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Update a Planet Guide Entry Here

All about the Traveler's Guide to the JvS Universe

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Re: Update a Planet Guide Entry Here

[color=#bfff00:2kl24q8s][size=150:2kl24q8s]This is how your Update Request Should Look:[/size:2kl24q8s][/color:2kl24q8s]

[b:2kl24q8s]1. First, a copy of the Traveler's Guide Entry about your planet, with innacurate or revised sections colored and labeled:[/b:2kl24q8s]

[quote="Traveler's Guide about Honoghr":2kl24q8s]

The planet was once part of the Infinite Empire 30,000 BBY. The Rakata constructed a temple which remained sacred to the Noghri long after the Empire's collapse.

During the New Sith Wars, there was a Sith Academy there, that specialized in training Sith Warriors and Marauders.

[b:2kl24q8s]Section A[/b:2kl24q8s]
In 20 BBY, during the Clone Wars, the nonaligned planet became an ecological disaster when, after a battle in orbit, a Lucrehulk-class Core Ship crashed to the surface. The Galactic Republic took great interest in the accident due to the Separatist ship's cargo: the toxin Trihexalophine1138. As the contaminant spread, it ravaged the planet and desiccated most of its flora. Over the next few months, plains and jungles died, forcing the Noghri to trek across the planet in a mass exodus searching for a place where they could somehow survive.

The Clean Lands.Within weeks of the end of the war, Darth Vader arrived at Honoghr ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£ and promptly found his stormtrooper guards slaughtered around him by the natives with nothing more then primitive bladed weapons, impressing the Dark Lord greatly. In exchange for the Galactic Empire working to restore the planet's ecosystem, the Noghri gave homage to Vader and pledged to serve him as assassins├óÔé¼ÔÇØthe Death Commandos. In reality, the Imperial restoration teams deliberately kept Honoghr poisoned using a hybrid grass that killed off the remaining plant life, thus keeping the Noghri bound in the service of the Empire.

Later, during the Thrawn Crisis in 9 ABY, Leia Organa Solo arrived at Honoghr and, using her position as the daughter and heir of Darth Vader and having discovered the Empire's trickery, persuaded the Noghri to relinquish their allegiance to the Empire. The Noghri were freed from their enslavement and became members of the New Republic and its successor government the Galactic Alliance. The Noghri were represented in the New Republic Senate by Kahr'corvh of Clan Khim'bar.

Leia and her entire family also became very highly respected figures in Noghri society. The New Republic helped resettle the Noghri to other planets, including Wayland, to give Honoghr time to heal.

Behind the scenes: It should be noted that, while the Battle of Honoghr took place in 20 BBY, the Maitrakh of Clan Khim'bar tells Leia that the planet was devastated 48 Honoghr years ago, or 44 standard years ago. Taking into account that Leia visited in 9 ABY, this piece of information implies it happened around 35 BBY. The Essential Guide to Alien Species retconned this by saying that the year on Honoghr is shorter than usual time on other planets. [/color:2kl24q8s]

Adieumus Matango has been appointed Prime Minister of Honoghr by the Speaker of the New Republic. If there are any questions, please feel free to message me. Thank you!!
[color=#bf4000:2kl24q8s][b:2kl24q8s]Section B[/color:2kl24q8s][/quote:2kl24q8s]

2. Second, detail what needs changed about the above outlined sections.

[color=#bf4000:2kl24q8s]Section A:[/b:2kl24q8s][/color:2kl24q8s]
This is all repeated information from Wookieepedia; the link included makes it pointless, so this needs deleted.

[color=#bf4000:2kl24q8s][b:2kl24q8s]Section B:[/b:2kl24q8s][/color:2kl24q8s]
This section is designated for additions, where I will detail the RP information for the planet. I have included this in the rewritten Guide entry below.

[b:2kl24q8s]3. Now, write the Guide entry the way you think it should be done. We will consider your changes and either make them or PM you about them.
=Updated Proposal=[/b:2kl24q8s]

[b:2kl24q8s]Basic Information:[/b:2kl24q8s]
The planet was once part of the Infinite Empire 30,000 BBY. The Rakata constructed a temple which remained sacred to the Noghri long after the Empire's collapse.

During the New Sith Wars, there was a Sith Academy there, that specialized in training Sith Warriors and Marauders.

Certain events on Honoghr left the planet barren and devastated, as can be read in the included link.

[b:2kl24q8s]Current Events and Major Characters: [/b:2kl24q8s]
[list:2kl24q8s][*:2kl24q8s]Adieumus Matango has been appointed Prime Minister of Honoghr by the Speaker of the New Republic.
[*:2kl24q8s]New events on Honoghr include the rebuilding of the destroyed flora and fauna. The hybrid grasses have been eradicated, and the original plants have been reseeded. Trees have begun to grow again, and the atomosphere has returned to its normal state, due to the efforts of the scientists stationed on Honoghr.
[*:2kl24q8s]Honoghr Non-lethal Arms Corporation has set up shop, and is currently testing new weaponry. These EMP weapons are the next generation in electronic interference, or outright electronic destruction. There have been tests in orbit on capital ships, as well as troop-carried blaster rifles, and also ground based EMP artillery.
[*:2kl24q8s]Honoghr Cloning facility has built a facility as well. They have been cloning Noghri, from various strains of dna left behind. This is in an effort to repopulate the planet with its native species. Other races and species are available to purchase as well.
[*:2kl24q8s]New Republic peace talks are slated with the Sol Space Command. Speaker Slane is coming to Honoghr to speak with representatives of the SSC.[/*:m:2kl24q8s][/list:u:2kl24q8s]

[b:2kl24q8s]Player Arrivals:[/b:2kl24q8s]
[list:2kl24q8s][*:2kl24q8s]If you wish to come to Honoghr, please, enter through the Open Orbit thread. If you land without clearance, you may well be engaged by the planetary forces. Most land at the Sith Academy. Ground control will tell you where it is most plausible for you to land in any other circumstance. If you wish to settle, you are more than welcome. New Republic law is in effect on Honoghr, however, so any settling peoples must abide as such. To remain on Honoghr, citizenship in the New Republic is highly suggested.[/*:m:2kl24q8s][/list:u:2kl24q8s]

[b:2kl24q8s]Roleplay and Storyline Preferred:[/b:2kl24q8s]

The main characters on Honoghr have spoken and agreed on the following:

[list:2kl24q8s][*:2kl24q8s]Open RP is welcome, with the player's knowledge that hostile actions will be dealt with in turn.[/*:m:2kl24q8s]
[*:2kl24q8s]Closed RP is not immediately welcome, as we will stick with the rules of the Universe. However, we will listen to the terms of the RP and may decide to accept it.[/*:m:2kl24q8s]
[*:2kl24q8s]Private RP is welcome, but the major characters may or may not participate.[/*:m:2kl24q8s][/list:u:2kl24q8s]

The types of storylines we wish to encourage:
[list:2kl24q8s][*:2kl24q8s]Spontaneous SL is always welcome; your arrival on the planet will trigger a landing secquence, after which the plot may develop in any way.[/*:m:2kl24q8s]
[*:2kl24q8s]Planned SL is welcome, as long as the main characters are informed ahead of time.[/*:m:2kl24q8s]
[*:2kl24q8s]Scripted SL is not our preference, but if we are asked via PM and agree to it, we will participate.[/*:m:2kl24q8s][/list:u:2kl24q8s]

[b:2kl24q8s]Miscellaneous Info:[/b:2kl24q8s]

Honoghr prefers business and New Republic scenarios over battles and personal storylines. Those who will mind their own matters on Honoghr are certainly welcome, but players wishing to take a larger role in Honoghr's leadership should PM us.

We would prefer to not have OOC messages on the board.

Our alignment leans more towards Sith and Gray than any other, although we are officially a Neutral planet at the moment and will welcome any newcomers who follow the protocol outlined above. Antagonists are also welcome from an OOC perspective, but will recognize that IC we will be trying our best to eradicate them.

Upon your arrival on Honoghr, you will receive a welcoming OOC PM, detailing some of the protocols and referring you to this Guide.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to message Prime Minister Adieumus Matango.

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