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Basic RP Information:

RP Status: Active
Badge Status: Gold
Planetary Traffic Light: Blue
Current Active Resident Writers: 1
Activity Level: Low (Posts will be responded to within 24 hours)

Contact Information: Contact for any RP planning purposes or questions.

View of Talus from Orbit:


Canon History:

Talus was roughly the same size as its sister planet, Tralus. Both orbited a common center of gravity and were together known as the Double Worlds. Talus held many mysteries for explorers. It was rumored that a planetary repulsor was located deep beneath the planetary surface. This device may have been used millennia before the Battle of Yavin to move Talus from an unknown orbit and into its current orbit.

The planet was mostly inhabited by three sentient species: Humans, the Drall and the Selonians. Although the three species mostly lived peacefully, there was a history of political conflict amongst them, usually marked by sporadic violence. Talus was also home to farmers and miners, including a noteworthy Zabrak colony.

Originally Talus was ruled by a monarch, usually a Queen. This tradition ended, however, with the reformation period. There were nobles still on Talus as late as 10 ABY, some even claiming to be heirs to the throne.

Around 500 BBY, the Federation of the Double Worlds was founded, which became the government of Talus and Tralus. The capital of the Federation was Dearic on Talus. Corellia, Selonia, and Drall allied in an attempted takeover of the Federation, which failed. The Federation was allowed a certain degree of autonomy under Imperial rule.

During the Clone Wars, the planet was contested between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Mallie and Kento Marek fought on the planet during the conflict.

Like Corellia, Talus remained largely neutral in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. The Galactic Empire monitored Talus for Rebel activity, but allowed Fed-Dub to operate independently and didn't interfere with the planet's major corporations. Although Talus wasn't as well known as Corellia, it had a vibrant economy that revolved around starship manufacturing.

During the First Corellian Insurrection, the Tralus and Talus Liberation Party advocated independence for both worlds. It was later blockaded during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Jedi v Sith History:

Talus is a member of the .

IC Sympathy:

Jedi and Grey Jedi
GCCS Citizens

Specific RP and/or SL Scenarios:

We will try to accommodate anyone in an existing RP storyline, just send an PM to one of the participants and we will try to work out your entrance/involvement into the storyline. Alternately, if you have a RP storyline you wish to have take place on Talus, contact to discuss the idea. As we are hoping to increase the activity level on Talus, we are open to any story ideas.

Duels, dogfights and fight scenes
IC Training for your character
OOC Training in role playing for new players
Long-term pre-agreed RP
Reactive RP or 'spur of the moment' RP
Non-combatant personal storylines (e.g. romance or adventure)
Non-combatant large storylines (e.g. businesses, social gatherings)

What to Expect as a New Arrival:

All types of writers are welcome, provided that your respect our wishes to focus our storylines on a peaceful and respectful environment
New RPers and fresh RP faces are always welcome, and IC and OOC training can be found here.
New players will receive answers to questions through PMs and RP training.
We are happy to host closed closed RPs/private SLs, but it's best to let us know what you're doing before you start.

To join the story here, please do one of the following:

1) Arrive IC in and introduce yourself/request to land (for any character)
3) Send an IC/OOC PM to and introduce yourself.

Major RP Locations:

Dearic held the primary starport on Talus, and was one of the most active cities in the Corellian system. New arrivals to Talus were typically processed through this city. The city provided numerous import and export services for locals. Due to its location in the southern portion of Talus, Dearic was also an excellent staging ground for excursions into the planet's wilder regions.

At first glance, Dearic appeared to be a beautiful, bustling utopia. All three of the world's native, sentient species seemed to coexist peacefully. The city also seemed to lack rampant poverty or crime. Public services operated smoothly, and the residents appeared happy and healthy. In reality, however, Dearic was far from perfect. Its idyllic parks concealed violent thugs, and tensions between the Humans, Drall, and Selonians were on the rise.

Qaestar Town was the largest city on the Talus and the Twin Worlds. It was dominated by its enormous spaceport, located on the Qaestar Ridge two kilometers above the city proper. Twenty-meter wide stone promenades called the Qaestar Steps led up from the city to the ridge; the steps were ancient and worn and somewhat treacherous. The spaceport was run by gangs that preyed on offworlders.

Planetary Defenses:

Orbital Defenses:


Planet to Orbit:


1 /city

Ground Forces:

TDF Vehicles:





TDF Troops:

1000 - Commando

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:

10,000 - Elite

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Standard Equipment:

50,000 - Standard

Primary Weapon: (type carried is dependant on role of individual trooper): or or
Secondary Weapon:
Standard Equipment:
Armor: Light Assault Vest ( armor plate inserts front & back); Plastoid kneepads & helmets
Subload pouches for grenades

Please, no OOC on boards. Use Private Messaging or bring your concerns to the .
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