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Re: N'Croth

*Recently the TSTS had spent credits seeing to the hiring of H'drachi Force sensitives. The Seers found on M'haeli were actually able to view the time stream and witness the future.* *Why was this important?* *The great galactic stock market. The Seers could look ahead and see the way the market was turning, the rise and fall of companies, and how profits would fare in the coming months. This allowed Twin Suns Transport Services to keep ahead of their competitors. If stocks were going to lose credits, they'd pull out and sell. If something was going up, they'd buy and let it ride. Chances are what the company was doing was illegal, but who the hell was going to know? The H'drachi brought on would be kept at the company's main facility in the Bilbringi system, living lives of luxury.* *It was important to keep them happy, since in truth the company was becoming dependent on them.*

*Other then that, the usual business occurred in N'croth. Dragite and nextor crystals were hoarded, managed by the M'haelian jewelers, and sent off world for sale across the Empire. Ores and other various minerals were also shipped offworld, though they were more a product of residue from the crystal mining. Most of the minerals and ores would be sent to the smelting facilities on Nkllon, Taivas, and then on to the various yards. Bilbringi, Sump, Pzob...all a few of the different systems that benefited from these regular deliveries.*

*There were Ewoks among the TSTS crew present, but there could also be seen the occasional Snowok. As you well know, Snowoks were specially adapted to colder environments, such as M'haeli which was largely covered in snow and ice. Unfortunately the Snowok population was still very small, so their were only a few present. Among the Woks, many could be seen smoking narcotic lumni-spice joints on their breaks.* *Though the company frowned upon drug usage, nothing had been done to curb its use among company employees. Besides, it was the company itself that was producing the product. How so many Woks got their hands upon it was a good question, but that was best left for another days discussion.* *For now, know that their little black beady eyes were bloodshot, and their stomachs were a growlin' for some munchies.* *M'haelian cuisine anyone?*