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Aargonar was a dusty, desert-climate planet of the Mid Rim. About a year after the Battle of Geonosis, it was the site of a significant battle of the Clone Wars involving Ki-Adi Mundi, Bultar Swan, Anakin Skywalker and A'Sharad Hett. The leader of the Republic forces was A'Sharad Hett.

The terrain was reminiscent of Tatooine for Anakin Skywalker, with rock arches and stone spires dotting the once watery-planet. The sarlacc species was possibly a native of Aargonar, with many known to have their habitats on this planet.

Aargonar's third moon acted as a Rebel Alliance base during the Galactic Civil War, but the Rebels were routed by the Galactic Empire around 0 ABY.

Sympathy: Sith

Type of RP:
Duels and fight scenes
Training for Character
Reactive RP
Business Proposals

What to expect:
Under Iridonian Empire Flag
When arriving we request that you gain permission before landing. (But this is not necessary)
Mainly training in the harsh environment.
New RPers welcome
Will not receive a welcome PM
NO OOC posts (Use designated thread or PM)

Places of Interest:
Vondar Canyon