira is the adoptive mother of Natalie, having had rescued her from Salvery and giving her a chance at life.
  • Emilia - Natalie's closest friend, and also her protectorate. Emilia, is the exact same age as Natalie and grew up with her, went through all of the hardships she did, and even recived the same training as Natalie from Mira. Emilia is an 'honorary' member of Mira's family.
  • Sarai - Village Medicine Woman.
  • Alexius - ( Deceased ) The traitor that would divide the tribe and also attack them. Natalie would face her in direct combat, and would unfortunately have to end her life.
  • Lucia - A tribal warrior, and second-in-command, just below Emilia. Lucia has exceptional tracking skills and has the ability to stalk prey near undetected due to her lifetime of studying this art.
  • Amia - Typically complaining ( also Alexius' friend ) Amia is a decent warrior. After the fall of Alexius, Amia took a more, subtle approach within the tribe, now focusing more on advising.
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