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G.E.C. Conflict - Chandril Tech

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Post Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:05 am

Re: G.E.C. Conflict - Chandril Tech

[quote="Atlantis Vyridian":2iyb0942]The purpose of all of this is to try and expand all RPs involving all the canon businesses and mainly shipyards it seems. Now, who told you that you cannot contact a planet's controller that holds this or that canon business and that person happens to not wanting to oversee a business, did we tell you that you couldn't contact them and manage that business? It doesn't have to be on Chandrilla but as for the time being, you don't get a canon shipyard there and unless there is one that wookiee states is there, then it'll be place there, until then no sorry.[/quote:2iyb0942]

Yes but you see I had the option to create my own yards and build up that way, rather than having to purchase them from somewhere else. Somewhere, way down the line, I was going to work on a Chandril Ravens style/themed/built cruiser to be a flagship of the fleet to replace my aged MC90. It would be the Pride of Chandrilla, having built their own custom cruiser, with metal dug from their own earth, loving work done by thousands of Chandrillians pouring their soul into such a vessel: a cultural icon of the planetary defenders and the system, something to look up at the night sky and know she's there. Big dreams aside, I don't have the option to do that anymore, or even consider doing that anymore.

But even the first part of your statement: "expand all RP's involving canon businesses": I've done that! I may be a horrible RP'er when it comes to my charachter, but I've managed to work out a couple of good buisness deals, that allowed me to build my original force into a full fleet and army, provide protection for two planets, and a company which can produce a vareity of products: who had a shot at a major RP (at least on my end) with C.E.C. a major shipyard. Is that not expanding my whole buisness: taking it from a minor electronics producer to someone worthy of a sub-contractor from a major yard?

And don't get me wrong either, I never said it was perfect, I get it's new, your still working on it, there are two sides. But just don't treat me like a child whining for something: I brought a valid concern to the table and I'm doing my best to wrap my head and understand it.
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Post Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:41 am

Re: G.E.C. Conflict - Chandril Tech

I am locking this.

This has all been brought before the Council of the Whills and we will discuss from there and let you all know what the next steps are.

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