Post Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:36 pm

Re: OOC RP Planning and Dispute Resolution

[quote="Gabriel Solomon":shx7vs6m]Which representative has Nidawi contacted? Who was given authoritzation to begin negotiations with the Republic? I can tell your certainly that I did not know about this or give my all clear that this transmission of information take place.[/quote:shx7vs6m]

If I can offer some clarification here, it was never stated that I contacted anyone. The only suggestion about the Republic opening any kind of dialogue with the Imperial Remnant occurred here on Roon between Nidawi and Xeonon and nothing was actually set in stone so if it isn't something you want to see happen then it doesn't have to happen.

If I can ease your concerns about any threat the Republic poses to the Imperial Remnant, we are RPing as though on a timeline well past the Vong invasion in canon and so don't view the Remnant as related to Palpatine's empire at all, but more like the Fel Empire and so there is no inherent hostility from the Republic for the Imperial Remnant.

As for how we have IC knowledge of the Imperial Remnant, the [url=]RP[/url:shx7vs6m] on Foerost took place prior to your creation of the closed circuit news network and there were mentions of the news of Foerost's transition into the Imperial Remnant spreading "like wildfire" in the media. The extent of what was known prior to what Xeonon revealed IC was just that, that Foerost became a part of the Imperial Remant; so things like where your base of operations are, who your leaders are and so on are not known.