Ramiel Diux
Official Name:
Ramiel Diux
Through Victory my Chains are Broken, The Force Shall Set me Free...
Force Alignment:
Dark Side
DT- Lord of Vengeance

Hair: Short Brown Hair
Eyes: Green/Blue eyes with a ring of yellow around the pupils
Facial Traits: A defined and strong jaw and a nose slightly on the big side
Clothing: Common dark robes, with very dark toned variations in clothing which part to show his armour beneath.
Armour: A gunmetal coloured phrik chest plate he wore beneath his robes. He discovered this armour while excavating the KA ruins.

Like his Jedi Master before him, Ramiel served in the Military of the Republic as a Soldier. He was commended by his peers and superiors and alike for his professionalism and prowess in battle. After completing a campaign with the Jedi he was discovered to be Force sensitive. He was then recruited by the Jedi to be trained by them.

As a Jedi, Ramiel studied under Sarius Cado, a Jedi who, like himself, had served previously in the military and was very knowledgeable about battle techniques and tactics. He studied under him and fought many battles, growing in his skill and force abilities but always felt like he was being held back by his master. He trained and fought until he was finally ready, he took the trials and became a Jedi Knight. He then carried out the wishes of the council.

After being confronted on Kashyyyk by a sith named Amun, Ramiel movedto Kashyyyk and confronted the Sith, there he was offered unlimited power with no one to hold him back or question him. He took the offer and was welcomed into the Kashyyyk Sith Order. He then rose and was stripped of his name of Ramiel, he was now Decieus. He was given a lightsaber by Lord Loyderas and became to apprentice of Darth Amun. After training under him for a long while, Decieus was finally ready to face the Sith trials, passing amazingly he was reborn as a full Sith, he customized his saber with a Qixoni crystal and became an assassin for the Order, he hunted down Jedi all across the Galaxy.

After hunting and shedding the blood of Jedi, Decieus returned to Kashyyyk and took on two apprentices, Darth Malum, and Darth Morderious, he trained them on Kashyyyk in the ways of the Dark side, all the while continuing to hunt Jedi. During this time Decieus led a campaign against the local forces in the Roche Asteroids, defeating them and expanding the KSO's bases. Based on his skill and loyalty to the KSO Decieus was promoted to the rank of Jen'ari, making him 3rd in Command of the Order.

Decieus soon took on a third apprentice, Darth Leora, making him the Sith Lord with the most apprentices in the KSO. Decieus soon met his former master once again in combat. The epic battle ended when Decieus succesfully killed his master, severing his ties with the light once and for all. He the continued to train his apprentices in the dark side and before long Ultio was ready to undergo his trials. he passed and was made a massassi of the KSO, while Decieus continued to train the others.

As the years passed and he grew more powerful, Decieus' perspective changed and he sought out those strong in all aspects of the Force, as allies as he wandered the stars as a lone warrior.

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A silver and mostly black hilted Lightsaber with a blood red blade with the hilt encasing a Qixoni. The hilt has a spike crafted into the base of the hilt that he uses in melee combat.

Diux' Saber


He keeps a blue lightsaber strapped to his thigh, with a vibro-knife from his days as a soldier strapped to the opposite one.

He also carries a master crafted sword that he had strapped horizontally across his back. The blade includes a cortosis alloy.

Saber Forms

In terms of saber forms and techniques, Decieus has mastered Shii-Cho, Ataru and Shien/Djem So. He often uses a personally customized variation, including aspects from both Shii-Cho and Djem So, to make his own powerful and lethal saber form.
Force Powers:
Force Lightning
Force Crush
Force Destruction
Force Blast
Force Speed
Force Repulse
Force Cloak
Force Concealment
Sith Magic
Theta Class T-2c Shuttle "Renegade"
- Aft Laser Cannon (1)
- Quad Laser Cannons (2)
Imperial Military Honours
- Intarus Medal of Bravery
- Republic's Star of courage
- Corial Order of Valour

Becoming a Jedi

Turning and becoming a Sith

Being appointed Head Jen'ari of the Kashyyyk Sith Order

Founding and Becoming the Master of the Order of the Black Star

Founding and becoming the Commanding Officer of the Hellborn Allied Military

Competing in the Tournament of Masters in Shii-Cho.

Being named the Dark Tide 'Lord of Vengeance'

Galactic Battle Arena
- Record 17-13-1 (W-L-D)
- Points: 2200
Known Masters:
Sarius Cado, Darth Amun
Known Apprentices:
Darth Ultio, Darth Corallis, Lady Leora, Darth Sitis
Furian Arioch
A young Sith still searching to find his true strengths in the Galaxy. He studied as a pupil under Decieus in the Order of the Black Star and after completing his trials took on an apprentice of his own. A fierce and cunning warrior he has displayed mastery of hand-to-hand and armed combat.

Commander Cadix
The Overall Commander of Decieus' personal Legion, the 21st 'Angels of Black'. Cadix has served as a soldier for many years and has now come to be the right hand of Decieus' military, second only to him and just as dangerous in combat. A Master strategist, Cadix leads the Legion to victory at the command of Decieus.

Admiral Grav
An old friend of both Lord Decieus and Commander Cadix, Admiral Grav serves as the Fleet Commander of the 'Archangels' Fleet. The Admiral has led many naval battles, being defeated only once. Also a Master of strategy, the Admiral is Decieus' left hand in his military force.
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"If one would dare to look into the face of death, what is it that they would see? Is it fear, darkness, or despair? Or perhaps the end of all it is that they know and hold dear..."

-- Lord Decieus, Master of the Order of the Black Star