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A Message From The Hall of Fame...

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Post Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:40 pm

A Message From The Hall of Fame...


The Hall of Fame needs you!

First, if you would like to be a part of the staff, please PM Adrien Draykon or Old Man Eralam for consideration. We would like to remind all potential applicants that, if accepted, they will be expected to commit to the project and see it through until the end. We ask that you do not apply if you think that this might be a problem.

Finally, if you have more nominations for the Class of 2013, please submit them below. Please note a few things:

a) Nominations for Class 2012 who were not selected for 2012 are still being considered for 2013. These nominees are:
- Atrum Equus
- Nocturnus
- William Reign
- Targus
- Sylvis Amara
- Jay Ballz/Jay-ven
- Darth Archangel/Archangel the Despot
b) Please post the name of the character, a post that samples their Hall of Fame-worthy work as well as the date of the character's death and/or retirement.
c) As the above post mentions, please be sure that you remember all characters for the Hall of Fame must be deceased and/or no longer actively used.

We thank you for your suggestions in advance and look forward to hearing from all interested candidates for a spot on the Committee of the Hall of Fame.


The JvS Hall of Fame Staff
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Post Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:10 pm

Re: A Message From The Hall of Fame...

Character's name: Enam Revlis
Writer's Name: Jorge Machado
Started: Late 07' - early 08', back on the FB forums
Retired: 8/11/12

Reason for submission: Enam was the embodiment of a Sith rouge; wildly, untamed and barely constrained in his anger. He also played a key character in Tatooine RP for the good part of four years, becoming well known for the Mos Eisley massacre, and actually having to flee TAT due to retribution. Where ever Enam went there was sure to be trouble, and that was the fun of his character. The fact that he was able to grow as a character; though he kept on messing up, made him that much more believable.

IC Summery: I personally had the pleasure of watching Enam grow as a character. I was lucky enough to have Jorge collaborate with me back on FB in the very beginning of his time on TAT, before he officially joined the original writing group on TAT from 07-09. Enam started off, as all of our characters did: one dimensional, shallow and rough around the edges. He was a mad-dog, hellbent on killing everything... and after soundly beating him in combat, Jud'dayus took him in as his learner, and the two characters were never the same, they grew in an almost symbiotic way from that point on. Not just written-wise but dimensional-wise, each adding that little spark to the others character, that infinitesimal edge of brotherly banter or biting blows.

OOC Summery: Anyone that was able to write with Jorge knows he a great guy, and an aspiring writer to boot, and truth be told - one of the reasons I don't RP anymore is basically because we were that good of a duo - Laurel and Hardy.

Conclusion: Though he only RPed in a small group, mainly sticking to TAT. Enam had a profound influence on key characters that he interacted with IC, and the lucky ones to know him OOC.
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Post Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:56 pm

Re: A Message From The Hall of Fame...

If you want the previous format here it is. The rules still stand, however we decided to take factions out of the equation.

[quote="Adrien Draykon":val1aoq3]Hall of Fame needs you!

We can't do any of this without your help and memories, we need to know who you want inducted and this is the thread to do it on. We are looking for a character or faction that you feel deserves to be remembered as a great on JvS and want us to document what made them so awesome.

So who do you want to see in your JvS Hall of Fame?

[u:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]THE RULES:[/b:val1aoq3][/u:val1aoq3]
[list:val1aoq3][*:val1aoq3]The Hall of Fame Nomination Board is for Hall of Fame nominations [u:val1aoq3]only[/u:val1aoq3], please refrain from posting otherwise. (If you have something to say that isn't a nomination, private message a Hall of Fame member of Staff)[/*:m:val1aoq3]
[*:val1aoq3]Nominations [b:val1aoq3][u:val1aoq3]must[/u:val1aoq3][/b:val1aoq3] only be submitted for retired characters. Active characters are ineligible.[/*:m:val1aoq3]
[*:val1aoq3]Multiple nominations are allowed. This means that you can submit more than one nomination and a character can be nominated more than once (not by the same player).[/*:m:val1aoq3]
[*:val1aoq3]Self nominations are [b:val1aoq3][i:val1aoq3][u:val1aoq3]under no circumstances[/u:val1aoq3][/i:val1aoq3][/b:val1aoq3] permitted.[/*:m:val1aoq3]
[*:val1aoq3]If you have a legitimate dispute of a nomination send a private message to a Hall of Fame staff member.[/*:m:val1aoq3]
[*:val1aoq3]Required fields are in [color=#FFFF00:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]yellow[/b:val1aoq3][/color:val1aoq3], and all must be filled out in order for to be eligible.
[list:val1aoq3][size=85:val1aoq3][*:val1aoq3]These rules are subject to change at the administrators discretion.[/size:val1aoq3][/*:m:val1aoq3][/list:u:val1aoq3][/*:m:val1aoq3][/list:u:val1aoq3]

[color=#FFFF00:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]Nomination:[/b:val1aoq3][/color:val1aoq3] [i:val1aoq3](Name of the character/Whill being nominated)[/i:val1aoq3]
Writer's name(s): [i:val1aoq3](If applicable. For factions give character names, not necessary if the writer is the actual nominee.)[/i:val1aoq3]
Date Started: [i:val1aoq3](Can be anything from the exact date to the year.)[/i:val1aoq3]
Date Retired:[i:val1aoq3] (Can be anything from the exact date to the year.)[/i:val1aoq3]
[color=#FFFF00:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]Reason for Submission:[/b:val1aoq3][/color:val1aoq3] [i:val1aoq3](Why the person is a good fit for the Hall of Fame?)[/i:val1aoq3]
[color=#FFFF00:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]Accomplishments and Contributions:[/b:val1aoq3][/color:val1aoq3] [i:val1aoq3](What have they done on or for JvS? Were they a councilor? An arena champion or ranked combatant? A faction leader? etc.)[/i:val1aoq3]
[color=#FFFF00:val1aoq3][b:val1aoq3]Experience on Jedi vs Sith:[/b:val1aoq3][/color:val1aoq3] [i:val1aoq3](A brief summary of their history on JvS)[/i:val1aoq3]
RP Examples: [i:val1aoq3](Add a few posts)[/i:val1aoq3]
Any Additional Information: [i:val1aoq3](Use this to tell us about them or any other important information)[/i:val1aoq3]

Thank you for your help and participation,
Jedi vs Sith Hall of Fame Staff.[/quote:val1aoq3]

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