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Open Orbit

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Post Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:31 am

Re: Open Orbit

*The VCX-350 light freighter entered orbit, being hailed by the fleet for clearance Kylarn pucnhed in a clearance code that fairly well told them to piss off and made his direction to the hyperspace lanes, several cruisers had blocked his way so he maneuvered around them, staring at the crew captains of the ships as he passed their view ports knowing they were waiting to get a clear shot he gave them a rude gesture and waited for the hyperdrive to warm up, sticking close to the sides of the cruisers so that they would not open fire he then saw the flash of red light and maneuvered between the two ships and engaged the hyperdrive, leaving the system.*
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Post Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:36 pm

Re: Open Orbit

The saucer-shaped vessel popped into existence within the void of space, slowly cruising closer and closer to the temperate world below. At the controls of the L19 Freighter was Pago Julastra, bounty hunter and Jedi-for-hire. He made a few, brief calculations during the approach, speaking to the lovely woman at his side whilst managing his ship.

" Adumar. A stranger world I've not seen."

He did not relish the memories of his last trip to this most curious of planets. It didn't end well, not for him, and not for the Cruzine Family.

" The entire place is based on social rank. I heard a long time ago that the former Republic had set them straight, but everything went to hell again after the Vong invaded. Kinda hard to control worlds that are way outside normal patrols, like this one, especially once The Republic imploded on itself."

Val, the blue-furred Squib behind Pago and Priya Leye, squinted her eyes at the sphere hovering in the ocean of stars.

" Val remember this place. They make blaster you hit person with. Very painful. Excited about proving worth through blood. Even Squib knows is barbaric. Should put industry into making trade ship, not bombs and guns and warship."

" Adumar has placed a high-worth on warriors," Pago explained to Priya, " Both fighter pilots and duelists. Sometimes these fights are to the death, sometimes they aren't. Depends, really, whether or not they're for sport or to right some sort of wrong. It's legal on Adumar to kill a man whose slighted you, as long as there are witnesses and the whole affair is sanctioned as official."

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully, almost perplexed.

" Seems strange that Valen's seller came from here, then. I know the place is high-class and ritzy and all, but as for the spice market ... I'm not sure. Boocha's info, cross-referenced with what I got off the glit-biter, is telling me that certain members of the Tirol Family in the capital, Cartann, have their hands full of powder."

He sighed, going on,

" If that's the case, we've our hands full. Nobody touches the higher nobility unless they're of equal rank or they earn a status equivalent by proving themselves in blood sports. We won't even be able to get close publicly."

Pago grinned over at her at the end of his remark.

" Though I take it you much prefer private parties?"
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Post Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:05 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*Priya shook her head as she looked over the planet, then murmured.*

"You know me, Sport. Slip through the back, grab what I need and get out before anyone realizes I'm crashing their scene."

*She glanced back at Val, then turned the full intensity of her violet gaze on Pago.*

"What do you recommend? Getting dolled up and passing ourselves off for the classy elite? I'm confident there's enough charm in this cockpit to pull it off."

*Her smile flashed at him.*

"...Maybe even enough they'd look past your smarmy mouth. Though you really ought to keep your piece in your pants, this time, and not scare everyone off with it."
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Post Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:34 pm

Re: Open Orbit

Pago smirked.

" I didn't hear you complaining when you caught me stepping out of the scrubber during our trip," he shot back teasingly, directing the Cheveyo towards Cartann itself, the freighter throwing up a false transponder signature as the Lonely Dove, a small courier vessel.

" I think we might need to curry some favor. We'll need new clothes, too. New identities. I think ... I think we might need to fight a bit. At least a bit to impress the Tirols. Maybe gain entry to a shindig of theirs. They know that Valen sent people after some Hunters that chased him, but they don't know who we are or that he's been detained."

Val moved into the back to begin rigging up a few essentials, leaving Priya with a light touch on the shoulder and a smile. The little creature had grown fond of Priya in the past several days, and looked up to her as a strong role model. It was ... nice, the Squib thought.

" We'll have to work as a pair ... A patron, a sponsor of sorts, and a fighter. Someone to earn some recognition in their coliseums, and the other to put them up into the ring and rub shoulders with the Elite, get some dirt on the Tirols. We'll be able to arrange for a meeting as long as we can attract some good attention."

Pago looked over at Priya, shrugging. He knew that any attention in their line of work was bad, but he couldn't really think of another way to get close enough. New nobility just showing up would cause too much of a scene and raise too many questions, and sneaking through all of Cartann would bring about the hangman's noose if they were caught, which, considering the paranoia and xenophobia of some Noble Houses, was likely.

" So, what'll it be, Sweetheart?" he asked her, " Princess or Pauper? Unless you had a plan too?"
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Post Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:50 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*Priya scowled.*

"Pauper. Of the two of us, you clean up nicer."

*She hated fighting, hated the brutality of it. Especially for sport. Or if her life were in danger. Or if she had something better to do and a fight was ruining the party...Fek. She just hated fighting in all forms for all reasons. But in a culture like this, it was going to be unavoidable, so she might as well embrace her fate and go with the plan that required the least number of excuses or explanations.

She leaned against the console and dropped her head, indulging in a moment of sulk before she lifted her eyes back to Pago's.*

"Well let's get this over with."

*The L19 Freighter adjusted its heading to enter the upper atmospheric levels of the planet, and to descend to the city of Cartann.*
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Post Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:13 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*A Sleek and fast CR-90 Corellian Corvette dropped hyperspace. Gabriel sat strapped in one of the command chairs yet he had no control over the ship nor did he want it. He was meditating, sending his inflience out across space, through the force to find what had been lost. He sat motionless hands folded, small tweaks in his face and the rapid movement of his eyes were the only indication of his consciousness.

Colonel Graff stood by the helm station and looked at the sensor screen, he did this our of habit. The early warning sensor suite would have alserted them of incoming unindentified ships by now and there was an entire team dedicated to deciphering sensor information however the aging imperial officer did things himself and was relieved to see empty space... for now...*
"Engines to 100% bring shields and weapons online. Ahead full power!"

*There was an audible hum throughout the ship as the vessel's oversized engines flared when the imperial Kel-Dor pilots plunged down the accelerator. The cruiser leaped forward toward the planet.

Gabriel jerked in his restraints and Colonel Graff turned, fearing the worse, only to find a msile on the old Miraluka's face.*
"It's here... We've found it."
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Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:31 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*Exiting Hyperspace on the far side of the system, a lone Imperial II-class Star Destroyer began coasting even further out of Adumar's high orbit. It was headed out to open space, where it would remain for a short while.*

*The "Gnothi Seauton" - named from a long-forsaken language, which roughly translates to "Know Thyself" - was formerly-considered to be a jewel affixed in the crown of the Galactic Empire under the rule of Emperor Palpatine. When the Empire dissolved after the Emperor's death, the vessel's Commander - an Umbaran by the name of Eisen Moore - followed his protocols which were listed in regulations. His vessel jumped for deep space, choosing a tactical retreat in order to regroup some many years later.*

*Or, so it would have been, had the comm buoy in their sector not malfunctioned, supposedly broadcasting clear as a bell and yet not receiving any further communications. Even after inspecting the buoy, and repairing it to functional capacity, the call had already been made, and the Seauton had missed it. By several months. Yet, having no further instructions left them with but one recourse -- they were to continue in their exile, keeping their skills sharp, never to break comm-silence in order to confirm their fate. That was, until one day, when word finally did reach them. It came in the form of a broadcast, declaring the full establishment of the Empire once again, and subsequently naming the dead in remembrance. Among those listed were the crew of the Seauton. Their beloved Empire thought them vanquished, dead and gone to the galaxy at large. Yet, no ships had come to search for them; nor was their destruction confirmed by any known Imperial source. Every vessel's retreat zone was clearly-listed in the Empirical Database. So...nothing? Was that what they were worth?*

*It was then that their Commander made a choice. The choice that would shake the crew and military aboard the Gnothi Seauton to their very core. They could no longer return to their former lives. Literal years had passed since the all-call had gone out. The Seauton had all but given up on the idea that the Empire even existed. Supplies were beginning to run low, and often, they had been forced to take measures into their own hands in order to keep their crew and soldiers fed, as well as keeping the vessel operational. Trading vessels were few and far between out there in the void. Those that they did manage to come across could not be left to their own devices. No one was allowed to know of their existence. And so, no one did. The Commander even had to rely on his knowledge of old Imperial storage caches. Every effort had been taken to keep their presence a secret, until that day. But at that point, Eisen decided that maintaining their ruse was no longer necessary - and neither was being part of an Empire that would have so readily cast them aside.*

*In the years since that day, they kept operating with the core values of the Imperial Navy still intact. The crew trusted their lives to their Commander, though, and sought only to maintain their skills and - what would come to be known as - their home, the Gnothi Seauton. The promise of work was a welcome relief to the crew, whose constant drills and efficient training left them with no outlet with which to exercise their abilities. Often times, Eisen's crew happened upon mercenary work. A system needed to quell a local uprising, or a dictator needed to rise to power. Eisen would allow them to contract his forces out for a decisive conflict, possibly two incursions, and then their work would be done. They would continue on, moving out of the system before any sort of galactic law enforcement would come into play. Stories would be told, bounties would be posted, and nothing would come of it. The crew of the Seauton were ghosts in that regard. The Commander was no glory-seeker, and not one to be drunk with power. His aim in all of this was to survive. To ensure his crew's survival, he would do whatever was necessary.**

Level 4, Mess Hall

*The din around the room is lowered as the generic announcement is given. The Seauton has exited hyperspace, and is now in high orbit over Adumar. Another chime is sounded to let personnel know that a proper shakedown is going to commence within the next two hours, and any remaining business should be tended to before then.**In the days of the Empire, no such privileges were ever offered to the crew. They were either ready or they weren't, but a drill was a drill, and would be executed to its optimum level. But now, these things had to be lax in some regards. The ship was home to over nine thousand soldiers, and over twenty thousand crewmen. To remain so rigid with the rules would only further strain a group of individuals who were already at their breaking point. Years spent on a capital vessel only affords you more time to develop such unbalanced tendencies.*

*As the announcement fades from the intercom, the room begins to buzz with the day's excitement once more. A few groups of people vacate their tables, likely on the move to their stations. It could take as much as an hour to get where you were going on the Seauton, depending on who you were. Although there were several mess halls aboard the Destroyer, the years aboard the vessel had forged bonds that went beyond station and the rank and file. This particular Mess had a history to it, one which led to people from several different divisions to end up all occupying the same space.*

*As things began to shift back to normal in the Hall, a group of soldiers bearing the Katarn-class armor of their commando squad all sat down to their mid-day meal. The sleek, black, well-polished finish to their gear had long-since faded to a characterizing matte, and it bore many distinct marks that allowed them to stand out amongst their peers. Jutting maroon and white stripes adorned their helmets and arm-guards, with the Imperial insignia emblazoned over each of their hearts. This was Echo Squad, one of the vessel's veteran commando groups. The five men sat down, almost in total synchrony, and began to eat what would be a quick meal. Jokes were jabbed about, and intel was disseminated - via code words and double-speak, of course. When there was a lull in the conversation, one of the team finally spoke up.*

*One of the others takes a large bite out of their nerf steak before speaking up, mouth still half full.*

*A chuckle comes from the other side of Reese. This one from the lone female commando of the group, Izan.*

*The last of the five-man squad, a large, brutish man with a buzz cut and a mustache that wraps around his mouth down to his chin, pushes his empty tray away from him before finally chiming in with his normal deep barritone voice.*

*A couple of them shrug their shoulders. Reese looks at his heavy weapons expert with a nonplussed gaze as he gives his weary response.*

*As the meal continued, the shakedown was steadily creeping their way. It wouldn't be too much longer before Echo Squad was called up to perform their artistry. They, like so many others, had a duty to fulfill. And they would do so without delay...*
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Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:08 pm

Re: Open Orbit

Gnothi Seauton, Main Hangar Deck

*When the announcement came over the intercom, the hangar crew immediately began preparations for the shakedown. The two-hour mark was fine for those who were soldiers or members of the bridge crew, but when it came to the hangar bay, that number was a challenge, not a respite. At least, that was how the Flight Chief, Feras Tuilli ran things. A daunting specimen for the human species, the Chief - as everyone referred to him - stood around six and a half feet tall, with dark curly hair and a fierce look in his stone-brown eyes. He had a well-fed look to his body, and looked more like a bear than a man with his broad shoulders and stove-pipe arms. Even now, as the alert lights were spinning overhead in the well-lit bay, he held that same piercing gaze as he looked over the details from the hangar manifest.*

*Handing the datapad over to his lead Crew Chief, Deanna Chase, he continued walking the breadth of the hangar bay. His eyes darted upward to where the Interceptors were resting in their berths. Nodding toward Bay 34, he sighed.*

*As the Crew Chief began walking away, Feras called after her.*

*When he heard her affirmation, he turned toward his office. He barely made it a few steps before his comlink went off.*

*The Commander? What could this be about?*

*The comlink clicked for a moment, and then the barritone voice of Eisen came over the comlink.*

Eisen: :: Chief Tuilli, this is Commander Eisen. Do you have a moment? ::

Eisen: :: I need a Lambda prepped. Echo and Trident Squads will be accompanying me, and I am sending orders for one of the fighter wings to provide escort. We will be heading down to Adumar when the shakedown is complete. Is that understood? ::

Eisen: :: Thank you, Chief. I'd appreciate that. ::

*The comlink cuts off, and the Chief is left standing there for a few moments longer in total silence.**The Commander was leaving the vessel? This was news. What could possibly be happening down on Adumar that was so important for the Commander, himself, to have to tend to it?*
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Post Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:56 am

Re: Open Orbit

Gnothi Seauton - Commander's Quarters

*The time was nearing for the shakedown of the Seauton. Commander Eisen was also making preparations for the venture, as he would be observing the mock combat situation from the mobile command center aboard one of his Lambda shuttles. The tech crews had already begun loading and setting up the extra equipment. That left a few things in the hands of Eisen's personal entourage, the fair Lieutenant Endeil, whom the Commander trusted completely, and a few of the Captains that Eisen retained as his personal aides. His military commander, General Carric Beison, stood beside him now, along with the lady Lieutenant. They were looking over a holoprojector displaying the simulation detailing the main objectives for the shakedown.**Tapping a few of the keys on the projector, the display shifted from Phase 2 to Phase 3 of the mock battle.*

Eisen: "As you can see, General, when we begin executing Phase 3, your troops will be deploying in their LA-AT's and the Gammas to these rendezvous coordinates, after which, we will consider the Ground portion of the exercise to be concluded. I'm sorry that I cannot offer the full excursion of true deployment, but, that may very well be possible once we've negotiated with the local Baron."

Eisen: *Grins* "Might I remind the General that the purpose of any negotiations is only to secure the future of this outfit, and that - despite the clandestine appearance of these proceedings - this does not change those purposes?"

*The tone with which he spoke was not only cordial, it carried the weight and edge of one whose word - when spoken - was considered law. The General understood this, as his manner quickly changed from inquisitive to subordinate once more.*

Eisen: "It is of no concern. I welcome your inquiries, Carric. I will inform you, of course, if our military force is required and brief you entirely of the situation if it arises. I simply do not wish to burden you with thoughts of something that may not yet come."

*Tapping the keys of the holoprojector, the lights dimmed in the room further as the display shifted back to Phase 2 of the mock-battle.*

Eisen: "Now...Lieutenant? You will remain here on the Seauton to conduct the naval portion of this exercise. I assume that you do not have an issue with this?"

*The Lieutenant - ever-graceful, ever determined - only narrowed her eyes a little as she stared even more-intently (or so it would seem) into the display on the holoprojector. Her raven hair - tied loosely behind her head into a braid that rested on her shoulder - shifted slightly as she looked toward the Commander.*

Eisen: "No. I'm afraid not. My apologies, Lieutenant. I need you to remain here, as you are the only naval officer," *He inclined his head toward the General, as though to say 'no offense'. The General returned with a raised hand and a grin, suggesting he understood.* "I can trust to command this vessel and complete the shakedown. So, again, I shall ask - do you have an issue with this?"

*The Lieutenant snapped to attention and stood silently, indicating that she did not. Eisen nodded, satisfied with that answer. Taking a moment to go over the details of Phase 2, Eisen continued.*

Eisen: "Just remember - no live-fire rounds. LADAR indicators will ping within 'enemy' fighters to convey that their fighter was 'lost', and the Seauton's shields will 'fail' once the point-tally reaches zero. All bombers will use dummy-drones to simulate bomb drops, and once a wing completes three strafing runs, they are to return to the hangar bays and land to simulate ordnance reloading times. Fighters may continue for three extra runs, before returning to bays to refuel and then return to formation. Any fighters that are 'destroyed' must report to the rendezvous coordinates to safeguard our military vessels and watch the remainder of the fight from afar. All Destroyer crew members will face the internal simulations that we have designed, and even a couple more that I've put together myself. Be prepared for any contingency. Are my orders understood?"

*Both the General and the Lieutenant resounded with a "Yes, sir!" before the display faded and the lights within the cabin shifted back to normal.**Eisen was pleased to have such a competent staff under his command. Even if hell were to foist itself upon them, the Commander felt as though they would be ready to tear it asunder. Their meeting completed, Eisen only had one more thing to say.*

Eisen: "Very well, then. Carry them out."

*The two officers turned to leave the room, leaving Eisen by himself for a few moments to consider the ramifications of what was to come.**Beyond this menial shakedown was the true beast. They would need to be ready, in case the worst should come of it. Soon, Imperial might would be exemplified once again, despite the actual presence of any Empire. If only, the Commander thought, the galaxy were to know of it once more...*
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Post Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:25 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*The bridge blastdoors opened with a whoosh and Gabriel entered the bridge with Matar and his dark side mistress in tow. The stormtroopers by the bridge door stomped and saluted with their E-11 rifles.* "This is the bridge, I believe that a few of the more useless bridge crew... like life support will be more than happy to give up their chairs for your convenience." *Said Gabriel in deadpan as he moved between the consoles, chairs, terminals and crew-members, making his way towards his personal chair.* "The nicest looking chair on the bridge, the padded one, that one's mine." *Gabriel fell into his command chair and swivelled to face Matar. From the forefront of the bridge, Gabriel felt the comforting and familiar approach of Colonel Graff. The Colonel approached quickly and bent down to whisper in Gabriel's ear, but before he could do so Gabriel spoke* "Matar Lyndruss, this is Colonel Hyrum Graff. Madam, this man is at your service. An exceptional officer, my advisor and..."

"Sir, we have something on comm-scan." *Interrupted Graff in a serious tone.

Gabriel raised his eyebrow, now a bit concerned.*
"What seems to be the problem Colonel?"

"Sir, the Imperial II Clas Star Destroyer ID'd as the "Gnothi Seauton" is in orbit... It was reported missing, yet here it is."

"Well it appears that fate has provided us an oppurtunity to discover this ship's fate. Please open a channel..."

:: Gnothi Seauton, this is Gabriel Solomon of the CR-90 Corvette 'Solomon's Run'. Our databases indicate that your vessel belongs to the galactic empire. Being of a ship loyal to the Empire, we demand to know your status and why you hve failed to report to Imperial High Command. ::
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Post Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:35 pm

Re: Open Orbit

Gnothi Seauton - Hangar Deck

*Commander Eisen and his entourage were just settling into the Lambda shuttle that had been transformed into his mobile command center when he had received a comm from the bridge.**Lieutenant Endeil had a message for him...a message from the organization that had declared him dead, some years ago.*

Eisen: "And you're certain it's from the Empire?"

Eisen: "Lieutenant, request that the good Mr. Solomon provide the appropriate credentials for what he is so keen on identifying himself as. If it doesn't check out, signal the ship to Ready Stations. Whether they are or aren't Imperial, that ship could mean to do us harm. I will be on my way to the bridge shortly."


Command Bridge

*Asking the ship's communications officer to send messages to each of the ship's leadership to move to standby (seeing as the recent turn of events would put a halt to the shakedown), the Lieutenant then moved onto answering the hail from the 'Solomon's Run'.*

*It would take a while for the Commander to reach the bridge. Until that time, the Lieutenant was on her own...*
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Post Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:53 pm

Re: Open Orbit

*Standing near Gabriel and Raizel on the bridge, Matar observes the situation. He reflects on the matter at hand quietly, to no one in particular.*

Seems the galaxy is simply throwing people together today. Fate perhaps?
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Post Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:58 am

Re: Open Orbit

*The force was working in an infuriatingly coincidental manner these last few weeks mused Gabriel as he prepared to respond.* :: I apologize, perhaps I have not truly introduced myself and that insincerity on my part has left a question as to who we are and what authority we speak with. I am Grand Moff Gabriel Solomon, overlord of the Deep Core. This is my personal vessel which does not appear on any galactic registry as my anominity in missions such as these is essential. However according to Executive Order 12 issued by Imperial High Command during crisis all Imperial Personnel were ordered to return to the fortress worlds of the Deep Core to receive new directives. You have not. :: *Gabriel hesistated and considered if he was sounding too accusatory, seeing as his ship vastly overpowered his and if the commander was rogue this was perhaps not the best course of action.* "Colonel, raise shields to full strength and prepare the nav-computer for hyperspace jump."

:: However, since we cannot verify my ship you can verify my code cylinder... Colonel, if you be so kind as to read it? ::

:: Gabriel Solomon's code cylinder: Grand Moff, Oversector 5, Shadow Hand Command. Species: Miraluka. Force sensetive, Imperial Knight, Master. Imperial ID: 2864875-85-Katarr. ::
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Post Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:27 pm

Re: Open Orbit

[quote="Matar Lyndruss":1ko15syq][action:1ko15syq]Standing near Gabriel and Raizel on the bridge, Matar observes the situation. He reflects on the matter at hand quietly, to no one in particular.[/action:1ko15syq]

Seems the galaxy is simply throwing people together today. Fate perhaps?[/quote:1ko15syq]

"The Skyborn work in mysterious ways, Lord Matar. You must be very favored by them."

[i:1ko15syq][color=#BFBFFF:1ko15syq]*There was just a touch of reprimand in her tone, as though she disapproved of the Sith Lord crediting fate or anything else other than the gods for what events were unfolding. Although accustomed to traveling in military ships, her strike force team had been a small one, and the transports smaller yet. The Corvette seemed quite the impressive warbird by comparison, and Raizel set herself between two of the bridge crew members to access a data panel, rather casually accessing the data specs on the vessel to see what it was capable of. Considering the isolation of her kind from the rest of the galaxy, Raizel had an alarming grasp and quickness of understanding new technology...particularly as her hand rested against the back of one of the crew member's neck. Her fingers curled against his flesh, considering how far she should go to extract this knowledge.

It was a terribly violent and damaging method, best to resist the urge of drawing that sort of attention to herself until the gains would be more guaranteed as worth it.

She released his neck, the man raising a brow at her in confusion of Raizel's strange behavior, but never knowing how close he had come to being assaulted.*[/color:1ko15syq][/i:1ko15syq]
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Post Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:53 pm

Re: Open Orbit

[color=#FF8000:it4nb9zy][u:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy][i:it4nb9zy]Gnothi Seauton[/i:it4nb9zy] - Bridge[/b:it4nb9zy][/u:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy]
[quote="Gabriel Solomon":it4nb9zy][comlink:it4nb9zy]I apologize, perhaps I have not truly introduced myself and that insincerity on my part has left a question as to who we are and what authority we speak with. I am Grand Moff Gabriel Solomon, overlord of the Deep Core. This is my personal vessel which does not appear on any galactic registry as my anonymity in missions such as these is essential. However according to Executive Order 12 issued by Imperial High Command during crisis all Imperial Personnel were ordered to return to the fortress worlds of the Deep Core to receive new directives. You have not.[/comlink:it4nb9zy][/quote:it4nb9zy]
[narration:it4nb9zy]There was a tone to the "Grand Moff's" voice that the Lieutenant found to be very...pointed. And his citing of "Executive Order 12" was something that - from her own recollection - was different from their own orders. She considered for a moment when the order was given to return to the Core. It could have went out during the time that they had been in hiding due to their initial orders being to retreat to their safe zone within this sector of space. They had received no new orders of returning to the Core, so, was this their first time to truly hear of it?[/narration:it4nb9zy]

[quote="Gabriel Solomon":it4nb9zy][comlink:it4nb9zy]However, since we cannot verify my ship you can verify my code cylinder... Colonel, if you be so kind as to read it?[/comlink:it4nb9zy]

[comlink:it4nb9zy]Gabriel Solomon's code cylinder: Grand Moff, Oversector 5, Shadow Hand Command. Species: Miraluka. Force sensetive, Imperial Knight, Master. Imperial ID: 2864875-85-Katarr.[/comlink:it4nb9zy][/quote:it4nb9zy]
[action:it4nb9zy]Endeil looked to her Communications Officer, who was searching the registry. It took a few moments for his search to be completed. When he turned to look back at her with a nod, she walked over to the screen. There was, indeed, a "Gabriel Solomon" listed in their database. The rank was totally-different from that which he had mentioned, but, he was there. The Lieutenant's hand rested on her chin for a moment as she stood straight up once more. Her gaze intensified as she considered her answer.[/action:it4nb9zy]

[npc name=Lieutenant Endeil:it4nb9zy][comlink:it4nb9zy]You will have to forgive me, Grand Moff. I am afraid that I am not qualified to address your inquiry. My Commanding Officer--[/comlink:it4nb9zy][/npc:it4nb9zy]

[action:it4nb9zy]Just then, the turbolift doors opened behind her. Commander Moore exited the doors, followed by General Beison and Sergeant Reese, of Echo Squad.[/action:it4nb9zy]

[color=#80BFFF:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy]Eisen:[/b:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy] [comlink:it4nb9zy]"Her Commanding Officer is here. My apologies, 'Grand Moff', could you give us just a moment?"[/comlink:it4nb9zy]

[action:it4nb9zy]He depressed the mute button on the Comm Officer's console, and turned to address Endeil.[/action:it4nb9zy]

[color=#80BFFF:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy]Eisen:[/b:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy] "I've been listening. Sitrep?"

[npc name=Lieutenant Endeil:it4nb9zy]"Scans indicate they've brought up shields, but not weapons."[/npc:it4nb9zy]

[color=#80BFFF:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy]Eisen:[/b:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy] "Tractor beams?"

[npc name=Lieutenant Endeil:it4nb9zy][action:it4nb9zy]Shakes her head[/action:it4nb9zy] "Negative, sir. They're out of range."[/npc:it4nb9zy]

[action:it4nb9zy]Eisen turns to look at his bridge, and barks an order.[/action:it4nb9zy]

[color=#80BFFF:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy]Eisen:[/b:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy] "Raise shields, and put weapons on stand-by. Move the vessel to Stage 1 Alert. All fighters prepare to scramble."

[action:it4nb9zy]Not wishing to give 'Solomon's Run' any cause to worry, the Commander nodded to the Officer to re-open the channel.[/action:it4nb9zy]

[color=#80BFFF:it4nb9zy][b:it4nb9zy]Eisen:[/b:it4nb9zy][/color:it4nb9zy] [comlink:it4nb9zy]Grand Moff, you have inquired as to our reasoning for not reporting to the Deep Core as per Executive Order 12. I will address this query now. We received no such order. After the dissolution of our glorious Empire under the Emperor's regime, my orders were to retreat to the nearest safe-zone which - at the time - was here, in Sector 18. I was then to remain radio-silent for a predetermined period of time, and then reactivate my communications to receive further instructions. No instructions came. Our communications buoy was considered to be 'transmitting', but was - in fact - receiving false-positives. We corrected the problem, and there was still no word. So, we continued to carry out everyday operations for quite a good while -- six years, in fact.

I had received word over time that the Empire was still disbanded. At one point, I had considered returning to the Deep Core. However, that was when I had heard another communique from Imperial High Command, citing the reestablishment of the Empire under Pellaeon, and then heard the Casualty List being read. Our vessel and its crew - in its entirety - were among the casualties listed. No vessels had been sent into our region to attempt a rescue. No messages were sent to our sector -- nothing. So, I must be so bold as to ask something of [i:it4nb9zy]you[/i:it4nb9zy], Master Solomon -- why are you suddenly [i:it4nb9zy]here[/i:it4nb9zy], when the Empire declared us [i:it4nb9zy]dead[/i:it4nb9zy] eight years ago?[/comlink:it4nb9zy]

[narration:it4nb9zy]There was a steely look in his eyes, and his expression never wavered. Not that any of this mattered, as there were no view-screens for either person. This sort of debate was what the Commander was known for. His ability to redirect hostilities and engage any opponent via any set of tactics he chose. However this 'conversation' went, Eisen knew -- the two of them were 'speaking' with the weight of several million tons of duranium and enough firepower to wipe out a planet's population, not just heated words.[/narration:it4nb9zy]
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Re: Open Orbit

"Sir they are raising ther shields and their weapons are warming up." *Said a sortie nervously. At this Colonel Graff glanced at Solomon. The Miraluka, intent on hearing what the rogue captain had to say responded nonchalantly* "If we are out of range we have nothing to worry about."

*The captain's passionate and scorning explanation cut deep. It was painful ad uncomfortable for the bridge crew to hear that this ship had been abandoned. Anger turned to sympathy as the realization dawned upon the bridge. Gabriel cleared his throat before replying in a solemn tone.*

:: Captain and crew... I apologize om behalf of the Empire for this travesty. Words cannot bring back the years you have spent loyally waiting for a transmission that would never come, nor will words numb the sting of our betrayal to you. I accept full responsibility for your loss in this respect. I feel grief that amid so much death and destruction, you were forgotten, abandoned... Yet, I feel hope that such a crew as yours did not suffer the same fate as so many of your peers. As you know Cade Fel and his most trusted commanders took the bulk of our forces on a pre-emptive strike against the Praetorite Vong in the Unknown Regions. I, grand moff of the Deep Core, left my holdings and joined the emperor as so many other did. I was there as he was slain on a nameless world... I was there when in retribution we unleashed the fires of justice across Yuuzhan Vong Worlds... At the end of the campaign his loyal forces were broken, shattered and scattered. We limped back to the Empire, only to find news of the emperor's death had reached the galaxy before we did. Almost immediately upon our return our holdings in the Mid Rim and Colonies fell under attack by spineless factions... What was worse was the betrayal of the officers we left behind... They turned on one another, warlordism spread throughot the empire, tearing it from within. No doubt the civil war, the blood bath was what caused the black out of transmissions. As I and the Fel's remnant tried to re-establish order we fell back to the Deep Core Fortress worlds of Shadow Hand Command and secured what core of the Empire remained. As the dust settled and stock was taken, your vessel must not have been on the ship ID of those who had served us in the reclamation battles and thus we assumed you and your crew to be lost.

The Empire is not dead, while we are only a remnant of our former selves we are rebuilding, slowly but surely. Our priorities have changed, our mindset has changed and we have changed. The Empire has matured and a self sufficient Imperial State in the Deep Core is our home. We are called the Imperial Remnant, but we are the Empire. ::
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Re: Open Orbit

Gnothi Seauton - Command Bridge

*Listening to the Grand Moff was as though he were...acquiescing. And then, apologizing? The Commander knew something, then. This man was in the position he was in for a reason. His words were speaking directly to Eisen's sense of purpose, and he was attempting to be a balm to soothe age-old wounds. Even his language when referring to the warlords was seemingly targeting Eisen's patriotism. It was either a grand ploy at subterfuge, or the Miraluka was genuinely-speaking to the Commander with his own convictions. The other news that was being relayed to him was like a constant barrage. He did not know of the Yuuzhan Vong, or even Cade Fel. He wasn't certain of the reestablishment of Shadow Hand Command. There was a great deal of information he was going to need time to absorb if things were to proceed in a direction he could be comfortable with.*

*Then came the talk of the Empire -- or the "Remnant", as Grand Moff Solomon had referred to it by. If the new regime's purpose was truly-different...and then, there was the idea that Pellaeon had disappeared. If he was no longer Grand Admiral, then that would give credence to the idea that this was an entirely-new faction. One that still held the core values of the Empire at its heart. If they were to return -- could they even do so? It had been years - decades - since they had last been a part of the Empire. The crew aboard his own vessel -- they were all declared dead. How could they go back to their homes, where their loved ones had - in all likelihood - moved on with their lives? The profound psychological effect it would have on their morale would be devastating. Still, they would be part of an Empire once more. If need be, those who were affected could return to their lives - surely by process of discharge - and fresh blood could help revive his old vessel...*

*Moore had remained silent for quite a few moments, deep in his own thoughts, when the Lieutenant had tactfully cleared her throat and brought him back to where the galaxy was waiting for him. He turned his head slightly to look back at her, extending a nod of silent thanks, before taking a deep, quiet breath and squaring his shoulders back so that he could address the Grand Moff.*

Eisen: :: Grand Moff Gabriel Solomon, permit me to introduce myself. I am Commander Eisen Decanius Moore of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Gnothi Seauton. Provided that I may be allowed to observe the new structure of your organization, I wish to formally, verbally-request to rejoin the Empire in our attempt to rebuild, and commit the entirety of my forces to your command. There are a number of other, minor details that can be discussed at a later time; for now, I would like to request permission to return with you to Shadow Hand Command so that we can further discuss the nature of my vessel and crew's reintegration into the Imperial command structure.

What say you, Grand Moff Solomon? ::

*There were a number of hushed tones being expressed amongst the bridge crew. Eisen snapped his fingers and the bridge fell eerily-silent. Even the Lieutenant snapped to attention, along with General Beison and the Storm Commando, Sergeant Reese, helmet at his side. The Commander then awaited word from Solomon, in his traditional stone-faced gaze.*
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Re: Open Orbit

*The bridge of the Solomon's Run was quiet in anticipation, each mind questioning the Star Destroyer's response... The anxiety of rejection was palpable, it would be a compunding failure if their olive branch was thrust aside. However as fate would have it, Gabriel's words and perhap's commander Moore's sense of loyalty won out... The bridge breathed a sigh of relief and smiles grew on the usually stern faces. Gabriel himself allowed himself a small reprieve as he offered thans to Ashla. If Gabriel had tear ducts he might have cried he was so relieved.*

:: Commander Moore, I can only say that we will do everything in our power to make this wrong right. You and your crew can be absolved of your duties and vows and allowed to retire on any of our worlds with hefty pensions, in order to live your lives in peace and comfort... For some reason I doubt you will take such an offer... I say that all those who believe in the Empire are heroes and will be welcomed back with open arms. I will transfer you coordinates to Shadow Hand Command momentarily. We will be jumping to hyperspace within the half-hour and I hope that you will accompany us. ::

*The Hyperspace coordinates for Aargau were transmitted in several layers of Imperial code that could only be deicphered with use of the commander's imperial code cylinder.*
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Re: Open Orbit

Command Bridge - Gnothi Seauton

Eisen: :: And it is my hope, Grand Moff, that the Seauton and its crew shall be of service to the Empire once again. ::

*He looked to his communications officer, and gave the order to close the channel once the encrypted coordinates had been sent.**There was much to take care of, and perhaps more than a few explanations that would have to be given. The Commander would have to word his choices carefully, and perhaps extend the offer of amnesty to his crew once they had reached their destination. For now, it would be enough that they understood the destination had changed, and that they needed to keep moving.**Reaching into his inside-right pocket of his Imperial Officer's coat, Eisen removed his code cylinder. Walking over to Navigations, he handed it to the technician there.*

Eisen: "The coordinates are likely encrypted. Use this to decrypt them."

*It took a few moments for the console to read the cylinder, and a few more still for the system to accept the decryption keys. After which, the console gave a recognition tone and logged the coordinates into the nav-comp. Eisen inclined his head in a nod toward the Navigations officer as he returned the cylinder.**Turning back to the rest of the bridge crew, he began to give overall orders.*

Eisen: "Give the order to stand down and begin preparations for the jump to Hyperspace. All officers should be prepared to receive internal communique from Command Actual in-transit, to redistribute to their respective subordinates as soon as possible. I request the presence of my most senior officers within my command quarters, either in person or by comlink - if their station will not allow them to break away. Have hangar crews close external docking bay doors, and all engineering personnel at Ready Stations within fifteen minutes. We jump when the Solomon's Run is prepared to do the same. Understood?"

*The response was - as always - affirmed by the bridge crew. Orders were beginning to be sent down the chain to their respective stations. Eisen retired to his quarters, followed by Lieutenant Endeil and General Beison. Sergeant Reese was requested to return to his station, and begin informing the rest of the Storm Commando squads of the change in orders. No specifics were to be given, save that they were preparing to jump and that they would receive orders from Command Actual in-transit, as the Commander had said.*


Command Quarters

*Within his quarters, the rest of his senior staff had checked in via their respective stations. All were eager to hear what had transpired, as this sort of "meeting" usually didn't happen unless there were major changes to be discussed.**Eisen stepped forward, his face and upper body being outlined by the holoprojector's transceiver function, allowing the rest of those attending to view his personage real-time at their respective stations. Eisen looked back and forth at his in-person staff, and the holo-representations of his other staff members, as he began to speak.*

Eisen: "We are about to begin a new chapter, ladies and gentlemen. I have decided that it is time that we should seek to rejoin the Empire."

*A few hushed tones were expressed from those gathered, to which Eisen raised a hand to quieten them.*

Eisen: "I realize that this comes as a surprise to most of you. However, I have good reasons for doing so."

*The first "objection" - if it could be called that - was from another high-ranking General - Hugh Devereaux - within Eisen's command. He was often the objectionable sort, but usually fell on the side of right -- which just so happened to be Eisen's, under his command.*

Eisen: "Ah, General Devereaux. Thank you for asking." *His jaw clenched only slightly, which was really only visible from those present within his quarters. He noticed the Lieutenant's shoulders seem to straighten as he did so.* "The Grand Moff of the Imperial Remnant has just recently contacted me. You may remember that the Remnant was once under the command of Gilad Pellaeon. Well, he is no longer. The Grand Moff at-present is a gentleman - a Miraluka - by the name of Gabriel Solomon. He has given me some rather-pertinent information -- which I am sharing with you now."

*He squared his shoulders, folding his hands behind him as he seemed to look General Devereaux directly in the eyes. To the General, it would also appear as though he was doing so -- the wonders of holotechnology.*

Eisen: "Under the new regime, any Imperial vessels and their commands brought back into the Imperial folds will receive amnesty for any and all time not spent in service to the Empire. Their crews will be offered the opportunity to be 'absolved of their duties and vows and allowed to retire on any of the Imperial worlds with hefty pensions' -- those were the Grand Moff's exact words. I believe that we cannot afford to shy away from this opportunity. The crew of the Gnothi Seauton have gone above and beyond their Imperial mandate, and deserve this chance to retire in peace. I shall offer this opportunity to any and all under my command, and focus on the aftermath when it arrives.

"We need new blood, ladies and gentlemen. We need a fresh influx of supplies and armaments -- hell, we need just about anything you can think of. I have more back-logged requisitions than I have actual At-The-Ready reports -- and General, don't tell me we can press on like this! You know we cannot. This offer is more than generous, and it would be foolish to turn it away."

*The raven-haired Lieutenant glared in his direction, and then with pursed lips, gave her response.*

*Suddenly, the authoritative voice of Eisen interjected back into the conversation.*

Eisen: "Do you remember, General, when we were first issued this command together?"

Eisen: "Do you remember what it was that you had told me, on that very-first day?"

Eisen: "You attempted to call my bluff, as I recall. In the aftermath, you referred to it as 'testing the waters'."

*Eisen allowed a grin to cross his features.*

Eisen: "Yes, you did. You made mention of my skin-color, and--"

Eisen: "What was it, General, that happened after that?"

Eisen: "...And?"

Eisen: "Ah, yes...I recall that. I promised you then, that no matter what we came upon, I would continue to uphold your station far above my own. Because in the grand scheme of things, you and your troops were going to be what won our battles for us. I promised you that, because this command was not something I was going to take lightly. I would accept all responsibility for our failures, and give recognition to those who made our successes possible. Even in our darkest hour, when we were forced to enact martial law upon this vessel, who was it that was at every tribunal, giving those responsible one last opportunity to revert their decisions and fall back into ranks?"

Eisen: "...It wasn't because I wanted to be. It was because I would not allow the burden of possible grief and indecision to fall upon those under my command. I owe this to the memory of those who may have died needlessly so that this day could come. For every mutiny that attempted to transpire, for every member of this crew who had to be executed for treason against this command. I owe this crew a chance for a better life. And now that I have it to offer to them, what would you have me do?"

Eisen: "The former Empire, General. Within this new construct, it is my hope that we can return to some semblance of what glory we once held. We have attained new purpose here, General. I intend on following through with this. The offer to leave will be given to whoever wishes to accept. Including those within this meeting."

*The General's question caught him off guard for a moment. Up to this point, Eisen hadn't even considered that the offer extended to himself.*

Eisen: "I...will remain here, if the Grand Moff requests it. I'm willing to relinquish my command, if that is what you're asking."

*Carric raised his hand, gesturing that was not his intention.*

*Looking around the room at those represented, Eisen took stock of their reactions. Some of them were overwhelmed, from the looks of it. Eisen knew that this news would not be easy to take in, and would likely take some time to process. They were going home. They finally had the chance to return...home. Even Eisen was still considering the breadth of the proposition. However, this could be sorted through later. For now, they had a job to do.**Leaning forward, Eisen placed his hands on the side of the holoprojector. He looked back across his staff, giving his usual stone-faced glare.*

Eisen: "Upon my command authority granted to me by Imperial Edict, I exercise the right to return the Gnothi Seauton to Imperial service. Any objections to this decision can be registered by formal complaint, and sent to Imperial High Command upon our return to Shadow Hand Command. Report to your stations and begin preparations for Hyperspace jump."

*One by one, the holoprojections of each of Eisen's staff began to blink out, after affirming that his orders would be followed. Once Eisen was back in his dimly-lit room with no one but Lieutenant Endeil and General Beison, the Lieutenant spoke up.*

*Eisen thought for a moment, and then turned to address the Lieutenant.*

Eisen: "...Yes, Lieutenant. I'll need you to take command of the bridge for the jump. The coordinates are logged in the navicomputer. I will...remain here. I have a few things I'll need to take care of. As for now, both of you are dismissed. Thank you."

*The two individuals left the room, heading for their respective stations aboard the vessel. Preparations were still underway; however, it would not be long before the ship would be ready to jump.*


*After all preparations were complete, the Gnothi Seauton was prepared to make the jump for the Deep Core. When all stations had reported in, Lieutenant Endeil made the announcement.*

*Coordinating with Solomon's Run, the ship would then jump to hyperspace.*

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