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Darr'tah C'thulu


[size=85:2ddkjeg1][i:2ddkjeg1]"Death is only the beginning." - Darr'tah C'thulu Plaga[/i:2ddkjeg1][/size:2ddkjeg1]

Date Started: June 30, 2008
Character Killed: October 8, 2011

[color=#FFFF00:2ddkjeg1][i:2ddkjeg1][url=]Darr'tah C'thulu Plaga[/url:2ddkjeg1] was a Dark Jedi Master whose power was so great, his connection with the Force so strong, that he was a master at the art of Spirit Transference, or Transfer Essence. Darr'tah C'thulu Plaga was the leader of the second Dark Jedi Order on Zonama Sekot and is known by his brothers and sisters as "The King of Asgard" which was the name of the Temple for the Dark Jedi for the years in which they dwelt there. Very few who met C'thulu in battle lived to tell about it and an even smaller number could ever say that they bested the warrior. Gruff, introverted, twisted and dark, Darr'tah C'thulu led the Dark Jedi Order to its rise in power and earned himself a reputation such that many still become uneasy when his name is spoken. [/i:2ddkjeg1][/color:2ddkjeg1]

[quote="Darr'tah C'thulu":2ddkjeg1][narration:2ddkjeg1]The ironic gestures of Akulina were lost on the dying, once proud, C'thulu. The attempt to breath life into his fatally wounded body through the healing properties of the Force all while she placed a deathstick between his lips. Had he been healthier the dark comedy would not be lost on him. He could hear the voices that called to him and sung him his entrance into the sacred and hallowed halls of Valhalla. The Conqueror of Death could hear the words of his primary god, Odin, as he seemingly reached through the spirit realm into this mortal one to remind him of words that Darr'tah himself would often remind his own pupils of; that death was merely the beginning. C'thulu briefly thought of Atrum, the man who would be remembered by history as the mortal who took away life from the Conqueror of Death. The King of Asgard felt conflicting sentiments toward Atrum. The apprentice of Eversio had given Darr'tah what he had long wished for although it was at the expense of betraying the only man that C'thulu ever held near and dear to his black and vile heart.

The eyes of Plaga opened and closed as his mouth moved as if he desired strongly to speak. He thought back to his days as a the patriarch of the Dark Jedi Order. In recent years he found his heart merely was aligned to men and not an Order and not a Code, not any longer. He cared not to be remembered, and wrote in some of his final papers, for the wars he fought for the Dark Jedi Order or any other Order, but for raising his blade along with men that he developed a bond with. A bond that transcended formal Orders. A bond with men, and not with institutions or assemblies. That was, perhaps, the one great secret nuance that C'thulu would take to the grave. The secret that he had grown bitter in retirement towards the Order which seemed doomed to instability whilst it projected a sense of timelessness. C'thulu had long stopped believing such things though he quietly kept to himself knowing that it meant much to Eversio, knowing that there were those within the order that had such a zealous commitment to a Code that gave them purpose in a purposeless cosmos and meaning for a meaningless life that to speak up, in order to save them all, would not be greeted with enthusiasm.

It was then that his head rolled to face Akulina. He looked at her as his chest violently contracted to indicate a struggle to breath, a yearning to spend a few more delicate seconds within the temple of the only Order in which he ever was able to find himself. Plaga rolled his head back and stared up at the rafters, the voices sang to him and grew louder and louder. No sooner did the voices seem to join in harmonious melodic chanting of reminder that those who enter Valhalla live forever, did C'thulu turn back to Akulina. It was this time that while he looked to the Umbaran he did not see her as she was. To his mistaken and sorrowed eyes [i:2ddkjeg1][u:2ddkjeg1]she[/u:2ddkjeg1][/i:2ddkjeg1] was there, his long lost Andais.

C'thulu raised both his right arm and a smile as he believed himself to be looking at the face of his wayward daughter. His fatally wounded heart seemed to grow just a touch stronger for one last fleeting moment as his lips quivered. For a man who once prayed for death, and believed himself cursed to still draw mortal breath he fought to stay alive for he had something more to say.[/narration:2ddkjeg1] [i:2ddkjeg1]"Andais. I never got to say that I am sorry...don't let them find you. They will try to make you like is a false strength here, Andais. Run...[/i:2ddkjeg1] [narration:2ddkjeg1]It was then that blood began to ooze from the mouth of C'thulu and he knew now that his time was short. His shaking and trembling hand reached for Akulina's own. When he found what he thought was his daughters hand, of which he dreamed for countless nights in an isolated retirement to once against grasp; to fill the voids in between her fingers with his own, the dying Dark Jedi Master now found himself complete. C'thulu was tragically incorrect in his belief, as he lay there sprawled on the floors of the ruined Grand Hall, that Andais sought him out and it brought him a sense of pride and sadness that they were reunited at long last. C'thulu had one silent and dying wish that he had more time to spend with her in his realm. In a hushed and fragile timbre C'thulu finished speaking to his beloved and lost daughter.[/narration:2ddkjeg1] [i:2ddkjeg1]"Tell Eversio to get out. Andais...Andais![/i:2ddkjeg1] [narration:2ddkjeg1]His grip grew tighter in a non-verbal display of pleading[/narration:2ddkjeg1] [i:2ddkjeg1]"I'll wait for you there. I will wait for you at the gates of Chaos...I won't go in without you...[/i:2ddkjeg1] [narration:2ddkjeg1]It was then that the chest of C'thulu contracted one last time and his head feel lifelessly back on the cold floor of the Grand Hall.

As his mortal body found rest with those who had gone to their eternal rest, the spirits and chanting of the dead echoed loudly. There was a darkened and cold feeling that fell over the Grand Hall that Akulina would be able to sense. There were unseen spirits who gathered around the deceased body of their Master in a silent and solemn reflection. It was then that a loud rolling thunder declared its arrival over the skies of Mariunhus. A flash of lightning streaked across the sky as the heavens seemed to open up with its own tears, as it rained heavily.

C'thulu had now passed on and the spirits who gathered around his fleshly body prayed and chanted in ancient Sith that C'thulu may find true rest and be at peace with what he had done in his universe in the name of the Darkness. It was a chant in the hopes of sparing the mighty and fallen Jen'jidai that he would not be doomed to an existence like theirs; that he would be joined in the next realm with all those he had loved so greatly, shed many a tear over in private quarters and would not be damned to an existence such as theirs; to travel the rest of their days in a limbo in some frustrating in between. To find no true rest, to not be able to forgive themselves for what they had done, to be slaves to their mortal regrets and marginalized by the peacefully departed...[/narration:2ddkjeg1][/quote:2ddkjeg1]