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PGC Newsletter December 2012

    PGC AGENDA: December 2012

Player's Guild Council Formed
The three separate councils of the Player's Guild have been combined to the Player's Guild Council. We look forward to working together on various topics and learning the nuances of economics, roleplay and science from our colleagues.

    New Regulations
Cybernetics Guidelines
A new guideline has been established regarding the creation of cyborgs based on the level of augmentation and power of canon cyborgs. We are finishing the vote and awaiting Whill approval.

Changes to Fleet Regulations
The former GSTC Councilors and HC Taung have hammered out some new Fleet regulations. We are currently awaiting approval from the Whills before they are unveiled to the site at large.

The Patent Office
The Galactic Patent Office is slowly being unveiled. Watch the council for more updates in the future.

    Council Membership
High Councilor Dav Man'sell has retired from service to the Player's Guild. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for his years of dedication to the former GRPC and the new Player's Guild.

High Councilor Atlantis Vyridian has rejoined the Player's Guild. Atlantis fills the position left open by Dav Man'sell. We welcome Atlantis back to the Player's Guild staff and look forward to working together.

    Current Discussions
    Councillors Area
  • Business and their Rewards - We are currently exploring how businesses are RPed and what, if any, reward structure can be made to encourage business owners with their RP. Follow the discussion here.
  • Canon Companies/ Non-Canon Products and Vice Versa - We are currently in talks about who and how certain items can be produced. Follow the discussion here.

    Private Council
  • Economic Overhaul - Currently discussing the feasibility of new economic systems that cater to both RP and a site wide economy. It is tied into the Businesses and their Rewards discussion here.

    Councillors Area
  • Player's Guild Transparency Proposal - Once a month, we give you an update of the things we are working on. And here it is!

    Private Council
  • New Species - A current discussion of allowing new species or the expansion of canon species that are underdefined.
  • Cybernetics - Development of a new regulation defining the power and augmentation levels allowed for PC/NPC cyborgs based on canon examples. Based on the Simon Monroe discussion in the Player's Area. The council is currently voting on the proposed guideline which will then be submitted to the Whills for review.
  • Dace Concordia has asked the Player's Guild Councilors to help assist with the upcoming site wide war to make sure that all sides are being dealt with fairly RP wise. The GBA judges will be responsible for mediating disputes of a combat nature.
  • Sith Swords - The council is currently voting on a guideline for Sith Swords requiring that they are restricted to PC's with the RP to back it up. The full guideline will be released once the voting has concluded.

    Councillors Area
  • Armies and Beskar - A discussion on a reformatting of the current army regulations to make them easier to understand. Follow the discussion here.

    Private Council
  • Adjusted/Weapons CPRS Discussion on ammunition capacity and range of fired weapons of various kinds. We're still working out the kinks.
  • Space Defenses - Working on the kinks in a system to define space defenses for planets. Rough stages, nothing in concrete.