Queen Rinoa Xander
Official Name:
Queen Rinoa Xander
Love will lead the way
Force Alignment:
Light Side
The Council of The Unified Force, The Xander Family

A young human women, light white skin, dark black hair


Rinoa is the Queen of the planet Hyrule, wife of Enigma Xander otherwise known as X, Lord X or in the past Darth X-Treme & ruler of the planet Bonadan

She was born & raised on her home world of Hyrule, where she was the daughter of the King & Queen making her Princess of Hyrule.

She had a happy childhood. Rinoa showed signs of the force as she grew up.

She was a much loved Princess loved by her people

When she was a young adult she meet a young Jedi in training known as X who had come to Hyrule on a mission to protect it.

Soon after this the first Hyrulian war broke out, X fought by his masters side Jedi master Travis Simons & together they fought back the tide of evil lead by a Sith known as Darth Kharn.

Rinoa & X fell in love
Rinoa helped her father lead her people through both the first & second Hyrulian wars against Darth Kharn & his master a Dark Lord of The Sith known as Darth Omen

Soon after the second Hyrulian war Rinoa announced her & X were engaged & she was expecting their first child

Rinoa gave birth to their first daughter Rylee

Rinoa also earned the rank of Jedi Knight at this time

Her wedding day was ruined by her father being murdered by Darth Omen as he was about to give her away.

Rinoa was made ruling sovereign of Hyrule by her mother who was to distraught to rule & would soon pass out of the world to join her husband in the afterlife

Having lost both her parents Rinoa declared war on Darth Omen & his forces promising to end his menace once & for all this signaling in the start of the third Hyrulian war

Darth Omen tried to kill the Jedi Council of Hyrule but was stopped by X & revealed to be Jedi master Simons.

Rinoa & X fought back the forces of Darth Omen & Kharn finally beating them. X watching Darth Omen fall into the eternal pit of darkness

X felt so ashamed that his old master had killed Rinoa's father that he left Hyrule

Rinoa despite being heartbroken over losing the love of her life led her planet into a golden age.

To honour the memory of her parents she remained Princess of Hyrule not yet taking up the Queens crown

Many years later X return looking for forgiveness.

Rinoa & X fell in love again & were finally Married.

Rinoa finally becoming Queen of Hyrule & X becoming Lord of Hyrule

Rinoa gave birth to their daughters Rinoa Jnr, Rachel, Rezi, Rufina, Rosana, Rashonta & Risa

Rinoa joined the Council of the Unified Force which her husband had formed in his years away from Hyrule.

Rinoa gave birth to their first son Enigma Xander Jnr

Rinoa fell pregnant for the tenth time whilst away on Haruun Kal. With X away on a mission for the CUF Rinoa returned home to give birth to their fifth daughter Princess Hope of Hyrule.

When X returned from his mission for the CUF Rinoa rejoined him on Haruun Kal where along with her husband she was made ruler of Bonadan

Rinoa now spends her time between ruling over Hyrule, Bonadan & being a mother to her children & step children


Princess Rylee Xander-




Rylee is the oldest of X & Rinoa's children, when she was young her mother was very sad yet very strong over the loss of her parents & X. Rylee decided to join the newly formed secret Hyrulian Guard to honour her family forgoing her right to be a future Ruler of Hyrule

Princess Rylee serving with The Hyrulian Guard during the fourth Hyrulian War-


The clan was formed to protect the rulers of Hyrule incase of an future assassination attempts

When her father return she formed a good bond with him & he trained her to be a Jedi

Rylee is now the leader of the Hyrulian Guard. she spends her time helping her parents

Princess Rezi Xander-


Rezi is the fourth daughter of X & Rinoa. She is known for her very skilled hand to hand combat fighting skills. Rezi was honoured by her people of Hyrule for her brave fighting in the fourth Hyrulian war

Princess Rufina Xander-


Rufina is the fifth daughter of X & Rinoa. From an early age Rufina had a military prowess to her. She enrolled to the Hyrulian space academy at a very young age passing her classes with flying colours. Rufina has served the Hyrulian military as a high ranking field general. Now she is preparing to serve Bonadan in the same kind of role

Prince Enigma Xander Jnr-


Enigma Jnr is the first Son of X & Rinoa. He is a naturally gifted with the force & great things are expect of him. Enigma however likes to forge his won path in the universe. He is very close to all of his family

He is a recognized Prince of Hyrule & third in line to the throne behind his sisters Rinoa Jnr & Rachel

Princess Risa Xander-


Risa is the Eighth daughter of X & Rinoa. She loves being a Princess of Hyrule & Serving her people . She fought in the 4th Hyrulian war

Risa serving in the 4th Hyrulian war as a Ranger-


A Pink Lightsaber

Force Powers:
Force Vision,
Force Healing,
Force Protection Bubble,
Force Persuasion,
Force Push,
Force Sense,
The Hyrulian Family Royal Spacecraft -

Known Masters:
Traffic Light:
Traffic Light Add:
Royal Bodyguard Link Johnson the III



Link is the royal bodyguard of the ruler of Hyrule. He has served by Rinoa's side for many years following her where ever she goes.

Recently he was sent to a part of the universe where time moves fast than the known universe. He served & watched over Princess Hope for five years as she grew up & fought a rebellion against a tyrant known as Lord Stryfe. Link returned to know space when Hope managed to find her way home

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