Post Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:34 pm

January Player of the Month

Congratulations, Nicademus Delvardus, you are JvS's January Player of the Month!

"I am Nicademus Delvardus, fourth to hold this noble name. I am the son of an "Imperial to the core" family, a military father and a mother of speech, from Eriadu. Through much service and experience, I have risen up to the rank of General, earned through training and duty. I ventured for the Deep Core and found a forming Imperial Remnant among the stars. Through a display of my diplomatic, military and speaking skills, I was made the Head of State of the Imperial Remnant."

"Hi guys, this is my second official character on this profile. Formerly, this was Valstrol Horica. But thanks to this new character, I have returned. There is still much to be done for this character, but he has come a long way from the drawing boards in such a short time."

Thank you Nicademus! Happy Writing!