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The Lost City

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The Lost City

*One place not to be wandered alone unless you had no choice, A last resort. The Lost City was once occupied by a society of millions until the planet was broken. Now crawling with marauders and the lost & insane. Located in the habitable zone the city was left in chaos after the world was shattered at some point during an unknown cataclysm, millions were dead in this aftermath leaving mere thousands alive.

Rediscovered by a group of intersteller travelers who dared to land, these travelers learned the definition of chaos. It is only located a mere 10 hours north from a fault line or tear surrounded by a poisonous gas in the planet which the fault also disrupts communications as far as the city. The Southern part is less active, occupied by wanderers, your average scum and small settlements unlike the cities northern side. Many have come to know this Lost city as Pandemonium.*
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Re: The Lost City ... re=related

*Chants. . .the faint chants grew louder, a chant of victory. There was something going on, some sort of event. A man wearing a metallic gauntlet with knife sharp finger ends sat slumped in what seemed to be a throne made of stone just at the top of the steps of a wide opened entrance of what seemed to be a government building, the buildings purpose that now harbored one of the many Marauder warlords, Lord Ash Ventriss. Brother of Cyrus, an Imperial leader of an Infinite Order.

The family had both dark ends yet one civilized and the other wild and out of control. He seemed lazy in his position, yet it was utter boredom that got to him. Knife end fingers hung down across his face, elbow on stone and the side of his pale face pressed against the metallic surfaced flattened knuckles of his gauntlet. The crowd was hungry...hungry for death. He chuckled when the two men, bare chest and cloth leggings stood within the crowd. The next man to die against the one double his size. This crowd chanted louder, they starved for their favorite entertainment. Then, Ash stood. Walked to the edge of the top step. They only hoped he'd call their favorite game. And then he spoke.
*He shouted when the crowd went wild in cheer. *

*Blood and stone, no weapons of any sort. No rules. Just bare hands and anything they could find. Stones of many sizes were scattered, not man done. Always there and sometimes building pieces the size of one's hand falls in the area. To the side of the flat stone slab arena a man of a southern settlement was locked in a stock. Ash looked down, many were cheering for the larger man titled the Executor. He has won every fight two years straight, everyone feared him. But not Ash, yet he would not underestimate him as well. The battle to the death had begun when the man's throat was cut, blood of an innocent was tradition once a year. And this marked the twenty first year in the arena death matches.*

*The crowd shouting the title of the large man* *Ash feared one thing, losing control of the crowd and being turned on. The smaller man had an imperial symbol tattoo on the side of his chest. They knew nothing of the imperials except Ash. He knew them well and he would be pleased to see this trooper die. He'd given his name to the marauder leader, his name was Nova. The large man moved towards him in a rush, Nova standing steady when he rolled out of the way, knees bent and arms out just down beside him ready for him again. The big guy was faster then he thought when he twisted around with the back of his fist slamming Nova across the face. He stumbled into the dirt as dust on top the stone rose up around where his body hit the ground. He crawled and stumbled to get up. *

*Nova's face now bruised, bones in his cheek bone shattered. Something like that would knock a man out but he was no ordinary man. He was a Stormtrooper, a stone cold blooded killer. He took worse. He waited for him again, up above Ash watched, he closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. Fool he thought. Previous fighters feared the executor and would always avoid him until they died. Just like this man. They cheered louder.* *It provoked the man to attack again until Nova came up with a stone in his left hand and smashed it across his face. *

*Surprised the Executor stepped back. This caused Ash to be more interested, sat up at the edge of his seat he observes the fight to the death. When Nova tightened his hand onto the rock again it crumbled in his very hand, the executor came forth and swung again, Nova avoided the swing and came up with a head but. It did more damage to nova, as he stepped back cursing. The man laughed then grabbed Nova by the neck and lifted him off the ground. He showed him to the crowd raised up and around then threw him to the stone. He showed true pain now, but the crowd was getting to the executors head. He raised his arms and flexed his muscles as the cheers grew louder. Then he stopped, that was when Nova had grabbed a stone and crushed the mans foot, he swung, and he swung until he heard bones break.*

*This made the executor shout in pain. Getting up the same time the executor was going down to grab him Nova grabbed he stone with both hands and got up with a swing up smashing the executors jaw. The crowd began to chant something else now. Something different, a language known to many marauders. His head pushed up while he spit blood into the air. The executor fell onto his back, they've never seen him fall before. They never seen another man rise in a long time. Nova moved up along him, took the rock and smashed it across the side of his face breaking bones, splitting flesh and crushing cartilage. The rock shattered and he continued with his bare fists until blood ran from the executors mouth, nose and his very knuckles. He was defeated. The stormtrooper breathed, he liked this. The pleasure of bringing death upon life. Then he stretched his bent knees and raised his fist towards the sky and he shouted and blood ran off of his face.* STORMER! Bring the stormer to ME!

*Ash shouted out, they stopped the chant in the unknown langauge and began shouting 'Stormer!' as Ash had referred him as Stormtrooper. Two man began bringing him up the stone steps to what ever fate Ash had decided for him, but he knew it was the crowd the decided his fate, and he hated this. Especially with the Imperial.*

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