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Coruscant's Underworld

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Post Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:29 am

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Down into the depths,
Into the maw of the beast,
Down into the underworld, the ship did fly.

Bright clear sky became reflective glass and metal,
Reflective glass and metal became fog and steel,
Fog and steal became darkness.

This is where the scum lived and died,
This was the heart of the galactic powerhouse,
This was where evil thrived.*

*The ship made its way down an auxiliary tunnel that Elux noted on the charts, allowing them to slip into one of the less frequented maintenance routes, giving them access to every level of the city, including military levels. That was where they needed to go. Level 1734, not too deep, but still well below the skyline. The ship navigated through tight access ways; things became so hairy that Samson had Elux take control of the ship, as only a droid could calculate some of the turns fast enough to save them from an unpleasant death.

Now with Samson in the galley, Dante walked to the holoprojector and addressed the crew.*

"Alright, we can't simply knock on the door and ask them to give us the package, so here is the plan."

*A 3-D model of the prison and surrounding grounds manifested in the pale blue light of the projector. Small red orbs shifted and moved, signifying the guards. Dante had studied the blueprint on the way from Nar Shaddaa, he knew the guard's patrol routes by heart, as well as most of the structure. The 3D map zooms out, showing a vast open area with a blue strobe at the farthest fringe of the projection.*

"We will land five clicks from the outer perimeter, stealth mode engaged to avoid detection. Once we set down I will access the maintenance tunnels through the sewers, and make my way to the wall, planting explosives under the main gate." *The map zooms in, showing a tunnel that runs through to the main gate. A second blue strobe is right under the gate.*

"Samson will be waiting for my cue, then enter the courtyard to distract the guards. As he does this, I will slip into the facility from the maintenance access tunnels, while Nicholas will slip in through the main entry." *The map zooms into the building itself, from the main entrance. It follows a labyrinth of corridors, which eventually leads to a third blue strobe within a room of multiple steady red lights.*

"Once Nicholas is in, he will take out any remaining guards before they can sound the alarm. After that, he will capture the security center, and disable all general counter measures and locks." *The map travels down a second, more complex series of passages before coming to a halt at a dead end with a golden strobe here.*

"With the prisoners loose, I will slip into the max security cell block and free the package. When the package is free, I will meet up with Dante at the maintenance entrance. Samson will fall back while Elux brings the ship around for covering fire and extraction. Sounds simple enough?" *The 3D map zooms out back to the open area that surrounds the complex once more, then holds it here.

Dante looks at his crew, waiting for their opinions.*
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Post Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:34 am

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Current Active Programs

UISC- Universal Interaction Social Computations
ACE Piloting Protocol (Pilot maneuvering data base and rapid analysis system)
BCP- Basic Combat Programming (Enhanced Reflexes)
URI Link- Utesii Retinal Implant Link (Enhanced Ocular perception)
CPRS Scanner (Noting sonar and radar pings as well as other scanners)

SUGGESTED ADJUSTMENTS: Reduce thrust 20%, adjust pitch by -34 degrees, Bank west.

No scans detected
Nearest scanner range 3 km

*Elux banked the vessel in accordance to the ACE recommendation, pulling her to the west. Tunnels were becoming smaller and smaller, however the tunnel map showed that he would still be able to set the vessel down near Dante's desired drop-zone.

Gripping the control yolk of the vessel, Elux guided the ship through tight turns, engaging in sudden banks and shifting maneuvers to prevent the crew from meeting an unpleasant demise at the hands of a duracrete wall. He shifted the yolk, angling the ship down the last series of tunnels when the CPRS Scanner picked up an outer perimeter scanner.*

Scanner type: Military-grade Outer Perimeter radar system
Suggested course of action: Evasion

:: Activating Stealth Systems. ::

*Taking one hand off of the control yolk, Elux pushed several keys in rapid sequence- the ship's previously unnoticed ambient hum became audible to human ears as it switched processes from comfort to practical. Now invisible to outer scanners, Elux guided the ship to the open area that Dante had marked on the map. The tunnel opened up to a massive artificial cavern. Elux scanned the area for threats before setting the ship down near a maintenance shaft, as per his orders. Once the ship had set down, Elux deactivated it's engines and auxiliary systems.*

:: We have arrived. ::

*Pressing some keys on the control panel, he lowered the walkway for his comrades, then rose from his seat to see them off from the main galley.*
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Post Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:49 pm

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*This is where hope comes to die. It isn't a pleasant death- neither quick nor painless. In this cell, hope was slowly suffocated- it choked as the ever closing walls of the confining cell pinned it in place, eradicating it's existence over time. This cell was hell in its own sense; the cramped 8 x 4 walls allowed for a prisoner to lie down, but not much else. Even lying down here was nearly impossible, as faulty pipes often ruptured, causing the ground to be covered in cool, stinking waste.*

This is where I have come to die. No, this was where I was brought to die. There are no windows in the cell- there is no view. Perpetual solidarity often drove prisoners mad within a week, yet I have persevered for nearly five years. Unlike others, I am never ever alone.

Yet I am always alone.

I sit against the wall directly across from the door- the cool concrete does little to soothe the ache in my back caused from countless nights of uncomfortable sleep. Sleep. Could it really be called that. The fading in and out of consciousness, between nightmares and real life. It was hard to tell the difference between what was real and what was a figment of my imagination.

But I am real. And so are you. And together, we will escape this hole...together we will make the galaxy remember the fear they felt. No one will be safe.

The pain in my right shoulder was constant, yet whenever that voice spoke it would spike. It reminded me of who I am. Of what I am. I slide shivering fingers over the withering flesh, then over the cold metallic socket and void. Once I had an arm here, but that part of me was lost long ago. It was replaced with technology, top of the line cutting edge weaponry. But they took that arm too. They took it when they through me in here. They claimed that it was what made me so dangerous. That and my armor.

I feel so naked...

How far have I fallen since the first day I was incarcerated? Was I worse, or better? At least none could be harmed by my actions. None had to fear me.

And they will all return to their routines of apathy and indifference...all meek sheep walking to the slaughter.

My slaughter...

The screech of a sliding metal plate once caused me to grit my teeth in pain, but now it made my stomach growl in anticipation. Feeding time. I watched hungrily as a plate of gruel is tossed unceremoniously on the floor in front of my door before the puddle of light was choked into non-existence as the food door slid shut.


Locked in. Trapped. Doomed.

Grief. Remorse. Fear.

Hatred. Anger. Rage.


Hunger not for gruel, but for blood. For revenge. The sort of hunger that ebbed away at all that made us more than animals. It made us nothing better than beasts. Savages.

I am a wolf in a world of sheep.

In the past, I used to try to bite the hand that feeds me. I would wait for the door to slide open, then grab the arm of an unfortunate guard, breaking it with the hopes that the guard was weak enough to open the door. But they never were. Instead, they started sending droids with my food, leaving my hunger unsated.

But not for long...Oh no...we will be free one day...One day soon. Free to take flight. Free to be the harbinger of death. Free to be what they know us as. Raven.

But that day was not today, and I am still but a mortal man, so I crawled towards the tin plate of gruel, pulling it eagerly to my lips to consume the flavorless paste of nutrients and proteins. It was all that kept me alive...

For now.
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Post Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:48 am

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*The fog blinded them,
It was a blanket over the ground,
Yet the closer they came, the thinner it grew.

A cloud of dust and grime was born,
Born as the metal ship touched the metal earth.
There was no soil on Coruscant.

The underworld was dark, dank,
It reeked of Sithspit, corruption.
It reeked of Dante. Death.*

*As the walkway touched down on the metal floor, it let out a resonating pang. Dante was the first to disembark, sweeping the area like a hawk. He didn't see anyone, nor did he feel anyone, though his force sensitivity was dulled while sober. Even so, unless someone knew they were coming, no one would be here to lay a trap; the ship was well away from the nearest patrol route.

Once he had cleared the immediate area, Dante turned towards the ship, waiting for his colleagues to disembark. Once they were all off, he reiterated the instructions to them, and then departed from the group, making his way to a near by maintenance tunnel.

The tunnel entrance was located in a small make-shift warehouse. With walls of recycled durasteel, no windows and one door, most would mistake the shed for an outhouse or a tool room, however Dante knew this was all just a ruse. Walking towards the door, he pressed the keypad, commanding the door to slide open. The door was never locked, and so it did as beckoned.

Slipping into the dark room, Dante walked 1 meter ahead, then crouched to activate the manhole cover. Unlike the shed's door, this one was locked, however security was minimal. Reaching onto his belt, Dante pulled out a small splicing comp, and hacked the locks, opening the way to the tunnel. As the manhole cover lifted, a geyser of warm air shot up, carrying the sickening scent of human waste. The sewers.*


*And so he descended,
Embracing the bowels of the earth,
And the fruits of bowels.

Down the metal rungs,
Down to the forlorn tunnels
Where no man should walk.

Yet while these tunnels were miserable,
They are no where near as miserable as those who lay beyond,
Those who would meet death in a matter of minutes.*

**Mr. Cross, as they knew him, made his way through the tunnels, breathing through his mouth so that the scent of feces wouldnt sicken him. Thankfully there was a walkway that elevated him above the waste, meaning that he did not have to wade through it- if he did, they might have smelled him coming. The monotonous pat pat patting of his feet meeting the metal of the walkway was all he heard for several minutes.

When he reached a cross road, he knew that he was close to his destination. Turning right, he walked for fifty more meters before coming to a halt. Reaching into his belt, he pulled out several small flat disks, planting them along the roof and tops of the walls. Once the items were planted, he continued on for a few more meters. As he ran, he pulled out a comm link, paging his team.*

:: Payload delivered. Standing by for detonation order... ::

*Dante needed to wait for Samson to get close to the site, so he stopped walking and waited well outside of the blast radius for Samson to check in.*
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Post Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:48 pm

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Samson disembarked the vessel immediately after Dante. While Dante scanned the perimeter with his eyes, Samson allowed his high-tech HUD to sweep the area for up to 200 meters, sending a sonar ping, followed by cycling through the various visor options, going from regular, to infrared, to electric signature detection.*

HUD Readout Interface wrote:----------------

Natural Visible Detection: Two organics, One Electronic.Life.Signatures.
Radar Ping...Movement detected, 250 meters North North West
Infrared Lense Scanning... No anomalies detected
Ultraviolet Lense Scanning...No anomalies detected
Electronic Signature Scanning...No anomalies detected
Heart beat Detector Scanning... No anomalies detected

:: We're clear. ::

*Once he completed his scanning, he performed a weapons check and a suit diagnostic check. All systems green. Locked, cocked and loaded. Samson turned his attention to Mr. Cross, who went over the plans again. He was a silent behemoth, only speaking to acknowledge his understanding. Once Mr. Cross finished running the plan by him, Samson nodded, then watched as the man walked off, before turning his attention to Nicholas.*

:: It's going to get hot in there...hope you are ready for it. ::

*With those words, Samson began to make his way towards his way point, which showed on his HUD. It was 200 meters to the nearest patrol route, once in there, Samson had to cross 200 meters of no-man's land, and be a prime target, fortunately his power armor would change this from a suicide mission to an elaborate decoy. Patting the beskar'gam on his chest to remind himself that it was there, he picked up his pace.*

=Delta Team=

*Patrols were always a hassle, and Charlie didn't like it. It was not that it required a sharp sense of vigilance, in fact it was quite the opposite. No one attacked the prison, as there was nothing of value in it. But even so, patrol teams had to carry their gear on patrol, which made it more of a tedious exercise than anything.*

"So, do you think we will spot anything living today?" *Sam, the Rook, was on his second patrol, and he always seemed to be hopeful about spotting something, where as Charlie found that the less he saw, the better.*

"Maybe a wild Gizka...nothing more."

"I don't know...I feel like today is different..." *Sam was the religious sort, the kind that believed in fate and intuition- Charlie humored his antics on occasion, however today he was in no mood for them.*

"Keep your feelings to yourself kid, and your eyes open."

*That shut him up for the rest of their patrol route. Together they made their way from the perimeter wall to the outer boundaries, crossing over the deserted no man's land. As they neared the outer boundary Sam turned to Charlie.*

"Hey, has anyone ever tried break someone out of here before?"

"No, we don't host those sorts of criminals."

*Contrary to what he said, Charlie knew that wasn't entirely the case. There was one criminal that could prove to be a viable asset if released, however he was under heavy security, and no one knew he was here...except for them. Charlie decided not to let Sam in on Raven's incarceration here; loose lips sink ships after all.

They had reached the outermost area of their patrol. Charlie looked out, scanning the area. It was a foggy night, so that was pretty much useless, but the prison didn't seem to care enough to provide them with special vision gear; they were just there for show. No one was going to break in or out of this prison.*

*Clop Clop Clop Clop Clop*

"What's that?" *Sam looked at Charlie, before jerking his head towards the fog. Charlie looked, narrowing his eyes before turning back to Sam.*

"What's what?" *Then he heard it. *Clop clop clop clop.* It was as though someone was dropping numerous bags of soil on the ground. The noise grew louder.*

"I don't know...Let's go che-"

*Charlie's sentence was cut off halfway as a blue bolt of energy shot out of the fog, and into his face, forever silencing him. Sam dropped into a crouch, pulling out his weapon from sheer instinct. His brain hadn't even registered what just happened, but his body reacted. Looking over to his side, he saw the melted remnants of his friend's face. Terror gripped his heart. A second passed. Then a minute. Then three minutes. Sam was still as a statue, looking out in the fog for any sign of his attacker. Then he heard the noise again.*


*A hulking silhouette appeared in the fog, growing larger and more defined as it approached. Sam aimed his rifle at the silhouette, but couldn't squeeze the trigger for how his life. He was shaking too violently, jerking the rifle around.*

"Stop where you are...I'm a cop...I will shoot you!"

*The silhouette exited the fog, becoming a behemoth of a man, clad in armor, he did not stop walking. Clutched in his hand was a DC-17 with a smoking barrel. The gun was not pointed at him.*

"D-drop your weapon or I'll shoot!"

:: Then shoot. ::

*The voice came out of a set of speakers and barely sounded human. Sam's heart was lodged in his throat; he attempted to force it down with a swallow, but failed. The man came closer, his armor gleamed red and black, and he had no face, only a laughing skull etched into his visor. The barrel of his DC-17 began to move upwards towards Sam. The fear that was lodged in his heart told him to run, but the training that was stored in his mind told him to hold his ground. The man came closer, not seeming to care about the guard. He came so close that Sam was sure he would walk straight into him if he didn't move, so he began to back away.*

"You are trespassing on government p-p-property. I need to detain you."

*Suddenly the armored monster stopped, his DC-17 aimed straight at Sam, still as stone, unlike Sam's gun which shook like a gyrating woman. The man turned those lifeless eye sockets of the skull towards Sam, before uttering one horrible word.*

:: Run. ::

*Sam didn't need to be told twice. His training had fleeted, as did logic. Now it was all instinct. Fight or flight. Flight. He never ran so fast in his life, dropping his rifle before sprinting in the opposite direction, towards the inner wall, towards safety. Samson let out a shark, rasping laugh, before jogging after him.*


::Caution, incoming life signatures::
HUD Readout Interface wrote:----------------

Natural Visible Detection: Two organics, military, lightly armored
HOLONET ID Scanner:...Scanning...Known individual detected...Sgt. Charles Diavan Republic Army, Retired
Radar Ping...Movement detected, 53 meters North
Infrared Lense Scanning... No anomalies detected
Electronic Signature Scanning...No anomalies detected
Heart beat Detector Scanning... Two Heart Beats detected, one elevated rate, one average rate

*Scanners detected two lightly armed guards. Samson stopped in his path and crouched, drawing his DC-17. He trained it on the left most individual, who came up on the I.D. Scanner as an Ex-Republic soldier, a graver threat than his green companion. Samson squeezed the trigger, wiping the threat off of the playing board. Then he stood still, watching the partner, whose heart raced with panic. Samson couldn't help but smile. While he could have killed the man just as easily as his partner, he wanted to have a little fun with him first.

Walking out of the cover of fog, Samson made his way to the shaking guard, who was muttering and stuttering without the slightest hint of bravery. He probably pissed himself. Poor kid. He almost felt bad...


Samson followed the younger soldier, keeping his distance, and his blaster trained on the man's lower back. It was not long before spotlights became visible, sweeping the perimeter. That was when the boy started screaming...that was when Samson started shooting.

In a fraction of a second, the combination of cybernetic enhancements and natural born instinct guided his aim to the back of the running soldier's knee cap. Samson squeezed the trigger, letting free a blue bold which tore through the armor weave pants that he wore. In a flash of light and red mist, the boy screamed, then tumbled face first to the ground.

Mr. Cross wrote::: Payload delivered. Standing by for detonation order... ::

Now the fun begins.*

::Warning, multiple military grade hostile forces detected! Selected course of action....Evade!::

*The mandalorian let loose a sinister smile that no one could see, then picked up his speed. He felt the intoxicating sensation of adrenaline entering his system, as well as numerous implants kicking in. Behind the safety of his visor, his pupils dilated as he slipped into the mind state that earned him his nickname- the Reaper.

The ground to his left exploded as an artillery shell collided with the floor, causing a spray of soil, fire and shrapnel. None of it stopped as Samson pushed through the flames, like a demon charging from the maw of hell. Raising his rifle, his barrel sought the targets, and his finger squeezed the trigger.*

Bam! Bam! Bam!

*Northwest tower cleared, as the bodies of sentries tumbled over the rails, crashing to the ground without the slightest ounce of dignity. Samson sped up as the general fire power focused on him. He juked, zigged, zagged, rolled and crouched, allowing his armor to absorb the blows that he could not avoid. Thank Kriff for beskar'gam. He aimed and fired faster than the average man's brain could register. Running over the last stretch of no man's land, Samson ignored the bright technicolor show of death that imposed itself upon him. He ran for the massive gates of the prison- they looked bigger in person. The new challenge thrilled him- he picked up speed, sprinting towards the gate while picking off the occasional soldier who was too stupid to stay under cover. As he fired, he spoke over his comm link.*

:: Blow the gate. ::

*Samson strafed to his left, unloading a barrage of fire into a group of four guards who attempted to overwhelm him.*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Samson 'Reaper' Ordo wrote::: Blow the gate. ::

*And so began the explosions;
The night where fire was all they knew.
The night where the air was filled with the scent of burning flesh.

The primer switch pulsed crimson
Then went dim,
And then light was replaced with sound.

Beeping. Slow at first.
Then faster. Louder. More alarming.
Then the beeping stopped.

The explosions began in a bright flash,
Then came the wave of heat.
Then came the roar of destruction.

Beautiful. So beautiful but so deadly.*

*Dante shielded his face from the heat of the explosion. He was hit with a wall of dust, pebbles and debris. When the tunnels went still again Dante examined the damage. A gaping hole ripped through the roof of the tunnel, allowing ambient light to flood through, along with the bright flashes of blue, green and red as the warriors exchanged blaster fire. Dante smirked before turning to plunge further into the the tunnels, making his way into the facility while Samson distracted the guards.*
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Post Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:38 pm

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

HUD Readout Interface wrote:----------------
Proximity Alert! Warning, explosion detected.

*Samson wasn't surprised as the bold red warning symbols flashed across his HUD. He was on the move before the computer detected the explosion, though unlike most sensible individuals, he ran towards it, rather than away from it. As he ran, he saw guards train their rifles on him. He didn't bother shifting his path- a new element was about to come into play, one which would change the situation.

It came in the form of fire and violent kinetic energy.

A red fireball surged from the earth, swallowing the main gate and a chunk of the perimeter wall. Following the flash was a wave of brutal kinetic force, strong enough to break ribs and hurl men through the air as though the air. Samson was ready for the wave, and braced himself for the impact, lowering his center of gravity and reverting power to his kenetic dampeners. He held his ground as the gust hit him, causing him to stagger back. The other guards were not so lucky, as they were lifted from the ground. Samson didn't miss a beat, and continued to run towards the wall of flames.*

HUD Readout Interface wrote:----------------
Warning: Extreme temperatures ahead.
Temperature: 140 C and falling.


*Samson let out a barking laughter. Into the fray once more.

Bending his knees, the behemoth of beskar and durasteel lunged through the wall of flames, placing his left shoulder forward. The fire engulfed him, sputtering slightly before returning to their intensity. All was quiet.

On the other side of what was once a gate, a loud crash echoed. Metal screeched in protest before giving way to a smoldering metallic boulder, which landed on the ground with a thud. After a moment the mass of metal moved, and rose, revealing that it was not a boulder but a man, in smoking armor. As he rose, he observed the inside of the perimeter. A hand full of guards, all unblooded judging by the look in their eyes. Easy prey.

Samson chuckled once more before pulling his rifle up to bearing, setting the sights on a boy no older than twenty. Samson took a deep breath, then squeezed the trigger.

Before the bolt melted through skin, bone, muscle and sinew, Samson contacted the rest of the crew.*

:: I'm in. ::
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Post Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:21 pm


*Thanatos had rested enough. His plans were coming to fruition but a small glitch had sprung up, one of his assassins had taken a contract that went against his plans. Since both his hired help worked together he would need to seek out a third party to correct a few errors in his HR department.

He gathered his few belongings and left the hotel he had been staying in. On the street he did his best to blend in with all the other pedestrian on the planet as he made his way towards the entertainment district. He needed a new plan, and perhaps a partner as well...*
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Post Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:32 pm

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Lex Ryjin wrote:"Lex Ryjin." *He held up a hand between them, but didn't step back.* *She's got spunk, that's for sure. Maybe not all topsiders are as selfish and dull as the rest.* *Lowering his hand after she took it, he turned and went back to lean on his own wall.* "I won't presume to know what it's like in your world, but what goes on down here, the things that you have to beat just to survive, I can guarantee they're ten times worse than whatever you've faced up there." *He looked her in the eyes.* I guess the only bright side is that down here, at least everything's honest about trying to kill you." *The lift lurched to a stop and he gestured to the doors as they screeched open.* "Ladies first."

Lishra Elaric stepped bravely out of the lift.

The Coruscant Underworld clouted her right in her ‘topsider’ senses.

The stink of the sewers and lack of fresh air, the hazy, moist brownish smog where the sky should have been, the chaotic noise of multiple nearby nightclubs, flashing holo-billboards with missing letters or lightbulbs, modern tech mixed with ancient ruins, chipped and cracked buildings, walls bursting with colorful graffiti. For someone who’d spent her whole life in the glittering skyscrapers, it was overwhelming and unforgiving. She stood frozen in the street muck in her heels and opera gown, trying to see everything at once, awe spread over her face. So this is our foundation, she thought, craning her neck upwards, trying to see past the soggy air.

Only when a group of noisy beings passed in front of her, tripping and drunk, did she snap out of her shocked stupor and realize there were people here, too. She glanced briefly at Lex, eyes wide. Lishra focused back on the scene in front of her with the excitement of a first time tourist.

They were everywhere. Lines of beings clad in gaudy club clothing meandered in front of the casinos. Groups of filthy, rag-covered stragglers cloistered on corners or skittered from shadow to shadow. Heavily armed mercenaries thudded past, brushing others aside. Sordid men and aliens in worn suits leered from every angle, harassing passer-byers, exotic looking females from every race lined damp sidewalks in slinky outfits. There were people crowding beat-up benches, hunched over and coughing, thrashing in pain, lying in pools of steaming filth, dead or dying. Beggars followed anyone with clothing on their backs, crying, knarled hands outstretched, hoping. Thuggish looking men surrounded a small, bat-like alien, striking it with bats. Somewhere in the distance, gunfire cracked. She flinched,backing up a few steps into Lex. No one else did.

Lishra’s excitement vanished rapidly.

The harder she looked, the more she noticed something about the people of the Upper Underworld. It seemed that, no matter the species or the clothes they wore, they all moved and stood a certain way. Tensed, almost wired for spring action, like they were expecting an attack. Some were obvious about it. Others like the thugs and mercenaries were far more subtle. But it made them seem unapproachable and dangerous.

Lishra wondered what she looked like to them.

She looked down at her bejeweled shoes and silk gown, feeling incredibly out of her element, like she figured she would. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. This is why she had followed Lex, she reminded herself. To shed the fake glam of the skyscrapers and come down to the ground. Lishra wheeled around, suddenly wondering if he’d left her there and gone his own way. The Umbaran had made it perfectly clear he didn’t care, after all.
“Oh,” she sighed in relief, meeting his eyes. “You’re still here. I thought you might have… gone off and left me here..”
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*As he stepped out of the elevator the Umbaran inhaled deeply, letting the sounds and scents of the underworld wash over him. The sounds and scents of home.* *This is more like it. This is...* *He was cut off as she backed into him, clearly not handling the contrast between her world and this one particularly well.* "The thought did cross my mind." *He inhaled again, this time catching the scent of vanilla mixed with some kind of berry and a stronger odor he didn't recognize.* *What the hell? There aren't any berries down... Oh.* *He looked down at Lishra, meeting her eyes. He probably hadn't noticed it before because literally everything in the upper tiers smelled wrong, but down here, among the scents he was familiar with, it stood out like a cinder block to the face.* "Is soap not good enough for you people? Do you have any idea how wrong you smell drowning in all that perfume? Gods, it's like walking into a strobe light and mirror exhibit for your nose. And then having it explode." *...I seriously think my eyes are about to water.*

*He moved a few steps away and used the space to clear his head, then turned back to look at her again.* *Heh. She really is a fish out of water. If she was here alone I'd give her an hour before somebody robbed her blind, took advantage, and then left her to die.* *He seriously considered leaving her there anyway.* *After all, what is she to me? Just some spoiled topsider girl running towards some big adventure that'll probably get her killed.* *He actually turned away and very nearly started walking, but something he couldn't put a finger on stopped him.* *Frak. I can't believe I'm gonna do this. I'll probably regret it before tomorrow. Come on, don't do this Lex.* *He turned halfway around and looked back at her, standing there in her tattered evening gown and looking for all the world like a small frightened child.* "Frak!" *He held a hand out and motioned for her to follow him, resignation coloring his voice.* "Come on. We need to get you out of that dress and wash the stink off. You've got 'target' painted all over you until we do."
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Post Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:40 pm

Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Lishra didn’t need to be told twice.

He was letting her tag along!! Relieved, she quickly clipped towards Lex, suddenly a little self-conscious about her attire. She reached around and lifted a handful of her long brown locks to her nose, face scrunched.
“I do not stink,” she mumbled as she caught up with him, trying to readjust the remains of her gown to cover her further. The leering stares of many followed. She perked up momentarily when she heard ‘wash’; never in her life had she been so dirty and unkempt. But she wondered what ‘washing’ entailed down here in the Underworld.

She was the slightest bit reluctant to let her dress go, despite its already tattered appearance. Apparently, it was still appealing, because a few of the beggars reached out to grasp at the trailing hem. Lishra dodged most of them, slapping and hissing at grabbing hands. She felt horrible for them, but unless she wanted to walk the streets in her undergarments (which she didn’t), she needed her clothing. Glancing at Lex, she tried to exude the same unapproachable tenseness as the rest of the crowd, but only attracted more attention, so she quit trying to blend in altogether.
“...I feel like a crippled Ewok in a nexu den,” she whispered at him.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

"Well good, because that's pretty much what you are." *He glanced back at her.* *Just to make sure she's keeping up...* "Like I said, everything's more honest down here. This way." *He turned into a side street, which in the underworld meant a dark space between buildings that was even smaller than the alley they'd met in on the surface. He couldn't help but feel more at home.* *Opera's good and all, but imagine how much better it'd be if it was down here. None of the foul perfumes or shiny lights of the surface to distract from the music. Force, that would be the day.* *The side street/alley wasn't long, and when he stepped out the other side he didn't slow as he turned left. There was no need, this was his home turf and he knew it better than he knew his own brother.*

*Half a block later, he turned and pushed through a transparisteel door that was coated in so much grime you almost couldn't tell it was transparisteel.* *I sure hope Lurn still owns this place...* *The interior of the establishment was cleaner than the door, but only just. The grime was the stubborn sort that refused to come off even after a good scrub, and the walls seemed to absorb a good portion of the light being emitted by the main room's three functioning fixtures. Along one wall there was a bar, only three of its stools currently empty, and arrayed around the room were no less than seven sabacc tables, all of which were filled. The place had an odd hush about it, given the noise that was ever prevalent outside, and the Umbaran led the young woman through the cantina toward a staircase at the back.*

*The room above the cantina wasn't nearly as grimy and had obviously seen far less traffic. There was a desk in the corner with a bell perched on top of it, which Lex picked up and rang three times. Turning back to Lishra, he leaned on the desk and crossed his arms.* "The guy you're about to meet is called Lurn. He owns this place and about three others nearby, and he's probably the one thing in the undercity that doesn't hold to the "more honest about it" rule. Whatever your instincts say, do not run. And don't ever stare. He hates it when people stare. In fact, staring is worse than running." *As he finished speaking, a ssither wound its way out of the hall behind the desk.* "Ahhh, Leksssss. What bringssss you to my humble esssstablishment?"
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Lurn? Don’t run or stare? Lishra had about four seconds to prepare herself for whatever would come out of the hallway, and as Lurn emerged, she realized four seconds was definitely not enough time.

It was a snake. Lurn was a snake, and not the kind that hid under rocks in the garden. This…person was something right out of a nightmare.

She wasn’t too scared, which surprised her. Maybe her senses were so overloaded that nothing could faze her at the moment. But it was extremely unexpected, and she had to quash the urge to take a few steps back, just like Lex had mentioned. There was a scent, too. Like old vegetation. Lishra tried not to stare. She tried very hard. But she’d never seen..whatever species this was, and despite his very unsettling appearance, she once again found herself curious. So she lowered her eyes and studied the bell on Lurn’s desk, Lex’s shoes, his arms, the flat, lean muscle under his shirt…

Lishra cleared her throat, maybe a little too loudly, and looked away.
“I bring him,” she blurted out at Lurn’s querry before Lex could answer, partially to distract herself from her previous distraction. She swallowed, wanting to take her words back, as Lurn was now looking at her. His cold reptilian face was unpleasant, but Lishra leveled her gaze all the same, trying to portray a sense of toughness. She hoped he didn’t think she was staring. She cast a sideways glance at Lex, wondering how much to say, wondering WHAT to say. “He…got me out of a difficult situation, and, well,” she gestured to her current tattered appearance. “I can’t walk the streets like this. I need to clean up, so we’re looking for a place to…” Lishra lifted one eyebrow at the Umbaran. “…rest. For a while.”

Inside her mind, she facepalmed herself for speaking up at all.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Lex had half turned to respond to Lurn when Lishra decided to chime in. A decision that earned her an instant glare from the Umbaran.* *Force help us, I should have added don't speak to the list. That's what I get for helping a topsider.* "Issss that ssso?" *Lurn glanced at Lex, who nodded. Slithering around the desk, he moved closer to her, his tongue flickering in and out as he did. After a moment's examination, he turned back to the Umbaran.* "Sshe ssstinkss of the sssurface." "Tell me about it." *Lex stood and walked to the opposite side of the desk, managing not to step on Lurn's tail in the process. Opening the guest book...* *I know, right? Who even uses an actual book anymore?* *...he flipped through to the most recent page.* "That's actually why we're here. She needs to get that stench washed off her if she's going to last the night." *The ssither seemed to consider this for a moment.* "Yesss. That would be mossst prudent. I believe room ssseven oh three isss vacant. Assssuming of courssse, that you posssessss the meansss to pay?" *In answer, Lex dug one of the rings out of the pouch on his belt and tossed it into Lurn's waiting hand. He examined it briefly with his eyes, then flicked his tongue over it several times before dropping it in his own pouch.* "Yesss, thissss will do. Sssign the regissster and take the key from the ssstand behind you." *Lex jotted down a random name and closed the book, then took the key off the rack and held a hand out for Lishra to join him.* "Come on. The room's up five more levels and you're not smelling any prettier standing down here."
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

“Thank you, Lurn,” Lishra added. Just because I’m in the Underworld doesn’t mean I should forget my manners, she thought. And so, the young woman sniffed primly at Lex’s outstretched hand, swiped the card from his other, turned up her nose, and marched past him into the hallway. She was careful to shake her freshly floral, topsider-smelling hair in his face as she brushed by him.

They found the stairwell, which looked just as safe as the rest of the Underworld. Whatever muscle Lishra’s lithe form possessed was already aching from the days events, and while five floors doesn’t sound like a climb, it wasn’t a breeze for the pampered human female. Lex disappeared into the hallways above her. She found him leaning lazily against the door to room 703, looking bored and more than a little annoyed. She bet he was regretting allowing her to tag along, and something about that made her smile inwardly. Lishra paused in front of him and looked at him expectantly. When it was clear he wasn’t moving, she scoffed, leaned around him and unlocked the door, hoping he’d fall flat on his back, but the Umbaran melted into the dark room in front of her.
Of course, she thought.

There was a lightswitch on the wall next to the door. Lishra flipped it on.

This was no room. It was a closet. Well, by her standards anyway. Standards which she wanted to forget about, she reminded herself. So, she took a deep breath and blinked, trying to look at the scene before her like a regular Underworlder would.
Greys and greens colored the room, the scent of cheap, dry wine, mildew and smoke drifted over her. A dim light ran the middle of the ceiling, giving the area an odd, milky glow. The essentials were there, barely. One double bed, a small, beat up table, a chair that looked like it had been sat on (and spilled on) by everyone and their aunt. There was one window, and one of the walls looked crumbly. An ancient music player leaned in one corner, and in the other, a short white (or what had once been white, she figured) curtain divided an open space from the rest of the room. Dreading it, she strode across the old carpeting and pulled the curtain aside to reveal…the refresher. A toilet, a sink, and a showerhead, positioned over a small drain in a tiled spot on the floor. Another light lit the mirror above the grungy sink. Lishra stared. The top of the curtain came up to her shoulders, and the bottom just brushed her knees.

She swung around, mild alarm on her face.
“Well!” she quipped, “it’s-…it’s very…very….” Lishra waved her hands helplessly, looking for the right word. After a moment, she gave up and scanned the room again. “There’s only one bed,” she said, crossing her arms. "And the lock on the door is a little weak, we'll be murdered."
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

"We'll be murdered!" *His voice was a high-pitched imitation of hers.* "They'll slit our throats in our sleep for sure!" *He pulled his jacket off and dropped it onto the bed, then set about removing his shoulder holsters and the pair of SH-9 slugthrowers they held.* "What? Worried you might actually die down here? *Dropping the holsters on top of his coat, he took a seat in the chair and began unclipping his boots.* "Relax. I've slept in worse places and I'm still here." *Force help me.* "And as far as only having one bed, feel free to take the floor." *It's hardly my fault if she's squeamish about company. There's no way I'm gonna let myself suffer for giving her a fighting chance when there's a way to avoid it.* *Finishing with his boots, he sat back in the chair, then looked up at her, still standing there like she'd never seen a hotel room before.* *Oh wait... she probably hasn't. Or if she has, it was probably a suite the size of a city block. Well, she wanted to experience the underworld. If she can't handle this it's better to know now than find out right before a ghoul bites her head off.* "Well are you gonna wash that stink off or not?"
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

He was infuriating.

Lishra half considered not showering, just to make his Underworldly nose suffer, but Lex had been right about her being something of a target unless she changed her appearance, and that meant not smelling like a princess.
“Fine,” she snapped, sitting on the edge of the bed to remove her heels. She tossed them in a corner and gave him a steely look. “One unscented, glitter free topsider, coming right up.”

She padded across the closet-..err, hotel room, trying not to think about where the shower water came from. I hope there’s soap, she thought. Lishra peered behind the curtain. There wasn’t. Well, no use in dragging this out. Gotta jump in with two feet or I’ll chicken out. She stepped behind the curtain and jerked it closed, coughing at the puff of disturbed dust that issued from the folds, and set about disentangling herself from her gown. Her maid servant had helped her put it on, and Lishra twisted her arms every which way, but she could not reach the tightened laces in the back. This annoyed her. Because short of ripping or cutting herself out of the dress, which was mostly in tact above the hips, there was only one way to remove it from her person.

Someone else had to remove it for her.

Lishra swore, quite viciously for a well-to-do young lady. She clenched her jaw in irritated disbelief and ripped the curtain aside, making a silent oath never to never again wear anything that required help to put on or take off. Pulling her hair over one shoulder, she strode over to Lex and turned her back to his seated form.
“Unlace me,” she said flatly over her shoulder. “Or cut me out of it, I don’t care, it’s going in the garbage either way.”
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*He smirked as she finally realized the dress would not come off on it's own and started toward him.* *Took her long enough.* *Standing, he pulled a knife from the boot sheath he'd set on the table and leaned close to her ear.* "Sure thing, but just out of curiosity, is there something wrong with that little pocketknife you dropped down the front?" *Then he set the cold blade against the skin of her neck and swiped the knife down, easily severing the laces but somehow managing to avoid cutting both her undergarments and her skin.* *Gods she's soft. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so soft in my life. Her skin looks like silk over a layer of velvet.* *He stepped back and sheathed the knife, but the smirk remained.* "You're going to need new clothes now. Any ideas?"

*As he waited for her to reply, he thought back to the guest book and the names it had held, along with the room numbers attached to those names.* *There was an Aanye staying in five oh six, which would be down two and over one. It's definitely a feasible climb, and if she's twi'lek like the name implies then she'll probably be fairly small. I guess it's worth a shot, and if nothing else, I can always filch her valuables.*
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

Lishra turned towards Lex, holding her gown up by the front. So preoccupied by everything else, she hadn’t thought of clothes until now. “What, no Saxx 4th Avenue here?” she remarked. Trying to think like an Underworlder, she moistened her lips and frowned, watching him curiously. “Well, what do you do down here when you need something? Where’d you get your outfit? I mean, can’t we just…steal something, or…” she shrugged.

Lishra turned and flounced back towards the shower.
“I guess you’ll have to figure it out, Lex. I'm new here, remember?” the brunette called over her shoulder as she dropped the front of the gown. It clung to her hips, and she wiggled it down over her flesh and let it slide to the floor. It sat by her feet, a pile of ragged silk and broken ties. She pulled the curtain aside and stepped in, closing it behind her. “Unless you want me walking the Underworld in these,” she said, flipping her lacy blue underwear over the curtain. It landed on the bed next to his jacket. Lishra peered over the top of the curtain, batting her eyelashes in exaggerated primness. “You’ve got fifteen minutes,” she chirped, and she turned on the water.

It was barely lukewarm, and it smelled like hot metal for the first two minutes, but Lishra stood under the weak spout of water and closed her eyes as the ‘topsider’ was drawn from her body and washed down the drain beneath her feet.
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Re: Coruscant's Underworld

*Lex eyed her as she dropped her dress to the floor then pulled the curtain closed.* *Well I do need her measurements after all. I'd hate to come back with clothes that don't fit...* "I thought you didn't want a manservant?" *She really was everything that he wasn't. Rounded and soft and full of light and color. Everything he had always hated about the topsiders.* *So why am I sticking around? There's other beautiful women out there, and most of them wouldn't be half as much trouble as this one.* *Always, he had preferred the dark, never venturing to the surface during the daylight hours unless absolutely necessary. Darkness was his natural state, both externally and internally.* *What is it that makes her different? I kill without remorse every day, but for some reason I feel like letting her die down here would... no. Just a feeling. Forget it Lex.* *Waiting until her back was turned, he quietly picked up his weapons, boots, and jacket and slipped soundlessly out the window.*

*Ten minutes later he was on the streets and heading away from the hotel.* *And good riddance. She'll be safe enough there until tomorrow, then realize her mistake and head back for the surface.* *He stopped dead as a realization hit him.* *Frak. Wearing what you idiot? That lacy piece of bait she tossed over the curtain?* "Frak!" *For the second time that day, he found himself going against every survival instinct he had and turning back in her direction, and forty-five minutes after he left the room, he was climbing back in the window with a satchel slung over his shoulder. He dumped the contents on the bed then pulled his jacket off, followed once again by his pistols.* "Should be something there that'll fit."

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