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-*Toydaria was a muddy world located in Hutt Space, and home to the Force-resistant Toydarians.*

-IC Sympathy tends towards: Sith, Mando, Jedi

-Type of RP and/or SL likely to be found:

Open RP: Follows all rules of Universe, visitors welcome

Spontaneous SL: RPs are reactive and seldom pre-planned; spur of the moment.

-Specific Scenarios:
* Duels/dogfights
* IC Training for the character
* Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
* Non-combatant large storylines (planetary affairs such as business)
-What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here, (you may add others if required):

Everyone is welcome
New players to the Universe welcome
New players will not receive answers to questions ooc and RP training
To join the story here: arrive IC in open space or open terrain/introduce yourself via PM
You will not receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM
OOC chat we prefer to PM[/quote]