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-Name of planet: Adumar

-Information: Adumar was a temperate planet located near the Coreward edge of Wild Space first settled by Humans in 9,988 BBY. The settlers, who had been exiled from the Republic, lived in isolation for years, and developed into several nations that spread across the world. Their culture became obsessed with the arts of blastsword fighting and starfighter combat, to the point where skilled swordsmen and pilots were highly revered. Their society also made considerable use of formal duels as means for settling disputes or even just for entertainment, and also had a rigid social hierarchy.
By 12 and 13 ABY, Adumari scoutships had ventured far enough from their homeworld to learn of the events of the larger galaxy; namely, the struggle between the New Republic and Galactic Empire. As Adumar had considerable industrial resources devoted to manufacturing munitions, both sides were eager to gain an alliance with the world. Therefore, both the New Republic and the Empire sent delegations to Adumar, each composed of elite starfighter pilots. The delegations were sent to Adumar's largest nation, Cartann, and during their stay, the perator, or leader, of Cartann decided to take control of the entire planet. While he had aid from the Empire, the New Republic pilots escaped Cartann and rallied the other Adumari nations into the Adumari Union and defeated Cartann and its allies. The Adumari also later routed an Imperial task force sent to aid Cartann and ultimately joined the New Republic. They would remain members of the New Republic and its successor state, the Galactic Alliance, for years, participating in the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Second Galactic Civil War, during which the world broke with the Galactic Alliance to join the Confederation.

-IC Sympathy tends towards: All characters

-Type of RP and/or SL likely to be found: War skirmishes, Military preparation, Combat situations, Politics, social unrest.

Open RP: Visitors are welcome, if they wish to RP in Cartann they must message the PI , if they wish to RP in the other states category, they must PM Lord Nexus, Jack Shepard or Dante Decimus.

Closed RP: Closed rps on this planet are accepted so long as they remain in open terrain unless orchestrated by the planetary leaders. We don't want rpers destroying junk, then slapping the closed rp label on it so that we can't do anything about it.

Private RP: Same rules apply as Closed RP, just Pm planetary leaders.

Spontaneous SL: Most rp on the planet will be spontaneous, and any external spontaneity is appreciated.

Planned SL: Planned rps that happen on the planet will mainly be military construction and missions, if outsiders wish to involve the planet in a planned rp please RP both Matar and Nexus.

Scripted SL: Same rules apply as Planned rp

-Specific Scenarios:
Large battles, army and fleet
IC Training for the character
OOC Training in RP technique
Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
Non-combatant large storylines (planetary affairs such as business)

What to expect as a new RP arrival wanting to write here:

-PM when you land on the planet to alert planetary rulers of your presence, designate these pms to Lord Nexus, Jack Sheppard or any member of the Phoenix Imperium.
-We expect proper appropriate writing if you come to Adumar, do not launch into an erotic rp. Though Romance is acceptable, there may be no cyber sex.
-Both visitors and long term writers are welcome to Adumar, feel free to make an alternate character as long as you clear it with BOTH planetary leaders first
-New players to the Universe welcome, ask, and we will help you get your space legs
-New players will receive answers to questions ooc and RP training
-To join the story here: arrive IC in open space or open terrain/introduce yourself via PM
-You will receive an official ooc welcome PM to the planet's RP via PM

=Planet Politics=
Adumar is a planet split in half, from the orderly nation of Cartann, to the warring nation states located in the Other Nations category

-The nation of Cartann is ruled by the Phoenix Imperium
-The other states are ruled by the Dark legion [Unofficial faction, lead by Lord Nexus and Jack Sheppard]
-The other states are autonomous from the rule of the Phoenix imperium, though there is a peace treaty between the two collective nations

=What RP we want=
Adumar is a militant planet, so any form of military personal is welcome with open arms.
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