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Capital City/Spaceport

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Post Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:16 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

Pago could only laugh as Priya regarded him as some type of Republic Marshal. A badge ... Well, he had a badge of sorts, he supposed. Best not to let her in on that at the moment: he had found it easiest to do his work when people regarded him as just another Bounty Hunter, nothing more.

" I've a badge of sorts, Miss, but I work for myself. Just a man trying to make my way."

She made mention of her own employer. Pays more and holds a grudge longer? Ah, Glen, who did you piss off this time ..? If it wasn't just The Republic after him then Valen Glen had screwed over the wrong person at the wrong time. The bosses that controlled the flow of spice had a habit of being most unforgiving when they were left out of the loop. Did that make Priya a Crime Lord's assassin? A contract killer? A private hunter who went to the highest bidder?

All things considered, Pago was intrigued to see how this folded out.

" 'This ship of mine', as you so put it, is more than capable of catching our spice-biting friend, Priya," Pago said. It was neither bragging nor boastful. He said what he meant and what he knew to be true: the Cheveyo would be a hard tail to lose.

" Don't you worry, we'll have him in cuffs soon enough."

He walked a bit ahead of her, leading to the spaceport where he was docked. He let his coat trail behind him, swaying in the evening breeze, but was unable to keep his hand entirely off the pistol at his side. It was a habit to constantly have some measure of contact with it. Some called it paranoia. Some called it smart.

Pago called it smart.

" That is, if you can keep up," he teased his temporary partner.
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Post Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:15 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*Priya snorted a laugh.*

"No need for me to keep up, Ace. All I need is to be there for the pay-off."

*With the late hour of the night, the streets were deserted and the two of them were left un-harassed. Keeping a half-pace behind Pago, Priya took the time to study this human that had so easily allowed her to muscle her way onto his ship. No lack of confidence, this one, which meant he expected to get his own way regardless. Well, she'd see about that when the time came. He wasn't nearly as stuffy as any cop she'd ever known, either. She suspected he was telling the truth when he implied his own mercenary status. Not a member of the Hutt kung, that's for sure.

Beneath the helmet, her eyes dropped to the hand that laid on his firearm. Old-fashioned piece. Couldn't discern any other weapons or tools in plain sight. Had to be something else. Hunters weren't effective with only one tool at their disposal. The more she considered what little she could glean from him, the more he struck her as...odd. There was something off about this whole thing.

She grinned as she tapped the side of the helm's metal cheek with her thumb thoughtfully. Should make this all the more fun.*

"Have you ever considered a change in employers?"
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Post Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:12 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

Pago chuckled softly as Priya seemed to try and lure him away from his current contractor. Unbeknown to her, he was rather tied to his obligations.

" I'm sorry Miss Priya, but let's just leave it at my employer has bought out my contract for quite some time."


When they had reached the appropriate Hangar Bay Pago could only grin as he eyed over his vessel.

" The Cheveyo," he declared, crossing his arms in front of him as he respected the ship that had carried him through thick and thin.

" I've yet to meet one just like her. If I'm the Hawk, she's my talons, that she is."

An L19 Freighter. Not exactly common or well-known, but they got the job done. Its sleek, almost saucer-like appearance drew parallels more to a racing speeder rather than a cargo hauler. Painted in a dull, steel-grey, the ship really stood out with the splashes of an icy blue over its accents: the clouds raising above the city. The vessel seemed to scream power and speed, and it wasn't hard to tell that Pago admired her so.

" Well, no sense in waiting, we best be getting to tracking our old fri-"

" HEY! You! You two!"

Pago sighed at the loud, obnoxious voice coming from behind him. His shoulders sagged more from weariness than anything else as he spun around slowly.

There were five figures standing at the entry to the circular hangar bay that nestled the Cheveyo.

The first was an average human: medium height, light hair, dark eyes, and brandishing an older blaster pistol with much bravado but no real finesse. His finger was within the trigger guard already: something Pago took note of as his hand tightened subconsciously around his own gun. The pungent stench of massive amounts of alcohol crashed into the bounty hunter's nose like a tidal wave on Manaan.

The second and third seemed to be a set of twins: Duros. Pago frowned. He always had a hard time telling them apart. What wasn't hard to tell was the extra brightness to their normally dull red eyes. The effects of spice, specifically glitterstim. They, too, brandished blasters.

The fourth was a Twi'lek, a vibroknife clutched tightly in his green fingers even as he seemed to twitch in unpredictable and irrational ways, unable to contain the laughter bubbling out of him. Giggledust, Pago thought, as the hum of the knife sliced through the still air, the Twi'lek slashing it this way and that, almost delighted with the deadly noise.

The last among them, the one who spoke, appeared to have nothing outwardly wrong with him. A human, slightly taller than the hunter, and armed with a small implement that sparked and cracked with electricity: a stun baton. His overly-oiled hair was slicked back in a poor imitation of poise and social class, his features hungry and wiry: the wolf that had not been fed in days.

" May I help you, gentlemen?"

" You messed with the wrong gang, you two! Valen's gonna pay us big for dropping you two schuttas! By the time we're done, nobody's ever gonna recognize you again! You'll bo-"

" Then how will Valen know?" Pago asked suddenly, eyebrows raising with curiosity.

" Wha ..?"

" If nobody will be able to recognize my new friend and myself, here, how is Valen to know you've made the right two people pay?"

The gangster flushed for a moment, clearly thinking over this scenario. Such a thought ... It hadn't occurred to him.

Meanwhile, Pago could only chuckle as he looked over at Priya, talking softly enough that only they would be able to hear one another.

" I do believe these men mean to harm us, Miss Priya. Would you like the pleasure of dealing with the idiot who threatened us rather than shoot us first?"
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Post Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:46 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*Priya groaned aloud so there was no question how inconvenienced she was by being volunteered into this fight. Well, there was no talking her way out of this one, and running was certainly no longer an option. What a pain in the choobies.

She even made a show of pacing in a circle and stomping her foot dramatically. Made a big enough show of it, in fact, that by the time she had completed full rotation and was once again facing the five armed men, she had pulled the E-11 blaster rifle free from her leg plate and readied it before they could realize her hands were busy with something besides throwing a girlish tantrum.

They were heavily intoxicated. Their reaction times were nothing compared to that of the sober bounty hunters. That and the precise targeting system her armor provided were the only two reasons why Priya was able to bring the firearm up and fire, blowing a neat hole into the chest of the loud-mouthed gangster and dropping him dead.

As immediately as they were able to react, which was not nearly close to immediate, the other two blaster-wielding men opened fire on her. But Priya had already leaped into a dive, landing in a shoulder-roll behind cargo crates that cracked and splintered around her from blaster bolts impacting them.*
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Post Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:31 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

The second she drew, Pago's ears picked up on the sound of the Imperial blaster coming to arms. He responded in kind, beginning to move away from her as his revolver left its holster and leveled at the gangsters, eyes level and steeled in the face of such sloppy adversity. There was no hesitation, no regret, almost no mercy as the gun barked over and over.

His long coat trailed behind him, the wind complementing the thunder in his hand as the lightning flashed. His aim was impeccable, striking the human bringing his blaster to bear on Priya in the arm. The bullet went clean through as the man howled in pain, dropping his gun at the same time that Priya took down the leader with her first shot. She dove away as the two Duros trained on her with their blasters, Pago's attention being brought to them.

The trigger was pulled again, at least drawing away the ire of the blue-skinned aliens with the loud clap that accompanied another slug whizzing past. The sheer force of the bullet embedded it in the duracrete wall surrounding the hangar bay even as the Duros whipped their dull, red eyes to him. Pago grinned at giving Priya an opening but gritted his teeth soon after at seeing green skin slashing at him.

The Twi'lek had rushed him with his vibroknife held high, laughing all the while in a maniacal rage as he stabbed and slashed at the quickly retreating Pago. The bounty hunter sought his footing and finally saw his chance: the dagger was held backwards and stabbed from on high at him. Pago's left hand shot upwards to stop the descent of the vibroknife, catching the Twi'lek just above the elbow. The revolver was pointed down and cracked again, sending the Twi'lek onto the ground in agony as he clutched at his foot. The knife was dropped with a clatter, deactivating on the ground.

Pago made sure to keep his targets alive, even as he now turned his gun on the Duros, seeing how Priya was handling things while he was distracted.
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Post Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:33 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*Peering from behind the crates as the attention was drawn away from her, Priya raised her brows high behind the mask at the smooth efficiency in which this Pago moved. Her lips parted with a murmur of approval, but there was no time to linger and enjoy the gunslinging.

Rather than risk hitting her partner with a stray blaster bolt, Priya drew forth from her leg plate a thin baton-like device even as she was pushing herself back into a run. The baton snapped, extended, then gave a crack and hiss as yellow-green electric arcs flared to life on the pronged ends.

While Pago was busy with the Twi'lek, the Mirialan spun the staff hard enough to whistle through the air, building velocity before she struck the first Duros in the small of his back with an upward jab. It sent a jolt of electricity up his spinal cord and close to his heart, then the staff reversed directions and jabbed the second Duros in the throat as he was turning sharply at the cry of pain emitted from his brother.

The chemically drug-induced minds enhanced the stun effects of the already volatile electrical currents, so Priya was not particularly surprised when both were knocked off their feet to the floor. She raised her blaster and fired a shot into each blue head before they had a chance to recover, coldly disposing of them both.

The sounds of anguished moaning had her glancing towards the injured human, and then to the Twi'lek, neither one in any condition to continue a fight. The glowing blue slits of her helm rose to rest on Pago.*

"...Gonna just leave them like that?"
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:39 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

Priya swiftly put the two Duros out of their misery, the only response elicited being a slight raise of the eyebrows. Pago had been at this game long enough to know that sometimes people felt that a quick bolt or stab was often the best way to resolve things. Efficient, fast, easy. No clean-up required, no worrying about looking over your shoulder when you were confident that all loose ends had been tied up.

He held out his pistol and flicked a small switch on the side, the revolver cylinder flicking out.

" One bullet left ..."

Not good enough. He shouldn't have missed that shot at the Duros: slugs were hard to come by and even pricier to purchase. He had resorted to making his own when necessary, but ...

Well, necessary or not, work he didn't want to do was still just that at the end of the day.

He looked down at the two injured men, then sighed. While he had no problem pulling the trigger on someone intent on ending his life, there just wasn't the same feeling to it when they were hurt and incapable of fighting back. It was almost as if there was something holding his hand in place, staying it: a strange sensation that wouldn't allow him to murder coldly like that.

" I don't think these two miscreants are worth any more of our time, Miss Priya, that they aren't."

Pago pulled out a small, metal disc from his belt as his boots clicked on the duracrete floor of the open hangar bay, coming to a stop between the two gangsters. The black leather on his foot casually swept the weapons out of reach of the human and the Twi'lek as the object in his hand began to pulse a bright, green light.

" This beacon will let the local authorities know that they've got a bit of a spill to clean up," he said as he placed the signal down on the floor, well out of crawling-range.

" I'd imagine some time in the spice mines of Kessel would teach these gentleman that glit-biting is a terrible habit. As is attacking lovely women in full body armor."

Pago grinned and made his way over to Priya, offering her his arm in an upstanding matter that just seemed to make jest of the events that had transpired just seconds ago.

" Shall we?" he winked as the boarding ramp to his L19 descended, allowing the pair of hunters to finally get off a planet full of nothing but bounties and people out to stop them from collecting.
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:13 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

" I don't think these two miscreants are worth any more of our time, Miss Priya, that they aren't."

*There was a derisive snort beneath the helm, but her words were full of mirth.*

"Whatever you say, Hero."

*She disengaged her blaster and slipped it back into the holster at the small of her back beneath her chest piece, then with a snap of her wrist, collapsed the electrostaff and slapped the baton-like device into its sheath within her legplate.

Her booted heel took a respectful step back as Pago dropped the tracking device on the floor. Even despite his strong sense of ethics, Priya was beginning to feel amicable towards this human. Perhaps it was the easy confidence in his demeanor, or the flattering smile that didn't quite promise anything, or the skill with which he handled a live firearm that caused a flare of heat to rush through her system. Or, maybe it was simply that he wasn't trying to kill her.

Whatever it was, she knew at the end of the day, she was either going to have a fekking good time, or be in a kriff load of trouble.*

" I'd imagine some time in the spice mines of Kessel would teach these gentleman that glit-biting is a terrible habit. As is attacking lovely women in full body armor.

Shall we?"

*Without skipping a beat, Priya coiled her arm around his and rested her other hand against his bicep, so that there was an awkward lack of distance between them. If anything, she was pulling herself more firmly against him. Her helmed head back, a devilish taunt in that electronically filtered voice.*

"Now, how do you go assuming that there is a lovely woman involved in this? Maybe there's a beneath all of this."

*As they boarded his ship, she squeezed his arm in the sort of mockingly possessive way that implied what she had just suggested could very well be the case.*
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:20 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

Pago had to remark to himself that he enjoyed the way Priya went along with his laid-back demeanor. It was a nice change of pace from dealing with politicians and criminals: two groups that were more alike than they would ever care to admit. Self-centered, uptight, and way too full of themselves ...

Having Priya fall right into step as if they were about to enter a gala rather than a starship and then continue to play the role of the coy chase flawlessly?

Stop him dead right there, he was in love.

" Now, how do you go assuming that there is a lovely woman involved in this? Maybe there's a Chevin beneath all of this."

Pago chuckled as he escorted her inside his vessel, the main hold both spacious and, strangely enough, meticulously clean. Not a spanner or a mug out of place, even though the decoration ... wasn't. Drab greys and whites, with some black accents. Nothing entirely fancy, but Pago enjoyed running a clean ship. Literally.

" I've met Chevin, miss," he tilted his hat back to look into her visor as he recounted the short anecdote, clearly disturbed by the creatures she had referenced.

" If you are one, well, I must say the advances in slim-fitting body-gloves truly is a wonder to behold," he laughed, clearly neither uncomfortable nor wary as she held close to him. The comfort and warmth of another was a cherished thing in The Galaxy. Far be it from him to spoil the moment.

What did spoil it, however, was the sound of something banging loudly from the cargo hold, coupled with a scurrying of feet, the sound of scratches against metal mixed with an almost puppy-like scampering.

" Ah."

He sighed.

" Now here comes trouble ..."

Bounding out of the cargo bay towards the starboard-rear of the ship was a small creature, no more than a yard tall. Rich, thick, blue fur covered a slim body clearly feminine by Galactic standards, in turn only clothed in a simple purple tank-top, a pair of dark trousers, and no form of footwear. Around her waist was a belt that contained a dizzying array of pouches, holsters, tools, and implements, everything from a grappling hook and accompanying wire to sets of hydrospanners to three comm devices that looked perfectly identical, as well as an incredibly strange looking blaster on her hip, small enough to fit into her hands.

" You told me you'd be back in five, not twenty, in five, and it has clearly been twenty and not five, nor has it been twenty-five, or five-twenty. Worry me to death, you bet. Considered scavenging nav-codes from your body. Very worried. Happier now."

The creature stopped its slightly high-pitched ramp upon realizing that there was someone else with Pago. Her ears poked up curiously, flicking this way and that even as her hackles raised in anxiety, unsure of the situation. Regardless, she rushed head-first up to Priya and took her armored hand in her gloved one, rubbing the Hunter's palm against her bewhiskered muzzle nonchalantly.

" Metal Lady sure is scary. Smells of carbon scoring and ionic discharge. You fight Mister Pago? No, you didn't fight Mister Pago, Mister Pago doesn't let people he fights with on the ship. Not in his arms, they go in cuffs. Metal Cuffs like Metal Lady: non-Squibs not smart enough to pick them. Not nimble enough. Squibs fast though, Squibs smart."

Pago could only chuckle as he waved a hand to the small Squib even as she continued to direct her investigation of Priya, only stopping once she was assured there was no threat. She came to stand by her much-taller companion, big, bright, blue eyes looking over the other Hunter. Her ears remained up though her fur had smoothed back down. She seemed to fidget with her hands, as if trying to work out some sort of puzzle between her fingers as she regarded Priya.

" Miss Priya, this is Vallabeeraglenneqib. She's my partner and co-pilot here on the Cheveyo."

" Partner-Partner. Not Mating-Partner, Mister Pago is much too big and Vallabeeraglenneqib is much too small. Elders frown on us liking smooth-skins. I like Mister Pago though. We have smooth skin too, but we also have fur. Fur and skin, Mister Pago has no fur. So cold, must be so cold. I fix ship and keep warm so it is not cold. Fix gun too. Could even fix Metal Lady. Vallabeeraglenneqib best there is at fixing, you bet."

Pago could only shrug helplessly towards Priya. It appeared that the small Squib had been his only real constant company for some time. Over the years, he had simply grown accustomed to her strange mannerisms.

" You can just call her Val for short."

Even as Val prattled on about absolutely everything she could (and could not) fix (she was very adamant on just how much trouble droids gave her; "Walkie-Talkie Shiny Mans", as she called them), Pago moved on towards the cockpit, ushering Priya along with him.

" Make yourself at home," he offered, " Mah pankpa e chu pankpa. Though I suggest we get looking after our running fugitive sooner rather than later ..." I've met Chevin, miss, Mah pankpa e chu pankpa. Though I suggest we get looking after our running fugitive sooner rather than later ...
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:54 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*It was difficult to tell what Priya's reaction to the Squib was beneath the expressionless mask. She neither pulled away, nor interrupted Val as she made her study of the new arrival. After all, she was invading her territory, not the other way around.

Her visor angled slightly towards Pago, one unseen brow raised as Val spoke far more quickly than seemed possible for a humanoid tongue and revealing far more than what was appropriate. Priya was never one for appropriate, anyway.*

"I'm certain Val is very useful to have around."

*The Mirialan allowed herself to be guided towards the cockpit, merely nodding in response as she tuned the high-pitched voice of the squib out with an ease that suggested experience.*

"Don't you mean you should be looking for MY fugitive sooner rather than later? You are the one who scared away my target, after all."

*Her gloved fingers hooked beneath the chin of her helm, then lifted the mask away with an overhanded pull.

Her mouth flashed a grin as a tangle of audacious purple hair, slightly dampened with the perspiration of the chase and the skirmish that followed, fell messily around a tattooed face of chartreuse yellow.*

"You don't really expect me to do the same job twice when I am only to be paid once?"
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:05 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

" Val is most useful partner there is, you bet! Better than doing the shooty-shooty. Val is koovy mechanic and talker, you'll see Metal Lady."

Val defended her position aboard the Cheveyo as if she were declaring her entire, sole purpose for life, causing Pago to chuckle.

" She's handy, yeah, and yes, I mean my fugitive. I made my move first, you were content to sit there and wait."

Pago wheeled around on her, content to continue this fun match of verbal sparring, just in time to catch cascades of violet wash over his view. His chocolate eyes melted, jaw dropping a bit as his gaze was captured in her amethysts. She was ...

She was beautiful. Far more so than he could've ever imagined. As the metallic tint dropped away from her voice his ears were caressed in silkened honey. His eyes were teased by her flowing locks, her challenging smile, the slight sheen that made her skin simply glow in the controlled light of the hold. There was not a flaw he could see. She radiated confidence, charm ...

He really was in love.

" You're just along for the ride," he finally forced out after looking for a little longer than was entirely proper, unsure just where he was going.

" Just leave it to me, I'll make up for your little mist-"

" Pheromones .....?"

Val stopped tinkering with whatever it was she had gotten her hands on at a workbench, nose twitching as her whiskers seemed to crinkle. Her blue ears shot upwards, swiveling in Pago's direction as she followed soon after, taking off one of her gloves and rubbing her fur against his arm, under his jacket.

" Val! Wha-!"

" Pheromones!" she squeaked, jumping back from him while pointing an accusatory finger at her Captain.

" Mister Pago, now I know why you brought her here! Metal Lady is actually Pretty Lady! You are planning to seduce her!"

She whipped around to Priya, eyes wide.

" Pretty Lady, Mister Pago is charming and seductive, you bet! Seduced this young Squib from her ship!"

" Hey, you snuck aboard here, and I had half a mind to kic-!"

" Mister Pago has only had Vallabeeraglenneqib for many years now. Very seductive, yes. Very handsome, yes. Val drawn to ship, drawn to Mister Pago: seen many wonderful things. Shiny things, lots of shiny things, but Mister Pago is not so shiny. Has been lonely in starship, you bet. No koovy times for him, even less koovy times for Val: not many Squibs where we go, y'know? Could use Pretty Lady for company too, he could, he could ..."

Val seemed to sniff the air, as if considering something while Pago stood, jaw dropped, practically glaring in both indignation and shock at the Squib.

" Pretty Lady has to stay! Val cannot make Mister Pago happy in way Pretty Lady can: not eager to try, hear bad things. Awkward shuffling, fur gets mussed up, no good, no good. Val is jealous of such shiny, purple fur, though: thinks Mister Pago likes as well. Mister Pago is surely considering that Val is right in such things: often is, except when is not, but now is not not. Can tell that Mister Pago is incredibly attracted to Pretty Lady, you bet: eyes wide, scent sweet, very easy tell. Hot under collar, humans say. Strange phrase. Should be hot under pant-"
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:36 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*Her amused expression gradually turned into one of startled shock as Val began to reveal all. She clicked her teeth together, drew breath, but by the time she was able to get a word out, the Squib had already squeaked through an entire theatrical soliloquy.*

"Pago-! I can see secrets are a dangerous thing to keep around your sharp-sensed little friend, here."

*Priya pressed a gloved hand over her mouth, her brows raised high.*

"Aye, you're right, I'm just along for the ride...."

*She turned quickly and left the cockpit in a hurry. No, not left, escaped. She did not get very far before the laughter she had been suppressing bubbled out of her. She leaned her shoulder against the hull of the ship as she hugged her ribs, muffling it as much as she could. Oh fek, what sort of mess had she signed herself up for? She rubbed moisture that had gathered in the corner of her eye as she gasped for breath.*

"Oh Priya, you ain't ever gettin' paid."
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Post Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:41 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

Pago and Val could only watch as Priya bolted away from the pair, both left more than a little perplexed. For different reasons.

They stayed like that for a moment more, Pago looking down at the Squib with a mixture of horror, embarrassment, and sheer bewilderment as Priya's giggling echoed down the corridors. The look wasn't returned. With an almost bemused attitude, Val simply shrugged and began to walk back towards the cargo bay, not even sparing her friend a glance.

" Human mating rituals. Very confusing. Could be much simpler. Not. Shame. Should just rub fur on her fur. Make everything real simple, you bet."

Pago blinked.

He shuffled the floor with his boot a bit.

Blinked again.

Finally, he threw his hands up in exasperation and turned towards the cockpit.

" Last time I ever bring a girl home ..."

He slumped into the pilot's chair of his vessel, caressing the top of the control panel as if seeing a long-lost lover all over again.

" Miss me, honey?"

The Cheveyo was how Pago made a living. No ship, no jobs, no pay. It was only proper that he made sure to take proper care of her.

Or, at least, have Val take care of her ...

He began the start-up sequence to leave Abregado-Rae, punching in the intercom of the starship. He tried to hold back laughing as he spoke over it.

" Miss Priya, if you're done touring the Cheveyo, we have quite a bit of work ahead, that we do."

The reactor spinning to life brightened the interior of the ship, even as a gentle hum rumbled through the belly of the vessel. The engines growled a bit pointedly at being disturbed before settling into a deep purr, ready to roar at any moment.

Happy Meetings, Pago mused.

Shame that Val had been just a little too happy this particular time ...
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Post Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:21 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

*A few minutes later, Priya poked her head in, one brow raised humorously at the pilot.*

"Is she gone?"

*Of course, she could see for herself that Val was not there, but that wasn't really the point of the question. The Mirialan idly sent the co-pilot's seat into a slow spin, then fell back into it and folded her arms behind her head as it rotated to face the transparisteel viewport. She rested one armored boot across the opposite knee, a strangely content smile resting on her lips.*

"As I keep trying to tell you, Cowboy, the work here is all yours. You just wake me up when it's time to cash in."

*She pointed at her impromptu partner with her thumb raised, making a blaster shape with her hand and kicking it up as though she had engaged the imaginary weapon.*

"Fire 'em up, Captain."

*Her purplish-blue eyes studied him for a moment longer before she settled back and closed them. The Squib may have been tactless, but she had also been right. Very handsome, yes...and space hunters such as themselves do spend a lot of time alone. Priya did not have good luck with taking on crewmates, and so she had no squib of her own to keep her company. She couldn't even keep a potted plant alive.*
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Post Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:04 pm

Re: Capital City/Spaceport

" Is she gone?"

Pago smiled softly as he finished his pre-flight.

" Well, she'll be back. Probably found something to tinker with somewhere or the other. She often keeps herself busy on the ship; rather hard to find her sometimes."

He brought up a holo-display from the navicomputer as Priya effectively turned control of the situation over to him. It was a map of the Galaxy, scanning over the Outer Rim and highlighting one, unnaturally bright world. His finger poked through the intangible globe.

" Tatooine. If he's been chased out of his roost, this'd be where Valen would flee. Remote, easy enough to hide in. Nothing but a giant ball of sand and heat. He's got family out there, an uncle and aunt. No other relatives, none that I could track at least ... And who's going to arrest a darling nephew in front of his folks?"

Pago shot her a grin that clearly said "We are" before the landing struts of the Cheveyo retracted. The freighter hovered in place for a moment before blasting off, roaring for the skies and the stars above.

" Cowboy ... I could get used to that."
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Post Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:25 am

Re: Capital City/Spaceport


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