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"Korriban shall be as it always was. A graveyard for the darkest of the Sith Lords, still whispering within their tombs. It shall always be a source of evil, spawning threats throughout the millennia. It, like Malachor, brushes the edges of the empire that waits in the dark. And like Malachor, the Sith have forgotten it ├óÔé¼┬ª for a time. They will remember."
├óÔé¼ÔÇóDarth Traya

Korriban was the sole planet in the Horuset system, located across the galaxy from Koros Major. It was the original homeworld of the Sith species and a sacred planet for the Sith Order, housing the tombs for many ancient and powerful Dark Lords of the Sith, and containing tremendous dark side power.

After the Hundred Year Darkness, the remaining Dark Jedi interbred with the Sith species and ruled the Sith using their Force powers. After the Great Hyperspace War, Korriban was abandoned and became a barren world. It was the site of two Sith Academies, and became the headquarters of the One Sith.

IC Sympathy Tends Towards:
* Sith
* Humans
* Aliens
* Droids
* New Players/Characters [Very Welcome]
* Experienced Players [Very Welcome]
* Members and Associates of the Dark Tide (May land freely)

Type of RP you are most likely to find here:
* Large-scale battles taking place on the planet and in orbit.
* Dueling on the planet and Dogfights in orbit.
* IC Training for any invited character.
* OOC Training in RP technique for new characters (via PM only).
* Non-combatant personal story lines: Romance, Self Struggle, Inner Conflict, etc.
* Non-combatant large story lines: Government Politics, Economy Based RP, etc.

What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here:
* Long term writers preferred.
* New players to the universe welcome.
* New players will receive answers to questions via PM's or by means of Shili's OOC Topic.
* To join the story here: PM a member of the Dark Tide, then post a request to land in Korriban's Orbit. A Dark Tide RPer will aide you as soon as possible. This is an OOC courtesy and rule given the current planetary ranking.
* You will receive an official OOC welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM.
OOC chat on the boards is prohibited. PM's are used instead.

Important Landmarks:

Dreshdae is the capitol city, even though it is the only habituated city, and a landmark of Korriban providing a tavern called The Drunk Side with criminal activities, trade, transport docking, smuggling runs, erotic entertainment, hangouts for bounty hunters, mercenaries, assassins, and Sith trainees from the Sith Academy nearby.

Sith Academy
That which was once a sanctum for Dark Siders has become a military stronghold and bastion for the Dark Tide. Players must seek clearance before entering the facility, though once permitted to enter, they may seek training.

Valley of the Dark Lords
The Valley of the Dark Lords, also known as Valley of the Sith Lords is a valley and burial ground of Korriban's Sith Lords. The valley was used from the time of Great Schism through to the Great Hyperspace War to bury worthy Sith Lords. The tombs were built before the death of the lord, and, upon their demise, were filled with riches and slaves. Notable lords buried in the valley included Ajunta Pall, Marka Ragnos and Tulak Hord. On several occasions, dead Sith would become Force ghosts and haunt their tomb.

Current Events:
Things were not looking good for Korriban in recent times. Due to the unstable nature of the Sith Consortium, the planet had lost the ability to effectively govern itself. Seeing opportunity in this, the Mandalorian Empire attacked the Sith home world, sweeping aside its defenses in a matter of days. Even though the Mandalorian Empire drove the Sith Consortium away from Korriban, it had no interest in annexing the planet, thus leaving it deserted- it was a dead planet, just as it had been for centuries before the current age.

Just as the last of the Mandalorian fleets withdrew, new ships entered Korriban├óÔé¼Ôäós space. These ships belonged to neither the Sith Consortium, nor the Mandalorians. These ships belonged to the Dark Tide, a ruthless faction that had been making its name in the galaxy. Sent here on a mission from Darth Nexus, the Lord of Chaos, the Dark Tide saw opportunity on the surface of the dead planet. Within a week a fleet had entered the sector, followed by an armada of non-military vessels. The vessels had settlers and materials; Korriban was ordered to be repopulated and annexed into the Dark Tide├óÔé¼Ôäós empire.

Under the watchful eye of Darth Nexus, the planet has prospered and is slowly returning to its former glory.

Current Ruling Factions:
*Darth Nexus, the Dark Lord of Chaos is the ruler of Korriban. Korriban is a member of the Dark Tide├óÔé¼Ôäós empire and is under the protection of it and its allies.

Orbital Defense
[2] Golan IIIs

Planetary Vehicles:
20 Supreme class Vehicles
20- Durga Class Battle Carriers

300 - Heavy class vehicles-15m+
100 SPHAs
50 AT-ATs
50 XR-85 Tank Droids
100 Heavy Artillery Platforms

600 - Medium class vehicles-10-15m
-50 T4-B heavy tanks
-50 T3-B Heavy Tanks
-200 TX-130T fighter tank
-100 TX-130 fighter Tanks
-200 Dark Angel Class Fighters (hyperdrive removed)

1000 - Light class veheicles-0-10m
-800 Basilisk Commando Warriors (equipped with Diathem propulsion system)
-200 Armored land speeders, equipped with laser cannons

Planetary Soldiers
NPC Generals
-5 Sith Masters [Lord Drexius, Lord Lucius, Lord Dravien, Lord Craven, and Lord Shiva]
-35 Dark Legion Praetorians
[Assembled into 3 Battle Units, each Battle unit contains 3 Fire Teams, Each fire team has 5 Praetorians] Each praetorian is armed with a lightsaber, A-280 blasters, and a grappling hook gauntlet. Each unit wears neo-imperial knight armor, which is made from composition of phrik gauntlets, greaves and shoulder pads, with a nanotube layered body suit. The suit has energy shield projectors and heat sinks as well as a camouflage stealth generator.
-10 Sith Acolytes [located at the Sith Academy]

1,200 - Commando Troops
-500 Hssiss class Commandos, organized into 3 battle corps [Fire (Heavy Assault tasks), Storm (Infiltration tasks), Shadow (Recon tasks)] Each battle corp has four battle groups, each battle group consists of 25 units. Each battle group has 5 fire squads, each containing 5 units. Fire squads consist of one captain, one sergeant, and three commandos. Each unit is equipped with Hssiss.Class.Commando.Assault.Armor Armor, weaponry: A-280s, DC-17m, Weskar M-5s, and Vibroblades.
-250 Dark Legion Centaurs, Organized into 10 Battle parties, each battle party has 20 men, which splits into 4 Squads, each squad has 5 units. Equipped with Armor- Basalisk class Beskar'gam, Weaponry: Heavy gattling slug thrower with Thunder rounds, Weskar M-5s and force pikes

8,000 - Elite Troops
-1,000 Korriban Nightmare Knights [Divided into 10 Corps, each corp consists of 4 Teams which consists of 25 units each]
Armor: X5 Malgon Armor
Weapons: A-280, LS-150s, force pike
-1,000 Dark Legionaires- [Divided into 25 platoons, each platoon having 40 units, within each platoon, there were 10 battle squads, each battle squad had 4 units, making a fire team, though usually, troops remain as a collective platoon]
Armor: Dark Legion durasteel Armor, Weaponry: Phrik Katana and A-280 blaster rifle.
-2,000 Dark Trooper Phase III
-1,000 YVH Battle Droids
-1,000 Droideka Mk IIs
-1,000 B3-A Ultra Battle Droids
-2,000 ARC troopers [Separated into 2 legions, each legion consisting of 10 Battle groups, each battle group contains 20 fire teams]

50,000 - Standard Troops
-35,000 Dark Omen Infantrymen-
Armor: black plastoid armor modeled after the ancient sith trooper armor
-Weaponry: DH-17 Blaster rifle, E-11, Vibroblade
-7,000 Dark Omen class Heavy Troopers-
Armor: durasteel plate armor
-Weaponry: Scorpion Rocket Propelled Thermal Detonator launcher, Customized personal E-web 15 heavy blaster rifles
-5,000 Heavy Stormtroopers-
Armor: Phase II clone trooper armor
-Weaponry: Electro staff and A-280 Blaster rifles
-1,000 Dark Omen Snipers-
Armor: Light Plastoid Armor with heat sinks and stealth capabilities
-Weaponry: Verpine shatter sniper rifle
-1,000 B-2 Super Battle Droids

Planetary Emplacements
[1] Hypervelocity Cannon [Located close to the entrance of the Sith Academy]
[2] 165v Planetary Turbo laser Cannons [Located at each end of the only settlement named Dreshdae]

[2] Defensive Shields
o [1] Around Dreshdae
o [1] Around the Sith Academy

NOTE: planetary ground forces are under control of Darth Nexus, and members of the Dark Tide
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