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The Living Force

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Re: The Living Force

*He had become broed of this blank setting. The desolate, grey nothingness stretch out before, behing and to either side full of its emptyness. Casting around with his senses, he thought he detected something of a familiar nature. Yes, he thought, there it was again. Hate. Loathing. Supreme Arrongance.*

<< Jacen? >>

*The whisper slipped from him, the sound of it rebounding through the force and becoming deafening in the blighted silence of the void around him.
The grey blankness around him seemed to swirl as he gazed about and took on strange, abstract shaped until they solidified into red-tinged mountain and rugged, rocky landscapes. Looking down, Andru saw that he stood on a gently sloping bank of rocky earth that sloped away into a crater-like bowl.
He blinked. Yes. He was standing. His body seemed intact and he took a tentative step, testing the abilities of this form and knowing that such assurances here were fleeting at best.
He looked up and only then did his face blanch as he recognised where he was. The rocky "Mountain" in the distance was nothing of the sort, just as the crater on which he stood was caused by no meteor impact.
The rubble in the distance was all that was left of a once great Jedi Temple under the protection and tutalage of Jedi Grandmaster Caoimhin and destroyed in the fight between the august Jedi and one of Andru's worst and most feared enemies, Darth Caedus.
This was Haruun-Kal almost two years ago.
The man formerly know as Jacen Solo had been the orchestrator of this madness and destruction that Andru was witnessing the aftereffects of, making a deal with fell forces to bolster his plan of revenge and domination.
The former Jedi Master wondered idly if Haruun-Kal was still blighted this way. Wondered if the Corruption and Caedus' evil had forever left their mark on the place/
Thinking of such things drew his eyes to the center of the crater. It was no longer there but he could still feel the echo of its existence. The Seed of the Corruption. The Seed that had ultimately been his fate as he had hurled himself into it to protect those he loved and those he was sworn to defend.
A cold laugh sounded from behind him and he turned slowly, long Ccloak billowing out as a sudden gust of hot wind raked through his shoulder length hair*

Good to see you again cousin

*He felt an intense chill at the words spoken by the hooded apparition in front of him. Glowing yellow eyes burned out of the shadows beneath the hood, as Andru peered at the figure standing no more than two meters from him. Inclining his head slightly, Andru gestured to the crater behind him*

So Jacen, you managed to get everything around you destroyed again. I'd have thought you'd have got used to faliure by now.

*Steeling himself for an erruption of rage, Andru's hand drifted to the hilt of his lightsaber which, of course, wasn't there. Caedus just watched him with something close to amusement but darker. Mockingly vicious.*

Nothing I did here was a faliure, Solo. I manipulated the vaunted Cao and let the Corruption take its course exactly as I planned

*Andru gave a mocking snort of defiance as he gestured around at the barren landscape, echoing the words just uttered*

Exactly as you planned? The Corruption was destroyed, Cao is fine as far as I know and you.... You planned to die here?

*The mockery was still in his voice but it lacked conviction now as he was sure Caedus wasn't here to talk of past faliures and possible outcomes. Something had gone as he had planned, of that Andru was sure. The what still elluded him as the hooded form paced around to the left, coming to a stop on the lip of the craters edge. A cowled arm rose to point at the center of the depression*

The Seed here was destroyed, as was my physical body, but we both know that death is very rarely the end dont we?

*He could only nod mutely as the truth of that simple statement hit him. Caedus hadn't died without having some sort of plan to achieve his ends without being there to see them through. The Corruption too..... Then it hit him. That was what was familiar about the sounds that invaded him on Yavin Station! It was similar to the sounds the Corruption had made as its conciousness had tried to bend him to service while the vile poison had run rampant through his system.
Caedus faced him as another possibility thundered into him. The Corruption lived in the Yavin system! He wasn't sure but....
He blinked in surprise as he realised that Caedus had closed to stand right in front of him, a ghostly hand raised to his face*

Unfortunately you wont be able to warn anyone. Enjoy the show, Solo.

*He tried to pull away but it was too late. Caedus' power slammed into him, seeping into his conciousness and altering his memory at will. This trick didn't usually work on him but, coming from a Master of deception and in his weakened state, Andru Kierra-Solo felt his defences ebbing until he sank quietly into oblivion.......*
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Post Sat Nov 13, 2010 6:09 am

Re: The Living Force

What did you do?
He could still hear the faint tingling of his neices laughter. The very sound that had awoken his spirit that Caedus had rendered dormant. He supposed that his exile should have been permenant but the Sith had once again shown their weakness. They did not understand the power of love. Andru reached out slowly.
There was nothing there. No reply. No sensation. No feeling. He was still trapped but at least now he was aware. Aware thanks to the memory of watching Lyra playing by the lake. He needed to find his way back once more and he knew that she was the key.
Flexing his awareness, he managed to picture the mansion by the lake and the woods around it. Slowly, as if underwater, the picture he was forming in his minds eye swirled into being around him.
He examined it thoroughly.
He had to get it exactly right. Exactly as he remembered it then....
The leaves began to change coulour. Vines crept up the outer wall of the mansion grounds and blurs of movement came and went.
The memory was matching itself, through the flow of the force around him, to the place as it existed at this time.
Soon the pace of change slowed and eventually stopped.
He was there.......*
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Post Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:00 pm

Re: The Living Force

The ability to defy oblivion can be achieved, but only for oneself. It was accomplished by a Shaman of the Whills. It is a state acquired through compassion, not greed. ├óÔé¼ÔÇóQui-Gon Jinn

Aalia awoke.

It was a sudden return to conscience, as if she had been holding under water and was abruptly surfacing. Her eyes - she had eyes - didn't open immediately. Her body - she had a body - laid there, unmoving but sensing in the most vivid way. What she discovered was a stillness, silent to the five senses but vigorous to the sixth.

The Force.

More alive in this place than any other she encountered. Sudden memory jolted across her mind, eyes whipped open in response, exposing green spheres. The Shadow Lands. This...feeling. Akin to that place.

Bright, acute pain streaked before her eyes, blinding their facilities from her environment with the face of a tall, confused Arkanian. Dace Concordia. She remembered. Eyes wide and computing only the image, she didn't conceive her surroundings until it gradually passed.

Above her was a clear - night? - sky, dotted with sharp points of light. There was no shimmering orb that would signal a moon or other planet close by. She realized now that her body was positioned on the side of a sloping hill.

Movement that slit the stilness Aalia propped herself, noticing her elbows sunk into soft, warm - earth? As she continued to orient, finally standing on her two feet, she couldn't help but find everything so very....strange. So this was death?

For Aalia certainly knew she was dead. And she knew how, and why. Her current location was a puzzle only. Nothing she learned in life pointed to this place as the final destination. Aalia, in fact, hadn't known what precisely to expect, but it certainly had not been this.

A thought instinctively sped through her confused mind.


The sudden thought was so loud - or the environment so soundless - that it shattered the place as if it were a mirror that might have been dropped. And yet, though her late husband's name seemed to project, she had not opened her mouth. Her vocal chords uttered now in experiment. Nothing came out. This curiosity pushed to the back of her mind as it refocused on the one of more importance.

Dominus. He had to be here. But where? Desperation surged as she tried to keep panic at bay. Surely she would find him, it was only a matter of time. He was here, after all. She had her eternity to find him. Surely he must be searching for her also. And when they did find each other, death would be sweeter than life.

She began to walk.
Sush, sush, sush. Her feet were bare against the warm earth and soft, tall grass. Every noise broke the stillness of it all. She paused a few times to re access the quiet, waiting, listening cautiously. It was always the same as before. Nothing. No sound, and not even the points of light twinkled. No noise, the landscape unchanged as far as she could see. No movement but herself.

That was the oddest of all. Her clothes, a thin, minimal white dress, billowed lazily as if an invisible wind toyed. But there was no wind.

There was nothing but the still, quiet void.
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Re: The Living Force

*He floated back from the projected vision and seemed ti list lazily to the floor of some vast hall. He assumed that his mind wass once again creating images of where he was that his mind, still mired in the aspects of the real world, could understand.
He lay still for a moment, the sound of Lyra's voice through the force ringing in his head. She had broken the spell to an extent but he still didn't know how to slip his bonds and return.
He slowly rose to his feet. He was garbed once again in plain tan robes and looked much as he had the last time him image had been conjured. Sighing softly, he sat and found himself seated on a ornate black chair, heavily padded. The illusionary hall around him stretched into the distance in all directions and he stifled the urge to explore. It didn't matter what was there. It was all the same....
No! It wasn't the same. Something had changed. There was something herte that was familiar from his life before. He trained his mind on the currents of the living force swirling around him and tentatively reached out*

<< Hello? >>
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Re: The Living Force

*He frowned as he heard his own call echo through the immense hall. It seemed to rebound off something and come back to him as if blocked by some invisible field that prevented him reaching out, beyond this place.
He knew he was once more drifting in the currents of the force, the hall merely an image to keep himself sane as the majesty and magnitude of the great sea of energy around him pushed him to the limits of his understanding. If he concentrated, he could dispell the hall and float, bodyless, through the roiling storm of force energies as the traversed the universe in myriad current that appeared random but which he was sure held another purpose entirely.
Perhaps, as an ocean on a planet was affected by lunar cycles and the magnetic field of the planet, perhaps here there were factors that influenced the tides of the force. Use of the force, for example, would create a ripple, like a small pebble tosed in a lake, which would expand and merge with other ripples. Perhaps, if enough merged, they would create their own tide?*

Thats all very interesting but ultimately useless

*The voice, if indeed you could call it a voice, reverberated through his head, echoing as if spoken between two vast walls flanking it either side. He turned as the image of the swirling mas of energy disappated and he was transported to a barren, rocky expanse of land that steamed with pent up volcanic activity.
A figure stood before him, the cowl of a masive robe concealing whatever features may be hidden within. The arms were crosed over the chest and the hands were hidden in opposite sleves. The figure appeared to be of similar stature to himself but Andru knew that appearances could be decieving. Especially here*

I'm just a lost soul like yourself. You have nothing to fear from me.

*Standing les than a few yards away from the apparition and clad once again in the dark tan Jedi robes, his usual residual self-image, with his dark hair tied loosely into a tail, Andru's eyes narrowed*

Just a lost spirit like myself? A lost spirit who just happens to be able to read my thoughts?

*The figure, Human Andru was quite sure of now judging by the voice and poise. Again he caught himself from using senses from the real world. Of course the being Seemed human to him but in reality this could be an illusion.
He froze in mid-thought.
It could ALL be an illusion. The ground, the being, himself....*

Of course everything you see is an illusion. You lack the coprehension to see the Living Force in its entirity. It is too much for a mortal mind to comprehend....

*The figure seemed to pause, as if gathering its thought. Looking like it had come to a decision, the figure reached up and drew back the hood. Andru blinked in surprise*

Dav!? That can't be you! If your dead then....
*Dav Man'sell raised an eyebrow, a sardonic smile on his face. The look, so familiar from when Dav had out-witted or confused him in some cryptic conversation made Andru grin back. Whatever the case, it was good to see a familiar face.
The being raised its arms and shrugged in a way that suggested an unknowable question, and tilted its head. Whatever the case, it certainly acted like Dav, Andru thought with a small spike of despair. If Dav was dead then all would be lost.
He was torn from his dark musings as the being spoke again. Too late he reigned in his wandering thought and put a lid on them, creating a barrier between his mind and any outside influence*

No one person can change the fate of the galaxy. If I fall, others will take up the cause. I know that you have seen the future but you must remember that it is a Possible future. Not an actual one.

*Confident now that his mind was shielded from detection, Andru gathered himself. Letting out a breath and centering his awareness, he let his senses absorb everything around him.
The projected landscape was immense. It stretched from one horizon to the other, rugged mountain and steaming volcanoe's dotted here and there. The air, tangy with the taste of sulpher as he inhaled, was hot and dense as if the gravity was slightly higher than the norm. The sky, cloudy with the fumes thrown up by the volcanic activity was a deep shade of scarlet as the sun set over the horizon to his left.
They stood on a scarred and battered plain that looked like it had seen recent tectonic activity. A large crack ran alongside them, stretching into a huge chasm a few meters pased where the figure with Dav's body stood.
Looking closer at the figure, he judge him to be exactly as Dav would be in life. Same height and bulk, the large robe looked as if it could conceal the greatcoat that the Jedi Master usually wore. His hair, a little longer than Andru remembered it, was the same colour as were the eyes. Even the expresions were identical.
Yet, for all the exact looks and expresions, he even felt like Dav, Andru knew this was not his old friend. He didn't know how he knew but he was sure. He was also sure that, in some way or another, this being was here to help him on Dav and his request.
He smiled as he took a step closer, waving a hand across the scarred rocks around them*

I know what I saw may not come to pass but may not isn't exactly encouraging. Why have we projected this abysmal landscape? We could have spoken somewhere more refreshing.

*A shadow fell across the figures face for a moment and he seemed to sigh. Davs expresion was one of sorrow and regret. It made Andru brace himself for a revelation of dire aspect. Not Joshua, he thought desperately. Not Joshua, not Tebana. Dav and I have given enough already, don't take anymore from us!*

I am here by the use of a darkside power and needed to be near a place where..... where you killed in anger. We're here, Andru, because this is one of the only places that you murdered someone in cold blood. The only place where this would work.
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Re: The Living Force

-and so, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, months turned to years, and Seraph lost himself in obscurity. No pupil loved his master more, none was more dedicated. It was not until after the transformation that the student discovered Fortean's fate.

-"The Tragedy of Seraph and _____________", The Journal of the Whills
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Post Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:35 pm

Re: The Living Force

Aalia walked on. It didn't seem like walking so much as gliding. It was effortless. She hated the sound of her movement. It pierced the stillness so acutely that her ears began to ache. There were moments when she would stop moving to give herself momentary relief before starting anew. Despite this, she would often - call? - Dominus' name. It was always met with silence. And the Force that allowed Aalia to feel everything at once did not allow her to feel Dominus' presence...any presence, for that matter.

With every step she became more frustrated. It was in her nature to assess a situation then plan her course of action. The environment never changed, however. There was no more information she could go on, no plan she could make. She grew tired, even though she was not tired. Only hope made her feet move...hope that she would see her beloved soon.

So she walked on, slowly falling into despair.
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Re: The Living Force

*The only placed he had murdered..... His eyes widden as he looks around the scarred landscape again witgh opened eyes. So use now to the conjured images of his imagination used to deal with the never ending vastness of the force he paied little attention to his surroundings.... until now.
Of course. How hadn't he seen it before. The charred surface and the slight delcine to the edge of the lva flow. A scruffy figure stumbling away from him, eyes wide with terror....
He throught the image away as a hot pulse of despair shot through his, making tears spring to his eyes. Strnge such a thing would happen here. In this form. It was a few moment before he realised the despair wasn't his. He didn't regret this moment. It made him uneasy at the length to which he had gone to in those days but not enough to make him despair.
As he turned his mind outwards, searching for the sourse of the feeling, the image of Mustafaar faded and spun. Davs face sprang into view once more*

You must break out. Concentrate on the child. She will set you free....

*The image wavered and girated faster and he was soon floating through the void again. Nameless colours pulsed around him as his body of light traversed the beyond. Never able to aim, he just let himself be drawn along the currents, following as best he could the slight shimmer of the despair as it made ripples through the fabric of the universe itself. Strange presences flared around him as people in the real world dreamed and random beings of thought emerged from their nightmares and hopes. Andru flashed past them as he delved deeper into the sea of latent power.
He seemed to plummet down, a planet resolving and growing beneath him. He plummeted down through the upper atmosphere. Cutting through the cloud cover and soaring down towards a verdant plain that stretched uninterupted for miles in every direction. His form hovered above the ground by a couple of feet, the grass bathed in the soft blue glow of his form.
The echo of despair had come from around here. A tiny planet deep in the Ocean Beyond, dreamt up by some sentient mind and manifested here in the netherworld*
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Re: The Living Force

[quote="Aalia Ra":2obeqq94] Sadious, Zenrod, go with Eversio's ship and make sure it doesn't get scratched. You know how touchy he gets.

[action:2obeqq94]Sadious [b:2obeqq94]did[/b:2obeqq94] speak this time.[/action:2obeqq94]

My lady [b:2obeqq94][i:2obeqq94]Ra[/i:2obeqq94][/b:2obeqq94] know Eversio won't be happy that-

[action:2obeqq94]Aalia's voice was sharp, but quiet.[/action:2obeqq94]

The day I start doing others' biddings is the day I'm dead. And probably not even then. [/quote:2obeqq94]

[i:2obeqq94]-Aalia and Sadious at Yavin Station[/i:2obeqq94]
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Re: The Living Force

*A partial spirit appeared into the living force freezing winds and aura of helska IV around it. Tanda's spirit was here through meditation to commune with the force. The form sat and meditated on the universe and the terrible curse that had been inflicted upon him and seeing if there was a way to be rid of it.*

Post Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:41 pm

Re: The Living Force

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Re: The Living Force

*Cúchulainn Dubh passed into the other world awaiting guidance from Manannán mac Lir*

Post Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:14 pm

Re: The Living Force

*Manannán mac Lir looked on the newcomer not speaking for some time. This one was confident yet not arrogant. Brave but not foolish. Educated and understanding of the supremacy of we over I. He spoke at long last*

You know your place; one not blinded by Light nor left sightless in pure Dark. For these reasons you, Cúchulainn Dubh will stay in the Realm of Shadows....
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Re: The Living Force

*Jack opened his eyes and he instantly knew where he was. He dident konw how he knew where he was. But that diddent matter. He was here and there was nothing he could do about it. Jack looked around. So this is the afterlife he thought? Dosent seem much diffrent from the real life. Jack stood up and began walking.

Jack wasent shure how long he walked. It could have been minuets or hours or days for all he knew he had already lost all track of time. He suddenly came upon a black tower but he could not find a door. He walked all along the base of it but could not find any entrence. He went to place his hand on it to see what it was made out of when his hand moved through it. Jack almost laughed. He was dead damn the laws of phisics.

As jack walked inside the tower he found himself at the base of a spiral staircase. He looked up but he couldent see the top. Jack began to walk. It wasent long before he couldent see the floor as well as the top of the tower. Jack just kept walking. It must of been sevral days of walking before jack made it to the top. Though he wasent even tired. What was left of him to even get tired?

At the top of the tower there was a single wooden door. As he got to the door and placed his hand on it he felt another presence. Well maby it wasent another presence as much as a voice.*

<< Who wishes to enter? >>

I do, Jack Mapio.

<< That was your name. Your living name. Nothing living may enter here. >>

But im already dead.

<< Nothing living may enter >>

Well i wish to enter

<< Who wishes to enter >>

I do... The essence of jack mapio... jack died i am what is left.

*Jack heard a thump as the door unlocked. He turned the handel and swong open the door. Inside he found a library. There was no way that this space is in the tower. Jack shook his head he was still thinking mortaly. He was in the sperit world now. Jack saw one table and there was a single book on that table. Jack sat down. The book said Jack mapio. He opened the first page and began to read.*
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Re: The Living Force

*Had it been minuets, hours days or even years since jack had been in this room. Time didn't mater. He had been reading over his life. He was content with what he had done. But then he came to another section. One that described talking with the living. When had he accumulated that knowledge. It must have been his time as a member of the Order of the back star. He seemed to spend a lot of time in the library there. It seemed as if it had to be done in stepps. Step one was sending basic feelings or images to the living. Jack was intrigued and continued reading.*
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Re: The Living Force

*Jack finished the rest of the books and almost laughed. There was a way not only to contact those of the living but there was a way for him to return to them. Although it came with a price and the price that it came with was extremely high. He wouldent remember anything after he had started to regain his memory after the incident that he had lost his memory in all those years ago. He thought it ironic he would be able through hard work become like a phoenix but he wouldent remember all of that hard work. And work it would be. He wouldn't be able to start contact with the living overnight and thrusting his spirit out of the netherworld? If he would be able to do that he would even amaze himself.

He put the final book back in its place. After reading all of the knowledge that he had accumulated throughout his life he was almost sad that he was going to lose it, all of it. But losing all that knowledge was worth the chance to do it all again. To do it right. No more sith no more dark side. Well it wasn't about sides at this moment jack didn't think of the force of having a dark side and a light side. Those were labials that were given to the force by extremists. It dosent matter what parts of the force that you use its how you use them that defines it. Does it matter if you use a red hammer or a blue hammer, no, it matters if you use it to hammer in a nail or hammer in someone's head.

Jack than sat back on the floor. He knew now that there really was no floor. There wasent books or even this room wasent really there. It was all in his mind. His mind still clings to the world of the living and through that link it takes his minds eye and lets it take physical form. As he closed his eyes nothing else existed. Not the room not the books and not the floor. All that existed was the force. And that was what he was calling upon. He called upon everything he had ever learned about the force. He was straining he had one person he was trying to make contact with. He knew the first time he would only get feelings, immages to get through and not coherent words. Atuna Lemep was the target and the package was his name and the feeling of death.*
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Re: The Living Force

*Jack sat panting on the floor of the room which contained the vast knowlage that he had accumulated throught his long life. He sat there wondering, did it work? he dident know. He knew he had breached the vail and he had tried to send a message to his former mentor but if that message got to him, well that was anyones best guess. If nothing else that attempt at a connection had given Jack valuable expreence. He thought that he was ready for the next setp.

He stood back up and searched that library for a single book and then took it out and turned to page 1472. The name of the chapter read "Contacting the living using the force, the next step contact using conherient words". This was the next setp. He would be able to breach the vail again. jack knew that. What he needed to do this time was to turn those emotions and memories that he had previously sent atuna and send a few words. He kenw that he would only be able to send a select few words but he would also be able to send a better immage along with the words this time. Jack sat down and began to prepair to contact atuna. The attempt before had taken alot out of him and he dident know if he was ready to try again but he had to. If it wasent now then would it ever happen? Time ment nothing here he would wait a few minuets and who knew how long it was in the living world. It would be years or even decades he dident know. all he knew was that he empyed his mind and called on the force, surrendered himself to it and then guided it. He would reach Atuna.*
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Re: The Living Force

[quote="Ghost Andru":1frvak6n]You must break out. Concentrate on the child. She will set you free....

[narration:1frvak6n]The image wavered and girated faster and he was soon floating through the void again. Nameless colours pulsed around him as his body of light traversed the beyond. Never able to aim, he just let himself be drawn along the currents, following as best he could the slight shimmer of the despair as it made ripples through the fabric of the universe itself. Strange presences flared around him as people in the real world dreamed and random beings of thought emerged from their nightmares and hopes. Andru flashed past them as he delved deeper into the sea of latent power.
He seemed to plummet down, a planet resolving and growing beneath him. He plummeted down through the upper atmosphere. Cutting through the cloud cover and soaring down towards a verdant plain that stretched uninterupted for miles in every direction. His form hovered above the ground by a couple of feet, the grass bathed in the soft blue glow of his form.
The echo of despair had come from around here. A tiny planet deep in the Ocean Beyond, dreamt up by some sentient mind and manifested here in the netherworld[/narration:1frvak6n][/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]... And he was back eher again. The nothingness stretched off in every direction, the view undulating slightly as if he within the bossom of some giant, breathing beast. The child? He pondered this as he tried to make sense out of what had just happened. Did it happen at all? Or did it happen yet? Time, like distance, seemed to have no meaning here.
He closed his "eyes" still unable to let go of his living mannerisms and sighed. The child... Did he mean Joshua or someone else. He hoped it wasn't Lyra. He had no desire to involve Raans daughter in any of this madness. He was dead. It didn't make any difference now anyway. Unfortunately the Force told him it did.
His closed eyes nonwithstanding, he saw himslef thrown forwards as the bare landscape stretched into elongated lines similar to that of the stars as a ship entered hyperspace and flashed past at a sickening pace. Sickening if he had been able to feel such things. This time the journey took on a twist, or a spin rather, and he seemed to hurtling down a twirling vortex of bland colours.
An inspirational impulse led to to think, and speak for some reason...[/narration:1frvak6n]

I'm travelling through time!

[narration:1frvak6n]Time had no meaning here he was sure. It was all one piece to the force as it moved through and around those living things that sprouted its existance. He then went on to conclude that this "traveling" was nothing more than something to make his mind accept the fact that he was moving through time. As soon as his mind took hold of and accepted this fact, everything stopped.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[action:1frvak6n]A verdant plain again but this a tree lined plain. Ulba tree's...[/action:1frvak6n]


[narration:1frvak6n]He whispered the words as he took in the scene before him. A mighty battle raged as evil force assaulted the forces of good. Ressurected Sith Lord, mere shadows of their former self yet still formidable, raged across the plain towards the distinct building of the Jedi enclave. Kun, Saddow, Bane and others he could recognise at this distance released horrifying force powers of plague, famine, disease and death down on the inhabitants.
An intense light drew his attention to several figures as they advanced from the Jedi stronghold, himself and Raan among them. The Jedi reacting to the threat. This had happened years before he had died. Back before Jade had decided to forgo his force heretige.
The secene seemed to speed up until it showed himself battling his way past Kun and Sadow to take the fight to them man behind this madness.[/narration:1frvak6n]


[narration:1frvak6n]His eyes narrowed at the name. Not for hatred of the man but hatred of the thing the man was about to create. The spirit winced as he watched himself, seven years earlier, destroy Jaren with the powers of the Darkside. This was the start of his slip into oblivion. A slip which may or may not have contributed to his ultimate demise.
He frowned at the image. What sense did it make? Why show him this now?[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]Because it shows you that the Darkness has always been there...[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]He felt his posture straighten at the sound of the voice, so like his own. No matter how many times it happened he still got surprised when he appeared. Turning slowly he met the yellow eyes of his kinsman.[/narration:1frvak6n]


[narration:1frvak6n]The tone, and the nod that followed, were polite. They had since past the bickering they had had when thay had both found themselves sharing an eternity. They seemed to be bound to each other in some stragne way. He wasn't sure if Jace had was looking for a way back but he was... Wait! Another flash of insight hit him. Jace HAD found a way back and was already moving around in the Galaxy. A disgusted expression found its way onto the Former Jedi's face.[/narration:1frvak6n]

You did it didn't you? You found a way back...

[narration:1frvak6n]The yellow-eyed apparition smiled as it stepped forwards, walking up to Andru's side and staring out over the now-paused scene of battle.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]In a way, yes. I have found a way to channel myself through another in a most... unique way.[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]His eyes flickered to Andru as the other spirit joined him and stood shoulder to shoulder suveying the scene which once again sprung into motion.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]No point in making a move, Solo. You can't do anything here and you have no idea where OR who I am in the real world.[/color:1frvak6n]
[narration:1frvak6n]Andru smiled his standard lopsided smirk as he watched himself attack the reminants of Jarens army with a blood lust that seemed out of place on the usually calm and cocky Jedi veneer.[/narration:1frvak6n]

Perhaps you haven't made it back to the real world at all. It would be the first time you have show such deceptions.

[narration:1frvak6n]The apparation smiled, a shadow of the smile that Andru wore on his own face and gestured to the scene before them.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]Perhaps I haven't, but thats not why we're here...[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]His gesture became more precise, singling out the living Andru rampaging through a rank of battle droid with apparent glee.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]Look how much fun you seem to be having.[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The fallen Sith Lord smiled and seemed to "huff" in satisfaction and... Pride?[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]The Darkside suits you, nephew...[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]As if compelled his eyes were drawn to his own face from seven years ago. It was twisted with rage and madness much more than he remembered it being in life. As he watched, purplish veins twisted up his neck and across his face as his skin took on a pallid hue. He felt from where he and Jace "stood" the build-up of power and could clearly see the electrical discharge gathering arm=ound his own forearms.
He frowned. That didn't happen...
His past self was flailing around with his midnight blue Saberwhip in lucid form, slashing at droids left and right as he broke through to a group of mind controlled slaves and...
His Saberwhip went dead as he dropped it to the ground. His Jedi robes torn and battered, cloak streaming out behind him in the unatural wind, he raised his hands and unleashed absolute death on the entire group of slaves.
He gasped and sank to his knees as he felt the multiple deaths, over one hundered writhing forms sank to the lushious grass that also burned and withered under the onslaught.[/narration:1frvak6n]


[narration:1frvak6n]He choked out the words as he fought to control himself, regaining his metaphorical feet with some difficulty and pointing to himself as the image froze again.[/narration:1frvak6n]

That... never... happened!

[narration:1frvak6n]The other Ghost looked at him with a smirk as he waved a hand to start the image again. Living Andru strode through the twitching, smoking Corpses nonchalantly as he batted bolts with deadly accuracy back at the surviving droid with he re-activated blade.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[color=#FF0000:1frvak6n]No. Its what could have happened if you'd had the courage and the foresight to give in fully to your darkness.[/color:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]Andru looked on in horror as Raan, Vyra and some of his other friends spoke to him, their challenging tones and cuationary wrods clear as if he had actually heard them from his vantage point.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[quote="Jade":1frvak6n]Stand down, Solo. Cousin... your out of control.[/quote:1frvak6n]

[quote="Amidala":1frvak6n]Andru. Stop this. This insane. Its over, no more need to die.[/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]It was his reply, however, that horrified Andru the most. His sneer was the incarnation of evil. The personofication of malice. The embodiment of insane.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[quote="Andru":1frvak6n]Control? I no longer have a limit for control, Jade.[/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]He turned his gaze on Vyra, his eyes already burning with a pale orange glow as he looked her up and down with a disgusting leer.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[quote="Andru":1frvak6n]And you, your worshipfullness. I'm surprised I haven't taken you yet. Everyone else has. Perhaps I'll save you for last...[/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]Without warning his hand shot out and a vertable storm of pale blue lightning flashed out towards Raan. The red headed Jedi was fast and attempted to take the blast on the emerald blade that sprang to life but his attempt was in vain. The storm picked him up and hurled him back into the tree's, scorching several of the tall Ulba tree;s and even collapsing a few under the onlslaught.
Vyra let out a low scream that disolved into a snarl as she drew a saber hilt. He watched as his living self laughed and tilted his head to the left as a blue energy blade appered in Vyra's hand.[/narration:1frvak6n]

Vyra. Don't...

[narration:1frvak6n]It no longer registered in his head that this DIDN'T actually happen. He was too into the image, Jaces psychological magic working its deadly magic once again.
The living Andru deactivated his blade and put the weapon at his belt. Vyra, murder in her eyes charged forwards, swinging clumsily with the unfamiliar weapon. For all her elegance and natural agility, wherever she struck, Andru was somewhere else.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[quote="Andru":1frvak6n]You can't use grown up weapons, Kid. Let me take it off you before you hurt yourself...[/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The living Andru snatched out a hand and twisted. The "Snap" was audible across a battle field of moaning, dying beings as the former Jedi snapped the boned in the womans wrist. She cried out and sank to the floor as Dark Andru took and reignited her blade. The blue blade highlighted the pale face of the former senator as he levelled it at her neck.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[quote="Andru":1frvak6n]So, you can die by your own weapon, M'Lady. A fitting end to a vigorous career...[/quote:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The blue blade rose high into the air and...[/narration:1frvak6n]

[action:1frvak6n]Everything disolves into black as the lights seemed to got out across the galaxy...[/action:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]He opened his eyes...[/narration:1frvak6n]


[narration:1frvak6n]The image of himself ready to deliver the killing blow on one who was like a sister to him made his head sear with pain. He curled up in a ball and paid no heed to his surounings as he muttered to himself over and over.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[size=85:1frvak6n]It wasn't real. It didn't happen. It wasn't real. It didn't happen...[/size:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The broken form of Andru Kierra-Solo trembled through eternity as the Galxay both sped and crawled past. Moving forwards and backwards yet, nowhere.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[action:1frvak6n]Several hours, months, years, decades, centuries, millenia, whetever, later...[/action:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The trembling form lay on the white marbled floor of a circular chamber, his Jedi robes pooled around him. Torment flowed from the figure in waves as he lay there, not moving bar for the trembling which seemed to rattle his soul. Nefarious images flashed through his mind of the scene that he had witnessed. The moment he had betrayed everything that he held dear.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[size=85:1frvak6n][force_speak:1frvak6n]But that never happened...[/force_speak:1frvak6n][/size:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The figure rolled over and revealed the face of Andru Kierra-Solo, face twisted from the torment within. He wanted to howl out at the injustice of it, to seek an escape from the torture that was him right now.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[size=85:1frvak6n][force_speak:1frvak6n]That never happened...[/force_speak:1frvak6n][/size:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]He scowled at the whispering voice in his head as he rolled into a sitting position and hugged his knee's defensively against the rush of negative emotions that streamed into him from every side.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[force_speak:1frvak6n]That never happened![/force_speak:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The word were stronger this time and understandable. His head came up and he looked around the circular walls that contained no door. The walls were reflective casting hundreds of images of a huddled, forlorn form that he took a few moments to figure out was him. The words were whispered through the ever present flow of the Force yet, in his misery, he hadn't noticed them for what they were. They sounded like a multiple echo of the voices he knew from his life. One moment Davs, the next Joshua's. Then Ksandra's, followed by Zuli's.
Andru rasied his head further, the torment halted as this new curiousity found purchase. A purchase that he clung to vigorously.[/narration:1frvak6n]

[force_speak:1frvak6n]It never happened. You fled Dantooine and dealt with your demons...[/force_speak:1frvak6n]

[narration:1frvak6n]The snapped his head straight instantly as REAL memories came flooding back. The trip to Tatooine. The battle with Caoimhin. Returning to Yavin IV. It HADN'T happened. He hadn't killed Raan nor Vyra. He hadn't tortured those slaves on Dantooine nor gave in fully to the Dark.
He slowly rose to his feet, all traces of the pain and suffering gone from his features. Back was the confident look that had been his face in life and back was the cocky arrogance that went with it.
With one look around he smiled crookedly and spoke a single phrase.[/narration:1frvak6n]

Ok. I'm done. I wish to leave now.

[narration:1frvak6n]And with those words he was gone, soaring across the Universe and backwards through time on his way ack to his "Here and Now"[/narration:1frvak6n]

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Re: The Living Force

"So this is what meets me at my least I'm not being gang-raped by demons in the fiery pits of Chaos."

*Vale stood alone on an endless plain. He wore . He held no weapons, and his face was devoid of age, wear and was a picture of youth and . His lips pursed together as he pondered what to do, there wasn't anyone else around to talk to. He wondered if he'd been brought to Purgatory, such was his . He began walking, it's all he could do at the moment.


He'd been walking solidly, silently for an amount of time. Vale hadn't been counting, he had no way of telling. The light that lit this world up had no obvious source, there was no sun in the sky to track. He simply kept his eyes forward, not looking around at the same surroundings, that were almost mirror-like, symmetrical in their plain blandness. He definitely didn't notice that Death was walking beside him.*

So I pay better do I? I didn't realise you were under my employ.

*Vale stopped and turned, taking in the tall, hooded figure beside him. The in-penetrable darkness within the hood, contrasted against the taller still scythe held by a robed hand, it's wooden handle so worn, yet so sturdy - it's metal blade so sharp Vale could hear a still shrill noise every-time there was a slight change in windspeed. Vale showed no fear, afterall - he was already dead, what more could the Reaper do?*

"You know me, always one for a spectacle.
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Re: The Living Force

*Invisus arrives in the land of the Living Force. This is it. This is the place he has been drawn too. A feeling of peace and serenity permeates it├óÔé¼Ôäós way though his body and mind. This is where he is meant to spend eternity. He wished he could spend it in Harmony with his wife and little girl but that was just a pit stop on his journey. Now he was home and finally at peace. Just then he felt it, a feeling of light headedness. Then as if something was pulling at him, pulling him backward, it was unnatural, ungodly. Then he was flying, flying back the way he came, back through Harmony, back though Chaos and back though the Valley of the dead. His soul was being ripped violently from the Netherworld. He did everything he could to reach out and grab onto something, anything, to keep himself from leaving this place but it was all in vain. He was gone from the land of the dead.*

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