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Yavin IV's Stratosphere

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Post Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:18 am

Yavin IV's Stratosphere

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Post Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:56 pm

Re: Yavin IV's Stratosphere

*Thick cloud filled the lower stratosphere, dominating Yavin's skies near the Great Temple as the stormy season settled in for it's annual stay. Nearer the mountains, flashes of blue-white pulsed through the clouds as lightning begun to form, and the deep rumble of lightning crossed the skies a stampede of beasts across a plateau. Far below, trees were beginning to whip around in heavy wind, and the river became unsettled, sloshing vast amounts of water up it's own banks and into the rainforest.

Another burst of lightning flashed, closer this time to the Praxeum - the Praxeum's shield flared for a moment as the lightning danced across it before dissipating. On a world such as this, the shield had been designed to be unaffected by the burst of energy, but it's own excitation of the air around it did tend to attract lightning blasts a little more frequently than normal.

As the rumble of thunder that followed the lightning passed across the Praxeum, a small, streamlined shape pushed itself out of the top of the cloud cover. The XJ9D X-Wing of Dav Man'Sell took a shallow path out of the cloud, skimming along it's top for a moment, before inside, the Jedi Master pulled back on his stick, nosing up sharply and headed towards the Station in orbit, which was just now visible as a small point of illumination against the sky just off of the edge of the vast orange-red disk of the Gas Giant. He reached over to his comm board with one hand, and with two swift flicks, channelled in to the Orbital flight channels which would be used to coordinate the defence above the planet.*

"Yavin Staition, this is Dragon Five, on approach for Tactical Hangar One. I shall be accompanied by Master Son'tir of Corellia, who is on my wing in a..." *A quick glance at his screens provided the necessary designation.* "... Praxeum Mark Two A-Wing. Stand by to receive us."

*Dav was about to comm out, but as he glanced toward the comm board to do so, he remembered Diamonte.*

"Station, please also keep an eye out for a Mister Jake Delby. I have reason to believe he is on approach to the Station, if he is, please arrest him on landing and bring him see me."

"Theft of the Starfighter he'll likely be flying. Minimum necessary force, Station. See you shortly, Five out."

*His ship jolted a little as he crossed the upward currents of turbulence from the swiftly growing storm below, and after a moment's pause following that, begun the tell-tale shake of crossing the border from the atmosphere to orbit. Skies cleared from blue to black, stars begun to appear brightly. He had now left Yavin IV behind - next stop, Yavin Station.*
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Post Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:52 pm

Re: Yavin IV's Stratosphere

Kyrjaa's Aleph-class Starfighter screamed out of the cloud cover, blasting past spears of ionized lightning as they struck the shielding of the Paraxum. The Sareliann's heart pounded in his chest and the adrenaline of the flight rushed through his veins and arteries.

R7-77 emitted a sound not unliked the frienzied joyful screaming of a child on a roller-coaster ride at six-flags.

Odd, Kyrjaa thought to himself droids don't generally develop personalities like this until they've gone too long without a memory wipe. I was under the impression they gave me a new astromech. he shrugged to himself as he took the Twee into a tight spin - at least, as tight a spin the twee was capable of...

The craft rolled, Kyrjaa pulled back on the yoke and the Twee cut a hard line, bringing the craft in a full 360 within a space of 30 meters.
Kyrjaa made a face that was similar to something akin to "Not bad, not fantastic...but not bad either"

He rolled the craft to the left, and repeated the same action, with the same results.

Kyrjaa nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the masculine-programmed voice emitting from the internal speakers. It took him a full two seconds, flight-pattern level and flat, before he realized it was R7-77 speaking.
Apparently the astromech interface included a translator with audio output.
Kyrjaa smiled and hit the D-Pad style control on his yoke, each direction pressed followed by a jolt and the Twee jumped a couple of meters to the direction pressed.
This was good, it more than made up for the lack of stock maneuverability of the craft. This would do well for him, the craft and he were a perfect match.

"Arr-Seven, what do you say we meet up with the others at Yavin Station?" He asked the droid, nosing the craft toward the shining reflec surface of the staion. He pressed three keys and the throttle jumped to 90% power, propelling him to the station at 110 MGLT
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Post Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:38 pm

Re: Yavin IV's Stratosphere

~ An ashed grey blanket covered the jungle canopy of Yavin IV, allowing nothing to see below its awesome span. It was almost entirely solid, save for a few spots of blue here and there, as well as small bursts of light followed quickly by the awful row of the sky shattering. The cloud cover soon began to gain color, however, as a small speck began to rise above it. And then another. And another.

There was a wave piercing through the stormy skies, ascending to the heavens and glinting off the light of the sun. At the crest was a small, T-shaped fighter, bearing the honored red markings of an ace squadron. The X-Wing of Jago Pulastra raced off of Yavin IV, holding here above the hurricane that was sure to come as the rest of Yavin's Starfighter Corps fell in behind him.

They were unlike any other navy group out there, all of them displaying bright hues and patterns across their strike craft, marking them in every single way to personalize them to the person at the helm. In groups of twelve they linked up, forming a giant arrow's head, just waiting for the string to snap.

" Bee-Wan, connect our Eye-Eff-Eff with the Squadron Leaders: set their statuses to priority one."

Jago's astromech fulfilled the task quickly, the Holographic-Heads-Up-Display covering the entire cockpit of his fighter signaling out thirteen dots on the edges of his forward field of vision, each of them for now displaying red.

He keyed his comm.

:: Antilles Squadron, Standing By. ::

Twelve XJ7s formed up on Jago's right, all of them bearing a checkered pattern of dark green and brilliant gold from nose to tail. Upon their right wings was the Alliance Starbird emblazoned proudly in a hue of blood red. The fighter at the front, belonging to Captain Ehrik Jaimse, himself a former Corellian as well, had a rather impressive kill-count stenciled in just under the cockpit.

:: Darklighter Squadron, Standing By. ::

Captain Toni Raques's voice came in harsh over the commband, though that was simply her way: she was an abrasive gal, and one of the best fighter pilots in the entire fleet. Her X-Wings peeled off to Jago's left, their noses displaying a fearsome row of razor sharp teeth, brown and tan scales trailing down the fighters' fuselages and fanning out into a pair of claws that seemed to "hold" the laser cannons. A set of reptilian eyes were on either side of the canopy, and one could almost picture Darklighter Squadron's engines roaring like the terrifying Krayt Dragon they were modeled after.

:: Solo Squadron, Standing By. ::

Another group of X-Wings came into formation behind Jago, all of them covered in a rich brown that seemed to resemble fur, wavy and curly lines clearly perceptible all throughout the paint scheme. Down their sides was a dotted stripe of crimson: a common Corellian mark of honor. Their emblem saw to a violet lightsaber, surrounded by five astral bodies. Captain Kaz Sulok took pride in the heritage of her fighter group, knowing that they were paying homage to a family that his own Zabrak Culture regarded highly.

:: Celchu Squadron, Standing By. ::

An Arlderaanian Royal Crest flew proudly on the nose of 12 A-Wing Mk.IIs, all of them looking like a lush world, covered in a camouflage-style pattern of icy blues and forest greens, heralding an ancient homeworld lost to war. Captain Verans'indal felt his lekku twitch slightly as he thought that now he, and indeed all the others alongside him, were flying to prevent such an atrocity from ever happening again.

:: Horn Squadron, Standing By. ::

A dozen more A-Wings joined their brethren behind the formation of X-Wings, all of them a solid, CorSec Green. Captain Keida Nidor was pleased to see the readouts of stormy weather on the move over Yavin IV, her near-flat features curling into a Duros smile. The Mandalorians would have not a clue what they were flying into. The sun struck the 12 fighters, making the Silver Lightsaber on their nose appear to glow, twelve A-Wings circling the weapon facing outwards in a not-so-subtle nod to the heroic Rogue Squadron's crest.

:: Janson Squadron, Standing By. ::

The Miralian's tone over the communication frequency was decidedly upbeat and cheery: then again, Captain Sarisa Upari had a lot to be thrilled over: there she was, in command of the twelve most badass, hot-shot B-Wing pilots the Fleet had to offer, and a slew of Mandalorian ships to slag. The day could not be more perfect. Her fighters were, quite possibly, the most garish of violent violets that could be found, almost as if their hue was intended to infuriate their enemies. Their long "tails" were covered in giant images of female members of several species, all posed provocatively and scantily clad. Indeed, even their S-Foils displayed their roguish nature, dominated by a picture of a rather busty Rutian Twi'lek holding two rather large mugs of purple Corellian Ale.

:: Klivian Squadron, Standing By. ::

The other twelve B-Wings looked like they had seen better days. All of them bore long gashes in their metal hulls, what looked to be exposed circuits and wiring, and the carbon scoring so common to hits from blaster fire. The Sullustan at the lead of the formation could only chuckle at thinking just what would the Mandalorian response be at seeing this squadron looking like it had already been through the grinder, Captain Sorn Naa bringing his group in with Janson Squadrons: hiding behind the nearly-double-wing in front of them.

:: Bohemian Squadron, Standing By. ::

The blue-and-silver X-Wings of Bohemian Squadron remained separate from the seven in front of them, technically not being a part of that battle group. Still, Captain Wyren Starla was more than eager to get into Orbit and get this show on the road, joining up with her Guardian Fleet brothers and sisters and bringing the hammer down on these foreign invaders.

Jago confirmed, the red lights on his display each changing to green as the fighter group they were attached to checked in.

The hiss of hydraulics and the whine of electronic systems and gears filled the skies as the X-Wings and B-Wings opened themselves up into the forms they were most known for, Jago popping his wings as well and grinning as his targeting computer adjusted for the fact that his laser cannons were now active.

Jago informed the pilots behind him as the upper atmosphere of Yavin IV began to give way to space. With practiced ease he dialed down the inertial compensator of his fighter, making sure he would still feel a touch of gravity so he could have a better grasp on his maneuvers, but ultimately making sure he did not black- or red-out from pulling extreme Gs.

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Re: Yavin IV's Stratosphere

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