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Re: Xozhixi

-sorry for the crap post, short on time and i got loads to cover-

The droids spread out into the building to cover more ground and to protect the civilians as much as they can.
The two TDs clank against the floor and detonate, annihilating 3 of the droids that were closest to the explosion. 5 others were damaged, but pretty capable of continuing the fight. The next 2 TDs explode, taking out 4 more. The EMPs disable 15 more of the droids. 28 surviving YVHs engage their trackers and split into 4 groups of 7 to follow the Togorians as they flee. The place is gassed, and many civilians are killed, and so they engage their blaster cannons.

The droids follow the marines, using their sensors to maximize their tracking efficiency and soon, they catch up to them as they loot the corpses of the fallen civilians. Easy targets, due to their careful looting. They immediately open fire with their blaster cannons.
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Re: Xozhixi

Having been chastised by the Editor, Tyrion was already in a foul mood. As the Dark Lord exited ├óÔé¼╦£The Giant Boob,├óÔé¼Ôäó he lit a cigarette, and stepped out into the chaotic street. Screaming civilians staggered past in disordered herds; trampling and pushing each other, dragging children and bags of possessions. Tyrion calmly smoked his cigarette and stood unmolested in the heart of this Pandemonium. The masses instinctively shied away from him; parting before the Sith Lord like a river yields to a protruding reef. Yes, Tyrion was like the warm gooey centre of a fresh baked donut. He drank in all the fear, all the panic and selfish desire that the mob produced and filled himself full of dark energies. The power was intoxicating. Tyrion reached out and plucked a civilian from the crowd by the throat. It was a classic ├óÔé¼╦£Jack Bauer├óÔé¼Ôäó move as seen in almost every episode of ├óÔé¼Ôäó24├óÔé¼Ôäó (*the dude might carry a man-purse and have Chloe do all the work for him, but the man has a wicked eagle-claw.)

├óÔé¼┼ôWhy so glum, chum?├óÔé¼┬Ø

The dirty human merchant squirmed in Tyrion├óÔé¼Ôäós grip and squealed like a stuck pig.

├óÔé¼┼ôM├óÔé¼┬ªmm├óÔé¼┬ªmm├óÔé¼┬ªmy Lord!├óÔé¼┬Ø the merchant stammered, ├óÔé¼┼ôThere has been an attack! There is gas and blaster fire and looting! Please! I must escape!├óÔé¼┬Ø

├óÔé¼┼ôYou should not worry about some danger over there,├óÔé¼┬Ø Tyrion hissed, ├óÔé¼┼ôYou need to worry about me right here. Who attacks?├óÔé¼┬Ø

├óÔé¼┼ôI├óÔé¼┬ªI├óÔé¼┬ªI do not know, M├óÔé¼Ôäólord!├óÔé¼┬Ø the human sobbed, tears and snot running freely down his blubbering face. It disgusted Tyrion. ├óÔé¼┼ôSome say it is the Mandalorians, some say the Hutt, and some even say it is IF troops├óÔé¼┬ª├óÔé¼┬Ø

├óÔé¼┼ôWhat!├óÔé¼┬Ø Tyrion├óÔé¼Ôäós eyes narrowed suspiciously. The Mandos and Hutts were often the first ones blamed for any sort of random incursion or skirmish, but the last one├óÔé¼┬ª The IF were supposed to be friendlies; why would they attack?

├óÔé¼┼ôThat├óÔé¼Ôäós all I know, I swear! Please, let me go├óÔé¼┬ª├óÔé¼┬Ø

Tyrion stared at the man, this weak spineless thing wriggling futilely in his grasp, and decided to release him. Tyrion let go and turned away, but there was no relief for the merchant. He was still held aloft by the force. There was enough time for an expression of dawning horror to wash over the man├óÔé¼Ôäós features before Tyrion killed him. Using the force, Tyrion reached into the merchant├óÔé¼Ôäós mind and harvested his memories; it would have been more humane if Tyrion had simply punched a hole in the guy├óÔé¼Ôäós skull and tore out his brain with a bloody fist. When Tyrion finally found what he was looking for, he used a sudden violent shove of the force to snap the merchant├óÔé¼Ôäós neck and cast the empty husk of a body aside. Limp as a rag-doll (or Carni, according to YouTube anyway├óÔé¼ÔÇØlol--jk,) the merchant├óÔé¼Ôäós corpse tumbled across the asphalt.

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Re: Xozhixi

What kind of weapons do you have handy on this thing? I think we are going to need everything you have├óÔé¼┬ª

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Re: Xozhixi

*Selective and speed being very relative terms, the Togorians stripped all things grabbed from store or body with the lightning speed of a house-husband in Wal-Mart on pay day. Pandemonium had broken loose with the first body dropping as people hit for any exit in vain and but the droids and Togorians went wild. Where the Togorian, clone or not had the advantage over a droid was independent thought. Thinking among the barrage of shooting was crucial and critical to the escape of three squadsamong filled with on
Gamma Squad was caught up in the bulk of droid fire. These clones had a mission ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ one that they would fulfill without a worry of life or death. 8 EMP grenades are tossed by two of the Togorians and petroleum jelly cans burst ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ one splashing onto an advancing droid, five by the last Commando to fall. Each Togorian empties a 50 round clip from IF .303 Rifles with exploding tips. Two small fuel drums are also dropped mixing with the petroleum jelly. Six thermal detonators roll out three to the left one forward and one to the right. Droid fire is exceptionally accurate and cutting the IF Commandos down and igniting the fuel as it runs across the floor. A chain reaction is set off as thermal detonators and ammunition clips explode in a spectacularly destructive display of light. Exploding cartridges continue to pop a creating a twisted symphony as the gas mixes with simple vaseline creating a crude napalm, which should climb up the droids hit with the gel. But destructive power is not instrumental here; the vast clouds of smoke are key to the seemingly easy escape of the Alpha, Beta and Delta Squads.
Their movement throughout the city is scanned but not as thoroughly as one might think. First the tactic of irregular movement is a proven method of avoiding detection. They also disappeared into the city in different directions and communication halted after a single coded link opened for seconds between the squads. Knowledge of the planet and careful movement also aids escape. Here a less well known element of An Tiarna├óÔé¼Ôäós vengeful return to Arkania to cease The Extermination employed, namely: quiet insurgent action.
Electronic hardware of the most primitive nature are electronic none the same. This are toyed with creating a variety of devices to misdirect, mislead and trap droids and humans alike. Varying frequencies that slightly alter detection technology are created by clone troops designed for such. An Tiarna├óÔé¼Ôäós hidden tactic of a ├óÔé¼┼ôpoor-man├óÔé¼Ôäós war├óÔé¼┬Ø has begun.
Small empty metal cans are collected and a simple yet exacting mixture of high nitrogen fertilizer, toped by mothballs drowned in fuel added. This are carefully sealed, a strip of baradium tape rapped round and a crude detonator. The beauty of these devices is (a) they are highly volatile and (b) create a greatly underrated explosion. Given the propensity of the droids illustrated thus far of a ├óÔé¼┼ôshoot first and ask questions later├óÔé¼┬Ø course of action these devices should by all logic be devastating. After all the Rear-Admiral ├âÔÇ£ Broin thinks how can they figure out this tactic before it happens? That would be rather God-like. ID acquired with little care is used to gain access to several private dwellings and food, civilian clothing and a variety of personal effects collected and stored at hidden areas across the city. Nothing of any consequence that may be traced is left at these areas making discovery negligible. The urban guerrilla is set to take charge. Mobility and speed are primary among these.
Another aspect key to the success of insurgent action that seems missing is popular support. However to begin one needed factor in the 180000 cybergenic scientists rescued from Arkania and resettled on Thyferra. Moreover as rounds are made at the residence of each individual relieved of items contact via standard forms of communication are made. As general in such cases a considerable amount of sympathy towards the rebel is heightened by the brutal actions of the droid defenders. No care for civilian loss was even considered as the droids poisoned and shot a civilian center to pieces. Certainly many blame the IF attackers but many support them. Names and contact numbers are scratched out on paper and all communication scrambled and the residence looted in a violent manner. Finally the housing is destroyed by fire. A network of connections has been established. The Force sensitive Rear-Admiral in Alpha Squad detects any manipulative quality in the speech of those contacted and the areas are quickly detected and they flee such places. Only Alpha Squad is blessed with this ability but in all situations the movements are quick. Gamma Squad faced the brunt of damage from droids due to the mistake of attempting to strip security guards bare.
However in this case two guards were relieved of nothing more than comm. devices and ID by Alpha squad. These two prove a goldmine. At the private residence of each a cornucopia of weapons are secured and a common habit among security personnel a vast quantity of illicit products are found. These two are added to caches are stored. Moreover the response from relatives from the guards is extremely favorable. The urban war is on.
The coup of these personal ID snatched is that of a bank employee ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ one who fell victim to the regular flaw among bank personnel of keeping highly confidential on among personal ID. A simple visit to an automated banking machine with the aid of vast knowledge of computers made the first decisive blow ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ a transfer of a substantial amount of currency directly from the main account of the governing body*
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Re: Xozhixi

As per the request from ATD, this RP here have been voided
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Re: Xozhixi

Captain Darth Tyrion stood in the streets looking down at the body of a man he was sure he had just killed. For some reason, he could not remember why he had done it or why he had left ├óÔé¼╦£The Giant Boob├óÔé¼Ôäó in the first place. How odd. He remembered the Jawa kicking, and The Editor giving him permission to write his own narrative, and then going outside to├óÔé¼┬ª what? Pee in the alley? That must have been it. But then why did he still have to take a leak? Tyrion remedied this perplexing time-space anomaly by simply pissing on the alley wall, and was done with it.

Tyrion sauntered back to ├óÔé¼╦£The Boob.├óÔé¼Ôäó
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Re: Xozhixi

Avarath had had a vision, not a vision from the Force mind you, but one that had kick started her into a mind frame that the galaxy was going to know of her race. This stemmed from spite and heartache after her exile from her home planet of Gaeren.

Up until now, the only mention of Gaeren had been in the Archives of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant... er before it was destroyed by the Galactic Empires forces in a convoluted mix of guile and subterfuge. But that was another story. Even still, the planet had always been called Thallassa, never Gaeren. Gaeren was the name the Calnennore, previously Thallassans, had called their home.

To Ava's people, Basic couldn't cover the immensity of their culture's words. So they let the Jedi, Gryffen Greydrake, fashion his own name for his discovery into some archaic form of Basic that meant "Sea." While the world may have boasted two large continents, the majority of the planet was ocean, and this seemed fitting to Gryffen. Had the so called Thallassans cared any about the names the galaxy gave them, they would have thought it too simple. While lifestyle on Thallassa was simple, names were not.

Names were something that told you who a person was and what they would become. The entire essence of a person could be held in a name. Perhaps one reason Thallassans never revealed their true names to anyone outside their race. There were trust issues there standing in between them.

Whether or not Basic could hold the concepts of Lalambe, the complex language of the Calnennore until just recently called Thallassans, Ava was set on showing the galaxy her true nature, that which should have been the true nature of all her people. At least Ava had that set in her mind.

Avarath, if you took her name in Lalambe, was a curse really. Something that meant "unwholesome child" or "rowdy rodder." It had been a nickname from her master Jings. Nenyave'do Jings had never thought that such a play on words would ever impact the child, but names do mean a lot to the Calnennore. There was a point in time where the bright and high rising Nenya Villy Roamaine ceased to be and Avarath, a far darker personification rose up seeking to conquer the world for her people. In all reality, she wanted to conquer for herself but needed enough rationalization to keep thinking like a Calnennore. And Force users are by far the best self rationalizers in the galaxy.

Three primarily sentient races shared Gaeren as a homeworld. All three had evolved together, but only the Calnennore sought to branch out into the galaxy and beyond. The Delphi people, were happy in their watery homes untouched by the Force, mammalian and very much looking like a beluga whale crossed with a frog. While the Delphi retained both legs and arms, they were very weak. The Calnennore liked to think of them as distant relations that chose a simpler path in life, but without the Joy of being touched by the Force.

The Circumanka on the other hand, were a saurian species that ranged across the large temperate continent, Verdutaurin. These creatures had no love for the water and held contempt for the Calnennore. Circumanka had never met the Delphi, but they would probably not approve of them if they did. Most strife and struggle rose up between the Circumanka and the Calnennore. Because the Circumanka wanted the land all to themselves, they were not so willing to share with the Calnennore who were explorers and coastal dwellers.

The two cultures clashed time and again. For the longest time the Calnennore had thought these creatures to be only semi-sentient. Their elaborate ambushes and traps soon made it apparent that they were more than semi-sentient however. The Circumanka could not speak Lalambe and the Calnennore had no understanding of the hissing and guttural speech of these lizards. Sending emissaries and diplomats to speak to them was almost useless. In the end it was the task of the Nenya to go. Several talented Force users held an empathy, understanding of others. Together, with more easily tempered Circumanka, they came up with a form of sign language and pictograms both cultures could use in understanding.

Avarath, when still Nenya had been a part of these missions. While she herself held no talent for bestial communication, she had at one point held a fierce sword and a tenacious habit for winning battle. She was a guardian. But as negotiations turned into further understanding, Avarath became impatient. It seemed these creatures were unyielding in their terms.

One day, there had been enough negotiation, and Avarath turned from brilliant student and warrior to fallen bane of both peoples. She slew the Circumanka present first, then her own people who tried to stop her. Covered in her own blood as well as theirs, she left the carcasses to be discovered and ventured off into the forests. Her plot was to slaughter as many Circumanka as she could, then rally her brethren in the coastal cities to take back what lands should be theirs. For with the Force and their physical prowess, conquerers of both the sea and the land, they should be the rulers of the planet.

It was a spring board plot of course. If Ava had not been stopped, sooner or later she would have tried for the entire galaxy if she could manage. As a Burdel, or fallen Nenya, Ava was not so brilliant. Insanity often plagued her and she made rash decisions that caused her to be captured. Subdued, she tried to plead to the councils, but in all walks of life, she was guilty, dangerous and merely acting. Nenyave'do Jings was heartbroken to see his apprentice dragged away from their home and into the far reaches of the galaxy.

Thyferra of all places. The bacta capital of the Republic. It was like their backbone. But to the Calnennore, a place where death would come on fast if one did not watch the plants on the planet. The Flora was deadly. The life saving oils of the galaxy were poison to them. But, no one suffered on this venture, at least not from anaphylaxis. Ava however, dug her own tomb and lay down, chained into a bed of rock and Amber lilies from Gaeren. The flowers sent her into a deep sleep, and the Nenyave charged with bringing her to her exile sent her into a Force hibernation, where dreams and wakefullness would escape her for ages.

They buried her and returned home, hoping that with the time of ages, she would never waken to darken the galaxy with such power as she had shown on Gaeren. But awaken she would one day. And if she could escape the depths of the tomb, they hoped the Force would have returned her sanity.

Events had played out far from such hopes. Avarath strolled into the spaceport of Xozhixi with her cadre of Thyferrans and one strung out human. Ava's dreams of grander would not be fulfilled anytime soon, but she needed to get away from that dark temple for a while.

Vizziq, was perhaps the only creature in the galaxy now familiarized with Calnennore physiology and anatomy well enough to help with healing processes. Avarath had been a pincushion for his research. He carried a few notes with him as well as attending physicians. The human, had been one Avarath had poisoned some time ago at the Giant Boob. One stealing from the till. He had survived most of the poison, but his brain was practically gone as far as complex thought process went. She thought he might serve some purpose as she dragged him across the tarmac.

It was a small band and she was going to find a ship for them. A hole they could station themselves in until she felt Leto return. She needed him, whether she wanted to accept it or not right now. There was much about this dark persona she did not understand. And she wanted nothing to do with that wimpy lightside. To Avarath, Villy Roamaine was long dead. The pleas she heard in the nether regions of her mind were simply echoes of that person. The new voices, voices from the darkness were the ones she wanted to understand and keep from truly driving her mad.

With all this in mind, she dropped the human so that he might drool on the floor, flicked out her fin blades and ventured up the ramp of an occupied light freighter. The Mon Calamari design was soothing to her, and on board there would be plenty to eat.

She paced past a giant freezer in the cargo bay smiling to herself as her claws extended out. This ship was to carry bacta. She could smell the thick liquid in the air, remnants of the last voyage. No new cargo had been placed in the hold yet. But the Mon Calamari scent was strong, they were here or just recently left.

The entourage remained outside the ship waiting for the hunt to be over. While Vizziq enjoyed the pay that Avarath offered him, he wanted nothing to do with her brand of death. He simply remained outside the ship. He would not warn her if the squid faces returned, he knew she preferred surprises.

But the crew was all here and accounted for. The pilot had been in the cockpit with his first mate. The duo was no trouble as she stabbed both through the chest with her lightsabers simultaneously. They had flopped about for a moment before dying, but die they did with little fight from her ambush. The fish, though large, were easy to drag from the seats. She pulled them along behind her, sabers back on her belt but a hooked claw through each eyeball of the Mon Cals.

She would have giggled if silence were not necessary. There were still four crew asleep in the cabin. They would wait while she placed the captain and co-pilot into that large freezer. Snacks for later. A noise though alerted her to a presence after she finished placing meals for the next few days in the trunk. Her body rippled out of sight as she blended into the hold. Ah! Young sweet flesh. So the ones in the cabin were not crew, but passengers. A crippled child wobbled into the cargo bay. Obviously looking for some one. The blood, dripped from the fish heads, had obviously disturbed him, but not enough to rouse attention from other adults.

Ava maneuvered herself in behind the child, reaching around him to cover his mouth and insert her fingers deep into the creatures gills. The muffled noise and struggle lasted only minutes as her fingers wriggled past barbs and gripped hold to rip with a sucking sound. The Mon Cal's eyes rolled back in his head while he shuddered from the shock. Ava only smiled as she tossed the body on top of the trunk and licked the blood from her fingers.

There were still, at most, three fish to fry. As she crept back to the bunk room, there was a tingle from that long gone fool Villy, but only so much of a tingle as to cause pause at the door. Ava pressed into the silence closing the door behind her.


Vizziq looked over the damage in the bunk room. Linens and feathers lay strewn and shredded across the room. Had the insectile Thyferran been blessed with eyebrows, they would have been raised at Ava. Instead he nervously brushed at his antennae as he looked at the Calnennore covered in the red/black blood of the Mon Calamari.

"Where'd you put them all?"

Ava showed no bulge in the middle, indicating that she had reserved her meal time for later. All he received was a coy smile as she stood and left the room. Vizziq sighed wondering how he got himself into these things.
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Re: Xozhixi

Ava turned to the new pilot of her ship. She had been slowly piecing him back together for weeks now. He had regained nearly all motor functions, save a few more delicate ones that left him rather upset personally. All the better for Ava, however.

She had found a special quality in this human. Vizziq had run a few simple genetic tests in his lab aboard the ship. Evidently this man was not ordinary human stock, at least not entirely. His mixed parentage seemed the only thing to have saved him from the poisons Avarath excreted into his system upon their first encounter.

He was her pet. And with his ability to move returned with painstaking use of the Force and a few casual bystanders, he was dutifully loyal. Of course the whispered promises and whatwithalls encouraged the man to stay loyal. His name however, Ava had never asked, and he could no longer speak to give her a proper one. Simply put, she called him Fenchuta, "kriff off."

This was for the amusement of Ava of course, and she often shortened it to only "Fen." So it came, that Fen, looked up to his new puppet master as dutifully as any dog might look up for a treat. From his position, he had an ample view of her chest, as much of a treat as the young man's ruined mind could really zero in upon. So long as she had her rack, the Calnennore had his undying attention.

"Take us back to the Temple."

Ava had found Xozhixi tiring. She had drawn too much notice trying to gather minions and luring victims in to heal her puppet. It was a shame, for her Thyferram physician had found a booming business around Ava. She made all the patients sick, he healed them all up. Rinse, repeat and voila! Schemes and scams seemed to run the entire city.

Ava turned to find that shi'ido tramp she had rescued from a local bar slide into a seat behind Fen. Auria...Ava's eyes narrowed at the human looking creature. The red head smiled up at her new dark mistress, trying with all her art to work in a small bit of seduction. Ava had known when she laid eyes upon the woman that there would be trouble between the two of them.

Auria was used to having her way as much as Avarath. Playing along, Ava grinned, a feral smile that showed too much teeth and almost caused the hardened twi'lek in Auria to flinch. With a purr, the Calnennore stroked alongside Auria's cheek. Such smooth soft skin. The lull of her touch caused the shi'ido to shiver and turn a bit limp. She was still playing, thinking to acquire an easy mark.

Ava continued to trace her fingers across the shi'ido's skin, before she tightened them around the other woman's throat. Pulling her up along the bulkhead, she slammed Auria into the side. Red hair streamed back, mingled with a little brilliant red blood. Still smiling, still purring, Ava nibbled upon Auria's ear before clamping down on the cartilage causing her to scream.

With eyes rolling back in her head with seeming ecstasy, Ava licked the dripping blood away from the ripped skin.
"Don't play a player, pet. I would have no use for you if I'm forced to kill you. You're games become tiring for me, and once my patience and my need for you runs or the other, I will be sure that your pretty red head is no longer so pretty before I'm done with you." Her purring lilt ended and she threw the Shi'ido down the hall. "No go clean yourself up."

Other new members of her crew had peeked out of their cabins to watch. A tall yellow twi'lek male cocked an eye up towards the ceiling. The pair of Duro and Finarfin just shrugged before returning to their tasks. Ava noticed Braja and his bemused look.

This one was the most dangerous for now. He could touch the Force. And there was much anger within him. Ava had not enough skill to learn of his story by pulling it from him. He was guarded enough in his mind as it was, and seemingly immune to physical attraction. Even Auria couldn't get him to crack and she had a multitude of forms from which to choose.

Yes, Braja was perplexing. But Ava turned her back on him as she returned to the cockpit. No need to let him know that she thought he was a threat. Fen looked as if he was making good progress on the approach to the temple. Fantastic! Perhaps now, she could find a way to meet her master.

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Re: Xozhixi

Dust whispered as her boots crunched over the street. The air was thick, filling her lungs with a sticky heaviness that caused her gills to flap thinking they could draw a bit more oxygen into her body. Thyferra was a deathtrap. She could smell the poison in the air, taste it as her copper tongue flicked out to wet her lips. She could feel the rain coming on today and she was unsettled in this place.

Trials. With Teluni, together they had been sent here to progress into the ranks of the Nenya. It was her last challenge. The bacta planet produced a fear in her. She enjoyed breathing, to force herself into such a place went against all of her senses. Quiet you mind, Nole hi. Such memories echoed in her mind of her master's words. Stick to the task at hand...

There were several of those by now. Teluni had gotten herself lost. The blind Calnennore had wandered off in search of her own quest, but the Nole were to stick together. She took in a deep breath as she entered a cantina.

It was dark and musty within, smelling of stale beer and ancient vomit. Heads turned up from their mugs. Day light drinkers. They eyed the curious women as she paced through the saloon. Tall, longed legged, her skin was pale brown but glittered in brief flashes of blue if you looked at just the right moment in the right light. Her hair bobbed at her neck, a long braided plait of violet trailing down her back. Across her chest, a rough leather shirt. The odd cut bared her stomach, but wrapped tightly around her back and along her spine. Deep blue eyes rimmed in a silver line gazed into the wroshyr imported bar top. Veins of crystal were inlaid there, running in a emerald line and weave to mimic the leaves of the trees outside.

The wood may have been imported, but the crystal was from Thyferra. Great artisans had taken time and severe patience to craft such beauty. Now Shalonia sought this crystal. The raw stone. The last pieces.

She ran her hands over the smoothed and polished grain. The top was perfect. Oddly set in a place such as this. Bar keep eyed her closely, from pointed ears to thigh. She spared him a momentary glance, searching for her Basic. It was hard to grasp a language you only spoke once or twice in your life. She was certain she would pronounce something wrong, or misspeak.

"Beautiful. Who cut the stone?"

The bartender did not speak, only chewed his lip and flipped his rag back upon the top to polish it again. He had no use if people were not going to pay. He eyed her bracers and gloves, three dagger hilts poked out of the end of each. They were short hilted, throwing knives. The two blades crossed at her back did not go unnoticed at all. They were lighter weapons than most, but sturdy enough. She had forged them herself, one of her first trials along her path. Recovering the bloodstone had been the hardest part. The folding and manipulating easy in comparison.

She eyed the bartender back, sizing him up just as he watched her. With a sigh, she placed an odd coin on the bar top. It shined in the dim light filtered through the windows. The bartender looked at it and snorted.

"What am I supposed to do with that? That ain't money. Just a bit o' metal. Get out, or use real money. We don't serve your kind here. Get out."

Shal was puzzled by his response, but took back her coin. Don't serve me kind? What did he mean? She backed away from the bar.

A hand slammed down on the bar top with a small clasp of bills and he nodded to the woman.

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Re: Xozhixi

Shalenya saw that her master had finally caught up to her. The fold of bills rustled as the bar tender reached for the new and crisp fabric paper. Vornmatil gave the bartender a Calnennore smile, one full of teeth and open caution.

=Nenya've'do Vornmatil=
"The exchange rate in this part of the galaxy is very strange. Will you serve us if you have the coin? Or has the 'Spit Fire' ruined the Thallassan species in your eyes?"

Teluni appeared at Shalenya's side, her blind and covered eyes boring into the bar tender. The blind Calnennore always made those around her severely uncomfortable. Like Miraluka, Teluni was born blind. It was the will of the Force that the woman had survived. The handicapped upon Gaeren did not often keep up. Teluni however had a great affinity with the Force, so connected that it could aid her where her eyes failed.

The bartender looked down to the counter and wiped at it furiously, trying to escape from Teluni's gaze. He muttered something that seemed akin to "I don't know what you are talking about." Vornmatil retracted his hand carefully from the bar and pointed the women back towards the street.

Outside in the humidity and light of the tropical paradise, the Calnennore stood looking like awkward tourists. Their home was far and away. Their mission, was to locate the ones called Avarath, Aeran, and Syren, as well as any other of their kind they could find.

This mission had belonged to Shalenya and Teluni, but their former master had decided to accompany them. Shal found this to be disturbing. Vornmatil had become the high master of their order, he should have stayed upon Gaeren to care for the Nenya and lead them. Instead he came gallivanting across the Galaxy on this odd mission.

Teluni was their guide. Her visions had led them to Thyferra. the last home of Villy Roamain, also called Avarath "The Spit Fire." Avarath was once brilliant, until she had fallen into insanity. At the height of their existence, the Calnennore had exiled the stricken of the Nenya to preserve the order and keep the galaxy safe. Their measures were not perfect.

Avarath had awoken from her forced hibernation. While she had not made significant strides into destroying the galaxy, as she had started long ago, she was still very much a threat. Luckily, she did not recall her true potential through the Force.

Aeran was another exile. Instead of being entombed, he had constructed a way to fake his death, leave few confused witnesses and had remain hidden for ages. Teluni had found him on accident while she road the wave of the Force in meditation. Aeran's path kept crossing the third trail of the hunted.


While the Sulanen should have been their priority target, Vornmatil wanted to leave her until the end. Shalenya suspected there was some history there unspoken. Eariel Tauradun had betrayed her people during some galactic war. This led to massive destruction of their planet, the enslavement of many of their survivors and the mutated and malformed offspring of those that remained. Shalenya and Teluni a product. While the fallout had increased the fecundity of the species in mutated offspring, their lifespan was incredibly diminished.

To Shalenya, this Syren character was far more important to hunt down than the two failed, and until recently, quiet exiles. Syren's trial had not been completed so long ago. She had been counted among the dead until Teluni's vision.

While Shal did not think it necessary to pursue Avarath and Aeran first, she would not disobey the orders of her Ve'do. Together they trudged down the dusty street, the heady scents of vegetation soaking into their lungs and gills. It was time to hunt....

If they could ever get their master to stop sight seeing.

Vornmatil had scurried off to some cart or another to gaze at the local fauna. In this case a native Thyferran. The insectoid people were something of the likes he had never before seen. Teluni and Shalenya were far less interested in the experience of learning about new species.

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