Official Name:
Prarr'ebecc'aelios (Rebecca Elios)
"My heart is not cold. It's broken"
Chiss Ascendancy
Rebecca is around 5' 7" tall, with black, shoulder length hair, blue skin and red eyes.
She usually wears her black bodysuit underlay and corset. But on occasion will wear her black trench coat (mostly during official business).
She also has unusually elongated canine teeth as well as cybernetic nails, which act like claws.
Prar House Emblem:

Rebecca spent many years serving alongside her brothers (Drach, Phoenix and Kraken). She was one of the small few female Prar House members allowed to serve in the commando units.
As such she used the opportunity to her fullest advantage, quickly becoming well known for her skill with a whip.

During one mission, she found herself at the mercy of a torturer in the pay of the Tof. It was during the interrogation that the man brutally removed Rebecca's nails, one by one. Rebecca was almost passing out from the blood loss when Drach, Phoenix and Kraken broke in and rescued her. Upon returning to Csilla, doctors managed to heal the flesh, but could not return Rebecca's nails, so it was then that cybernetic nails were implanted, to replace her lost one's.
Rebecca quickly returned to service and went on several missions with her brothers.

Then on one faithful day, Rebecca and her brothers were on a campaign, during which Rebecca was grievously injured. As Drach, Phoenix and Kraken were escorting Rebecca back to camp, a large enemy force appeared out of the forest and attacked, separating Rebecca from her brothers. The brothers were forced to retreat, being pelted by superior enemy numbers.
Rebecca was taken captive and returned to the enemy camp. She was struggling to stay alive, with her brother's forced retreat driving her further into sadness. During a celebration the enemy force was having, several men, in a drunken state, decided to try rape Rebecca. It was this catalyst that caused her to grow angry with herself for being so weak and angry at her captors, sparking a rare force disease which had remained dormant within Rebecca to suddenly awaken. This rare disease caused Rebecca to drain other's energy to survive.
The moment one of her captors touched her, she suddenly felt an influx of power, which began to heal her wounds, while the soldier died. Her captors grew enraged at this sight and began to try beat Rebecca up, but the moment they touched her, they found their energy being drained by Rebecca, causing her to be healed and then increasing her strength, allowing her to break free of her bonds.
Rebecca could not understand fully what was going on. All she knew was that she needed to 'feed' and it meant her captors were decreasing in number. She went through the camp, killing everyone, tearing everything apart.

It was then that a man, who was also afflicted by Rebecca's disease, arrived and found her, sitting alone on a rock, amidst the camp of bodies.
He took her with him and spent several months teaching Rebecca to control her ability, like he had learnt to. With her training complete, the man gave Rebecca his starfighter so she could return to Csilla.

On her return, she was confronted by Aragorn, who was disgusted with what Rebecca had become and banished her to the frozen wastes of Csilla's surface. He placed a seal over Csaplar, preventing Rebecca's return, forcing her to spend many years apart from her brothers, feeding on the life of animals, before the day came that she was called back to help her brothers...
Vibro Whip
2 DC-15M's
1 Vibrosword

Prar Battle Armour Mk V
A slight variation on the Prar Battle Armour Mk II, designed for use by the Rendőrség. It features the added personal shield and exo-muscle underlay of the Mk IV
Force Powers:
300 Officers (Commandos)

2 Király Holló's
30 Red Flame Gunship Mk II
- All equipped with Light Maser Emitter Fans
- 3 Red Flame Gunships equipped with 2 Advanced Sensor pods, 4 Shock Net Pods, 2 Maser Beam emitter fans
- 9 Red Flame Gunships equipped with 2 Shock Net Pods, 4 Maser Beam emitter fans, 2 Type I Plasma Missle clusters
- 9 Red Flame Gunships equipped with 2 Shock Net Pods, 4 Maser Beam emitter fans, 2 Type II Plasma Missle rack
- 9 Red Flame Gunships equipped with 2 Shock Net Pods, 4 Maser Beam emitter fans, 2 Type III Plasma Missle rack
6 Bulldog's
- shotgun turret replaced with Light Maser Turret
- Plasma Turret replaced with Medium Maser Turret
6 Sebes'kad's
2 Brumak class Heavy Destroyers
8 Skyboards and High Velocity Flight Suit's
Chiss Cruiser "GCBASS"
19 Clawcraft Mk III

1 Ac'siel II Class Star Destroyers "Rebecca's Whip"

1 Chiss Combat Cruiser "The Enforcer"
- With Fractal Pattern coated Durasteel/Phrik/Laminanium armour

2 Chiss Assault Cruisers
- With Fractal Pattern coated Durasteel/Phrik/Laminanium armour
- Chiss Shield Cluster
Ground Forces:
Hajnalán Háború Corp
300 Prar House Commando's
- 100 Prar Battle Armour Mk I
- 100 Prar Battle Armour Mk II
- 100 Prar Battle Armour Mk III
3 Invictum Bellatoris
40 Sólyom's
- 10 Prisoner Transport Model's (with Maser turrets, stun seat with restraints)
- 10 Chain Gun Models
- 10 Maser Turret Models
- 10 Bomb Launcher Models
40 Sebes'kad's (added Fractal Pattern Armor)
2 Elephants (Brotherhood Models. Charandium replacing the durasteel, Fractal Pattern Armor added)
4 Rhino's (Charandium replacing the durasteel. with added Fractal Pattern Armor)
70 Red Flame Gunships Mk II

24 Prar House Commando's
(a member of the Díszőrség in a variant of the Prar Battle Armour Mk IV)

Maradvány Corp
600 Prar House Commando's
18 Brumak class Heavy Destroyers
8 Rhino's
10 Király Holló
35 Bulldogs
35 Sebes'kad
1 Planetary Megamaser Command Gunship
- Chiss Shield Cluster
Aristocra of the Prar House
Colonel of the hajnalán háború Corp
Captain in the 5th Phalanx
In command of the Chiss Defense of Csilla during the DT War
(Dawn in the new Prar Battle Armour Mk IV)
NOTE: Prar Battle Armour Mk IV is the same as the Mk I, however it has added cover and an exo-muscle underlay that adds 1.5 times the users normal strength, as well as a personal shield

Dawn Aurelius (Colonel of the Hajnalán Háború Corp)
Jorahn (Lieutenant Colonel of the Hajnalán Háború Corp)
Katsuro (Lieutenant Colonel of the Hajnalán Háború Corp)

Prarl'angdo'nmiles (Langdon Miles, Minister of Defense)
Prara'ltai'rmiles (Altair Miles, Governor of Csilla)
General Ares (General of the Prar House Phalanx)

Fleet Admiral Draug (admiral of the Prar House Fleet)
Field Marshal Drept (Field Marshal of the Csilla Planetary Phalanx)

Foreman James (Governor of Ilum)
Field Marshal Kelruul (Field Marshal of the Ilum Planetary Phalanx)

Ambassador Fehlaaur
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I've been playing JvS for several years now (3 years with my Drach account alone). I enjoy studying Ancient Egypt (and a little bit of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome). I currently am qualified as a Theatre Technician (working on various shows in Melbourne)

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