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Players Handbook: Bookmark for links to all you'll ever need

Welcome to JvS,

If you are reading this topic, then you are either a new player to the site or a veteran. The fact remains that no matter how long you remain on this site, the rules are constantly changing and updating to better meet the needs of all the players. Be it rules on science, the economy, fair play, or whether your ship can haz those lazers and go pew pew: this will be an acting directory with an increased effort to ease the pain of the ever increasing, and much needed, regulations, hows to's, and frequently asked questions. The format of this is that we will link the page and then give a small bit of information about the page. The rest of the reading will be up to you as a writer of this site.

General Guidelines for Character Creation and Stories

General rules, or what we call Natural Laws

Do you control a planet or want to invade one? Has your character died?

Other important Stuff:
  • The Players Guild: The Players Guild is a specific, and unique, portion of the site where players have developed a code of conduct and directly impact the quality of role play on the site. This link links to all the different portions of the players guild. If you wish to join the guild, just go through your profile and look towards the usergroups and request to join. You will, of course, be expected to hold up all portions of the code of conduct.
  • New Players forum: A largely player run portion of the site where site veterans help new players learn the ins and outs of the site and roleplayer conduct. The Guardian Angels are a group of individuals that have explicitly dictated their desire to assist new players with site navigation. These are the unsung heroes of the site. Please private message these individuals if you are in need of assistance on the site.
  • Galactic Battle Arena: Come here to test your fighting ability against the best of the universe. Take note that the rules of the GBA and the rules of the universe and the GBA does not affect your character's standing in the universe.
  • Journal of the Whills: Want to write a story but you just can't seem to figure out where in the universe it is? Or perhaps you want to experiment with a new writing style or new character. This is the place for you.
  • Holonet News Network: The single most powerful news agency in the galaxy. Post advertisements for your faction or business, apply for a position on the news staff, or just enjoy a cup of caf while you read the monthly edition.
  • JvS RP: Do you have an idea for a new epic story line you wanna pitch? Or maybe you are looking for a few good arkanians to join your faction? Or maybe you are just looking for you place in the universe. Come here and post whatever you like so long as it has to do with JvS and roleplaying.
  • Star Wars: This is the place to go to chat about anything star wars related. Happy about George Lucas selling off Star Wars? Can't wait to see a new star wars free of Jar Jar Binks? Anything goes as long as it's about star wars (and falls within the natural laws).
  • Non Star Wars: Truly the be all, end all, topic for random and fun posts outside the topic of Star Wars.

Player based regulations via the Guild - You can check the Players Guild Newsletter for monthly updates on current discussion and new regulations.

~Universal Players Guild Council Topics~

~Role Play
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