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"Sump was the humid, impoverished homeworld of the Nuknog, located in a seldom visited part of the Outer Rim Territories."

IC Sympathy tends towards: Sith, Dark Jedi, Mando, Droids

Type of RP you are most likely to find here:
Duels and fight scenes are discouraged but allowed.
Long term pre-agreed RP
Reactive RP or 'spur of the moment' RP
Character Development RP

What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here:
-The main writer here is Mortale, although several dark-sided characters pop in from time to time. Keep in mind that this is no longer a welcoming world that is open for commerce and trade, instead it is a ferocious world tainted with the dark side and remains a nexus of dark sided power.

-New writers are welcome, we are trying to achieve the highest level of RP possible, more RPers are a welcome addition.

-Visiting writers welcome.

-New players to the Universe welcome.

-New players will receive answers to questions ooc. They will receive answers to PM questions.

To join the story here:
PM Mortale with your SL ideas, once you hash out the details arrive IC in open orbit.

-Visitors will receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM

-We prefer to PM instead of OOC Chatting, OOC Posting is PROHIBITED (meaning ABSOLUTELY NO OOC POSTING, if you post OOC you WILL be asked to leave the RP. ONE warning will be given via PM, if you do not cease to post OOC you will be ignored and your RP will be treated as null and void.

This planet is currently under the control of Darth Mortale. Several restoration projects have been undertaken and resulted in a renewed planet. However, due to years of Mortale missing from the planet and the dissolution of the NOE; Sump has become overgrown and overrun with the flora and fauna of the planet's natural species. There remains a sect of humans and near-humans that follow the teachings of Mortale, believing him to be Death incarnate and a god. They have several camps scattered throughout the wilderness of the jungle but the main encampments are within the ruins of Sump City, and the Sith Temple. They do not take to outsiders well and will attack anyone they perceive as a threat to their way of life or to the stores of knowledge within the Temple itself.

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