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Introduce yourself or ask any questions here.

Start your life here. Get advice on where to start. Learn about JvS from the players.

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Post Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:17 pm

Re: Introduce yourself or ask any questions here.

If that is the case people have done it in the past, I think the whole no coming into contact thing was more for the fact of on the same side. If they are opposing people I think it is allowed, dont quote me though.

Might I suggest you read this its pretty much the rules and regs of the site. Some more relevant than others when you are starting out. As well at the top of the page there is a word called "Chat" press that and there is a chat for the site. Most of the people are in adult chat, which is just that so if you enter be prepared for adult esque stuff.
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Post Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:27 am

Re: Introduce yourself or ask any questions here.

Xe, People are doing it now.

Welcome to the site, Xsd. A note that you might want to change your name at some point in the future, as your current name makes you look like a spambot.

As for the multi-PC question. Several People on the site have multiple "Main" characters one a single account (such as Syren and myself), while many, Many other separate their PC characters by account. As for interaction. I have three PC characters: Z'har Dizen (know to many as The Admiral), Aya, and Resi Sithbane. Z'har and Aya often work together and help each other (as Aya is Z'har's daughter), while Resi is unaware of the other two (but due to the current story-line "SL" I'm in, will soon be trying to kill them both). The big important rule to remember is "One Fleet, One Army" per account. Those troops and ships can be divided up any way that you see fit, but you can't have more than that. In my case, Resi is a jedi knight (and a relatively new one at that) and so doesn't have any ships or troops at his command (save for a single unarmed freighter he uses for transport). Meanwhile, Z'har earned his nickname the hard way, and controls the bulk of the account's army and fleet (though Aya occasionally takes command of them when he is busy elsewhere).


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