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Open Terrain

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Post Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:08 pm

Re: Open Terrain

"Even a motion sensor requires some power."

*Her murmured words were almost inaudibly low, and her gaze was not on Adelle or Jago, but on the shadows around them. She felt tense...on edge, like she hadn't felt since her youth. The most likely answer, to her, was that their arrival had not gone unnoticed, and their movements continued to be observed. There were countless ways of doing so undetected. She should know.

She gave Jago a nod of her horned head, agreeing that moving forward deeper into this trap was their only course of action, though it made her skin crawl to make any move that could be so predictable as taking a straight walk down memory lane.

So she moved away from them both, flanking them in the nearby shadows where she could keep an eye on them, but also able to diverge from their path should the unexpected, expectedly, happened.*
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Post Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:22 pm

Re: Open Terrain

"Do you remember where to next? Or anyone down on this level that can give us a sense of direction?"

*Adelle snorted.* "If I remembered something, I'd be moving already."

*She checked the powerpack and safety on her blaster before re-holstering the weapon and walking slowly down the path set before them. What little light there was came from neon lights in the street the alleyway opened into. Garbage was everywhere underfoot and twice she stepped on some sleeping beggar hidden among the trash. The larger street was only slightly brighter and far more crowded. And everywhere stunk. All the different scents were confusing in their specificity and mingling. Adelle paused after leaving the alley and looked both ways then chose a direction at random.

The Force currents changed a second before the flow of traffic did. Three thugs stood in the middle of the street, a Twi'lek, a Rodian, and a Togorian. Kinda sounds like the start to a bad joke. The Twi'lek had his green thumbs hooked in his belt loops and almost stood as tall the Togorian.

Wrong direction.*

"Look who it is, gents," *the Twi'lek said, his sudden grin showing his pointed teeth.* "The prodigal hunter's returned. Where ya been, D.C.? Boss said you might show your stupid face 'ere again. Said if that was the case, he wanted to see you. In chains. Dancin'."

"So let's dance," *Adelle said. She ripped her blaster from its holster and fired at the Twi'lek. He dove out of the way, pulling his own blaster.*

"Schutta! Dead or alive, that bounty's mine!"
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Post Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:57 pm

Re: Open Terrain

*He took three steps away and winced in pain, cursing under his breath Benjamin grabbed his shoulder then pushed against it. Following by a nasty 'Pop!' noise, his dislocated shoulder was back in place.* Scan the area for any life signs...

*R4 rolled ahead with it's scanners going off. Ben brushed the end of his beard, he felt this disturbance. The force would not help him because the Dark side now clouded his apprentice.* Curious...very, curious. *He raised his communicator to his mouth then attempted to contact Vin.*

Vincent, come in Vincent. *He spoke loud and clear, then sighed with disappointed. He lowered the device to clip it onto his belt.* Always running off into trouble.. *R4 returned to him with a sound meaning* :: 'negative + Life signs= 0' ::

*He turned away and stepped into his ship while his droid followed.* I'm taking the speeder to the city, I sense Vincent is in grave danger. Stay with the ship and alert me if anything comes up.

*He tossed R4 a replica of his own communicator, Ben wrapped his pair of goggles around his head, tightened the strap then grasped the handle bars of his speeder and switched the engines on. Momentarily the speeder launched from the back of the ship racing in the direction of the city.*
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Post Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:42 pm

Re: Open Terrain

~"Schutta! Dead or alive, that bounty's mine!"

Over my dead body.

A lightfight in the streets of the Lower City were not exactly Jago's idea of a good time. Thankfully, most of the crowd in the area dispersed and ran at the first sound of blaster fire: these people were all too accustomed to this sort of pandemonium down here. As much of a travesty as that was to admit.

As Adelle drew her gun so too was Jago's pistol leaving its holster, the Jedi thinking it might be best if these shmucks didn't realize they were dealing with Force Users. Having an ace up your sleeve was always a handy card in a scrap, and Jago didn't want to tip his hand too early. A blaster would serve fine for the fight ahead, especially one as powerful as the model in his grip.

The Togorian howled at the first volley of bright flashes, Jago already moving himself away from Adelle and Lita in a calm, measured stride so as not to bunch up and present a lovely target for the trio of goons. He leveled his pistol with a marksman's cool and precision: he didn't want to kill these men, just scare them away. The Twi'lek knew Adelle somehow: they'd need these criminals alive if they were going to get anywhere.

The gun whined as a bolt of the purest blue launched itself out of the barrel, Jago's jacket whipping behind him as the beam scorched the fur on the Togorian's arm: a warning shot. Rather than heed the cautionary action, however, the beast-like man decided to forego his own blaster and charge straight at the young Jedi.

Well that's unexpected.

Jago holstered his pistol and set himself into a defensive posture to receive the charge, ready to bring the gangster down with his bare hands.

It'd serve as a much better lesson than a hole through the head.~

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