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Osarian is a planet of grassy planes, lakes, and white sand beaches. Vastly different to its neighbour Rhommamool, the desert planet, the two have a long history of interplanetary conflict as their orbits frequently pass them close enough to each other to make planet-to-planet missile strikes.

The surface is dominated by peaceful and pleasant landscapes, a calming environment that encourages a sense of serenity in those that visit. Damage from past missile strikes on Osarian has been repaired over the years, leaving the place a lush natural paradise.


There are two dominant locations on Osarian, as listed below.

Osa Prime is the Capital of Osarian, a moderately large city with all the usual amenities you would expect in your every day city. Most RPs on Osarian that aren't directly involving the Jedi or the Osarian Guard will occur here. There is only one thread, feel free to use it for any and all locations within the city.

The HQ for the Osarian Guard, and the location of the , built upon a plateau overlooking a grassy plain and set in to the side of a collection of mountains. At the centre of the base is the , run by the Osarian Guard and the military and defence control point for the planet. The is built a little higher up the mountain than the main base, overlooking much of it.

The most dominant building is the , a temple and place of meditation that is very strictly Jedi only, and is built to be extremely secure. It was built atop the old , which is still publicly accessible and serves as a meeting place, conference hall, and visiting centre for non-Jedi who wish to meet with the Jedi.

A short distance from the base is , a military landing field and hangar complex. Although the Hangars can only handle freighters shuttles and fighters, the outside landing space is large enough for large warships.

The around the base includes and .


- Some spur of the moment
- Battle arcs have happened in the past but for the most part have died down
- Long-term coordinated RP arcs
- Jedi RPs are welcome and encouraged.


Primary Sympathies tend towards:
- Jedi
- Non-Jedi Light-Siders
- Grey Jedi
- Any others, so long as conflict is not intended. Sith or Dark Siders should keep their identities as such secret IC, as it would not be welcomed on Osarian IC.

- All writers welcome.
- New players will receive answers to questions OOC and some RP training/assistance.
- You are welcome to assume clearance down to Osa Prime and the publicly accessible areas, so long as your RP has no hostile intentions against Osarian.
- If bringing a fight or conflict-related RP to Osarian, a PM is needed and OOC agreement on terms surrounding the RP is required before commencing such an RP. This is to assure the best collaborative experience for RP here.
- No OOC on the IC boards, please use PMs or the .

Osarian is still primarily lead by the Osarian Jedi Council, which is lead these days by . In their absence, however, the Jedi Council serves as caretakers for Osarian. , , and are the primary contacts for Yavin IV, and therefore, Osarian.
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