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[quote:2kcvece4][size=150:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF00:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]= Coruscant =[/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4][/size:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4][list:2kcvece4][size=125:2kcvece4][color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]~ The Queen of the Core[/b:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4][/size:2kcvece4][/list:u:2kcvece4]

[i:2kcvece4]"An incandescent organ of life, visibly vibrating with the pulses of billions."[/i:2kcvece4]
[size=85:2kcvece4]├óÔé¼ÔÇóSupreme Chancellor Signet Mezzileen.[/size:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Brief Background[/b:2kcvece4][/u:2kcvece4]

[color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]Coruscant, originally called Notron, also known as Imperial Center or the Queen of the Core, was a planet located in the galactic Core. It was generally agreed that Coruscant was, during most of Galactic history, the most politically important world in the galaxy. At various times, it was the capital of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, the Galactic Alliance, very briefly the Fel Empire, Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. In controlling Coruscant, these governments controlled most of the galaxy in the process. Coruscant's hyperspace coordinates were (0,0,0), making it the center of the galaxy, though it was not the galactic center, located in the Deep Core. The hyperspace coordinates inspired the planet's military designation, Triple Zero. A large number of the galaxy's trade routes├óÔé¼ÔÇØincluding the Perlemian Trade Route, the Corellian Run, the Metellos Trade Route, the Koros Trunk Line, and the Leisure Corridor├óÔé¼ÔÇØwent through Coruscant, making it one of the richest worlds in the galaxy.

Over the centuries, Coruscant had developed into an ecumenopolis. The actual planet-wide metropolis of Coruscant was called Galactic City. Under the Galactic Republic, the names Republic City or the City of Spires were also used to reference the city. It was also called Imperial City under the Galactic Empire, and New Republic City under the New Republic. However, in practice, Galactic City and its other names were sometimes applied to the Senate District, the central government center and de facto capital of Coruscant. Under the Yuuzhan Vong, the city and planet were both referred to as Yuuzhan'tar.[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Astrographical Data[/b:2kcvece4][/u:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Region:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Core Worlds[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Sector:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Coruscant sector[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]System:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Coruscant system[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Primary Star/Sun:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Coruscant Prime[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Moons:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]4 (Centax-1, Centax-2, Centax-3, Hesperidium)[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Rotation period:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]24 standard hours[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Orbital period:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]368 local days[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]


[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Information on the Surface[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]

[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Geologically, the planet was composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and a silicate rock crust. At its poles were huge ice caps that were popular spots for tourists. The entire surface of Coruscant was covered by sprawling kilometers-high ecumenopolis, and boasted a population of over a hundred billion to several trillion, depending on the era. Following the end of the Clone Wars, an official census noted 1 trillion official permanent residents. The statistics did not include transients, temporary workers, unregistered populace nor residents of orbital facilities. Because of these omissions, the "real" population of Coruscant was estimated to be three times the official amount.

Coruscanti skyscrapers dwarfed all the original natural features, including mountains, as well as floors of oceans which once covered a large portion of Coruscant's surface. Areas of Galactic City were broken up into levels, megablocks, blocks, and subblocks. Coruscant itself was divided into quadrants, which were divided into zones. Below the skyscrapers was Coruscant's undercity, where sunlight never reached. Artificial lighting illuminated these lower levels and advertisement holograms could be seen everywhere. There were numerous establishments for entertainment, catering to a myriad of alien species. The residents were collectively referred to as Twilighters.

Coruscant was once a world mostly covered in oceans. However, all natural bodies of water were drained and stored in vast caverns beneath the city as a result of years of overpopulation. The only body of water visible was the artificial Western Sea, with many artificially-created islands floating on it, used by tourists on holidays. With no other bodies of water available to feed and water its trillion inhabitants, Coruscant's architects, along with many others from around the galaxy, worked together to build a self-contained eco-system in the massive buildings set all over the planet. Polar cap stations also melted ice and distributed water throughout the planet-wide city through a complex series of pipes.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Physical Data[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Class: [/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Terrestrial[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Diameter:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]12,240 km[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Atmosphere:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Type One - Breathable[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Climate:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Temperate and Controlled[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Gravity:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Standard[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Primary terrain:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Urban Cityscape, Mountians[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4] [/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Information upon Districts[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]

[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Galactic City was divided into quadrants, "several thousand" in number, with each quadrant further split into sectors. Each sector was numbered on official maps, but sectors often had nicknames, such as Sah'c Town (sector H-46, named for a prominent family that owned a large portion of its land) and The Works, the largest of Coruscant's designated industrial zones. (Coruscant practiced zoning, which is the designation of specific areas of land for particular purposes, such as governmental and senatorial, financial (including banking zones), residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing. Manufacturing and industrial zones were typically the largest designated areas of the planet.) The Works was once one of the galaxy's major manufacturing areas, where spacecraft parts, droids, and building materials were heavily produced during centuries, but as construction and industry became more efficient and cheaper away from Coruscant, The Works fell into disrepair.

It gained a reputation as a hub of criminal activity and many locals stayed away from it. A similar, but more dangerous area, was the Factory District, which was once the industrial heart of Coruscant until it too lost out to competition from producers in other Core Worlds. By the time of the Great Jedi Purge it lay in ruins and was almost completely deserted of sentients, because of the feral droids that prowled its streets. It was located on the opposite side of the planet, and was much more dangerous than the Southern Underground, Invisible Sector, which were infamous in their own right. Another area of Coruscant was CoCo Town (short for "collective commerce"). Many diverse species lived there and worked in manufacturing. A partially enclosed open-air plaza near the Senate building, the Column Commons, was so-called because it housed most of the HoloNet and news media corporations.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Societal Data[/b:2kcvece4][/u:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Notable Immigrated Species:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Human, Other[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Official Language:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Galactic Basic Standard[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Local Government:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Galactic City Authority[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Population:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]One Trillion ( 78% Human, 22% Other)[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Major Imports:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Foodstuffs, Medicinal Goods[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Major Exports:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Culture[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]
[b:2kcvece4]Affiliation:[/b:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Galactic Coalition of Confederate Systems (Current) Galactic Alliance (Former)[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Information upon Livability[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]

[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]A series of orbital mirrors were set up that reflected the sun's warmth and light. Several of these mirrors would be destroyed in the Battle of Coruscant during the Clone Wars, although it is unknown whether this had any lasting effect. It is known that thunderstorms and rain occurred during 19 BBY and 3 ABY, possibly as an effect of the altered sunlight from the remaining mirrors.

The planet produced trillions of tons of waste an hour. Though almost everything on the planet, from clothes to packaging and machinery, was recyclable, some waste was too dangerous to recycle. Such items included worn-out hyperdrive cores which were delivered to one of the planet's five thousand garbage pits, where they were put into canisters and fired into a tight orbit around Coruscant. Garbage ships would then collect them and transport them to nearby moons for storage. Some of the more dangerous materials were shot into the nearby sun for complete incineration. Garbage not exported or destroyed was mixed into a slurry of silicone oils and processed by garbage worms which chewed it into pellets while removing any remaining organics, plastic, or recoverable metals. They turned millions of tons of pellets into carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases.

Another problem for a world like Coruscant was the unimaginable amount of carbon dioxide and heat energy that its trillion-being population generated each day. Thousands of carbon dioxide-reactive atmospheric dampeners were put into place in the upper atmosphere to prevent atmospheric degeneration. The first set of these planet-wide dampeners, developed by the Galactic Republic, was known as the Coruscant Atmospheric Reclamation Project. Near the planet's core were a number of massive power relay stations. The lowest levels were abandoned to mutants and scavengers, such as the cannibalistic, mythical Cthons. The foundations of many of the buildings, some of which weighed billions of tons, also extended deep into the planet's crust.

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Places of Interest[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]

[color=#FF8040:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][size=125:2kcvece4]= GALACTIC CITY =[/size:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]


[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]The Senate District served as the de facto government capital for Coruscant. It included locations such as the Senate Building, the Republic Executive Building, the Galactic Justice Center, 500 Republica, and the Galactic Museum. Throughout the planet's history, the Senate District was the site of numerous battles in several wars including the Great War, The Clone Wars, The Galactic Civil War, and the Yuuzhan Vong War. During the latter, the District became the center of the Vong Empire with the Senate Building serving as the house for the Well of the World Brain which controlled the Vongforming of the planet. After the war, the District once again became the center of political activity and returned to its former glory under the Old Republic[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]


[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]500 Republica was the most exclusive residential tower on Coruscant. A building in the Ambassadorial Sector of Galactic City's Senate District, it was home to some of the most wealthy and famous individuals in the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. One of the tallest buildings on Coruscant, 500 Republica was a mountainous structure holding more technology and people than some entire worlds. From the square kilometers of machinery at its base that kept it running, to the spire at its pinnacle above the clouds, 500 Republica featured fifty-three skydocks, hundreds of private turbolifts, a security staff the size of a small army, and a large number of security armaments including plasma weapons in its crown, all within a tower over a thousand stories tall. Celebrities, businessmen, and Senators of the most privileged classes made their homes in 500 Republica. Among its inhabitants were Jheramahd Greyshade, Simon Greyshade, Padm├â┬® Amidala, Bail Prestor Organa, Raith Sienar, and Jenna Zan Arbor. Palpatine kept his residence at 500 Republica for over a decade, during his time as Senator, Supreme Chancellor, and Galactic Emperor.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]


[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]The Works was a large industrial area of Coruscant. The area lay fairly close to the Senate District and next to the Fobosi District. It was an immense manufacturing center for many companies, who would later abandon the planet for cheap labor and off-world facilities. Prospective urban developers released stone mites, duracrete slugs, and conduit worms into The Works, in an attempt to clear the area out so it could be purchased and refurbished.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]


[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]The Jedi Temple was the headquarters of the Jedi Order from the conclusion of the Great Sith War to the Great Jedi Purge and during that time was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. Jointly operated by the Order and the Galactic Republic, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies, with very few public areas. The complex would be abandoned and largely destroyed at the time of the Declaration of a New Order when the Order was utterly routed by the Galactic Empire. Upon the rise of the Galactic Alliance, the Temple was rebuilt for the reformed Order under the leadership of Luke Skywalker.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4]


[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]The Palace District was the area of Galactic City that contained the Imperial Palace and its outbuildings, Darth Vader's Palace, and Xizor's Palace. However due to the costly upkeep of a pointless former relic of terror, the Ruins of Imperial Palace was not repaired after the death of Emperor Omega and left to rot whilst the city planet was rebuilt.[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][url=]Wookieepedia Link[/url:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4][u:2kcvece4]Planetary Defense Forces[/u:2kcvece4][/b:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Surface Forces[/b:2kcvece4]

[list:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 50 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Republican Command Personnel (Coruscant Headquarters Division)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][NPC Generals][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 20,000 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Republican Guards (3rd Stormtrooper Corps)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Elite][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 50,000 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Republican Regulars (7th, 12th, 23rd Divisions)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Standard][/color:2kcvece4]

[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Self Propelled Medium Artillery (2nd Artillery Division)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Heavy][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 100 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]XR - 85 Tank Droids (12th Mechanical Assault Battalion)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Heavy][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]A-A5 Heavy Speeder Trucks (8th Mechanized Infantry Division)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Heavy][/color:2kcvece4]

[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Canderous - Class Assault Tanks (5th Armoured Division)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Medium][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]S-1 Firehawke Heavy Repulsortanks (6th Armoured Divison)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Medium][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]K -222 Aero Interceptors (2nd Airborne Assault Division)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Medium][/color:2kcvece4]

[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Ultra-Light Assault Vehicles (4th Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Light][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 300 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]T-47 Airspeeders (11th Airbourne Defense Battalion)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Light][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 300 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]AAC-2 Hovertanks (17th Armoured Battalion )[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Light][/color:2kcvece4]
[/*:m:2kcvece4][*:2kcvece4] 200 [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Espo Walker 101's (22nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion)[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF00:2kcvece4][Light][/color:2kcvece4][/*:m:2kcvece4][/list:u:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Orbital Defenses[/b:2kcvece4]

[list:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]One Golan III Space Defense Novagun[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF40:2kcvece4][Stationed near Hesperidium][/color:2kcvece4]
[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]One Derylin Space Defense Platform[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF40:2kcvece4][Orbiting the Senate District][/color:2kcvece4][/list:u:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Planetary Emplacements[/b:2kcvece4]

[list:2kcvece4] [i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Three HVs-2 Hypervelocity Guns[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF40:2kcvece4][One located on each of the three Centax Moons][/color:2kcvece4]
[i:2kcvece4][color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4]Three GYvX shield generators[/color:2kcvece4][/i:2kcvece4] [color=#FFBF40:2kcvece4][One at the Jedi Temple, One at the Senate Building, One at the Crix Madine Military Reserve.][/color:2kcvece4][/list:u:2kcvece4][/quote:2kcvece4]

[quote:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]RolePlay Information[/b:2kcvece4]

[color=#FF8040:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Arriving at Coruscant[/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]
[color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]It is requested that ALL arrivals RP asking for landing clearance. They will always be given clearance so if one is in a hurry/ does not feel like waiting they may RP receiving clearance. DO NOT post that you grew tired or waiting and that you ignored the planetary customs and just went into the planet. Just RP receiving permission. This is only for the sake of common sense and to fit everyone's busy Real Life lifestyles.[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]

[color=#FF8040:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]In Character Sympathy:[/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]
[color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]Dependent upon the location, All Character Archetypes are welcome to Coruscant.[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]

[color=#FF8040:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Commonplace RolePlay Found here:[/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]
[color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]Open RP, Spontaneous SL, Planned SL, Large battles {fleet or army}, Duels/dogfights, Character Training, etc. [/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]

[color=#FF8040:2kcvece4][b:2kcvece4]Newcomers should expect:[/b:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]
[color=#FFFF40:2kcvece4][i:2kcvece4]Short/long-term players, Strict Laws and Zero Tolerance for Criminals or Terrorists, New players to the Universe Welcome, New players will receive answers to questions OOC and RP training if requested. Private messsage [url=]Varro Calistarious[/url:2kcvece4] if any assistance is required.

The planet allows for endless opportunity for creative people. Any idea a person wishes to RP on is able to be done here due to its massive number of available NPC├óÔé¼Ôäós to work with, from Jedi Masters to Sith Lords to Swoop Leaders. If you come up with an idea, shoot for it and let the fun began.

If you have an RP plan that needs use of law enforcement then you have permission to RP as the civilian population of Coruscant and the Coruscant Police force. This is however within reason. If you are unsure how far you can take RPing with these people contact Varro with your question.

Finally, Please use the appropriated boards for any and all Out of Character communication. It takes away from the story lines being written and has in the past proved to be nothing more than an annoyance.[/i:2kcvece4][/color:2kcvece4]


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