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Name of Planet: Bastion

Cannon Info: Bastion, originally Sartinaynian, was the capital world of the Imperial Remnant and the Braxant sector in the Outer Rim Territories. Bastion was located in the Sartinaynian system at the terminus of the trade route known as the Braxant Run.

Originally, "Bastion" was just a term for the worlds on which the Remnant's Moff Council and administrative headquarters were temporarily located. By the time of the Caamas Document crisis, the Imperial government was located on Sartinaynian; it was the last of these worlds, where the rulers of the Empire relocated shortly before peace with the New Republic in 19 ABY.

Bastion's location remained a closely guarded secret until the events surrounding the discovery of the Caamas Document in 19 ABY forced Han Solo and Lando Calrissian to locate the planet in an attempt to find a complete copy in the Imperial archives.

-IC Sympathy tends towards: All interested in peaceful and respectful RP

-Type of RP and/or SL likely to be found: Open RP, a mix of planned and spontaneous story lines.

Specific Scenarios:
Large battles, fleet or army
IC Training for the character
OOC Training in RP technique
Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
Non-combatant large storylines (planetary affairs such as business)
Diplomatic meetings
Government matters

-What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here, (you may add others if required):

All writers welcome so long as they come willing to be cooperative and respectful
New players will likely receive answers to questions ooc and RP training if we see it and aren't otherwise occupied.
To join the story here: arrive IC in open space or open terrain and introduce yourself via PM
You will probably not receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM simply because we are usually pretty busy, however consider this your greeting in advance. Enjoy your stay on Bastion :)
ooc chat is preferred to be kept to a minimum. You can reach Matar or others via PM or in the OOC chat thread.
*we may try to recruit you...

Ruling Faction
Phoenix Imperium

- Bastion is the Capital World of the Phoenix Imperium, as such the Palace on the planet is a capital building set in the beautiful landscape away from major cities. It is easily accessible by either speeder, land vehicle, or shuttle. Although highly fortified (think a castle/manor house. Elegant, good at hosting guests, but able to stand against attack. The palace is surrounded by large walls and has a dedicated shielding system and massive towers topped with turrets and infantry positions. Keep in mind that this is a capital world and is patrolled as such, especially in the palatial areas, under in depth surveillance by a RPed defense system. The palace also serves as the home of Matar Lyndruss and many other members of the Phoenix Imperium.

- We are currently recruiting almost ALL professions, if you want a job. PM Matar Lyndruss and a position will be found for you.

AT-APs = 15
Ordinators = 50
PI Elite = 50
PI Shocktroops = 458,000 (variable weapons load out. Snipers, Rocket Launchers, et cetera)
1 W-165 Planetary Turbolaser (set up around the palace)
2-V-150 Plantary Ion Cannon (set up around the palace)

1- Minefield in the shape of a bottleneck surrounding the only hyperspace exit to the Bastion System within attack range of the planet. (Attackers may choose to drop out into this mine field, within attack distance of the world, but only push forward one at a time through the bottleneck under enemy fire. Or drop out at the edge of the system, closing on Bastion at lightspeed, giving local forces time to prepare.)
1 Gaerwn-Class Space Station Targeted down the bottle neck of the minefield.

Further Information about the Palace
Standing at the edge of a cliff cut by a waterfall plunging several kilometers into a river below, the palace is a breathtaking site.It is staggeringly immense and built in an almost gothic manner, the towers of which seem to stab into the sky itself, the tallest of which stands at near one kilometer in height. Surrounding the towers is a massive wall topped with defensive turrets. This wall alone stands at 400 Meters in height and is roughly 50 meters thick with a core of cortosis surrounded by white washed stone. The main foot entrance into the palace is a massive gate, roughly 100 meters tall and wide enough for several AT-AT's to walk through side by side. On the other side of the palace, facing out over the cliff is the main palace hanger, cut into the side of the cliff itself and surrounded by the waterfall, carefully parted with small shield generators.
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