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Opting in to the Guide

In order to opt in to the Guide and have an entry submitted for the planet you write on, you first need to discuss it with the RPers on your planet. Planets that opt in are automatically stating they accept the

Decide together who will write the entry and what it needs to contain. Remember, you may have Jedi and Sith on the same planet fighting IC but you are writing the story together. This is your chance to work as a team to describe your planet's RP to newcomers, so make sure all parties agree on what you are trying to achieve with the entry.

Below is the list of things the planet needs to submit for the guide entry. Write an entry and submit it to the guide . Entries can be as brief as you like and don't have to contain all elements below, however, the more info the better. Required fields are red.

-Name of planet

-Existing canon planetary info and wookieepedia link (cut and paste the existing thread.)

(an image of the planet will be added for you)

-IC Sympathy tends towards: All, Jedi, Sith, Mando, etc

-type of RP you are most likely to find here: (for example-you may add others if required.)

big space/fleet/troops battle based stories
duels and fight scenes
ic training for your char
long term pre-agreed RP
reactive RP or 'spur of the moment' RP
other (specify)

-What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here: (for example-you may add others if required):

Visiting writers welcome/long term writers only/don't mind either
New players to the Universe welcome/not welcome
New players will/will not receive answers to questions ooc and RP training
To join the story here: just RP anywhere straight away/arrive IC in open space or open terrain/introduce yourself via PM/other
You will/will not receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM
ooc chat on the boards welcome/we prefer to PM[/quote]
other (specify)

-any major factions/chars/places of interest that have been RPed here. a brief description of set up, any past plots or info a newcomer to the planet may need regarding the RP here.

-You may want to use a section to state any profession you are particularly interested in recruiting ie soldier, bar-owner etc

Once a planet has opted in, it is recognized as part of the Guide and awarded a default silver ranking on the planet list. The entry will appear in the 'Traveler's Guide' thread on the planet, alongside the canon info for the planet. To up or downgrade to other rankings . Once a planet has opted in it is expected it will remain part of the Guide unless dispute about the planet's entry is underway. Entries may be edited for length, spelling etc by the Whills. Entries are to be written and read as out of character.