Post Wed Jun 11, 2008 1:18 pm

Planetary Information

*Caamas is what was a once highly populated and marsh-covered Core World in the Cirius system. The surface is composed of once-marshy oceans and three landmases. It is the second planet orbiting the star Cirius. The homeworld of the , the planet was once a temperate, hospitable world of jungles, marshes, steppes, and rolling hills. Its dense rainforests and jungles teemed with life. After the Imperial bombardment, nearly all flora and fauna have either disappeared or were mutated beyond recognition. Caamas has become a barren waste, and without vegetation to release oxygen, the atmosphere became toxic and unbreathable. Bombardment kicked up smoke and dust into the air, and the surface became wracked by dust storms and falling soot, eroding the surface and sending dirt and mud into the oceans. The waters, once teeming with sea life, have become muddy, polluted, stagnant, and lifeless.*