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Roon, Western Outer rim

Roon was a planet located in the nearly impenetrable Cloak of the Sith. Known for its Roonstones, the planet was constantly sought after by treasure hunters for years.

-IC Sympathy Tends Towards: Sith, Mando's, Any factions affiliated to the Imperial Alliance, or the Iron Fist's

-Type of RP and/or SL likely to be found: Open RP, Private RP, Spontaneous SL, Planned SL, Scripted SL..

-Specific Scenarios:
IC Training for the character
Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
Non-combatant large storylines (planetary affairs such as business)

-What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here, (you may add others if required):
Visiting writers welcome
New players to the Universe welcome
New players will receive answers to questions ooc and RP training
To join the story here: just RP anywhere straight away
You will not receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM
Please try not to use OOC on the boards limit it to the thread set by the whills or to PM's only Thank you
Also If anyone would like to put a Faction HQ or a Business thread on the planet please PM Lord Cygnus or Lord Raven

-Any major factions/chars/places of interest that have been RPed here. a brief description of set up, any past plots or info a newcomer to the planet may need regarding the RP here:

-You may want to use a section to state any profession you are particularly interested in recruiting ie soldier, bar-owner etc:

Any and all profession's are welcome, the imperial alliance is always looking for new members, and we are all very experienced most of characters were around at the creation of universe 1.0 and have been around for a long time, so we know how to RP a good story line...