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Read This Planet's Entry in the Traveler's Guide

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Read This Planet's Entry in the Traveler's Guide


IC Sympathy tends towards;
- The Black Guard
- Vegemite Sith Enclave
- InterGalactic Banking Clan customers
- Reign Enterprises Customers
- Invited Individuals
- People looking for friendly and fun RP

Type of RP and/or SL most likely to be found;
- Business RPing
- Allied Faction RPing
- Spur of the moment RPing
- Long-term pre-arranged RPing
- Drinking & general merriment
- Dueling, fighting & training

What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here;
- Visiting writers welcome
- Long term writers welcome
- New players to the Universe welcome
- New players to Muunilinst will receive answers to questions through PM's and OOC

Please note: It is requested that new and unallied players to Muunilinst land in High Port (the orbital city) before proceeding to the surface, as most business dealings for the InterGalactic Banking Clan and Reign Enterprises are conducted there. Should you choose to land on the planet instead, no permission is necessary as long as you are not planning an invasion and you do not land on Mariunhus. Unauthorised visitors to Mariunhus are at risk of detention. If you do decide to land on Muunilinst itself could you please send a PM to William Reign or Jen'jidai Eversio to inform them of your arrival. Thank you.

Current Ruling Faction
William Reign is currently Supreme Leader of Muunilinst and his apprentice Kailen serves as Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan. Jen'jidai Eversio is the current Lord Governor of the planet, the Sovereign Ruler of Mariunhus and the C.E.O. of Reign Enterprises. This planet no longer has formal ties to the VSE as such though friendly relations are maintained through all parties.

The Black Guard
The Black Guard are a shadowy and militant arm of the Dark Jedi Order led by Jen'jidai Eversio. They usually only form when arses need kicking, and they adhere to a strict and literal interpretation of the Code and the Vision of the Jen'jidai. They will rock you.

Vegemite Sith Enclave (VSE)
The VSE are a powerful and long-standing Sith faction based on Thyferra, with ties to many of the dark-side organizations across the galaxy. They are uncharacteristically friendly for Sith, and are infamous for their alcohol consumption, drunken debauchery and general craziness. And when they can be bothered; their superb battle prowess. All the pubs in Harnaidan are required to fly a VSE flag, and a small percentage of profits from each go into the VSE's drinking fund.

Other Notes and Requests
- Please limit OOC on the boards as much as possible (short informative ooc is allowed).
- Please inform William Reign and Jen'jidai Eversio if you plan on invading so we can organise a suitable time for the battle.
- Have fun and feel free to PM William Reign and Jen'jidai Eversio if there is anything in relation to Muunilinst that you wish to discuss.

Astrological Information
The planet Muunilinst was located in the Muunilinst system; a 6-orbit system in the Obtrexta Sector. The planet had two moons, a rotation period of 28 hours, an orbital period of 412 days and a diameter of 13,800m. Gravity was standard.

Notable Links

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