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Planetary Information

*Basilisk is a barren Core world in the Arrowhead of the Slice, near Coruscant. Basilisk was home to the , an intelligent lizard species. They were the creators of the Basilisk War Droids, that were rumored to be modeled after themselves. During their war with the Mandalorians around the year 3,997 BBY, the Basiliskans chemically poisoned their own planet, in a last effort to defeat their conquerors. Despite receiving Jedi/Republic reinforcements under Sidrona Diath at the Battle of Basilisk, the Mandalorians conquered the planet and enslaved the remaining Basiliskans.

After the war, the Mandalorians found a new use for the Basiliskans. With their tough hides and claws (not to mention how easily they could be trained) and their intelligence, the Mandalorians used them as weapons for aerial and ground fighting during later wars. Because of this the Basiliskans degenerated and become nothing more than savage beasts. As such, they were re-named the Lagartoz War Dragons. The official language here is Mando'a.*