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Current Ruling Faction



Region: Tingel Arm

Sector: Corperate Sector

System: Kumasi system

System Information

The Kumasi system was a star system located on the Tingel Arm of the galaxy. It contained the planet of Ammuud. No other information is given.

Planetary Info

Primary Terrain: Forests, Mountains

Native Species: Humans

Official Languages: Galactic Basic Standard:" onclick=";return false;

First Settled: 10,000 BBY


The wall is completed around the Spaceport. 10 meters high, 5 meters thick, it surrounds the city. The top part has a cause-way for easy foot traffic. There are sniper towers placed every 15 meters, that are an additional 5 meters higher. You have to go through two doors to get to the next section of cause-way, and they can be sealed to prevent enemy movement.

3 feet in front of the wall is a moat, 4 meters deep, filled with water. At the bottom of the pit are sharpened metal pikes and spears. The top of the moat is covered with a thin mesh tarp, painted to match the ground exactly. The area within 2.5 klicks of the city has been cleared out. There are 3 rows of trenches, the closer to the city the more fortified. They have sandbags, wooden reinforced with heavy weapon emplacements and booby traps. There is a mine field that can be remote activated, with 3000 anti-personal mines per sector, 4 sectors in total. An additional 1000 anti-vehicle mines are placed as well. Ribbon wire stretches across the open areas.*

IC Sympathy

RP Most Likely To Be Found Here

Any and All: Battles of all kinds
Spur of the moment

What To Expect As A New RP'er To This World

Not much. Please send a message to ground control you are coming down.

Prefered Professions

Whatever you are we├óÔé¼Ôäóll take it.

Planetary Defense Forces
1 ICBM Platform, capable of launching a warhead across the planet
Heavy ray shield (1)
V-180 Anti-orbital Ion Cannon (1)
W-165 Planetary Turbolaser (2)
20 Mandalorian Mecha-War Demons

50 Mandalorian Mecha-War Monsters
150 Mandalorian Mecha-War Behemoths
100 Mandalorian Missile Pads
50 AT-AA's

300 AT-AP's
300 Mandalorian Mecha-War Destroyers

250 Pirimm├óÔé¼Ôäóuliik class Basilisk War Droids
250 X-1 Vipers

5 Mandalorian Elite Marauder Honor Guard Captains
45 Mandalorian Elite Marauder Honor Guard

500 Mandalorian Mecha-War Hounds
500 Mandalorian Mecha-War Marauders

10,000 Mecha-War Beasts

50,000 Mandalorian Mecha-War Soldiers in Phase II Marauder Armor
5,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Flamethrowers
-1 Mandalorian Marauder Flamethrower

5,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Electrical Troopers
-1 ARC Caster
-2 Anti-Personnel Mines
-1 Anti-Armor Mine

5,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Jet Troopers
-1 WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle
-1 Z-6 Jetpack

5,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Heavy Troopers
-1 Mandalorian Repeater/ 1 PLX-2M portable missile launcher with anti-vehicle armor piercing rounds.

5,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Snipers
-1 E-17D
- Higher grade optic zoom, 5x magnification

25,000 Mecha-War Soldiers Standard Troopers
-1 Lynx Assault Rifle
viewtopic.php?f=1322&t=7197, 12 clips

-1 Mandalorian Marauder War Rifle, 10 clips
-1" onclick=";return false;, 5 clips

-1 Four foot long Durasteel katana
-2 One Foot long Combat Knife
-1 Trench Spike, Brass knuckles with 4 centimeter spikes, 8 inch hardened full tang pointed durasteel rod, 2 centimeter spike at the bottom of the weapon." onclick=";return false;

-1 Smoke Grenade
-1 Stun Grenade
-1 Ion Grenade
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