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Coruscant's Underworld

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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

"Galen," Fen said, looking at the Sith alchemist flanked by his twisted creations. Now that he was seeing them up close and they were standing still, he couldn't help but carefully observe them. "So, these.... are the creatures you set out to create," he said, calmly approaching and looking at one of the Jekk. Behind him, Beln stood completely still, too afraid to move. She could feel something dark about this man and the creatures with him. HOW was Estra staying so calm?

"Well, they are the result of my experiments, yes," Galen said, drawing Fen's gaze.

Fen's eyes moved to Galen in curiosity, "A curious choice of wording."

Galen's eyes narrowed at Fen, "Attempt to psychoanalyze me, Estra, and you will find yourself joining their mockery of life."

Fen froze for a moment before sighing, "Of, course, Galen. Forgive me. It has been a long time since I last saw you... what is it that you are here for?"

Galen slowly smiled and then stepped to the side, gesturing to the cryo pod as the Jekk set it on the ground, "See for yourself."

Fen was a bit hesitant to move forward and turn his back to Galen, but did so anyway. When he looked into the pod his eyes widened. "Praeletum?" Fen turned to Galen with a frown, "What is this?"

"This, my old colleague," Galen said, approaching the pod and looking down at it with a smirk. "This is where fortune favors me, to have put you in my path. I will not allow all the work I put into this man to be rendered null like this."

Fen's gaze snapped to Galen and he felt an unfamiliar sensation of unease creep into his mind as an involuntary shudder ran up his spine.

Galen grinned wickedly and spoke as he turned, "Come with me. I do not wish to waste time here." The Jekk picked the pod back up and began following after Galen as Fen stared after him. Galen glanced back, "Oh, and Estra. Bring your friend with. I'm sure she'll be of use."

Fen looked at Beln and almost cringed. Terror was written on her face and her whole body was now shaking. He couldn't really blame her. If Fen was a monster for the things he had done, then Galen was what monsters feared. He approached Beln and grabbed her arm, beginning to pull her along with him as she made small squeaks and whimpers in protest. Fen would have let her go back to the ship, but Galen had said to bring her with, and doing what the Sith said would be the fastest way of discovering what exactly Galen was doing with Praeletum.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

{ Cargo Hold, Heavily Modified YT-1300 Stocklight Freighter - The Millennium Eagle }

Sam found his ship filling up with a great deal of strangers, but right now, anyone that wasn't a jekk was welcome in the relative safety of his ship. When Liya made it through the Cargo Hold, albeit not quite in the way he anticipated, and for some strange reason, wearing a Coruscant Police officer's uniform. But details of that could wait. He fired a few more concussive blasts from his repulsors at various jekk before raises the Cargo Hold platform back up. The ventral blaster turret melted any flying jekk that tried to crawl in through the shrinking passages, and then, the floor of the Cargo Hold was just a floor again. He turns to look at Liya, :: You should get to the Medical Bay, that shoulder's in bad shape, and you're very much lucky to be in one piece. ::

He looks at one of the strangers that stayed by him in the Cargo Hold. He nods at the man, :: You're welcome to stay as long as you wish, friend. Until we're out of this mess. ::

He presses his left hand to his helmet, an instinctual action more than necessity. :: Nim, close the Boarding Ramp, I don't think we can carry up too many more people, and leaving an opening for jekk to get through isn't helping. ::

:: Of course, sir. :: NIM replied on the open speakers in the ship, allowing everyone in the Cargo Hold to hear his response. The Network Interfacing Machine addresses the men (Mack & Darien) at the Boarding Ramp shooting at jekk, :: I beg your pardon, sirs, but I shall be closing the Ramp post haste, if you may please enter the ship, we can seal off all entry points that the jekk might use. ::

{ Below the vessel, Modified YG-4210 light Freighter - The Unfair Advantage }

Frend's photoreceptor worked to locate the captain, Galdaart Fel's client, while his scanners warned him of the approach of jekk everywhere. His blasters were reaching their melting points, his arms and legs were covered with so much jekk guts and blood and gore, that he could no longer see any of his metallic exterior any longer. Then he saw him. The man cut and impressive swathe of death through the jekk, but he was no longer at full health, just his photoreceptor could tell him that. Frend knew, he had to act, and he had a very limited window of time to act. He cast a quick glance at Galdaart Fel. The droid did a quick calculation, the odds that Galdaart and the doctor Daniel Logan can survive on their own away from the goliathan droid whilst he rushed out to get the other client, bring him back, and then protect them all with his sheer bulk. The odds were at least thirty-four to one.

Galdaart Fel is a capable man, and the time required was not long. It would do. He nods once at Galdaart,
:: Frend will protect all. :: He emits a sonic blast at the jekk above Fel and Logan's heads, driving the jekk away for a moment, and then the droid turned, with Aoife still in tow on his shoulder, and dashes forward. His massive legs ate up distance at an impressive rate, crunching gravel and jekk alike as he closed the range between himself and the man. Aoife turned around to look and saw jekk coming for Galdaart and Daniel. She squeals and leaps off Frend's shoulder, propelling herself with the Force to move faster, and changing back to a human sized girl.

The changes back into an Ageless is far more exhausting, and having changed twice in one day, the girl felt ready to collapse, instead, when gravity started to push her to the ground, she let her feet touch the ground, knelt to absorb the shock of landing and pushed herself up once more, her lightsaber already ignited and in her hands. She cuts down jekk. running around Fel and Logan as a body shield of sorts, careful not to get in sights of their blasters, nor block their view, she occasionally throws her lightsaber overhead to slice up jekk and uses a broken glass bottle as a secondary melee weapon whilst doing that. Utilizing the Force this much drained her quickly. She would not be able to keep up this for very long.

Meanwhile, Frend reached Dante's side, letting him slip past while the droid used his bulk to block the jekk and their relentless pursuit. He activates his flamethrowers and hoses down the entire radius of almost fifty feet. Turning around, Frend begins dashing back towards Aoife, Galdaart, and Daniel. He catches up quickly to Dante,
:: Frend moves faster, Frend will carry man. :: He hoists the man up with one hand and crosses the final distance, and places the man back within the circle. Aoife stops her continuous running and collapses in sheer exhaustion. The droid caught her and places her at his feet.

What now? The organic beings were at their breaking points if not broken already, exhausted and running out of any resources. There was one more way, but it would only buy them a few minutes at the most, as it was dependent on his power core and how long it could sustain.
:: Stay close to Frend! :: He barks out at them and wraps his huge arms around everyone, half crouching, and activates the ray shields. Anything living that tried to get through the forcefield would fry. The droid spared a glance upwards, yearning for the ship to get lower quickly. If it did, then he could drop the shield and carry everyone into the ship, to safety, or they could make a run for it, if Frend's power core gave out and prevented him from protecting them any longer. But something burned within this droid, and he intended to fulfill his duty, no matter what.

:: Frend will protect! ::
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

To Liya. "I, uh... I don't know." To Sam. "Thanks." Now that the hold had closed and the threat was no longer visible, Sky's voice began taking on a distant tone as the reality of the situation began to fully sink in. "I'm Sky, by the way." Wade was dead. Honestly, truly dead. Not like last time, when he'd gone insane and left. This time there had been a body. When his back hit the wall, he sunk to the floor and cradled his head in his hands. He couldn't imagine what Faith must be going through, getting Wade back only to lose him for good so quickly. He wouldn't blame her if she never returned to being her old self, even the diamond-hard one of the last seven and a half years.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Murmuring voices..

Thoughts and images of horrific abominations making relentless attempts on his person. The resonating noises of snarling gnashing of teeth, shrieks and shrills, yet unheard. Peaceful rest not peaceful. Quietness not silent. A paradoxical state of being, thanks to scarred memories and traumatic encounters with hell on earth.

Physical pain faded in and out of mind, but as moments passed (if they were even moments at all at this point), the spurts of pain seemed to be kept at bay longer..and longer.....and longer. Seros' mind was being taken deeper, under the canopy of reality into the ephemeral. Into the essence and foundation of where all things are taken root. Falling as if subtly cradled. The slightly slowed beat of his heart became the only thing audible.

That familiar, inaudible voice.
"Deeper. Lower. Sink lower, to rest. I'm waiting.."

Waiting? Why wait? Where to? What's the purpose of waiting? The questions drove him deeper, although his 'body', still limply aloft in an invisible current among the darkness, eyes closed and face expressionless. Descending into a farther place of peace. The murmuring voices had all but ceased. Nothing.*

"Finally..some sleep."
His mind came once again into agreement with his body's disheveled state. This happened too many times. It wasn't that Seros was weak. On the contrary. Given certain circumstances, his mind refuses to acknowledge the body's need for reprieve and restoration, pushing himself rather 'beyond' his own limits.

*"..Don't wake up, silly."*
Wake up? All he thought about was sleep. How was sleep being considered awa--

*The voice interrupted again, still remaining unheard, yet perceived. "Quell your spirit. Come to me.. Let's talk."*


*"...Just...let..go.. Stop struggling."*

"Struggling? I'm not even resisti--"



*"Deeper. Lower. To rest.."*

*Hearing those familiar words again, his mind now returned to that point of no thought, no recollection, no question...he found himself beginning to sink again, as if he had stopped. The feeling of cradling peace and aloofness adopted his being again..and unbeknownst even to himself, he opened further unseen levels for deeper access. His head leaning back in his loft, eyes still closed as his descent increased. This 'nothing' was certainly better than what was going on miles and miles above him, but that was the thing. It wasn't 'nothing.' There was an obvious conscious sentience to whatever this was.

Seros' descent deepend, and hastened as he now knew how to control his descent. Letting go of inhibitions, doubts, fears, even hopes and aspirations, wishes and accomplishments, he plummeted 'head first' toward the voice, its strength in essence increasing greatly. His robes tattered and tarried in a non-existent wind as he shot down at what would seem supersonic speed..*


*...and there he stood.
The first thing he heard was waves. Ocean waves. Felt an almost chilly breeze press at his bald temples and invade his nostrils. His eyes opened.

A beach? ..Cold, ice. Abnormal ice formations protruding from the sea, not thought humanly possible. Odd.. But the next thing to catch his eyes was the ridiculously radiant, pulsing...moon? No, moons, so it would seem. Tendrilous forms of light and energy coalescing around their central apex. It illuminated everything around Seros on the beachhead. The ice itself glowed brightly because of the energy's prominent proximity. The waves themselves had no choice but to submit into a pure translucence as they rose over the white sands, easily mistaken for snow had it not been for the malleable consistency beneath his scuffed boots. Still..that orb of--or rather 'orbs'--of light, seemed familiar to him somehow.*

"The whole place does. ..Why--?"

*** "..Hello."

<< Seros spun his head back in a bit of quizzical shock as he heard the quaint voice of what seemed to be a small girl..and there she was. Small, adolescent, not looking a day older than twelve. Dressed in a simple white gown shirt and silky slacks. Her pale skin tone glowed like the ice and sands, and her blue-hued hair shimmered like an aquamarine gemstone. And the silvery, platinum eyes gave it away. Echani.

Still quizzical, he looked around again for anyone else. There was no one across the snowy..lifeless landscape? wasn't lifeless. There was much life here, contrary to common perception. He felt it pulsing out everywhere, despite the dead and depraved look to it. ..His fingers brushed over his brows as he tried to process what was going on..but even the girl caught on to that.. >>

***"..Don't try to figure it out." *she smiled.*

<< Seros glanced back at her, speechless. He wanted to ask who she was, but she seemed to remain one step ahead. >>

***"..Let me explain it to you." *she adopted a matter-of-fact demeanor.*

***"This.." *she gestured a hand and a quick glance to their surroundings.* " your home, or 'room' in the Force. It's how you perceive your relationship with the Force, with yourself, and even those around you."

<< Seros looked around once more, taking in the sight as she continued, albeit giving him time to reflect on each statement, knowing exactly when to proceed or halt her speech. >>

***"..And I...heh, well. You're hardly going to believe me....but I'm the Force."

<< Seros twitched his jaw and rose an eyebrow at that last remark. He had just taken a serious dive from the common world, into a realm that had little to no resemblance of anything he knew....or did he know of it?His hand returned to his creased brow, his thoughts and interpretations fumbling all over each other. >>

*Again, the girl caught on, raising her dainty hand toward him.* "..It's okay. Slow down. One thought at a time. After all..right now, time hardly exists for you." *her pursed smile pressed her plush cheeks up to her cheerful eyes.*

<< ...But- >>

***"Don't try to understand.." *That time, it was almost like a command. Nothing belligerent or malicious, but she spoke imperatively.* "..but it's only been about two and a half literal seconds of you passing out in that medbay."

<< And thusly, Seros began accepting his present circumstance, however odd it may have seemed to him. >>

*The girl gestured with a nod.* "Speak.."

<< Seros' hand returned to his hip, where it felt most at home when he found himself in the presence of children. He finally broke his..'silence,' as it were. >> "..Uhm, sorry." << he gestured an open palm, returning his other hand to his other hip, looking once again over his back to the beach and two glowing orbs. >> "..Not exactly what I'm used to..."

***"..But aren't you? ..This is the place you come to every time you meditate, or reflect, or..delve further into deeper revelation. That's why this place is so familiar. It's a reflection of your physical, mental -- and most importantly -- your spiritual state."

<< Seros looked at her again; not quizzically. >> "..Alright. Can you explain why the Force is interpreted into a small, pubescent Echani nymph?"

*Instead of showing insult, the girl showed amusement, despite the fact that she probably knew everything Seros was thinking, much less going to say.* "Hahahaha! ..Because humans don't interest you, Seros..."

<< ........ >>

***".........." *the Echani raised an eyebrow while the hint of a smirk remained unchanged.*

<< ......... >>
<< The amount of expressions displayed on Seros' face contradicted his completely stoic nature back up on the surface realm. He went from amused, to perplexed, to Jawa-in-the-headlights, then averting his eyes off to the side as one of his deepest feelings had been brought to light. One that he never even knew he had been holding.

Busted. >>

*The girl continued.* "You're alone not just because of your past, Seros. ..You're ashamed of your race, and the elitist mindset they have towards other species. Human supremacy, racism, and exclusivity have touched you in a way that most other humans don't even know is possible to feel. That's why you chose to study other species' biology and anatomy. To help "reverse" damage 'done by humans.' And you only said it's for knowledge on how to incapacitate them in a fight..because 'that's what you humans do!' " *she jested a clenched fist tossed in the air at her last remark.*

<< Seros looked down to the glowing sands beneath his boots, putting his tongue in cheek. Well, she pinned him down on that regard. There wasn't anything this - well, the Force - couldn't tell him about himself. But that still left one more aspect untouched. He glanced up at her from his downcast posture. >> "..And the fact the Force is interpreted to me as a-"

***" 'Small, pubescent Echani nymph?' " *She jested again, then adopting an almost pity-bearing, motherly charm, letting her head fall to the side and her voice trail out on a sigh of contempt.* "Because us 'little girls' are way outside the bounds of authority, which you don't seem to appreciate much either, Seros. This form is the easiest way to not just 'lower' your defenses. But to bypass them entirely. To show you that you are completely out of control. Not of 'the system,' as you would call it..but of yourself."

<< Seros couldn't believe this, yet he had to. In a slightly frustrated tone, he shot back, >> "..Well..then what does 'The Force' want with me?"

*'The Force' shook her head.* "There you go, Seros. Playing the victim of your own detriment instead of waging war against it. The question you should be asking is what do you want from the Force?"

<< Seros spurred about on his heel in the sand, taking a few steps back towards the receding tide, his eyes locking with the gorgeous orbs of energy above the sea. He didn't want to think about it, quite honestly. Always made him feel insufficient and weak. Incomplete. The idea of hiding from his own iniquity? What kind of man was he? Such a vicious circle...but at least those circles of pure energy and life offered something that he could--

..Wait a minute. >>

*'The Force' approached his side now, exchanging glances between Seros' locked gaze and the flaring white spheres.* "..You know what that is."

<< Well, sure he It was how he perceived the Force, in its raw, purest nature. Swirling, coalescing, flowing and ebbing, ever increasing, ever dominating presence. Although, this was his subconscious perception. The other smaller orbiting orb eluded him. >>

*'The Force' explained it to him.* "The larger orb is what you use to associate the greater 'mind' behind the Force, while the smaller orb is the means in which it accomplishes it. ..Watch closely."

<< And Seros watched. As 'The Force' claimed, time had little affect here. The smaller sphere of swirling energy moved farther away from the larger one. And a bit farther. ..And a bit farther. And even farther after that, progressively making its way over to the left horizon. And then Seros the realization, as well as the revelation, struck Seros.

The smaller orb wasn't orbiting around the larger one. It was orbiting around the 'planet' or space that Seros was on, affecting HIS world all along. And thusly... >>

*Adopting her affirming smile 'The Force' put into words what Seros was feeling.* "And here's where things get better." *she looked up at him like a mother would look down proudly on her son.* "..You love to learn, ever since you were a child." *she looked back at the larger sphere again.* "You simply cannot stop, can you?"

<< ..No words. There was hardly a need for them. His glossy eyes returned to gaze upon the Force Star. Every beam of light seemed to tell its own story somehow. The aura gave it unimaginable depth, and the diameter seemed that much larger now that the smaller orb had been revealed to revolve around his 'planet.' How much more VAST was the Force?! The comparison of ratio had increased exponentially, and Seros became lost merely in the idea that what he was even experiencing and perceiving was, more than likely, nothing close to the grand scope of truth that was The Force. >>

*'The Force' interjected once again.* "There are things you have right, Seros. You may never fully understand 'Me,' but as long as you keep gazing on that which you know to be true, and right.." *she placed her hand gently on his arm, still resting bent over his hip.* " will be made whole again."

<< With her warm touch, Seros snapped back to...well, you know..
...Was that a tear falling down his cheek? >>
"..Ugh!" << he wiped the tear off with a wrist covered in the wrap of his dead brother's Sith garments. And even that struck a symbolic note with him, in a way. >>

*'The Force' chided him after that, patting him on the back.* "Alright, tough guy. Enough's enough. Don't want you getting all over-analytical on Me now!" *She pried his right hand off his hip, taking his hand in her own, and started down towards the now increasing tide.* "Time for you to head back."

<< Being taken by force (...okay, seriously, no pun intended. lawl) from his place on the beach towards the ice-laden waters, he felt it only the least bit sensible to protest. >> "He-hey-hey hey! That water looks catastrophically cold, love! What you thinkin'?"

*Cocking her head back, rolling her eyes, 'The Force' turned haphazardly to Seros, displaying something akin to annoyance on her face.* "..Okay. You remember that this place looks how you perceive your reality, right?"

<< Seros looked to the odd towers of ice protruding from the sea, near and far. Their formation shouldn't be possible by natural occurance, but Seros didn't get it this time. Perplexity plagued his resolve as he shook his head. >> "..Okay?"

*'The Force' grinned ear to ear as she now pulled Seros into those last few steps toward the incoming water of the tide at their feet.* "Well, your life appears 'lonely' and 'cold' to even yourself..but in reality..." *the water finally rushed over their feet, ankles, and shins, seeping into Seros' a warm, humid bath in a day spa. 'The Force' spoke her last 'verbal' words to him as they proceeded neck level out from shore.* "'re quite a warm and sensitive individual, Doctor Darklighter." *she maintained her smile as they both ducked under the surface.*

<< It shouldn't be possible, but Seros threw that to the wind. The infinite distance in the dark waters of night would have been foreboding to anyone else, but the massive Force sphere in the sky illuminated particles floating about the sea, making them glisten and sparkle as the refracted beams of light danced under the ocean's surface. And the sphere itself looked spectacular even from under the surface. 'The Force' led him a ways away from shore, the more they swam, the more the fatigue and pain seemed to dissipate on his physical body. Quite therapeutic, really. >>

*Once they reached a point out at sea, where no land was visible, only stars and the Force Star..'The Force' turned to him to speak..except now, she was a full grown woman. A very familiar Echani woman, her hair fraying and floating gracefully about her trim features. A woman that would never leave his mind or memory...or his heart.

She swam right up to him, face to face, nose to nose, her eyes sultry, passionate, and piercing straight to his soul. That same inaudible voice he heard from his initial dive into the 'Realm.'*
"..I'll be with you. Always."

<< Seros' eyes got wide, and his heart felt like it doubled in size, about ready to burst out of his chest. Before he could react, he was pulled towards her by the lapel of his garment, and his lips met with hers... >>
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Just above the fighting on Sub-level 33...

*If anyone were observing from within the flight deck of the Unfair Advantage, it wouldn't look like much. Lights blinked on and off, very occasionally, the little droid's radome would move ever-so-slightly, but on a whole, there was little movement. However, internally Wrench was working at 86% capacity. The Ventral turret was constantly on the move, acquiring and unleashing hell on target after target. External sensors pinpointed at least twenty-two separate forms on the superstructure (and a full third of the sensors weren't working -- Wrench estimated the actual number of foul creatures to be closer to thirty-five.) Wrench was now at 90% capacity, in danger of overloading his primary circuits.

Realizing the situation was dire in the extreme, without enough ground support to properly contain the enemy much less eliminate the threat, R2P47 was certain that both the Master, and the Unfair Advantage would be fully overrun with creatures in 34.3 seconds. Wrench continued to bang away with the ventral turret, and performed some very quick calculations. Master was shielded by Frend.*

Variable: Ray Shield F=Tn 26
Variable: Creatures designate YY-76 total hostiles - 223 +/-
Variable: Composition of Structure Alpha
Variable: Explosive force of CCM-Delta2 F=E*En (X6)
Variable: Possibility of full destruction of vessel 'Unfair Advantage' - 55.8%
Variable: Possibility of total destruction of T1 loader droid - 78.455%
Running scenarios: 0101000101010101101101110010010010010101010101001001010010010010001

*The readout as Wrench made his impossible calculations would have carried on, and on, and on if anybody had cared to print it off. Wrench was now working at 97% capacity, and knew that if the ship was not overrun by the hostile force in the next twenty-three seconds, as previously calculated, he would go into automatic shutdown in just over twenty-five seconds, and then there would be no positive outcome. If the small astro droid could take a deep breath, he would have.

Wrench made his decision.

The ventral turret, white-hot from the constant barrage, stopped. The UA dropped even lower, to just over fifteen feet off the deck. A human with a good running start could now reach the underside of her fuselage, and several Jekk had taken the initiative and now clawed at and pried on every panel they could find on the superstructure. Time was short.

Two new panels opened on the bow of the UA. Simultaneously, Galdaart Fel received a binary, coded message on his comlink. He sat, holding his legs into his chest, squashed against Daniel Logan under the bulk of Frend as a thousand Jekk eyes and hands reached out for them. He spoke, but he would never know if Daniel could hear him over the collective roar of the vile creatures mere feet away from them.*

Hang on, Mister... We're going for a ride...

*Six Jekk began to explore the new, inviting openings in the hull of the UA. One managed to get its head inside, before being forcefully removed by the full spread of medium concussion missiles that issued forth. Danger-close. No safeties. Wrench had chosen one of the only paths left to him. A total of twelve missiles left the Unfair Advantage. The firestorm was everywhere, as buildings, footings for towers hundreds of feet tall, all fell to the wrath of the hi-ex, enough of it to handily destroy a Corvette. Missiles exploded on the ground, in the air, on top of the three human survivors, who were by this point completely buried in Jekk, and two shot forth, only to turn around and streak back at the UA.

He had no other choice.

Wrench watched them approach. Two seconds to impact. On the ground, Jekk were obliterated, as was most of the architecture and the very ground itself, turned into a fiery hell in mere moments. It was in this moment that the UA lowered its planetfall ramp, and began to drop lower to the ground, moving forward. The two missiles slammed into the Unfair Advantage's fore shields, which took the brunt of the explosion, but were completely reduced to nothingness in a fraction of a second, as flame rolled over the exterior of the ship and a hundred lights lit up the console. The jekk that had been on the surface of the ship were mere cinders, as was the majority of the Unfair Advantage. Panels fell away, and whole sections of the ship were on fire. Electrical systems were marginal. It was clear the ship had sustained serious damage.

But Wrench wasn't concerned with warning lights.

He dropped the ship to the deck, only the cushion of the repulsor-drives preventing a collision with Sub-Level 33. Using the planetfall ramp as a shovel, the droid scooped up ground, duralminium, debris and what remained of Frend, still protecting the humans beneath -- all were scooped up including the ground beneath them, and the effect inside the UA was an awful, jarring, scraping of metal which reverberated all over the ship. But they were aboard.

Wrench navigated the ship quickly to starboard, and then juked as fast as he dared to port, as pieces of the towers around him began to plummet earthward, some the size of the ship itself, taking out huge sections of sub-level 33 as they impacted. Powering up what remained of the main engines, he laid in a course and wasted no time rocketing skyward, leaving Jekk and the ruin of Coruscant's Underworld behind...*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Heavily Modified YT-1300 Stocklight Freighter, The Millennium Eagle - Cockpit

Myranda observes Galdaart Fel and the others being picked up in a damaged Unfair Advantage, and then heading out for orbit. Myranda announces on the intercom, We've picked up the last of the survivors. Strap yourselves in if you can, we're leaving. She closes up the Boarding Ramp, activates the ship's shields and with a boost, the Eagle follows after the Unfair Advantage, blasting any jekk that got in the way of her windshields. It was unlikely they would be coming back to Coruscant for a long, long time.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*As the planetfall ramp retracted, all manner of debris, twisted metal, and indeed, Frend's lower legs all were caught in the mechanism, and prevented a solid seal. Fel pried himself free of the droid's torso, as all three of the humans were somewhat pinned beneath the loader droid. Immediately, the spacer sprang to action, knowing that if Wrench intended to break atmo, there was no way the ship would hold together if there was a break in the cargo hold like this.*

Doctor, Mister! I'm going to drop the ramp by six inches -- toss that rubble out, kick it out, blast it out, I don't care how, but free up that ramp so we can seal up, or this is gonna be a real short flight!

*Jumping into the cargo hold, Fel slammed the ramp release, and then stopped it in its descent after only a few inches travel. He took no notice of the sparks and obvious signs of distress the UA was experiencing, and focussed on the task at-hand. A great rush of wind as the ramp opened sent debris flying into and out of the UA, and as the Captain jumped back onto the planetfall ramp, he could see the others were already freeing the ramp of most obstructions. Frend, however, was another problem entirely. The droid was inactive, and its legs had already been horribly crushed by the hydraulics of the ramp. Knowing the three of them could never hope to drag Frend into the UA, there was little choice. Thinking quickly, attempting to save their lives, Fel drew the charric pistol. Levelling it at Frend's hip joint, he fired once, twice. Severing the crushed legs at the upper hips. Jumping back up into the hold, he opened the ramp just a little further, until there was no longer any contact between the ramp and Frend's legs, which fell away to the firestorm below. Slapping the emergency lock, Fel watched as the ramp sealed, then took quick stock of his ship.

It wasn't good.

Power was fluctuating, and he saw the root cause almost immediately. There was a cluster of power conduit as big around as his head which had taken damage, and there were fresh scorching marks on the bulkhead behind them. Sparks shot out of the damaged power coupling nearby, and lights flickered on and off. The ride was like a bucking Rancor, and the Spacer had to hold onto a nearby bulkhead for support as the entire ship vibrated and shook as if hit by a meteor. Looking over at the injured, bewildered pair emerging from the landing ramp into the hold, Fel called out over his shoulder as he made for the bridge...*

Welcome aboard the Unfair Advantage! Follow me!

*Heading to the bridge was tough going. He fell once, and was slammed into walls several times as Wrench no doubt struggled to keep the craft aloft. Some of the motion and vibration felt like power loss and power surges, some felt like actual impacts, as if guidance was out. It took forever to make it through the galley, and through the avionics and Navacomp anteroom, before almost being thrown into the bridge. He no longer knew if the two passengers were behind him. It didn't matter.

Slamming with his shoulder into the right-hand console as he fell face-first into the cockpit, Fel almost blacked out, then regained his senses. There was wind in his face. Wind...

Shaking his head clear of the shock and pain that radiated from his shoulder, his back, his chest, Fel realized what the matter was. The bridge had been hit. The viewport was shattered, and most of the instruments on the port side of the cockpit were a tattered mess of wires and ruin. Worse, Wrench was badly damaged, his home-made astromech socket all but destroyed. His photoreceptor was broken, hanging by a wire, his left leg was badly smashed, and a significant portion of his chest cavity was missing, exposing his manipulators and ruined arc welder and circular saw. Though he was barely functional, he managed to maintain at least partial control of the ship via his scomp link, attempting to hold the ship steady.

Fel scrambled to his knees, and grabbed hold of the flight controls from the right-hand seat.*

Wrench... I've got it, buddy. I've got it.

*The little droid, unable to see his Master, cooed softly, and deactivated. Fel donned the goggles that hung from a piece of switchgear to his right, to brace against the onslaught of wind the blasted trough the ruined canopy, and attempted to correct a thousand systems that had either failed or were in the process. There was no time. She wasn't going to make it far. Not like this, and there was obviously no way they were going to break atmo in the UA.

Fel picked up his visuals as best he could. Short range scanners were in and out. Less than a mile away a ship hovered. Looked like a medium transport. Hadn't Jace said the Raggedy's were cruising in a Loronar Medium? Comm was out, but at this range, if Fel was lucky, he'd be able to raise Jace on his personal comm. He keyed it, and tried to angle the UA in for the Loronar's stern. He was rewarded with a shower of sparks and significant protest from the stick. As he activated the comm, the overwhelming sound of the wind almost drowned out everything the spacer tried to say.*

:: Jace? JACE!? Fel. -- about 350 yds astern of you. Get those cargo doors open! We're either coming aboard, or falling back down onto the Jekk!! Jace? Do you read me?? ::

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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Had he blacked out? His vision returned...shapes became defined.*

"Oh no. No no no. I liked my chances better outside thank you."

*The towering security droid, Daniel and Fel close by; the four of them taking refuge underneath the protective energy shield that umbrellaed above them, emanating from the droid. As for the Jekk, they were swarming around them...and on top of them. Ignoring the searing pain of the shield, they tried in vain to break through the thin barrier - to no avail.*

*The scream and strain of engines, and then, the roar of explosions. Fire and heat seemed to waft across the shield, and absently Dante wondered if they would cook to death.*

*The heat died away...and the Jekk had been reduced to ash, revealing...*


*Yeah. Revealing a ship. A ship rushing towards them.*

"No no no no no..."

*Racing towards them actually, ramp open, like a giant metal scoop.*

"No no no no NO."

*Throwing his hands over his head, Dante cringed as the squeal of metal on earth overrode all thought. And as the Captain, Daniel, Dante, and the droid slammed into the cargo hold of the ship, Dante could only blink in amazement.*

"We're alive. And YOUR CRAZY CAPTAIN!"

*What an understatement.*

Doctor, Mister! I'm going to drop the ramp by six inches -- toss that rubble out, kick it out, blast it out, I don't care how, but free up that ramp so we can seal up, or this is gonna be a real short flight!

*Scrambling to his feet, Dante unsteadily began taking rubble, and singlehandedly tossing it out of the hold (Cybernetic muscles have their uses). The ramp was nearly clear, with one exception; the droid. Taking a hold of the droid, Dante strained to move him, and only succeeded in moving him a bare half inch. Falling back, Dante gasped for breath and turned to yell at Fel.*

"The droids too heavy!"

*Seems he didnt have to yell, Fel was already present, weapon in hand. Hastily letting go lest he get shocked, Dante watched as the droids legs were blasted off, and the ramp sealed. Absently, he winced at the damage to the helpful droid - but, understood that it was necessary.*

Welcome aboard the Unfair Advantage! Follow me!

*Dante snickered.*

"Yeah it does seem Unfair!"

*Hastily he followed the captain, and as he did so looked at the extensive damage throughout the hold.*

"Looks like the primary relay got hit."

*Ha. Understatement. Already Dante was analyzing the ship, sizing her up; he couldn't help it, engineering was in his blood, and granted that he typically worked on biological machines rather than artificial ones, he was still proficient around the machine shop when need be. Looked like the relay had been hit by some shrapnel, big around as a head - this far into the ship it had to be affecting a major system. Power distribution, sensors, avionics, you name it. Following Fel to the bridge, Dante whistled at the damage. To say that it was wrecked would be putting it politely. Trashed, perhaps, was a more apt term.*

Wrench... I've got it, buddy. I've got it.

"That's a droid?"

*Honestly, it was barely recognizable.*

"Poor fella."

*The consoles were trashed, but perhaps he could make a work around. As Fel strapped on his goggles and took the stick, Dante flopped onto his stomach and crawled underneath the console...and was greeted by a hundred different blinking lights, sparking wires, and of course, the ever popular broken chips*

:: Jace? JACE!? Fel. -- about 350 yds astern of you. Get those cargo doors open! We're either coming aboard, or falling back down onto the Jekk!! Jace? Do you read me?? ::

*350 yards astern, and unresponsive. It didn't bode well. Pushing Dante's worry over his friend aside, he focused at the task at hand. Above him was the avionics console, to his right was power distribution, to his left...a mess of wires that he couldn't identify.*

"CAPTAIN. If you could have one system at a hundred - *a severe shower of sparks punctuated the word, and Dante amended.* - FIFTY percent. What would you take?"
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Far away from the collapsing buildings, but not so far that they couldn't hear or feel the crashing of untold tons of metal falling through the levels, Fen was completely ignoring the fact that he'd just been near that area a short time ago. Instead he was looking incredulously at Galen, the alchemist's four Jekk holding the cryo-pod just next to him. Estra looked at the vial of sickly yellow liquid and datapad that Galen had handed him and then to the pod, before looking back at Sith.

"Impossible," Fen said, shaking his head.

Galen raised an eyebrow in amusement as a wicked smirk crossed his face, "Are you doubting me, Estra?"

"He's dead! Why could you possibly want the body reconstructed? Even if it is possible, his brain has been damaged as well! If by some miracle he were to ever regain consciousness, he wouldn't know anything. He wouldn't even know how to walk!"

"So teach him," Galen said, the amusement gone from his voice. "I know you have the ability to do it Estra. With the changes I have already made to him, it should be quite easy."

Fen frowned, "What changes? What are you talking about?"

Galen didn't answer. Instead he just smiled and gestured to the datapad Fen had. Fen looked at it and then the vial, quickly pocketing the latter as he activated the former. Browsing through the files on it, Estra's face change from confusion, to astonishment, to enthrallment in a matter of moments. "This is..."

"...Everything," Galen finished. He turned to his Jekk and motioned for them to go, carrying the pod into the med-runner sitting on the nearby landing pad. Galen then turned and tossed a comlink to Beln who hurriedly grabbed at it with shaking hands and then holding it against herself to keep from dropping it. She'd kept silent this entire time, and did not want to speak or stand out in any way. She had thought Estra was frightening when he became focused on a specific task, but Galen was something else entirely. "I'll be in touch," Galen said as he turned away, quickly disappearing from sight with his Jekk when they exited the ship.

Fen and Beln both stood where they were for several minutes in utter silence. Fen's mind was reeling through everything, as was Beln's. However where Fen was thinking everything over, Beln was simply to scared by the encounter to focus on anything other than the fact that she was still alive.

"Let's go!" Fen said, shocking her into the present as he began striding toward his ship with purposeful steps. She hurried after, thankful to be leaving this place, but nervous because of the new bit of cargo the ship was now carrying.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Jace had just finished pulling the second to last piece of glass from his leg. He sat there, leaning against the armrest of the chair as he coughed away the urge to vomit all over the floor. Sweat streamed down his face and neck as he strained to keep himself from passing out. His head was still throbbing, and it felt like it was getting worse as each piece of glass was removed, and for each drop of blood that hit the floor. He knew that he'd have to set this thing down soon and seek medical help if he didn't get this fixed soon.*

*Jace reached over and wrapped the last shard of glass in his leg with one of his tattered shreds of pantleg material. He was contemplating just ripping it out now to get it over with. But that would probably cause him to bleed to death. Or something along those lines. As he started to look around the compartment for something to use, his commlink crackled to life. Picking it up with clammy hands, he listened intently...*

:: Jace? JACE!? Fel. -- about 350 yds astern of you. Get those cargo doors open! We're either coming aboard, or falling back down onto the Jekk!! Jace? Do you read me?? ::

*Jace took a moment to think about the situation. Why would he need to get the doors open? How would they come aboard? Wait, no. He said cargo doors open. Well, he could at least do that.* *Jace reached over and flipped the switch for the cargo doors. Several lights went on as the ship warned him of the doors opening while still in flight. He didn't even notice.* *He said three hundred and fifty feet astern, right? No, that was way too close. Yards, that's it. And they were astern? Should he turn the ship around for them to fly in.... nooooo. They were already behind him. Damn did his head hurt.* *He pressed the button on the comlink to send back his response.*

:: Yeah....yeah, I hear ya. ::
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

{ Cargo Hold, Heavily Modified YT-1300 Stocklight Freighter - The Millennium Eagle }

Sergio 'Sam' Ghomesz wrote:Sam found his ship filling up with a great deal of strangers, but right now, anyone that wasn't a jekk was welcome in the relative safety of his ship. When Liya made it through the Cargo Hold, albeit not quite in the way he anticipated, and for some strange reason, wearing a Coruscant Police officer's uniform. But details of that could wait. He fired a few more concussive blasts from his repulsors at various jekk before raises the Cargo Hold platform back up. The ventral blaster turret melted any flying jekk that tried to crawl in through the shrinking passages, and then, the floor of the Cargo Hold was just a floor again. He turns to look at Liya, :: You should get to the Medical Bay, that shoulder's in bad shape, and you're very much lucky to be in one piece. ::

"But ... " *I stammered, fire and determination burning in my eyes and voice, fueled by the same adrenal rush that was keeping the pain from my discombobulated right arm at bay. I dug the fingers of my left hand into my right wrist, and then gasped sharply as the bones slid back into place.* "... I can still fight ..." *My voice trailed off as Sam spoke again. There was something in his tone than compelled obedience.*

Sergio 'Sam' Ghomesz wrote:He looks at one of the strangers that stayed by him in the Cargo Hold. He nods at the man, :: You're welcome to stay as long as you wish, friend. Until we're out of this mess. ::

He presses his left hand to his helmet, an instinctual action more than necessity. :: Nim, close the Boarding Ramp, I don't think we can carry up too many more people, and leaving an opening for jekk to get through isn't helping. ::

:: Of course, sir. :: NIM replied on the open speakers in the ship, allowing everyone in the Cargo Hold to hear his response. The Network Interfacing Machine addresses the men (Mack & Darien) at the Boarding Ramp shooting at jekk, :: I beg your pardon, sirs, but I shall be closing the Ramp post haste, if you may please enter the ship, we can seal off all entry points that the jekk might use. ::

*As the cargo hold closed, I knew that it was truly over, and Sam was right. There was nothing more that I could do to help. I could only hope that Fel and whoever else was with him and Frend had been able to reach the UA before the horde tore them to shreds. Slowly, a sense of hopeless dread replaced my combat focus. Surely, in all that chaos, not everyone could have survived. It seemed impossible. So who was it going to be this time? I had seen Sam carry Karana and --- I wrongly presumed --- Wade, to safety. Fel was with Frend. But where was Jace? As I stared helplessly at the closed ramp, my eyes randomly tracing the streaks of alien guts, I could feel pain seeping into my shoulder. With a quick twist of my teeth, I tore the glove off my left hand, and bit down on it --- hard --- as I grabbed my elbow, and twisted. There was a sharp crack, and suddenly my utterly numb right arm suddenly throbbed. I grimaced. If the elbow was any clue, I wasn't going to be able to do the shoulder myself. Besides, it felt like a lot more was wrong in there than just a dislocation.*

Wade Connors wrote:To Liya. "I, uh... I don't know." To Sam. "Thanks." Now that the hold had closed and the threat was no longer visible, Sky's voice began taking on a distant tone as the reality of the situation began to fully sink in. "I'm Sky, by the way." Wade was dead. Honestly, truly dead. Not like last time, when he'd gone insane and left. This time there had been a body. When his back hit the wall, he sunk to the floor and cradled his head in his hands. He couldn't imagine what Faith must be going through, getting Wade back only to lose him for good so quickly. He wouldn't blame her if she never returned to being her old self, even the diamond-hard one of the last seven and a half years.

*I nodded politely to the stranger who had called himself Sky. He'd sounded distant. Probably stunned, and for good reason.* "Nice to meet you." *I glanced down at the messily rolled up sleeves of my stolen police uniform, which by now was most likely violating every tenant of the CSF dress code. Two of the polished, silvery buttons were missing, but the badge was still there: Elena Martinez.* "I'm Liya." *I grinned.* "Not Elena."

*My eyes traveled from Sky to his female companion, who seemed to be even more shell shocked by what had just happened. Her whole figure screamed pain and anguish and horror with its body language. As Sky sagged to the floor in some mixture of defeat and exhaustion, head in hands, I turned back to him, concern written on my dirty, bloodied face.* "We're safe now. How'd you get caught up in this?"
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Fel breathed a huge, ragged sigh of relief as Jace's voice, sounding not entirely like himself, spoke into Fel's ear. The spacer didn't reply, focusing instead of keeping the damaged Corellian freighter steady. It was an uphill battle, and as the Loronar cast a shadow over the Unfair Advantage, Fel realized there was no way he was going to gain sufficient altitude to make it to the upper cargo bay. It wasn't the smallest bay he had ever set a ship down in, but it would be difficult without complete control over the UA.*

*to Dante* Jump on repulsor control. Back in the avionics suite. Third panel from the door. I have no idea how much I've got left in forward retro-thrust, and we're coming in a little hot. See what you can do. Twenty seconds!

*Fel played every trick up his sleeve to prevent the UA from smashing into the port hull of the Loronar. In the end, he cut power just at the right time, and flipped over to repulsors, just as the UA was crossing the threshold of the lower cargo bay. The old freighter came to rest heavily on her landing struts, sliding to a stop six feet from the fore bulkhead, pushing the few cargo crates out of the way against the walls. The pilot had little need to shut off the main systems: half of them were dead anyway.

Fel jumped up, and moved to Wrench immediately, pulling the little droid away from the rear bulkhead, its scomp-link still extended to save the ship. A wave of bitter hatred burned within Galdaart at the sight of his oldest friend. That rodder. Galen. Galen and his toys had done this, for what? To torment them? To play with them like puppets? For the moment, though it pained him to do so, he left Wrench. He needed to know how the rest of his crew was.

He stalked through the avionics suite, a mass of melted wires hanging in a great loom from the ceiling. He cast barely a glance at Dante, but the tone in his voice carried a hint of thankfulness.*

At ease, Mister. We're alive.

*Through the galley, equipment toppled and broken on the floor, and into the hold. It was a ruin. Two major crossmembers were twisted, and he didn't even know where to begin with the power couplings and conduits. What a mess. Damn Jekk. Looking around... where was Dazac? Fel checked through the debris, under plating and access panels that had fallen or were charred and bent, moved and threw aside cargo crates that had been jarred loose by the battle, but there was nothing. No body. No cryo tube. No Dazac.

Fel rushed to each of the two berths, tried to access the engine room, which was emerg-sealed due to scalding hot steam which filled the compartment, cursed bitterly. No Dazac. No Dazac. He stood, absolutely trembling with rage in the hallway outside the engine room, a claxon and red light flashing and warning of the immediate danger of entering the compartment. A minute passed. Finally, Fel walked back into the hold, beaten, impotent. The man, Galen, had walked in under his nose, and taken Dazac. Fel climbed over the form of Frend, lying face-down on the boarding ramp, and slapped the egress button. The ramp hissed and descended. Clean air rushed into the chamber, and Fel stepped down into the Loronar Medium Transport's lower hold.

It was clean, especially when compared to the UA, and smelled of hard work and grease. Fel walked over to a terminal and accessed the internal sec-monitors, to bring up a view of the upper cargo hold, just as the ME was landing. He felt the soft reverberation as the ME touched down conveyed through the structure of the Loronar, and walked silently forward to the lift. Punching the entry for the upper cargo bay, the lift whined momentarily, and then opened into a longer bay, the Millenium Eagle sitting proudly in the centre of the hold, a smattering of cargo containers tied down to points under her port bow. Fel leaned against the crates, and waited for the boarding ramp to lower, eager to see that the crew was alive and well. He had seen only the backs of Wade and Karana fighting the Jekk as he beat a hasty retreat to cover their new contract, and he yearned with every fibre of his being to know that they were whole.

Droids could be repaired, ships could be fixed.

The pilot looked around the upper hold. Neat, tidy, but obviously well-used, the paint on the floor plating was worn away, and there were marks from hundreds of pallets of cargo that had graced the floors over the years.

It wasn't long before the planetfall ramp descended.*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*The warmth of the water, and Kaali's lips, didn't seem to leave his perceptive senses, even as his consciousness ascended back up out of the crystalline waters. The image of Kaali somewhat dissipated away into the black void from whence Seros came.

Seros didn't want to leave, naturally, but it felt as if he didn't have a choice. Either by the Force's will, or by the fact that the accelerated healing his body underwent while 'submersed' in the rather therapeutic tides of his dreams had actually enabled his normal state of consciousness again. Maybe it was both.

Seros' thoughts opened again to reveal that he was shooting back up into the void, faster than he had descended. The light above grew brighter, and brighter..and nearer and nearer. And brighter..*


Whoa! TOO bright! Seros' once wary eyes flinched and blinked as they opened right into the direct rays of the medbay's florescent ceiling lights above his bed. A familiar looking nogri dressed in what could easily be mistaken as Jedi robes at first glimpse was standing over him, his hand pressing over the wound on his leg from a hungry jekk's jaws. His robes were torn off his chest to both sides, already slashed and ripped to shreds by the jekk, allowing easier access to his wounds. His upper left shoulder where the jekk from the roof landed and feasted, was now covered well and bandaged over quite nicely, medical tape lining its edges over his pec and back. Although a good portion of the pad was saturated with blood..

..the pain he once recollected was hardly anything to cringe over. It had dulled significantly.

Keeruhk noticed the Jedi regain consciousness, and simply shook his head in disapproval of him moving too much as he continued pressing him down onto the bed.

Seros looked back at him sternly, moving his hand over Keeruhk's as to simply get a glance at the wound over his shoulder. As the hand and gauss slowly rose off, even amidst the pasty drying blood, the teeth marks had almost closed up entirely, only the larger punctures still showing signs of minor bleeding. And his side? It wasn't as bad to begin with. It had already scarred over, clotted and healed completely. Seros silently nodded back to Keeruhk, as a silent "I'll be fine."

He sat up, noticing yet another rip in his pant leg. He mused.

..Great. Gonna have to make a trip to an Enclave soon.."
He turned about on the bed, leaning over the edge, ignoring the many voices he heard coming from the apparently crowded cargo bay. Affirming his status, he started taking steps towards the closest wall.

Although, whilst walking around the room, he noticed that a particular person hadn't left the more immediate recesses of his mind. Those platinum, sheeny locks of hair bouncing with each step on the streets of Umgul City outside the gym. Her insatiable need to run her finger along Seros' scar on his arm the first time they met...

He tried shaking it out of his head at first.
"Heh. ..Probably just that dream I had. Shook you up a bit, ol' boy. ..Don't think you'll ever see her again, anyways. Even if you did, she'd probably-..." he let out a small huffing chuckle, removing the top of his torn gui and folding it over his arm. "..well, I dunno. Run into my arms, or run the other direction, perhaps."

But would he run after her if she did?

...Absolutely. He didn't have to wonder WHY she showed up in his dream. He thought about her every moment before he dozed off to sleep ever since they got separated. Concealing her presence in the Force as she had just taught him the day prior to her disappearance, they split up to spy on the supposed Sith that had landed on Umgul..and he never saw her again. She just vanished. Never heard from, nor her presence felt ever aga-....

He stopped moving just as he was about to exit the medbay, his garments halfway hanging off his chest and arm.
Keeruhk had gone ahead of him already to meet up with Sky and Faith. He was alone for that moment, gazing off past the opposite wall of the adjacent passageway.

"....No way.." The thoughts then transcended into somewhat of a bodily manifestation. A reverberation that coincided with even the smallest recollection of her face, eyes, tresses..words spoken - essentially affirming what he'd been both fearing and yet hoping.

His brow narrowed and twitched, letting his field of consciousness extend outward, its radius forsaking the boundaries of the Loronar, further out...further out...

And sure enough..with the turning of his head to look over his shoulder, as if to look past the farthest wall in the medbay....that feeling was undeniable. She was there, slowly circling the crew's position from afar. His eyes grew wide with anxiety, desperation, hope and anticipation..and his heartrate skyrocketed.

..She had found him first.

<< .....Kaali.. >>
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Jace made sure that the ship held steady as the other two vessels made their approach. He fumbled around on the control panel and brought up a security feed of the two bays. He wiped the blood that had seeped out of the bloody rags he was biting on from his mouth as he watched Fel's ship make a shaky landing. He almost didn't make it. He continued to watch the lower bay security feed to see who would step out of the burnt husk of a ship, if anybody. A few moments later the ramp lowered most of the way, a figure walking down and into the safety of the Loronar's hold. Fel. At least the captain had made it through the horde.

He blinked several times to keep his vision from becoming too fuzzy as he switched the camera to the upper hold. The ME coasted in gracefully, it's appearance almost untouched by damage compared to the UA. It settled down comfortably in the hold, powering down quietly. At least somebody else made it out as well. He had no idea who had made it out and who didn't. Jace had taken off running from the start so that he could get the Loronar in the air. While he hated leaving the crew to fend for themselves, it was justified by the fact that he had provided a single platform that they could all escape on. He thought back to who was at the cantina when he left. Karana, Frend, Wade, Sam, Myranda, and Wade's friend were all outside. Fel, Dante, and the Doctor were inside. Which left Liya unaccounted for. He hoped that she had met up with the others and was on one of the ships. He wouldn't knowingly leave one behind.*

*They were in the clear. He shut the rear cargo hatch and tried to prepare the ship for leaving the atmosphere. He thought that it should all be fine, as long as the ship was locked up tight. Looking over the increasingly difficult-to-see control panel, he could make out enough to tell that he was in the clear. Easing the throttle forward, he activated the warning system that would alert anybody on board that the ship would be preforming re-entry/escaping the atmosphere. He summoned on what he could of the Force to guide his hands, but that was pretty difficult as it was. Nevertheless, the ship ascended through the atmosphere and more-or-less smoothly made it's transition into orbit...*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld



*Quickly, Dorian slipped out the back door of the bar, hastily turning round several of the back alleys to make sure he wasn't followed.*

"Gods damned crazy gunman. Why is it I can't catch a break?"

*It wasn't that surprising. Dante seemed to attract trouble like a magnet...and somehow that trouble invariably manifested around the off duty cop. Go figure.*

*Heading back to his seedy apartment on sub-block nine, Dante passed by the cranky land lady - being sure to pay rent on time - and headed upstairs. Opening the doors and it's numerous locks, he laid down on the crusty, rickety bed. Vacantly he stared at the ceiling, wondering to himself; how long would he have to play this game? How long would this duty be thrust on his shoulders?*

"...Until the job gets done."

*With the proclamation, came a surge of strength, of resolve. He was the underworlds hope, strength, and guardian. Relationships, personal goals and aims, all had to be suspended for the greater good.*

*Closing his eyes, he slowly drifted to sleep...*


*He awoke with a jolt, his body tensing and then vaulting itself through the air, depositing him on his feet in a low crouch. Eyes wide, hands out to defend himself, Dorian scanned his apartment once again. His heart pounded, adrenaline surging through his veins like cold fire, every nerve resonated with energy, and then...

A CRACK, a deep rumbling - so deep it shook the flimsy windows on the apartment - a gout of flame burst up from one of the man hole covers in the alleys. With it came a blinding pain in Dorians head, sending him into a crumpled heap on the dusty floor. The pain slowly subsided, and shakily, Dorian slowly clambered to his feet. He was quickly brought to his knees again though, by yet another crack. The ground shook horribly - the hardest tremor yet - and plaster and dust streamed down from the ceiling. Flame spewed towards the sky from fissures in the ground, so close to the apartment that it blackened the little window. On and on the rumbling and tremors rocked the reality only minutes passed, but for Dorian, it may as well have been hours.

All he could do was hold his head, the blinding pain slowly pushing him into unconsciousness...*


*He slowly awoke to a splitting headache and the smell of vomit and blood. Opening his eyes, the apartment slowly swam into focus; his shirt front stained with vomit, the ends of his finger tips bloody and raw from scrabbling against the floorboards. Slowly he rose to his feet and shakily took a seat on the bed, wincing at a sharp sound that made his head throb.

What was that sound? It was...scratchy...voices? Almost like...*

:: All CPD we have a code 365! UnderTacSec reports explosions from the deep levels, structural stability has been compromised in blocks 34, 56, 98, 04...*static*...*squealing*...all available officers are to help with riot control and evacuation procedures...*Static*...over world reinforcements are to be expected; explosions have affected fault lines under three sky scrapers on the surface! I Repeat! All CPD we have a code 365!...*Static*... ::

*Numbness settled like a shroud over him...he clung to the bed for support as nausea passed over him...the pain in his head; life being snuffed out! The shaking, the fire, the tremors; a pressure bomb, being detonated deep under ground...

He bolted upright, making his head swim...the repercussions finally setting in.*


*He bolted to his feet, slamming into a wall in the process, and wrenched open the door. Stumbling down the hall way, he ran as fast as he could down the stairs, tripping over the last step and slamming into yet another wall, bloodying his nose. He didn't stop or pause though; shoving his way through the heavy doors of the building, he pulled out his comlink, and fumbled with the comm code for the Nightwings*

:: NW-0001, come in! Come in NW-0001, do you read?! ::

*Nothing but static answered him, and as he ran down the alleys he punched in yet another comm code.*

:: Cinderblock! Do you read? Cinderblock! CINDERBLOCK! ::

*Again, only static.

Fear coursed through him, fear that all his work had been undone...fear that every single being in spiretown was dead. Fear that the syndicate had won.

He ran, no taking alleys, no shaking tails, no misdirection; he ran in a straight line, from point A, to point B. Across pipes, swinging from power cables, crawling through drains and manholes. Eventually he came to a single abandoned street at the south end of the underworld...all the buildings here were old - very old - and hadn't been lived in for years. Seizing the manhole cover, he wrenched it away...showing a secondary door with keypad underneath. Hurriedly he punched in an access code, and as the doors opened, dropped down into the access tube. He landed with a thud, and lights began automatically turning on; one by one, they activated in a long rom, showing a retrofitted sewer tube that had been abandoned for years, refitted with bright glow panels, clean and sterile durasteel and lead walls, expensive state of the art computers and view screens, suits of spare armor, pieces and spare parts, a weapons rack and armory, a small medical facility.

Dorian breezed past the complex machinery and advanced electronics...this was the lair of the Nightingale; perhaps one of the best equipped facilities in the underworld - though compared to the surface, perhaps only average. No, his goal was the transponder array at the far side of the room...and the wireless links it had to hidden cameras in the underworld. Quickly he booted up the monitors, tuned the cameras to the underworld...

and slowly shrank away from what he saw...*

"Beautiful issssssn't it. All issss fire and death."

*With a start, Dorian started to whirl around, but an immensely strong and scaly hand slammed his head hard into the monitor - hard enough to crack the screen - burning the images of thousands of burning corpses into his mind. His head heldto the screen, Dorian frantically scrabbled against the monitor and arm to get away...he was too weak though. Helplessly, he tried to reach through the force for the being...but felt nothing. Again, the scaly, slithering voice scraped across his mind, like nails across the chalkboard.*

"Ssssissss ssssissss ssiiiissss. No no no...I cannot be felt through that way..."

*Fear lurched through Dorian's stomach, he could feel that? He was force sensitive!*

"Perhapsssss I will give you a clue asss to who I am..."

*Scaly, thin lips pressed to Dorians bloodied ear...*

"My name...isss Ssstrahl.""

*Eyes widened, mouth opened in surprise. Fear turned to terror in one single second.*

"Glad you underssssstand."

*Nails dug into Dorians head, and Dorian screamed as long thin tendrils of thought dug into his mind...

And then all went black.*


*Silently, the creature known as Strahl dropped the dead corpse of Dorian. Bringing his blood stained fingers to his mouth, a long snakes tongue flicked out to lick the blood off. Behind him, two elite Syndicate commandos cringed internally. One of them though, mustered the courage to step forward.*

"Sir. Excuse my impertinence. But...was he the Nightingale?"

*Awe filled the soldiers voice, and Strahl paused mid lick to turn and regard him.*

"You ARE impertinent..."

*The soldier paled at that, and quickly fell to his knees.*

"But the commandosssss will need to be briefed for phassse two of our operation."

*Strahl gestured to Dorians body.*

"You will tell the rank and filessss that the Nightwings are dissssbanded; ssscattered acrosssss the planet. You ssshall tell the commandossss the following in your misssion briefing. Underssstod?"

*The commando rose, and saluted sharply.*

"Yes sir!"

*Strahl turned, and slowly slithered to a suit of armor, touching it gently.*

"Thankssss to the little boyssss intel, we found the lair of the Nightingale. And in it, we found a Nightingale."

*Confusion crossed the commandos face.*

"..."a" Nightingale?"

*Strahl slowly stroked Dorians cheek.*

"The man before ussss is not the real Nightingale. He issss a double; one of many many imposssstersss put in place by the original Nightingale. Thisss man here, doesss not know the identity of the original...and he doesss not know the originalsss plansssssss. He wassss recruited by the one of the former Nightingale impossssters many yearssss ago, after he wasss found to have a passssion for thossse below. He, and at leassssst sssssix Nightingalessss before him have labored to wage war againsssst usssss. The original meanwhile works on his own devicessssss, allowing the cycle to loop on itssself."

*The commando looked confused.*

"But, to what purpose? Why doesn't this original fight us himself?"

*Strahl shook his head and hissed lightly - a laugh.*

"Becausssse he isss assss devioussss assss I am. I sssuspect that the real Nightingale never cared about thossse below. It wassss ssssimply a diversssion to keep us drain our divert our attention away from hissss true prize."

*Understanding dawned on the commando's face.*

"He's after the artifact."

*Strahl smiled widely.*

"Precisssseeely....and after thissss long and cossstly war, he'sss in the perfect possssition to challenge ussss for it."

*The commando scoffed loudly.*

"We've killed seven. He won't be much trouble."

*Strahl paused in mid slid-slither, and slowly turned to the soldier.*

"Yessss; I'm ssssure that a being that hassss eluded our intelligence operativesss for three yearssss and sssingle handedly ssset up an rival militant organization whilssst remaining completely anonymousssss will be very eassssy to track and kill."

*The commando cleared his throat, and stood a little straighter.*

"Point taken sir. I'll be sure to stress that in my briefing. What is our next plan of action?"

*Strahl slowly slithered through the room, sifting through the various parts in the safe house.*

"We have only one lead; before the weak one died, one of the emergency protocolssss left in place by the original wasss for a crate to be delivered full of multiple componentsss, to a ssset of coordinatesss. We ssshall deliver sssaid crate. With a ssssurprise."

*The commando furrowed his brow.*

"Why not ambush the Nightingale at the coordinates?"

*Strahl only sissed softly.*

"It sssolvesss a very large problem; we don't know where all the piecessss of the artifact are. Thissss one isss clever and prepared - he hasss obviousssly been preparing thissss for a long time."

*The commando nodded.*

"Your going to let him do all the work...and then take it from him."

*Strahl slowly smiled.*

"Precissssely. Gather random itemssss from the room...fill the crate full - make sure boots, gauntlets, some low grade armor, and a body sssuit are included. Give him nothing advanced - but enough that ssssome passsive scanning will verify the contentsss. After your done....we'll put a presssent of our own inssside....

*The soldier saluted, and quickly moved to carry out Strahl's orders. Smiling, Strahl slowly picked up Dorians body, his jaw distending as the commandos walked away...*


*As the commandos worked, they tried not to look at the sight of Dorians legs slipping in between the creatures mouth, or the snapping of bones and the dribble of marrow - tried, and failed. As Strahl finished, and slowly slid away, both of the men shivered at the sight of a mans face outlined in the creatures belly.*

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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Galen strode with purpose toward his ship, hidden in the Underworld. Outside of it were two Jekk, holding a limp body upright. Galen smiled wickedly, everything was going his way it seemed. He stopped in front of the two Jekk and grabbed a fistful of hair, tilting the mans head back so he could see him better. After quickly looking him over he let go and motioned for the Jekk to take him onboard the ship. The wound on the mans chest was serious, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. He gave one last look around before boarding the ship. He gave the order to leave and made his way to the medbay to begin his work. It wouldn't do to have the man die before he'd even started. So he would patch him up first, and then... he could begin.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Two large, black, bulky speeders pulled up to the debris-ridden hanger that the Millennium Eagle and the Unfair Advantage had originally settled in. Scorch marks, dust, blood, and a few bodies littered the area. But the occupants of the speeder had only come for one thing: the two crates that held the supplies and notes of Doctor Daniel Logan's research. The side doors opened, and six armed special operatives rushed from each. They moved in and secured the area, watching for any signs of hostile contact. Eight men watched the streets while four grabbed the crates and hauled them back onto the speeders. Falling back and covering each other as they did, the operatives piled into the speeders and slammed the doors shut. The two speeders pulled away from the docks and punched the throttle, slipping around a few corners and disappearing from sight.*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*The Bleeding Comet descended down the shaft to the underworld of Coruscant. Time on the clock was ticking and Deadline knew it. Time wouldn't run out. He made sure it never did. He landed on an empty platform and exited. A rodian was there to greet him.*

=Freight Receiver=
What are you carrying?

*Deadline didn't feel the need to talk to the silly being. He handed him the manifest and continued down the ramp towards a security checkpoint.*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Deadline continued on his way. When he was stopped at the checkpoint, he proved he shook hands with one of the guard and continued. The guard winced slightly but didn't realise what had happened. Deadline continued on nonchalantly and began counting down in his head*
*The guard began to grimace then writhe in agony. Deadline removed the needle from his palm and tossed it into a trash receptical. He looped around to a secret corridor in the hanger while the guard slowly but painfully died.

Deadline could see a heavy piece of cargo hanging above the freight receiver. With most of the people distracted by the guard, he had a small window of opportunity. He attached a supressor to his plasma launcher. Intently, he hefted the launcher and aimed for the cables. Breathe in. Breathe out. Fire. The cables were hit and began to melt. It wasn't enough to burn completely through the cables, but that was the plan.

The cables slowly began to fray as the support system creaked. The cables made a snapping noise as the cargo fell. There was a small smear mark leading under the cargo. Crews began to move inane recover the remains. Some probably had hope the silly rodian was still alive. Deadline chuckled. They were all fools. Everything that had happened today would be investigated and be deemed an accident or unresolveable unless the chief investigative themselves got involved. They wouldn't. They were too busy being bureaucrats just like the rest of the republic. The republic didn't care about the underworld anyways. Only the rich were noticed. The poor were dust to be swept under a rug

Continuing into the main area of the undercity, Deadline spoke into the comm link in his helmet.*

All tasks fulfilled.

*He stood still eyeing the under city as approval from his various contractors came across the channels.*
:: Amazing job. That guard has been bugging me for weeks. Don't worry, your ship isn't on the schedule for hangar 13. Interference has been run through the systems to help protect you. Credits are being wired to you now. ::

:: That rodian has been stealing cargo from me for months now. How fitting he should be killed by cargo. Also, you made it look like an accident to boot. I am pleased by your work. You will hear from me again. I'm giving you a 25% bonus for this. ::

:: Thank you. After all my normal smugglers were indicted, busy, or dead, I didn't know who to turn to. I can't give you any extra credits, but I can give you one of the small bags. If you ever decided to become a smuggler, I hope to hear from you. ::
*Deadline took a deep breath. He just made enough to last a civvie a year in one day. Seems his contracts are getting better. He walked out into the undercity as a breeze lifted the cape off his shoulder.*
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Coruscant's Underworld/Crappy Hotel

[Narration]Thanatos had seen enough during his exile to this place. he had exiled himself here to avoid his Master's plans to correct the Sith way of thought. Thanatos had realized the error of his Master's thought process when he had come here and discovered how many people there were calling themselves Sith these days. He decided that killing all of them would take to long and showing them the correct path would be exhausting. So he decided he would remain in hiding and put his own personal plans into affect. He had hired an assassin to take out certain key government officials on other worlds as well as a few military locations that he felt needed to be dealt with. Now as he returned to the room he had rented for his stay he felt a pull, as if some other item had need of being dealt with. He had other things to deal with and so he decided to rest briefly before continuing.../Narration]

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