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Lehon, also referred to as Rakata, Rakata Prime, and the Unknown World, was the homeworld of the Rakata species and the capital of their Infinite Empire.

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IC Sympathy tends towards:

- Mandalorian
- Rakatan
- Chiss (Empire of the Hand)
- (historically Dark Side)

Type of RP and/or SL likely to be found:

- Open
- Spontaneous
- Planned/Scripted.

Specific Scenarios:

- Mining, Shipbuilding, Weapons Manufacture and other commerical business and production
- IC Training for your character (contact Plu Ordinii via PM to arrange)
- OOC Training in RP technique (contact Plu Ordinii via PM to arrange)
- Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
- Recruitment and training of military forces (ground and naval)

What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here:

- Visiting writers welcome
- New players to the Universe welcome
- New players will receive answers to questions ooc and RP training
- To join the story here: arrive IC in open space or introduce yourself via PM to Plu Ordinii
- OOC chat on the boards is highly discouraged, please use PM's.
- If something must be settled OOC on the boards, please use the IC disputes Settled OOC forum.

About Lehon:

Lehon is the ancient capital of the Infinite Empire, and is ruled by Plu Ordinii, who rules as Daritha on the throne of the ancient empire. Mandalorian Clan Ordinii, under Plu's leadership, conquered the planet over a decade ago, initially forming the New Infinite Empire before returning to their brothers in the Mandalorian Empire.

Note: As Plu Ordinii is now Mand'alor of the Mandalorian Empire, and his duties to the Mando'ade take him away from Lehon for long periods of time, it may be wise to send him a PM to arrange to RP here, if he does not respond to an IC arrival right away.

Lehon is also home to the Empire of the Hand, lead by Cass Raklin from the massive orbital Thrawn Station complex.

Lehon's orbit is filled with commercial activities. Attractions here include:
- The moon Darr, which is home to an Incom Corporation mining installation
- The moon Tahh, which is orbited by the FAE Systems shipyards, a division of the Incom Corporation.
- Thrawn Station, which is an economic hub housing BlasTech and other businesses.

Middle Beach is the political and social capital of the planet and of Mandalorian Clan Ordinii. Attractions here include:
- The Daritha's Tavern, a favorite hangout for Rakatans and Mandalorians alike.
- The Lehon Academy of War, an ancient military academy for (mostly NPC) recruitment and training of troops.

Lehon's surface is primarily dominated by it's Oceans. Other features of the terrain include the settlements of North Beach and South Beach and the Temple of the Ancients, an ancient structure powerful in the dark side that is now closely guarded and reserved for tourist and research purposes.

Types of Character/Professions needed:

- Mandalorians
- Rakatans
- Barkeepers
- Business owners
- Soldiers/Pilots/etc
- Starship Engineers
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