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Nal Hutta:

Nal Huta is a planet with a mixed populous exceeding 7 billion. Although largely a barren wasteland Nal Hutta still boasts a thriving economy. The capital Bilbousa is is a major trade center at the heart of the Black Market. Control of this planet by the IF has played a decisive role in the stability of Hutt businesses. Indeed little tampering with Hutt affairs occurs, provided that these do not conflict with IF interests. In return for this protection the Hutt offer preferential treatment to the IF in concerns to illicit goods & information. Thus a very sound mutually beneficial socio-political environment exists on Nal Hutta. But since the Grand Sith Alliance took over the planet, it has seen a increase in income and shipping.

Anyone can visit Nal Hutta but any hostile actions will be dealt with extreme force.

Types of RP:

Illicit activity:
Black Market center hence, goods, & information are plentiful at a cost (This opens a door to a vast amount & variety of RP scenerios. The main types of storyline are Non-combatant storylines, both personal & large)
Mining Complexes
Weapons Retailers
Long-term pre-arranged
IC training
Spur of the moment RPing
IC Training for the character

New players welcome to come for guidance/advice.

Nal Hutta is Under the Command of the Phoenix Imperium, and the Nightsister Clan of Dathomir. Those in war with them at the time of visit will be shot at. All others, you are welcome to send a comm message in Orbit. If you wish to Attack, or invade, you are to PM either Matar Lyndruss, Atia, or Zeka the Hutt who is a resident long term RPer.

~Stats For the Planet Nal Hutta~

Nal Hutta

Region:Mid Rim
Sector:Hutt Space
System:Y'Toub system
Suns:1 (Y'Toub)
Moons: 5 (inc. Nar Shaddaa)
Rotation period :87 standard hours
Orbital period :413 local days

Diameter:26,100 km
Atmosphere:Oxygen Mix
Primary terrain Barren, but vongformed towards an unknown result
Formerly: Marshes, Bogs, Oceans, Swamps[1]
Originally: Mountainous with rain-forests

Native species:None
Formerly: Evocii, Vippits
Immigrated species: Humans, Hutts, Mandalorians
Formerly:t'landa Til, Yuuzhan Vong, other species
Official language:Basic, Huttese, Mandalorian
Formerly:Yuuzhan Vong
Even earlier: Evocii
Population: 7 billion
Goverment: Phoenix Imperium, Nightsister clan of Dathomir
Major cities:Bilbousa (capital)

~Temperate Terrestrial/Terrestrial~
[*]1/2 Aluminite
[*]1/2 Aluminium
[*]1/4 Anthracite
[*]1/2 Gold
[*]Kubaz Xirkonia
[*]1/2 Manganese
[*]1/4 Nickel
[*]1/2 Osmium
[*]1/2 Palladium
[*]1/2 Platinum
[*]1/2 Precious Stones (ruby, sapphire, emerald
[*]1/8 Rhodium
[*]1/4 Titanite
[*]1/4 Titanium

1 billion-100 billion: 100,000,000 credits/fiscal year (7 billion population) x1.5 (Silver rating) would equal to 150 million credits each month from Nal Hutta due to taxation.

Full Troop count on planet:
500 TX-130
200 AT-AA
400 AT-AP
50 000 Verpine Drones with Verpine Blasters.

Half Troops in barracks and around North Biblbosa, other half around and in South Bilbbosa. 100 TX-130 are patrolling the roads and crossroads of the planet, or the forests in groups of 3-s.
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