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Eariel Tauradun
*Just gives a feral looking smile.*
Gaeren III
Calnennore of Gaeren III
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Syren served as a Jedi for the Old Republic as well as an experimental alliance between her species, the Calnennore, and the Galactic Republic. She served dutifully, becoming a knight and investigator for the Jedi Order.

However, war came to the galaxy and after suffering the loss of her homeworld during the Clone Wars, Syren fell into a place of darkness and lost her abilities as a Jedi, barely able to touch the Force.

She was then enslaved by a minor hutt on Tatooine, where she was inadvertently hidden by the Jedi hunters of the empire. While on Tatooine, she befriended a twi'lek slave by the name of Braja Ee'me. With his help, the both of them managed to escape from the hutt and make it off of Tatooine.

Following their escape, the two found refuge on the aquatic planet, Chad. Here they discovered a small resistance Force against the Galactic Empire led by a man called Aydyn Theres. Lacking in resources, Theres and his freedom fighters sought to join the Rebel Alliance.

The cell took on small projects around the galaxy to garner support for the Rebels and cause problems for the Empire. When the majority of the Empire finally fell to the Rebel cause, Syren began to see a darker change take over Aydyn, and left his group.

She joined a smuggling band off of another water world led by a Ser Franziz. She was assigned to a light freighter designated as the Bacon and became the first mate to Captain Reed.

For several years, Syren remained a good mate and servant for the smuggling ring, until her affinity for the Force began to return and she recovered her dual lightsabers from a planetary market.

Syren felt her calling as a Jedi renewed and vowed then to return to the lightside of the Force. She left the smuggling ring and the crew of the Bacon seeking the Jedi or any surviving members of her species.

Jedi Versus Sith
The path to the light is a difficult one. Syren became a watchman of the renewed Carida upon her return to the lightside. She had found Jedi Master Mike Frantz in need of a protector of that tiny sector of space.

She remained there for a long time, even until sometime after the Phoenix Imperium had incorporated the planet under its power. With a niggling reminder from the Force, Syren left the PI and Carida to further search for the Jedi Path.

She came to Anubis, where the Emerald Order of the Jedi was seated. There she met Atton "Kaelan" Rand and learned a great deal about the Jedi of the galaxy. They were divided into small factions, each vying for the title of True Jedi. There were some seeking to make a unified Jedi Order, but there seemed to be some resistance to the idea.

Syren decided that she would travel between these segmented orders so that she could learn what this new order of Jedi had become. She held fast to the ideal of the Old Republic Jedi that she had lost for such a long time, and found it difficult to comprehend the philosophies of these new Jedi. The more she learned about her path to the light, the more she abhorred those that set upon the dark path. Feeling that this was a new calling from the Force, she set upon a personal vendetta to destroy the darkness within herself and in the galaxy.

Eventually, Syren saw the unification of the Jedi into a single Order and was offered a position as a Jedi Shadow. This however did not last. Syren felt her ideas and those of the Jedi were too different and decided that it would be for the best if she did not continue on her path as a Jedi.

There was a short time where she continued to try to route out the darkness in the galaxy, but that fell behind her. She came to settle on Froz in the Corellian sector. There she became something like a hermit and a healer for a small village. She spent her days meditating on the wonders of the Force.
Dual Sabers, waterproof, ultrachrome emitter, basalt hilt
Force Powers:
Force Powers
Mind Tricks
Space Vessels
The Freezer
Corellian Transport Shuttle
Frozian Defensive Fleetp
Ground Forces:
Ground Vessels
Market Transport
Dramatis Personae
Saari, Female Togruta, Shili, 20
Jess, Female Nautolan, Glee Anselmi, 15
Aydyn Theres, Male Calnennore, Gaeren III, 787
Villy Roamaine "Avarath," Female Calnennore, Gaeren III, 624
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